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Alcom's Laboratory

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About this blog

A laboratory dedicated to crafting games and stuff.

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Alcom Isst

Arduino Gamepad!

So for my last project in Alternative Interfaces class, I made an Arduino gamepad! It has a compass sensor that detects tilt, three buttons, a rumble motor, and a switch to disable the rumble motor. It currently only works with Processing Serial games, but I'm hoping to get it working as a generic USB gamepad.




Alcom Isst

Undertale + Conway's Game of Life

Undertale + Conway's Game of Life



I still have no idea if Undertale's combat system uses some sort of collision geometry for collision-detection, or if it uses a per-pixel method. I think the game is perfect for a per-pixel method. From an efficiency standpoint, checking the 186 pixels behind that adorable little heart should be faster than comparing its position and size to a bajillion fireballs. From a development standpoint, there wouldn't have to be any fiddling with bounding boxes or radii. From a game-play standpoint, false positives are icky, and per-pixel collision has none of that nonsense.

So Undertale and per-pixel collision are perfect for each other. I've never developed a per-pixel collision system before, I'm on an HTML Canvas binge, I love Undertale and have been fantasizing about making my own Undertale fights, so I decided to get experimenting over this week's vacation.

I made a little scene with a resolution, bullet board, text, and assets to match Undertale's, implemented movement and per-pixel collision detection for the player, and a Conway's Game of Life segment to test the collision. I even made a little game out of it where the player must survive until the Conway's Segment stops evolving. I'm very happy with the results and am scheming to expand upon the idea to make a full Undertale fight segment, probably with a giant robot monster. Not so sure about the architecture of the whole thing. I'm very new to JavaScript and their are so many weird options in it for object-oriented programming and organization.

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