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  1. Devestaters blogs

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    Hello RRU, i need the Proof of purchase for LEGO star wars 8038 the battle of endor as when i bought this i was missing most mini figures, both speeder bikes and the ewok glider. also i accidently dthrew away the sets instructions along with the box. the proof of purchase will be appriciated and ill thank u if u provide me with the Proof of purchase for LEGO star wars 8038 the battle of endor.

  2. Jesus Christ, I haven't been on for a while.


    If you call the United States, Canada, Mexico and all "North America" and Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay and all "South America", shouldn't "America" mean the entire thing? We did it with "East Germany" and "West Germany".

    (Also can apply with "North Korea" and "South Korea")


    Windows is a long-term OS. Mac is a short-term OS.

    Macs are easy to set up and use, but they can't run all the epic stuff a PC can handle and can get outdated really quickly.

    Windows tend to be a little tedious at times and you'll have to update drivers and fix in some new hardware, but they can be customized to suit your needs and generally have more uses than a Mac.

    Don't go on about Linux/Ubuntu/Etc. here.


    Note: I'm keeping this to Windows and Mac only. Any more computers whoop-de-do we go.

    Fastest thing a computer does = Get outdated

    Mac = Fastest computer

    Mac(Fastest thing a computer does = Get outdated)

    Therefore, Mac = Fast computer = Gets outdated the fastest

    Therefore, Mac = Gets outdated the fastest

    Ta da~

  3. INB681
    Latest Entry

    Aye guys. Who can help me with a facebook addiction? Maybe I just don't like studying anymore or the typical subjects (except the exact ones) are booooring but mah grades seem to be a bit lower than last year... Dutch, English, History and Biology all went from ~8-9 out of 10 to ~7/10... xD

    Oh, I know. It's the damn move. Ahh. But it might be handy for me to try and "fix" my English a little by actually using it. I guess I'm speaking way too much Surinamese.

    What better place than RRU, having a same range of age and same background? :D

  4. well first off theres this and ...this...


    The following ppl are done with their lines.

    - Anonymouse

    - TheEPICtrainrider

    - LordZakida

    Congratulations to you.

    I'm doing my lines right now. If you haven't got your lines in, do so within the next week.

    That is all.

  5. Goob
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    I want to tell you all how much the neighborhood loves to see a yellow truck running around. But they realize they can't afford one, so they exercise communism on me.

    And to show their love:

    They key the hell out of it.

    They take the tires, the tailgate, the doors, the hood, the muffler, the catalyc converter, air conditioner, head lights, tail lights, the battery, and my XM radio.

    It looks like they took a 5 lb sledge hammer to the engine (minor damage, but the fan was destroyed) multiple times.

    Graffiti in the shape of a [Please Talk Properly] EVERYWHERE. (It isn't much yellow anymore. It's blue)

    I found about 2 lbs of pot in the bed (a gift??? (but I'm not a stoner...)), along with 6 road kill.

    And inside the gas tank, there was a half burnt newspaper. (THANK GOD I HAD A FULL TANK OF GAS).

    This was on school grounds, surveillanced by cameras.

    I am not happy.

  6. Now that the scripter has been released and some initial bug fixes have been done. I've been working on version 1.1. This version features some great enhancements so far that I'm sure you will enjoy. First up, a screenshot of the latest build:

    Hello, Numbers.

    If you are going to look cool writing NERPS scripts you've got to have line numbers. So here they are! Now you know how big your scripts are and maybe it'll help you navigate the script better.

    Trees are Growing

    It was suggested that a better way to organize the list of RR script functions would be to use a tree list. You'll notice that the other two tabs are gone, these will be worked into the function list. It is organized by grouping related functions to a particular subject. For example, Tool Store will have all the Tool Store related functions (including tutorial) grouped together like you see in the screenshot above.


    A new little tool has been added to convert hexadecimal or decimal to Hex, Dec, Oct and Bin. This might prove to be handy at some point.

  7. Niall's Blog

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    Ive been banned for 10 months now and I've finaly returned to RockRaidersUnited,

    I was one of the first members of Old, Old RRU. If I recall correctly. I do know that I was the 33rd member ever to join RRU and boy after 10 months of banishment alot has changed; And I have alot of questions.

    But the main question I want to ask is what Generation Forum Is this? RRU History (from my memory) goes like this:

    Neoseeker, 0 generation

    Old Old Old RRU, 1st generation

    Old Old RRU, (When I joined) 2nd generation

    Old RRU, 3rd generation

    New RRU, (When RRU became .org) 4th generation


    Current Forum

    I want to know if this is New, New RRU ( 5th gen ) or New New New RRU (6th gen) Anyone wish to me which generation of forum this is?

  8. Modding Lego Alpha Team

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    So today I took a look at legomoe's .pac extractor and builder (link here: )

    I downloaded the tool and extracted the files. Then I began to browse through them and see how Alpha Team is set up. I'd say it is similar to RR...

    I've also begun writing a reference/guide to modding Alpha Team. Link here:


    Yep, that's my first mod!

    More to come!

    Edit: Second:


  9. A few weeks back, me and Ramius were discussing a bit our thoughts on open rock raiders. We didn't completely agree to addict's planned changes (for example: adding single tile thick walls), and started looking into it ourselves. Our vision is to recreate the old game, with its original gameplay structures, yet adding new features that improve the gameplay. I have made a small overview of our thoughts further down the post.

    We have decided to use python to program the game, mainly due to its flexibility while still having enough performance to run a game with the size of open rock raiders. Naturally, since we are going for a recreation of the game, the whole thing will be done in 3D using openGL. At the moment, the status of the project is that I have been reading into openGL and am going to port the code I wrote in ActionScript to python in combination with openGL, while Ramius is working on the menus, which is mainly 2D related.

    I could imagine that anyone who has contributed to the "editions" of open rock raiders currently available might be annoyed by this. It is yet another open rock raiders project; starting completely from scratch. While the projects currently around have focused on 2D, I believe that it is better to make a fresh start, and keep 3D in mind from the start. Naturally, this project is completely open-source, and due to the high portability of openGL, hopefully the other projects around can also profit from it. We also named the project (at least for now) "Open Rock Raiders Delta". This is to avoid any confusion with the other projects currently around.

    We had a few discussions today on various tweaks that we will be making to the original game. I have compiled them into a small overview:

    • "before a power path can be built in the original game, the rock raiders must bring 2 pieces of ore to the building tile, before they can convert it into a power path, no matter if there is already ore present on the tile. Should the rock raiders be able to make a power path out of a tile that has already ore on it, without having to transport 2 pieces of ore to it?"

      We think there is no reason not to let the rock raiders use the resources that are already on the building tile.

    • "health bars of rock raiders do not refill in the game. Once they loose life it iwll not return. Should eating a sandwhich heal a rock raider?"

      Yes, but only in very small amounts. We thought that adding a separate building that can heal rock raiders (perhaps a 1x1 tile that contains a first aid post) can do complete healing, yet this will require rock raiders to come back all the way to the base.

    • "Should tranporting vehicles be able to transport more than one type of good at the same time? In the original game, transporting vehicles can either carry ore or chrystals in one go"

      Yes. There is no reason why the small transport vehicle would not be able to carry more than one resource type in one go. However, the priority settings should be obeyed; if there are many different kinds of resources in the vicinity of the vehicle, it should collect the resource that has the highest rank in the priorities panel.

    • "What do we make of the bats and spiders? In the game, the only thing that they really do is being plainly annoying"

      Bats and spiders are, annoying as they are, a part of the rock raiders game. Bats could be made vulnerable to electric fences or will at least try to stay away from them.

    • "Should large vehicles be able to transport goods, or should we create an additional "large transport" vehicle? If so, should they be able to carry more than a small transport vehicle?"

      Yes. Large vehicles should be able to carry goods. However, small transport vehicles should be able to transport goods faster. The payoff of using the large vehicles to transport goods is that even though they are a lot slower, they can defend themselves against incoming enemies with their lasers, and have more health compared to the small vehicles. The small vehicles can then transport more resources in a shorter period of time.

    • "Should we add bridges/floating power paths?"

      Yes. But the bridges will only work for rock raiders and small vehicles, but do not work as power paths. This is to avoid that power is transferred to a remote location, where the player can continue to expand the base powered by the power station somewhere else. To ensure that bridges are not used to complete a mission too easily, bridges should only be limited to 2 or 3 tiles in length, and are very expensive to build, so that they form a serious cost consideration for the player.

    • "Should it be possible to drill walls that face water? In the original game no vehicle can do that."

      Yes, this would be something possible to implement in some vehicle, but it is not something that will be in our main focus.

    • "should the small digger be able to transport goods?"

      Yes, but it should only be limited to 1 item, and not be upgradable; the prupose of the small digger is to digg, not to transport.

    • "Should dynamite destroy anything around it? This would include rock raiders, buildings, power paths, but as well rock monsters, slugs, and other enemies"

      In the real world, anything gets damaged from dynamite, so why should it not ingame?

    • "In LRR, rock raiders carry their skills over to a new mission; rock raiders that you trained in mission A will have the same skill again in mission B. Should this also be the case in ORR, or should each rock raider have a randomised set of skills?"

      Rock raiders should carry over their skills from one mission to another. In the story of the game, rock raiders return to the space ship when they are done with a mission. It would be logical that when they start on another mission, they carry over their skills to that mission. It would also make the medical facility a lot more important, because you don't want to have your experienced rock raiders killed.

    • "In the original game files appeared a special command for a rock raider named "analyse this tile", for geologists. Could this be implemented in ORR, and if yes, what will it show?"

      Yes, this could be implemented into ORR. It could show all the minerals that are around the target tile selected by the player. This would make the profession of geologist a lot more useful ingame, as you can pinpoint the exact locations of certain minerals.

    • "When a source is taken down together with another wall, the additional goods it contains are not awarded"

      Drilling a seam generally takes a good amount of time. This effort is rewarded with additional resources. If the player chooses to drill the wall the quick way, like taking it down in combination with other walls, he does not invest that time and is therefore not awarded the additional resources.

    Of course, help is very much appreciated. If you want to contribute, let us know!

  10. roving-robots

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    even though I fell off the face of the Internet over here due to graduating from high school, going to college and finding a job (ps: need a python/assembly programmer?) I have actually been actively working on THIS, my github of roving-robots. I had decided that I would stop really talking much about it until the hardest parts for me were done or structured in a way that I could do it.

    so; lets crack down on what I got:

    the main block class:

    class block(object):
        #non interface stuff
        def __init__(self,img,lable=None,num=None):
            '''example init:::
            we draw img's onto fake smaller surface so that we can use IT for an absilute topleft'''
            ##TODO::: make "active" setting for textbox, and other settings???
            if type(img) == str:
                self.img = lib.common.load_img(img)
            self.lable = lable
            self.lable_pos = 7,11
            self.surf = pygame.Surface((80,80))
            self.surf = self.surf.convert_alpha()
            if num is not None:
                if isinstance(num,input.Input):
                    self.tbox = num
                    self.tbox = input.Input(y=y,maxlength=3, color=(255,0,0), prompt=' ', restricted='0123456789')
                #used to let us know NOT to try and render this section
                self.tbox = None
            #nothing can link by default to a default block, use a subclass!
            self.link_down  = False
            self.link_up    = False
            self.link_left  = False
            self.link_right = False
        def draw(self,screen,rect):
            if self.lable:
            if self.tbox:
        def event_engine(self,events):
            for event in events:
                if event.type == MOUSEBUTTONDOWN:
                    print 'happy days!'
        ##link block decorators:::
        ##if "set", tey set themselves to other, and also set other.xblock to self(or none if unlinking)
        def dblock(self):
            return self._dblock
        def dblock(self,other):
            if other is None:
                #set the other block's corrisponing to None as well...
                #use name in self because other is None right now...
                self._dblock._ublock = None
                other._ublock = self
            self._dblock = other
        def ublock(self):
            return self._ublock
        def ublock(self,other):
            if other is None:
                #set the other block's corrisponing to None as well...
                self._ublock._dblock = None
                other._dblock = self
            self._ublock = other
        def lblock(self):
            return self._lblock
        def lblock(self,other):
            if other is None:
                #set the other block's corrisponing to None as well...
                self._lblock._rblock = None
                other._rblock = self
            self._lblock = other
        def rblock(self):
            return self._rblock
        def rblock(self,other):
            if other is None:
                #set the other block's corrisponing to None as well...
                self._rblock._lblock = None
                other._lblock = self
            self._rblock = other
        ##location properties
        def loc(self):
            return self.__loc
        def loc(self,value):
            self.__loc = value
        #action stuff
        def action(self,robot):
            '''robotic action to take (turn, go fwd, scan/make desision)'''
        def next(self,robot):
            '''what is the next block? (give (x,y) or instance?)'''
        def drag(self):
            '''cleans up object for a 'drop' '''
        def able_drop(self,pos,pmap):
            '''find any problems with the drop and return False if obstructed.
            else return True'''
        def drop(self,pos,pmap):
            '''finalize a drop. actually places block on grid'''
        def save(self):
            '''return a string which will allow recreation of this block (type,lable,num,pos,binding)'''
        def load(self,s):
            '''places block and recreates block based on "s" '''

    note: a HECK a lot o' stuff!

    but here, most of it is, quick and simple, or a place holder for future updates.

    lets look at the key functions of our block:

    • __init__
      here we just set things up. load the image into the object, set lable text, try to use text_box system(if given), and set up our fake render surface.

    • draw
      simply draw what is needed to fake surface, making it simpler to align everything, then draw to screen

    • event_engine
      simple place holder for when i start working on handling the whole text_box thing. might change.

    • Xblock(set and get)
      magical system that took me so long to figure out. simply put: tries to inject this block into corresponding other block, AND clear link if set to None. example: if block X is trying to link upwards with the block above it: Y; X calls Y.dblock = X (Y's Downblock equals X)

    • loc(ation)
      place holder for when the block need to be able to be saved to a file (pickle FTW!)

    • action
      place holder that a subclass over-rides to dictate what the robot does in this "code block" (call corresponding robot function/play animation?)

    • next
      returns the next block in the sequence of code. the point of it being a whole function is for when we have a conditional block, and needs to respond differently than others.

    • drop
      subclass place holder

    • able_drop
      subclass place holder

    • drag
      subclass place holder

    • save
      to be worked on when saving gets started. I know I am going to have to change a lot of how things load right now, but that is OK. I want it working first.

    • load
      ditto for load as for save.

    there, now I hope understanding some of this spaghetti wasn't so bad?

    well, this was just an update to show that I am no longer dead, and once again working.

    next time will be going over the sub classing system for creating new blocks!

  11. Stick Figures

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    Henry Lee
    Latest Entry

    I know..... your gonna say this is very very very retarded but... I like Stick Figures!! Get use to it now or don't even think about coming here again.

  12. Return Of The Spartans

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    July 13

    Just so people know Extreme110 and myself have actually been working on both managing Final Dawn and this Machinima, but as for the progress of the machinima, well like Extreme110 put up in his day update section on his blog. The Machinima is currently on hold, it will be picked up the moment Halo Reach comes out. As for a specified date of release of the first episode of Return Of The Spartans, I can say that we will try and get it out on December 20th.

    But hey you will enjoy this machinima Saga that is being created. I can promise it you all that this Machinima has a fit storyline that will work out perfectly. You see we have been working on the scripts for this for 2 years. We have done redos of the entire script already once and now we finally have the storyline fixed, that it makes sense.

    Anyways on November 5th I will be taking auditions for people who want to voice characters. For more info on the characters available visit the 7 Extreme Powers Studio wiki on November 3rd.

    Sincerly Azuregos

  13. I am leaving for the Netherlands on saturday, but simply couldn't resist to use some time on some stuff I still had on my bug and feature list, and figured it was enough for a minor version bump :)

    Hope you enjoy it, and have a *great* summer! (if you are on my side of the world, that is. Otherwise, I hope that you get enough snow over there for a great skiing trip :D)

    Get it here

    v0.21 changeLog:


    - fixed: the unit graphics garbage collector would not remove all graphics items from the stage, causing the game to lag a lot when moving the unit. It should now remove every unit graphics item (like the move range tiles, or move arrow buttons) on the stage, and run quite a bit smoother

    - fixed: the health cost was not taken from a unit when using a weapon that required it

    - fixed: game was not starting when a player had no units assigned to it

    - fixed: resizing the window before it is initialised glitches the game


    - added weapon details to the unit info box (when placing units, click on the name of a unit to view its details)

    - added weapon details to the unit description box (bottom left of the game board)

    - when a unit finished its turn, the next one is selected automatically

    - when a unit can not move any further, its first "hit" weapon is selected. Other weapon types still need to be activated by hand.

    - implemented game end detection in the middle of a turn. You now don't need to finish your turn anymore before the game realises the game is really over :P

    - included a package containing all the enemy units from "the nightfall incident" game (be sure to check out the unit named "Boss" :D)

    - Added lines between unit segments, so that you can see what segment belongs which unit

    - you can now scroll through the unit list when placing units using the mouse wheel

  14. Acmex
    Latest Entry

    So, with summer going on for two out of, what is it, 5 weeks, I finally embark on my vacation.

    At oh-four-hundred CST June 26th, 2010, we leave on a fifteen-hundred mile trek to the top of the United States to visit my grandparents and cousins.

    We'll be there for three weeks, and for most of that period I won't have internet access, so, no, I have not died.

    I should be back in about three weeks, maybe with a few minutes on RRU when I can snag WiFi from the city of Geneva.

    I think I get a few more days after we return, so I won't be sucked into school INSTANTLY

    Have fun, guys. I know I will.

  15. The Ultimate Blog: Rebirth

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    As you can see from the name, the the my new blog, and I'll tell you whats I've been up to.

    You see, for the past month(I think) RRU wouldn't work on the computers at my home, me and Sonic couldn't figure out why it wouldn't work, out dad didn't know why it wasn't working eather, the good news is, "The Rockwhale Forums" and "Fan Fics" were still working(probly because it was zetaboards), so me and Sonic were still able to ask Lair and Joe about RRU.

    On Roblox, I scraped my old incomplete castle themed game, and I started my new "Build, Live, Fight, Roleplay." game, and because I found the "Roblox - Roblox Wiki", I can actualy do scripting in the game, and this game I intend to try and finish.

    On Grooveshark.com, I added a few more Wierd Al songs to my Wierd Al Album, and faved some songs.

    I'm going to get my Fan Fic back up and running again, hopefully.

    It's Finals week in school right now, so theres only 2 days left of High School, then I'm not a Freshmen anymore.

    I'm so glad to be on RRU again, and just intime for Summer.

  16. Game engine updates

    Latest Entry

    yea i know its been awhile but i had a HDD failure so i lost everything. i have finnally gotten the basic codding done again. the engine is really buggy but i have gotten it to utilize resorces correctly and it supporting all resolution between 1280x1024 to 1920x1080. so far the audio is only in stereo but i plan on adding support up to 9.2 surround sound. im also considering porting it to ps3 and 360 through their home made game programs, but who knows on this one. i work for sony so i have access to test ps3. the test 360 im not sure how im going to do that. now i want to inform everyone that i may have to change the name and make the models not built out of legos aka realistic models because if i do sell this(you guys get free copies :happy: )i don't want to risk Lego suing over copyright infringement.

  17. Argiflex's Blog

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    So, my song 'Albatross' is on the Mississippi Happening podcast! I think that you should check it out and say "Hi" to the artists that you like on there. I'm listening to the podcast right now.

    This podcast is a great thing that's going on right here in MS. It gives me hope and actually makes me want to stay here. It actually helped me realize that MS isn't the culture vacuum that I thought it was.


  18. Joe9412
    Latest Entry


    Joe9412 : (06:45 PM) terrible rash, explosive farts, growing tentacle arms, haveing a strange craving for slime, becoming a BEEB, having a desire to infect people with an alien embryo, etc.

    Joe9412 : (06:43 PM) this computer is not sold any where and may cause some of the sypotems mentioned above

    Joe9412 : (06:43 PM) My computer runs faster then any other person in my neighborhood, you want to know my secret? Well i got here a plasma PC 3000 made with a special plasma core

  19. Blockland Stuff

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    Latest Entry

    Blockland is more than just a game. It is an invention. It is historical. It is unlimited. It is Unknowingly known. It defines the universe in such a way more than what you'd think it is. Blockland is not just that game where you build stuff. It is that game where you share stuff, learn stuff, make stuff, invent stuff, and build stuff. I think it is more. It describes life itself. It defines existence. It defines that we ARE not the only ones out there. It proves that if we correctly meet with aliens, they might be friendly. It defines everything in existence. I think that all the questions man kind has, and has kept the world awake at night, may be answered due to this game. This game may even make us learn how to evolve. This game defys Logic. It has evolved, and so will we. That's why, Very much why, It is that game. That game that is incredible. That game that is a land of creativity. That game... That is called Blockland.

  20. I have decided to restart on the CFG editor. I am improving the GUI and optimizing the code.

  21. Colten's Abyss

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    Thats pretty cool. Ill check around and see if there's a blogging addon for SMF. Anyway, this is my blog. Ill be posting here every now and then so I guess you can check in - Though I doubt anyone actually follows these blogs

  22. Epic blog of Pies

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    Hey everyone, its my first name change on the new fourm. I got sick and tired of joe *so dont call me joe* so i changed my name to something i like. Also i plan on makeing RRU comics on my computer. Pictures will be realised after christmas. If you are wondering how my mods are coming along, i havnt started them. I will start working on mods once i am able to after christmas. I am also going to keep the pie stuff for i LOVE pie. Well thats all the news i can think of so, bye.

  23. TGP1994's Blog

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    Latest Entry

    Ooops, I made two blogs :(

    Anyways, I thought I'd just post about the official public release of Windows 7, which occured yesterday.

    So far it looks like it's release is being received with a success. According to their blogging ticker on windows.com, people seem to be liking it.

    I know I do. For those who were living under a rock and didn't notice the beta or RC, you could have downloaded windows 7 [LEGALLY], and have had it well into 2010 ;)

  24. Ride Videoes

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    1) Black Hawk Down [steel, 2009]

    Video link:

    Ride: Black Hawk Down

    Type: Steel Vekoma Suspended Looping Coaster

    Trains: 8 Cars of 2 Seats

    Music: Un'Altra Come Te by Bloom 06

    After I shot down my first YouTube account about a year ago, Black Hawk Down was the first ride video I made without the internet in mind. The ride is a unique Vekoma SLC coaster which weaves through the trees at the bottom of a large valley. This ride went without a name until the final stages of construction.

    2) Ready to Rumble -Wood, 2009]

    Video link:

    Ride: Ready to Rumble

    Type: Wood Twister

    Trains: 5 cars of 4 seats

    Music: Tears in Rain by Stan SB

    Ready to Rumble was my first wooden coaster in about six months. It was also my first 'standard' woodie to be featured in a video. The primary purpose of this ride was to test out BigBurger's wooden supports, as well as Mr. PKJ's tunnels.

    Visit this ride's project thread here:


    3) Flighthawk: Vengeance

    Video link:

    Ride: Flighthawk: Vengeance

    Type: Steel Togo Ultra-Twister

    Trains: 1 Car of 4 Seats

    Music: Fort Knox by Goldfish

    Flighthawk is at this writing my latest video. This ride is a Togo Ultra-Twister of unique design that has been built on a farm. The nearby restaurant has been fashioned out of of an abandoned barn. I decided to create an Ultra-Twister because in my opinion, these are really cool rides which are overlooked by most RollerCoaster Tycoon players, who trip over each other building B&Ms and Rocket Coasters.

    Visit this ride's project thread here:


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