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Let there be plastic!

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Alcom Isst

I got a job!

Today I accepted a co-op internship with Entre Computer Services as a Co-op developer working on a variety of apps and projects.


The co-op serves as part of my graduation requirement. With 6 months of co-op experience programming or developing games, I can finally graduate with a Bachelor's degree in Game Design.


Also it gives me money.


Money is nice.


I start on the 6th of July.


Also the place has tons of apartments which are like a kilometer away or closer.


Alcom Isst

Matrox Mystique Demo


I don't know much about the first PC that I owned and played games on, it was a custom PC that my dad built and he doesn't recall anything about it. For certain, though, I know what graphics card the PC had. It had a Matrox Mystique, a card from 1997 with which I played its exclusive version of MechWarrior 2, among other games.


I still have the driver installation disc, and dug up the beautiful video within demonstrating all the features of the card.

Alcom Isst

The Definitive RRU Tier List

While there are user colors and like counts, I've noticed that there is no primary ranking system for categorizing RRU users, so I've decided to write my own. Note that the lower ranks are vague in who they contain, but everyone should know their place anyways.




I have no idea what I'm doing.

Alcom Isst

On more than on occasion I've mentioned that I have a pretty well organized LEGO Collection. Up until now, I've been too lazy to post it. I'm posting it.


The center of my collection is a 2x6 set of drawers that hold what they best fit.






Alcom Isst




It was...
You had to change the value in the LXFML, and them resize the screen.

This doesn't...
You don't...

I have no words.




Alcom Isst

I acquired some free LEGO.

About a year ago, my dad got a large bin of LEGO from a co-worker who found the bin for free on the side of someone's house. It was a sizable acquisition, with sets from around 2007-2011. I finally got around to documenting it and taking some pictures before I leave for college and inevitably sort it.



 Bricks A: 


 Bricks B:


 Also in the bin: 

Alcom Isst

Rest in Pieces LDD Final Boss.

People of Rock Raiders United, I bring terrible news.
On Thursday, 2015-19-06, after some recent contributions by LEGO Message Board users, the LMB topic LDD Final Boss is Too Hard was brutally murdered by an albino alligator. This is a devastating loss for myself, its contributors, and all those it entertained.

LDD Final Boss was an incredible creation. It was a sample of pure uninhibited imaginative human thought. It was an example of the incredible things that teamwork can accomplish. It was a bold and successful experiment in online social interaction. Despite it not involving a single brick, I rank LDD Final Boss among my greatest LEGO Creations.

I would like to thank those and all my friends who contributed to this incredible endeavor.

Rest in LEGO Pieces, LDD Final Boss.

Alcom Isst

The Assignment: For one of my classes, IGME 110: Intro to Interactive Games and Media, I am to design a website. The first step is due Tuesday at 2:00 PM EST, and reads as such:

Start designing the structure for your project website

• Who’s your target audience? What information would be useful to them?
• What kind of experience do you want to design?
• What content do you intend to include?
Before class next Tuesday, upload to the dropbox a brief (1-3 paragraph) description of your initial ideas for the site, and a simple flow chart showing the pages you’d like to include. (This is not a final or binding design; it’s a first step in the process!)

The Catch: The target audience for the website is Elizabeth Lane Lawley, my professor for the course. That's it. A single person. I've done some analysis on her. Beyond her role as a game development professor Lawley is a person heavily involved in gamification efforts, but not the development of any traditional games. Professionally she has a strong interest in social networking and what I would call "the science of fun", and more personally she... well, look at her flickr page.

I'm almost uncomfortable with how much stalking I'm doing here, but Professor Lawley was the person who assigned this activity, so I'm not.

I have brainstormed this for a few hours, and cannot think of what would be a good project. I'd assume that a good topic would be something informational related to game design, yet something that Lawely isn't familiar with, but I should not choose something that will tilt the project more towards research and less towards web development. I could email her (office hours are past the due date), but I don't yet know how to phrase the email, and want to get opinions and ideas before I try.

So I'm rather stumped.

Any ideas?

Alcom Isst

Right! I have a project with the first step due in 21 hours regarding Rock Raiders United. The project is to redesign a website, with deliverables being 4-6 images and a design document, so there won't actually be any new website.

I must interview and survey some users.

You are all users. You will respond to my questions at your discretion. You will respond to them as a single reply to this blog post. You will write your own responses, and will not simply cite each other in agreement. If it is past the due date when you respond to this blog, that is fine, I can use the additional feedback for later steps in this endeavor.

QUESTION 1: What is Rock Raiders United?

QUESTION 2: What do you, not anyone else, do at Rock Raiders United. What do you use this website for?

QUESTION 3: What is it about Rock Raiders United that has your attention, why not forget RRU and use another community instead?

QUESTION 4: What issues or gripes do you have with Rock Raiders United?

QUESTION 5: Despite any issues you may or may not have with the site, is there anything you find lacking from the website? Is there anything that you would change?

I may in one way or another ask follow-up questions.

Thank you for contributing to this project.

Alcom Isst


Is this what you dare to deploy against me?!


This is not an offensive!

This is more fuel for the FIRE!


Alcom Isst

LEGO Wolfenstein?

Noghiri mentioned C4 in the context of a URL link.

I did not understand what this C4 was.

I decided to look it up via Wikipedia.

I went to this page.

I got sidetracked and clicked to this page.

I then caught the word "LEGO", and stumbled upon LEGO Wolfenstein.




It's free, functional, and I'm still confused by its existence.

Alcom Isst

The Situation

On April 27th, 2014, several images were found, developed by Eurobricks user 'Bbqqq', that had LEGO Digital Designer at an enhanced field of view. Infuriatingly, Bbqqq did not include instructions on how to increase LEGO Digital Designer's field of view angle, so I proceeded to contact the guy via Eurobrick's private messaging system. Operation Barbeque is a plan to retrieve information from Bbqqq, which will allow myself and anyone to modify the Field of View of LEGO Digital Designer to something reasonable.

The Conversation (If you could call it that)

Message 1: Initial Contact


Message 2: Subsequent Contact


Message 3: If I didn't know better I'd say this guy was trolling me.


Message 4: Alcom is a total sell-out.


Message 5: The plot thickens.


Well now he seems like a nice guy. That solves the secondary mystery. :)

Alcom Isst

Alcom Plays Goat Simulator!

Realizing that I payed for a $70 mic and have yet to do something worthwhile with it, I decided to finally do a Let's Play, and chose Goat Simulator for that Let's Play! :D

Enjoy! :D

Alcom Isst

On December 18th, I submitted a change of program application to RIT. The program I applied for was the Game Design and Development major at the RIT School of Interactive Games & Media (IGM). After several tense weeks and I finally got my response, and that response is... "maybe".

The decision of whether or not I return to RIT depends on my performance in this Spring Semester at RIT. Around the time I submitted my application, I also signed up for a full semester of spring courses relevant to and required by the Game Design major. If I perform well in these courses, I am allowed into the program. I certainly intend to do well. I have a single setup in the dorms, and am cleaning and packing my stuff to leave for college this weekend. Yay.

The response I received:

Thank you for submitting your Change of Program application to the

School of Interactive Games and Media. Our committee has met, and we

have decided to “hold†your application until your spring semester

grades have been posted. We need a little more information before we

feel confident making a decision regarding your candidacy.

If you would still like for us to consider your application at the end

of spring semester, please reply to this email. If we accept you into

our program after spring semester grades have posted, we will assist

you in scheduling an appointment with your new Academic Advisor

(likely by phone or Skype). This appointment is necessary to help you

enroll in fall semester courses and help transfer courses into the new


In the meantime, we suggest that you follow through on your plans for

spring semester in your current program of study and do very well in

those courses, as they will give us a better indication of your

ability to succeed in a new program of study.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. Best

of luck to you this semester!

Alcom Isst

A major change of major.

I'm working towards switching my major to Game Design and Development.

I actually made this decision back in July, after finally deciding that I cannot enjoy my Mechanical Engineering major. My original intent with the ME major was to enter a non-art major that could complement my interest in LEGO, and while I have the skill sets for Mechanical Engineering, I cannot maintain an interest in it or be happy with it. Thus I have decided to switch my major to something else.

Despite the competition and capped enrollment, my primary interest is the Game Design and Development major at RIT, the same University I was perusing my ME major at. My fallback plan is the Game Development major at the nearby Finger Lakes Community College, and then maybe bounce back to RIT after I get some good credentials at Finger Lakes.

My interest in Game Design and development has been built on several scatted things: my previous practice with the FreeSpace Open engine, my interaction with Project BUILD, my increased attention and interest in the game industry, my competent yet still amateur 3D modeling abilities, and my experiences at RRU. As I have sampled various elements of game design, I find it to be easy on my brain. Unlike Mechanical Engineering work which took a great pile of mental effort to motivate myself, I find the programming, modeling, and design in Game Development to be almost addicting; it's the same feeling I get with LEGO projects and keeps me on them for hours.

As I work through the GD&D application process with the application being due on December 18th, I have also been taking two courses closer to home at Syracuse University. I'm taking Discrete Math as it is a required course under the major. Also, as the only programming courses I took for my ME major involved MATLAB and Visual Basic, I'm also taking Introduction to Computer Programming, which turned out to simply be a course for learning C.

Alcom Isst

LCD Cetace

As two attempted conquests on Earth had occurred within a period of two years, it was decided in a consensus of Earth cultures that the development of a new and massive space fleet was in order. Such a fleet would establish Earth as a grand space power, capable of not simply defending itself from assault, but being swift and effective about it. At this time, all defensive operations against alien invaders and threats upon Earth had been reactionary, with specialized teams and military units being formed to directly counter and eliminate the threat. While this strategy granted victory, there still were many civilian casualties, which caused a great loss in social morale. The Space Police, Galaxy Army Group, and Martian colonies, were pressured, convinced, and payed with Earth's economic power into assisting with the development of a new space fleet. The Nexus Force, now tasked with defending the Imagination Nexus to prevent a new maelstrom, also contributed, as did Explorien. In addition, talented individual builders volunteered their services, and a long development cycle began.

The end result of contribution from a wide variety of factions and minifigures was several competing designs. Instead of deciding on a single design, multiple designs of various sizes were chosen for development and given the title acronyms LCC (LEGO Combat Cruiser), LCV (LEGO Combat Corvette), and LCD (LEGO Combat Destroyer). With Earth's economic power, this wasn't an exhausting challenge, and several years later with construction and manufacturing, the Earth Fleet was completed.

The LCD Cetace was among the classes of vessels built for the Earth Fleet. A surprise offensive vessel, the Cetace Destroyer was designed to make quick jumps into the battle field, unleashing all its firepower in a massive burst from the storage of massive capacitors. The Cetace's primary firepower comes from its pair of beam racks, with six independent beam cannons on both the racks. The vessel also has four large modular slots, capable of holding additional turrets or sensor devices. Beyond this though, the LCD Cetace is slow and more fragile, and has no extraordinary technology in shielding or engine systems.


LDD file download!

Alcom Isst

My haul from Brighton Bricks

So 23 days ago I bought $80 worth of plastic from Brighton Bricks, one of these pieces of plastic being the windshield I needed to complete my Celihopter. In the other $79-ish worth of plastic was a fantastic array of LEGO bricks for future projects plus two accidental bonus bricks.













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