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The degree to which the Lego fandom is fragmented is both a blessing and a curse sometimes. While I certainly wouldn't want to see the mess that would result from trying to cram all the various niches and sub-facets of the fandom into one place, it is a bit frustrating that you have to keep up on so many different sites unless you're specifically focused on one aspect of things.


Stuff and also Things

So recently, for reasons not interesting enough to go into in this blog, I got a backlight. I tried putting some of my Lego stuffs under it to see all their glowy bits light up but it also showed me that I hadn't dusted my Lego shelf in ages. Give me time and a little canned air and you might see some pics of it.

Also, in my continued effort to sort through a friend's Lego collection, I stumbled upon one of the minifigs gifted to him from an old friend of his that was into customizing (not me, we met far too recently for that, though it would have been pretty funny.) Now usually these customs entailed adding some sharpie to things, but this one was far, far worse. At first it appeared to be a regular minifig covered in "armor" made from foil paper and clear tape. But when I removed it, I found that it was all held on with this sticky-tack that had gotten all grody and horrible over the years, getting into every crevice of the darned thing. But then underneath THAT, I found that he had actually used a knife to make scratches in the plastic and draw in them with pen to give the fig scars or something. My friend was almost going to throw it out but I convinced him to give it to me so I could at least try to refurbish it somewhat.

EDIT: I'm still far from done, but here's what I've been able to do so far: 


oh lord wat

Ok, at first I was thinking of writing about how silly y'all are for still getting upset over ponies >in the year 2015, but then I come back after class and I find that things have devolved into something with random animals and... eyeballs. For some reason. I have no words. Except possibly SPIT CASEY, but that matters not.


So, I may or may not have said this before, but my collection of Lego (up until now) has not been in the most organized state. A few years back I tried sorting it all out, but it was half-arsed and things got mixed back up again very soon after.

But now I'm making a more serious effort to do so. I've been going for almost a week now, picking out a few pieces at a time and sorting by shape and then color when necessary. There's just one problem: I find it very hard when these random pieces are laid out in front of me, to resist the urge to just start building away and mash everything together into new MOCs. I've probably built more stuff in this past week than I have in how whole MONTH before that.

So obviously then, I have some MOCs to show off. Not many, as not everything I build I feel is worth showing off, but there are also some good MOCs I never bothered to upload here as well, so you'll see some of them, too.


Rock Raiders is a great family game, both my son and I like it. My son even asked me to give him Rock Raiders Lego sets as presents and rewards. It brings us through the entire range of human emotion – it makes us laugh, cry, scared, excited, hopeful, and frustrated; but mostly frustrated. I mean for Pete's sake how stupid are these little plastic men?

On top of this, there are several positive and important values in Rock Raiders that make great learning points for our children.

The first (and most obvious) is the value of obedience.

For many of us, it’s a consistent struggle to get our kids to obey rules. With the Rock Raiders, it's no different. Kids can experience firsthand just how frustrating it is to deal with people who can't follow even the simplest of commands.

When we set rules and boundaries for our children, they get upset because they can’t have their way. But many of these rules and boundaries are necessary to keep our children safe. So any time you step in that mud puddle in your good new shoes, just remember all the times Rock Raiders threw themselves into lava against your wishes.

Communicate to your child that some rules exist to keep them safe, and we set rules because we love them. Let them know that if they disobey, they will have to live with the consequences of fiery death... Um, i didn't quite mean that last part.

We all know what happens next. Rock raiders are killing themselves like plastic lemmings and the next thing you know, monsters are attacking HQ. The player, now mostly apathetic to the incompetence-fueled doom his Raiders regularly instill on themselves, and now by the equal stupidity of the monsters, watches them wander around for a while with a boulder before simply giving up.

You may choose to stop the game at this point to ask your child a few questions (like what an elbow is, or if a red car is faster than a blue one.)

The second lesson is to avoid slugs at all costs. At first, they appear to be harmless, though the constant notifications will drive you up a wall. However, come Back to Basics, they become absolute hell for any unprepared player. Luckily the developers realized this and gave the player the tiny island that lets them win the mission without having to bother with them.

Good enemy design doesn’t come by easily, but I have no clue what DDI were thinking when they came up with these ones. It doesn't he that they're the only ones available without modding.

Remind your child that if they ever become a game designer, that poor enemy selection can be a major strike against any game.

Finally, we can identify with the character of Chief, who we can only assume has to put up with his subordinates' incompetence even more often than we do.

Raiders are foolish and courageous, even in the face of easily avoidable danger.

Let your child know that you will be there for them when they face difficult circumstances. Explain to them the concept of sacrifice - giving up something that is important to us. (Like say, that Loader Dozer that got stuck near a monster.)

From a parent’s perspective, I also learnt that it’s important to know when to let go, and not be over-protective of our little ones. We should allow them more room to learn to protect themselves and take responsibility for their actions, or else they'll die in a landslide... Wait, I did it again!

If you're confused, this is a parody of a spambot post. This section used to contain the original post's text for posterity, but it has been archived now and can be found here:


Take me away, tenth of May.

Here's a bunch of thoughts that started as statuses, but became too many to post individually.

My first subject, audacious as it might be, is to ask what exactly the hold up is on handing out awards. There's a big backlog of requests stretching all the way back to Tuesday night that seemed to have just been passed over.

Second, I'm thinking about making some rock raiders flavored mocs now that I've started experimenting with LDD again. I have some ideas already, but they're not really developed enough to put here yet. Just wait for the WIP's.

Also, I've begun working on RR: Invasion again, and I have a good portion of the next log finished. You should check it out. please leave some feedback in the thread, though. I havent recived any comments on the last few updates, and I would like more than anything to hear what you guys think. Please, writing to an audience that doesn't talk back feels very unfulfilling.

Next, an odd idea for a comic that blends rock raiders with bionicle. It involves two characters, a rock raider and an onu-matoran miner who both find themselves transported to a strange new cave, an subsequently a whole new alien world neither of them are familiar with as they have to find a way back home.

Another idea is something for the forum games section. A sort of "continue the story" successor based on the whole idea of RRU incorporated, as they deal with an extra-dimensional robot takeover. It's still in planning.


A Little Proof

What's this everyone's talking about? Awards? Better get me some of those! Here, have proof I own the 2 Islands, and a creator mini-tub as my example for the "set owner" award. (Though it should be pretty obvious I own more.)



Random Doodle Showcase


I doodled this last night for the heck of it. I wasnt feeling up to writing more on my fan fiction (which is due for some new chapters soon). So instead, I decided to use the time to doodle some raiders working at a base. Everything was drawn from memory, so I hope it came out well.


Autumn on the Island

So, I'm one of those people who prefers fall over the warmer seasons. Why? Well, there's several reasons. First off, the weather gets cooler, so you can whip out all your wool and flannel to make things so much comfier. All the plants give out one last hurrah before dying off, shedding brilliant leaves and producing many beries, which attract birds from all around. There's a few burning bushes around my house, and they're beginning to get the tinge of red that will soon engulf them. I've put a few decorative gourds around the house, because I think they add to the mood. NOt to mention, a freind and I both have our birthdays in fall, not to mention thanksgiving, where I can get to see my relatives.

But another thing I'd like to say is that I'm very tempted to re-install Lego Island. There's been the creation of the windower, the discovery of hidden joystick controls, and the modification of L.I.M.E. Into an all-purpose .SI extractor means there'll be mods on the horizon. Not to mention, I've switched from VIsta to 7, so hopefully it'll run better than it did on the laptop. (My WIn95 machine is too underpowered to run LI smoothly.)

Also, I finally bought a cell phone. It's a plain phone, an LG with a slide-out keboard. The browser's pretty crappy, though, so I'll still keep my posting to the PC.


Epic chat rant

Last night when no-one else was talking, a random visit from Lair prompted me to go on a crazy 20-minute long rant on Sonic adventure 2. After a little bit of editing, this is the result:

I must be the only person who likes the treasure hunting levels in sa2. The speed levels are nothing but cheap death-o-rama, but have some patience and competence and the treasure hunting levels are no sweat.The extra missions on some of them are total bulls***, though.The

shooting levels were o.k, but not if you're shooting for A rank. The hunting levels were the only ones I could get a good rank on consistently. They depended on how good you were at doing the main objective, not being an OCD perfectionist. So that makes my opinion the mirror image of the

majority. Fancy that, eh? I mean the speed levels are fun- if you have godlike reflexes- but they just expected you to do everything so flawlessly. I do not find something like final rush fun. It doesn't help that the speed levels' gameplay style means that they feel the brunt of

the game's twitchy controls. Grinding is far too tricky a mechanic to base levels so heavily on, and the fast pace just brings on more of the stupid glitches, too! Shooting down tons of baddies is cool and makes you feel like a badass, but again, you are expected ridiculous combos to

get any decent score. Overall, levels are too linear, filled with too many death traps, and enemies aren't placed very well. You never relly feel like things were thought out that much. Even the hunting levels are often cluttered and dickish. It's just not the amazing game everyone says it


tl;dr: SA2 is overrated, knux/rouge overhated. Blowin' s*** up is coo, I shouldn't need to be perfect. Levels could use some work


So in 1/2 Hour, I embark on my first year in a proper highschool. After being held hostage by an out-of-district placement for 6 YEARS I can finally go to MtL High full-time. :light4::light3:YAAAAAAAAYYY!!! :light2::light1:

Alright, this summer was an interesting one. I took two short vacations, made movies with a freind, and most importantly- joined RRU. At first, I tried to make myself as "out there" as possible, including that topic where I made a big spiel over how everything new sux and got waaaay too much praise for it. After playing cleanup dut for that stupid rant, I realized I didn't necessarily need to make (tidal) waves, and so eventually I just stuck around and got to know everybody from simply being there. At this point it feels like I could have been on RRU my whole life (the 6 months of lurking helped, I think). Quick, remind me that I joined in June so I don't make fake memories of visiting here on my old Presario 7212! :lol:

Oh, and I have some updates Mega Man-wise, but I'll stick those in the proper thread.


Hello! welcome to the first entry into the (Brutally) Honest Web-logbook of Pranciblad the Pedantic.

Firstly, I'd like to inform you that I have not given up on my search for a PC copy of RR. The unfortunate part is, as a minor, my purchasing power is weak. Discounting the slim chance of finding it in a brick and mortar store (which I rarely get a chance to visit these days anyway), I'll have to pester my parents to get it online for me. Therefore, my acquisition could take a while.

On a more positive note, I've been inspired to make some more real-life Lego creations, which I had recently been in a slump with. My Ideas are for a sleek space ship and a little roadster inspired by the yellow car in this: In the meantime, photos and animations of my previous work can and will be posted to tide you guys over.

Lastly, the "secret project" business might come to an end. In reality, it was actually just another fan fiction, as well as a more much more ambitious project that may not be secret that much longer (wich might be toned down a little by the time you hear of it). My other fan fiction is chugging along nicely, but it might still take a while.

Lastly, as much as I want to avoid the off-topic section (for the sake of productivity), I may have some things prepared for there as well.

Thank you for reading. Even though this was essentially a status update on steroids, I promise I'll delier some better material in future entries.

Pranci out.

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