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About this blog

The ORR-Mine Edition blog where I will try and remember to update when major changes happen in the game

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New Release

Well after a long unproductive summer I finally have a new release. This has most of the buildings in it I may add one or two more. Thanks to le717 for pointing me to the XNA pack when the program wouldn't compile. I think I will have about 2 more updates before working on the AI for the game but I am not sure. I won't put an estimated release time on the next update dew to the amount of time it took me to get this one done all I will say is I hope I can get it done by the end of school this year.

Download Link: http://rrubucket.s3.amazonaws.com/Beta0.3_8348.zip


Hit a Snag

Well I for the most part have finished the building code so I am ready to release a new version but I have switched from a Windows XP 32-bit computer to a Windows 7 64-bit computer because the xp computer died. Now my project will not build because visual studio 2008 will not build to 32-bit when running on a 64-bit computer so I have finished the next release but can't publish till I have solved this problem.


Back To Work

Well I Finally got my self back to work on this project currently my planed time line is to finish coding vehicles and the buildings add the power path code and then release a new update. After that I plan to start work on the AI once I am finished with that I plan to start work on the 3D part of the game if I am lucky and I keep working on this game I will start 3D stuff by the end of the year. As I am working on the vehicles and buildings are there any of ether you think should be left out of the game like the mobile laser cutter and the mining laser building. Also well I am at it any advise or input on a hud/gui.


I need some opinions from someone else

Well I need your opinion.

Question 1: Should the small drill truck carry crystals and ore and if yes how much

Question 2: What should the max load on the small transport truck be

Question 3: Should there be a large transport truck and if yes what would its stats be

Question 4: Are there any other vehicles I should add/delete from the game

Question 5: Are there any other stats I should change on any other vehicle

Please answer the questions by specifying the question first then the answer


Question 1: yes the drill truck should carry crystals but only 3-4

Question 2: 6

P.S. I already am adding the tunnel transport


My attempt to make a Rock Raider

This is my attempt to recreate I Rock Raider from the lwo files in Blender it didn't turn out to good but you would not want to see y attempt to make a rock raider from scratch in Blender. An ideas where I can get a complete mini-fig model that I can get into Blender I am trying to make a render for my menu page



I need an opinion

Well I am back at it I will be adding vehicles and buildings in the next update. I need your opinion on what vehicle and buildings I should have in the game and the ones that were not really needed in the game. Base your comments on the original game. This will kind of hold of production on the game but right now the game includes the drill truck and the teleport pad. Plus the tool store which spawns in the game. Also leave your opinion on what the new rock textures should be modeled after.


ORR-ME is not forgotton

Well I have not forgotten ORR-ME I gust took an extended break from it. During the summer out house was being worked on, when it was done the plumbers where still working and shut off the power (I think) with out warning and fried my RAM so now I have 640MB instead of 2GB, and then High School started and I have been getting acclimated to that scheduled. But now I am working on the game again right now I am working on getting vehicles into the game and then after that I get to the AI. After all that is done I wrap up some of the loose ends and start 3D work. With the best work conditions this should take about I have no idea how long it will take. But the game is not forgotten


ORR-Mine Edition Update

Well I Forget the last time I updated ORR-Mine Edition but the next version is coming along hopefully some of the new features will be.

-Larger map

-Randomly generated map


-Building building

So I will hopefully have this out in a week or two I just got this other computer back which has Light-Wave on it so 3D may come soon it may be the update after this.


ORR-ME update

ORR-Mine Edition has been updated again this time it has most all terrain is in along with the buildings and power read the readme for more details

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