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Hellote. This is MY blog, I created it. MWAHAHAHA! lol, and then for no reason have a duck: "QUACK"

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A little something I made

Remember that awesome LEGO logo with the falling bricks used by LEGO since the first LEGO Island?

After LEGO Media and LEGO Software stopped "existing", they started to use bland, boring logos, especially in the TT Games era, which is now.

So I made this... I really would like if LEGO actually did this :P

(Link to Video) 


What we needed

wow! it's been 3493475345938 years since the last entry,

but hey, here's one.

I think LEGO Island 2 deserved more attention, I mean, it deserved a better game than the one we have, currently,

if only we could "hack" the Island Xtreme Stunts engine into the game...

It would be nice to make the "LEGO Island 2 as it should've been" game, maybe as a fangame made with Unity or something (even though I know nothing about it)

Another Idea I've had is for an EarthBound-like RPG version of LI2, based mostly on the Game Boy Color version, this one I could actually make.

So, what do you think?




Is the most original Idea even created since One Ninety and Twenty Twelve. (192012, 1900 and 2012 or 19002012)

In this game, you use MAGIC FLOATING LEGO Bricks to race each other in a super cool LEGO circuit that is not repetitive!

Then if you hit another player you are forced to go reverse way! SO DON'T CRY!!!!

You can even CUSTOMIZE your LEGO Brick to make it 100% Boring Crappy Original! Changing the color makes your Brick WAAAY COOOL!!!!

Then you can select between these not repeated minifigs:




Minifig Cool


Cool Minifig


Super Cool Minifig with Helmet




Words of Wisdom from these super cool guys that pretty much loved this game and I am not lying!!

"I forgot how chaotic that game could be" ~Lair of Rockwhales

"Brick Racers is actually an interesting idea." ~Phoenyx

"Oh wad. LEGO Creator." ~McStudz

That game is going to be so fun, it will give you Hours of FUN!!!!!!

Now I am giving out the Download link:

Download Link with lots of fun packed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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