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  1. Wognif's blog

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  2. Coming from a geek...

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    If you live in the USA, do us all a favor and sign this petition.


    We get to build a death star if you do, kay? Thanks.


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    Well, sorry if I did this wrong, as I am new here. Well, I was told that there are some good modelers and coders here. If you are interested in designing a game, please head to http://legobalanceofpower.weebly.com/ and apply. We currently need modelers, but if you have other talents and are interested, do not hesitate to apply. Anyways, hello, and nice to meet you all.

  3. Well, ORR isn't really "Rock Raiders" anymore. Rather, it's a mod on a game built off of a world simulation. Let me explain.

    Components of my project:

    World Simulation - In conjunction with: Engine.

    - A game wraps the two together into a game. Alone, the World Simulation is just a library, and the engine just an engine. This game is called: GNOMAL. Which stands for I don't know what yet. This game is standalone.

    - - ORR: A mod, or rather, a campaign/scenario/starting conditions for GNOMAL. That's right. You're in a world simulation, there's a randomly generated world resembling Planet U, and there are your Rock Raiders stuck in orbit. You're either a normal crew member, a castaway/rogue/runaway, an officer, or Chief himself.

    Understand? Four components to this project of mine. ORR being the highest level, and the last level. Only possible to complete after the first three are completed.

    So. Should I even call this project "Open Rock Raiders" anymore? It's a spiritual successor, featuring much different gameplay, and only taking the basic idea behind Rock Raiders for the mod "ORR". I'm not even working on "ORR" right now, but an "engine" and a "World Simulation", after which I will work on "GNOMAL".

    After that, maybe I should just call the mod "Drill Masters" ( *cough cough* ;) )?

    Until then, know that ORR-C has changed dramatically over the past few years as I've opened myself up more and more to what I truly want.

    Anyway, to recap, I want to know if I should still call this project "Open Rock Raiders", because it's not really about that anymore. At least not for now. And after that, I ask the question, "What place does this project have on RRU?" It's neither about LEGO, and it's not strictly about Rock Raiders.

  4. TheDoctor
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    My wife and I won the Euro Millions Lottery of £41 Million British Pounds and we have decided to donate £1.5 million British Pounds to 10 individuals worldwide as our own charity project. To verify,please see our interview by visiting the web page below:

    http://www.dailymail...o-jackpot.html (this is just a British tabloid)

    Your email address was among the emails which were submitted to us by the Google, Inc as a web user; if you have received our email please, kindly send us the below details so that we can issue you a valid bank cheque for £1,500,000.00 pounds in your name or direct our bank to effect the transfer of the funds to your operational bank account in your country.

    Full Name:

    Mobile No:



    Send your response to ([lolemail])

    Best Regards,

    Gareth & Catherine Bull

    The comments section of the article is also amusing.

  5. Mmm...Borderlands 2. I was SO PUMPED for this game to come out. I preordered the Collectors edition and everything. I was expecting it to improve a little bit on what made the original Borderlands great, but not much else. Boy was I wrong.

    Starting out, it already looks good. The little intro teaser was extremely well done. The first game had more of a treasure hunter, space western vibe to it, and so it used the song "Ain't no rest for the wicked" The 2nd game, however, had a more of a..corrupt buisiness feel to it, so appropriately, the intro song is "Short Change Hero". Character select screen isn't as good as the original, though. In the 1st Borderlands, you would choose the characters on the bus itself, with Marcus saying various lines when you would cursor over a character. He would call Mordecai a "Truxican Wrestler moonlighting as a Dominatrix" for example. In the 2nd game, however, it's just a plain select screen. Which makes sense once the game proper begins, however.

    Now, gameplay wise, Borderlands 2 is amazing. the shooting feels so...rewarding. It takes everything that I loved about the original, gameplay-wise, and sharpens it up. Shooting doesn't feel as...slow as it did. Each manufacturer has a unique appearence and even more unique effectss. This makes it one of the best shooters I have played in recent years, if not THE best.

    The characters...Oh my god the characters. The character designer in Gearbox must have been overworked to death. These characters have some of THE Best personalities and humor I have ever seen in a game, ever. Handsome Jack takes the cake, however. His performance was amazing. Same with Tiny Tina.

    The thing I really wanted to get into, however, is what this game feels like. It feels like Gearbox's loveletter to the past games of yore. This is pure unadalterated FUN. No regenerating health, no 2 weapon limits, the gunplay can get EXTREMELY FAST PACED and amazing. It also combines the storytelling of the games of today.

    In all, I'd give it a 9.5/10.

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  6. Blog of a Thousand Voices

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    Retsnom Kcor
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    So this is a couple of weeks late, but on the 14th (of July) I had a drum recital. Anyway, I pretty much failed. Just watch the video.


  7. My modding so far:

    1) Used Baz's Mod, the most recent 1.5 version, as a basis (it's far superior to the regular game in my opinion)

    2) Turned ceiling textures black so that there is no clear indication, aside from camera scrolling, of map extent in any given direction

    3) Blended tops of walls with black roof to look more polished

    4) Replaced the water textures, which are unique for each of the several biomes

    5) Modified the lava texture

    6) Disabled promeshes; 1st Person will hopefully be removed because it currently breaks my game and adds very little to gameplay

    7) Updated rock biome

    8) Updated ice biome

    9) Updated lava biome

    10) New pyrite biome

    11) New sand biome

    12) New gold biome

    13) New Pyrite Monster

    14) Modified all light spankler textures to be brighter and more interesting; this includes barriers

    15) Replaced Action Stations alarm with one of McSqueaky's alternate sounds

    16) Replaced a building ambiance with one of McSqueaky's sounds

    17) Modified ranges of weapons and mining lasers

    18) Replaced dynamite explosion sound with what I believe to be another McSqueaky sound

    19) Raised sample rates of all sounds

    20) Modified Rock Raider voices

    21) Used some code from a member on RRU to reintroduce the "Yes sir", "Acknowledged", and so on RR sounds

    22) Replaced handheld laser sounds with McSqueaky's laser sounds

    23) Modified electric fence discharge effect and sound

    24) Modified teleport sounds

    25) Silenced tool tips, all narration, and so on; Might record new audio for the briefings in the future

    26) All maps now have decreasing oxygen supplies

    27) Rock Raiders now take longer (about 8 times as long) to lose enough energy to require sandwiches, in order to be slightly more realistic

    28) Rock Raiders may now eat sandwiches at the Tool Store in addition to the Support Station

    29) The Tool Store is now able to supply a small amount of oxygen to caverns; this should help aid in moving entire bases to safer areas by

    supporting a single Rock Raider alone in a cavern indefinitely

    30) Water Works now uses the sand biome

    31) Split Down the Middle now uses the pyrite biome

    32) Fire 'n' Water now uses the pyrite biome and spawns Pyrite Monsters

    33) The Hard Rock Life now uses the sand biome

    34) Emerge creature for Search 'n' Rescue now reflects the back cover of the Lego Masterpiece case - Rock Monster - may replace biome with an

    icy-rock theme in the future

    35) Explosive Action now uses the pyrite biome

    36) Run the Gauntlet now uses the gold biome

    37) Mine Over Manner now uses the gold biome

    38) Down in the Dirt now uses the gold biome

    39) All notifications for emerging monsters and slugs have been removed

    40) Spiders no longer enter walls, but rather roam the cavern; Problem?

    41) Expanded bat flocks to look more realistic

    42) Modified Ore Refining sound

    43) Changed uncharged energy crystals to a dull greyish color

    44) Replaced landslide sound

    45) New engine sound for hover scout

    46) Modified engine sound for tunnel scout

    47) New engine sound for tunnel transport to better match that heard in the .avi cutscenes

    48) Activated some unused idle Rock Raider animations

    49) Regular Rock Raiders cannot drill loose rock or seams in addition to Hard Rock; this makes upgrading essential for later levels, though

    most of you have played so long that it almost doesn't matter if I let you know this

    50) Modified some building and vehicle prerequisites

    51) Upgraded Rock Raiders are required to build electric fences

    52) Further modified behavior of hover scout so that it will remain autonomous in travelling the cavern to scan geology

    53) Modified Emerging Rock Monster roar

    54) There is a good chance I've messed with more but this is getting rather extensive and most other changes are likely minor - if they are

    special you'll likely notice them on your own


    55) New sound for Tool Store

    56) New sound for Geological Center

    57) Modified unit speeds; second highest options menu-selectable game speed is optimal

    58) New engine sound for small mobile laser cutter

    59) New engine sound for loader dozer

    60) New engine sound for small digger

    61) Further modified dependencies to a large degree, bases will necessarily be larger and make more use of the buildings; more use of resources

    62) Landslides are now extremely dangerous, and reinforcing walls is essential, even if temporary

    63) The Power Station and Ore Refinery are practically required before any other buildings sans Tool Store

    64) Addition of the Icy-Rock Biome for Seamless!, Search 'n' Rescue, Ice Spy, and Breathless

    65) Bat flocks are now audible as well as visible

    66) Modified crystal refining sound

    67) New Action Stations! alarm

    68) Changed tool tip colors from green to grey

    69) Cirevamized default priorities (you don't have to adjust them for every map; unless perhaps you're not Cyrem)

    70) Added more plink sounds for the energy crystals so that they don't all sound the same when you put them down

    71) Modified tool tip text

    72) Gave the Tunnel Transport and the Chrome Crusher a survey radius of 10 (geo-scanning)

    73) Bats aren't as problematic because I felt they made unbeatable enemies and that it was extremely unrealistic that they would be that frightening

    74) Modified mining laser sound

    75) Lowered speeds on the Small Digger and Small Transport Truck for when they traverse rubble

    76) Changed various movement stats to make different monster types more unique

    77) THE LIST GOES ON...

  8. Fengo's Paintball Blog

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  9. Hey guys,

    I've finally reached my first camp leave for the weekends. Guess it's been okay other than sustaining some muscle strains :/

    If anyone is wondering, I'm from Singapore where able-bodied males of age 18 and above have to serve a mandatory 2 years of National Service to the country Right now, I'm going through 4 months of basic military training before I will be posted to a specific sector to serve the rest of my time.

    Anyway, I hope everyone has been doing great :) And I can finally order the rest of my parts from Bricklink to complete my long delayed Project Guardian Angel!

  10. Some Weird Blog of Ben's

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    Isn't iTunes' auto-import feature handy? You can simply pop in your favourite CD, and within minutes your wonderful music will be in your library without a single click of the mouse. However, this feature can go wrong very easily.

    So, today I decided to do some Speedruns of Lego Rock Raiders for PS1. So I put the CD in my drive, closed AutoPlay (because, let's face it, no-one uses it), started up my emulator and closed the annoying iTunes window wanting to import the tracks from the CD that were already imported. There we go. That's all fine and good. Let's run the game. I got to the menu, entered my password and suchlike, and went to play the mission 'Express Delivery'. All of a sudden, my DVD-Rom drive suddenly makes those weird 'seeking' noises, and the audio becomes choppy. My game freezed, but then recovered. I thought it was just some odd glitch that happens every now and then; after all, the disk is twelve years old, and there was probably a speck of dust from when I took it out of the case. Very well, let's continue. All of a sudden, the game became unstable and jumpy. It then froze again. At that point, I quit the emulator; I had screen capture up, and I didn't want my Speedrun to look horrible. I then spied something in my taskbar. iTunes was open. I then opened the window. It was importing the tracks that were ALREADY IN MY LIBRARY.

    At that point, I realised why the game was so jumpy. It was trying to play tracks it was importing with another program, which I had already closed earlier. I then immediately stopped the import and ejected the disk from my drive. Needless to say, it was absolutely covered in horrific scratches all over. Why on earth would iTunes import stuff that was already in my library, and I had already closed it earlier? Why would it just re-open like that? Especially when another program had exclusive control over the disk. It doesn't make any sense. Hopefully I can get the disk repaired, and all will be well again.

    I am going to complain to Apple about this incident. I wouldn't mind so much if I hadn't closed the program first, before I ran the disk with the emulator, but when I HAD already closed the program, that's just ridiculous it re-opening like that.

    Here is how the game was running before the iTunes incident: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BGnYg1KGS68

    Here is the game after: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F5wwHkDrhvA

  11. PWNZOR
    Latest Entry

    So today was my school's VEX Robotics qualifier.

    We didn't do so well.

    Our first two alliance partners flipped over and ripped their arm off inside one of the goals, respectively, so that sucked.

    We won 2 of the four remaining qualifying matches.

    We got 28th place out of 39.

    We barely got chosen for the finals alliances.

    Our alliance won the first out of 3 quarterfinal rounds (best 2/3 passes on to the semis), but we lost the next two.

    We lost the championship rounds.


    Our logbook was amazing. One of my teammates used his awesome physics and python skills and wrote a program that simulates our arm's strength depending on the gearing of the winch.

    Judges were impressed.

    We didn't get get the Judge's or the Design award.

    We got the Excellence award.

    Totally unexpected.

    We're going to California for the World Championship.

    (One of my school's other teams led the winning alliance; another got the Design award: both also qualify for World)

    If you're interested.

  12. Ah...Rock Raiders United. The first forums I've been an active member on. It's been a while.

    College is going well. I finished my last semester with all 4.0s. I got a Commodore 128 for Christmas, and a few smaller things. I'm now an active member on the Minecraft forums, mainly active in the mods section, acting as a beta tester and helping people with errors.

    One truly amazing mod I've been really into lately, is ComputerCraft. It's a LUA programmable computer that can connect with redstone, and to another mod called redpower. Computercraft has its own IRC channel (#computercraft) on irc.esper.net, and that's where I'll be if you want to chat with me in person.

    Kind of an awkward time at night (0:45), but I just wanted to say "Hi, I'm still alive, and I'm doing quite fine in life".

    If anyone even cares about me any more, you can email me at my new email: [email protected]


  13. cobra virus Blog's

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    Cap't Rex
    Latest Entry

    How did RRU become star wars themed?

  14. So yeah no big input on the game anytime recently so i'll just ramble on about some weapons concepts.

    first off, i love me some Assassians creed. the controls perform well and are easy to manuever, and its all thanks to the Puppeteering controls. Y is head, X is left arm, B is right arm, and A being spring and free running. with DD i dont want to go with that exactly but i do want to carry some key concepts. first let me clear up that im using all Xbox controller keys.

    for starters look and movement are going to be your standard left stick right stick, X crouch, A action, B block (double tap for shove), and Y for quick Comm interface. that will be explained later. D-Pad will be used for quick selects. Back will be your PDA in Real time mode, and start will be paused mode. Reference "Your Handy-Dandy Personal Data Assistant" for a breakdown on that.

    then theres the shoulder buttons and triggers. RB and R-trigger and LB and L-trigger will be very dynamic. the shoulder buttons bringing up a their respected inventories and the triggers function to the associated hand. this is going to have some intresting applications involed, esspecially with two handed weapons and will influence accuracy and functuality with many guns. all this coupled with your B button.

    with two handed weapons it will be how you attack. for example, a big sledgehammer. equiped in the right hand you will hold the hammer with your left hand on the end of the handle. dominant hand above that pulling the left trigget quickly will perform a quick bash attack with the handle. but say you have two zombies breathing down your neck swing that thing around! pull on the right trigger and hold to draw back the hammer, then let go and give the left trigger a tap to follow through with a powerful sweep. but say for true carnage in a one on one situation, dont tap the left and watch that sledge go sraight down on that zombie's dome! this will all apply to most two handed heavy melee weapons.

    but two handed specials dont stop there. anyone ever fired a pump action shotgun can tell you that you need two hands to fire with ease. yeah yeah you can throw it up and jerk the gun around but your rappid trigger finger that did you marvles on halo is gonna screw you here. but yeah with a pump you'll shoot with the right and pump with the left, and pull that trigger all the way cause a half cocked pump will get you a nice jam. and DEDZ.

    with lever action rifles and shottys a double tap to the right trigger will function the lever, making your COD trigger finger a little usefull but just watch that firing pull, or, well that will be explained later.

    the full trigger pull will also transfer into revolvers. a full trigger pull will be needed to get the gun to function, a half pull will do absolutly nothing. but that doesnt mean slap the trigger around like a pimp on his hoes... now a full pull is not a slow pull but just a full pull, cause a shotty will need a quick slap pull. but try that with a high powered rifle and end up with a mean flinch, explained later.

    you try to shoot a real D-eagle 15 rounds a second and you'll fail miseribly or you'll just end up shattering your wrist. so yeah, squeeze that trigger gently or you may be short a fully functional hand. also, with hunting and sniper rifles, your soft hand will mean the difference between and clean headshot and OH! GOD! MY ARM! ITS GNAWING AWAY AT MY ARM! AAHHAHAAHGHGHGHGHGGGAHGG!! Bleh... yeah...

    so yeah take your COD master trigger finger and take some true marksmanship skills. repeted "slap" firing of certain rifles will cause a "flinch" also, even a short "blink" in the form of a brief screen bloackout. very distracting, and disorientating. bascally if you know jack about shooting firearms you'll do well, but if not, you may need to read a strategy guide.

    anyway, i think thats enough for now, i'll probaably need to explain a few things or elaborate on others, but yeah, i hope i wont be another two months before the next update. i hope X can get some things rolling too.

  15. jg325's Blog

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  16. Infinite Speed

    For those of you who live outside the US and don't know, Thanks Giving is a holiday in America where we take a moment to look at all the things we are grateful for. Typically for Thanks Giving, a big feast is held with the main food item being cooked turkey; which means a lot of us will likely be offline this Thursday for Thanks Giving (as we'll all be too fat, lazy, and happy as a cat to get out of bed to get on the computer).

    Even if you live outside the US, and aren't going to hold a celebration of your own, I invite you to participate in this blog and share with us what you're thankful for, since I personally am thankful for all of my foreign friends here on RRU.

    So to start off, I'd like to say thank you to these specific people from RRU:







    Sadie Meowsalot

    The Doctor

    Lair of Rockwhales



    Believe it or not, all of you have helped me some way, some how, in accruing knowledge and inspiration these last couple of years, but of course I consider all of you my friends as well. :) (and if you're name wasn't mentioned, don't take it personally yeah? these are just the names that came off the top of my head ;P )

    This might seem trivial/standard to some of you, but something that's particularly important to me is my family who've been helping me through life this past 6 months. I've been working odd jobs here and there to make money, since I'm starting to pay my own bills. This time next year, hopefully I'll be completely on my own (or at least capable of living on my own), but I couldn't be where I am in my schooling without help from my parents and my brother particularly. So I'm very thankful for them.

    I'm also thankful for forgiveness, as I recently restored a near-lost friendship with a dear friend of mine (in real life). I was a selfish jerk, and ended up losing contact with her for 4 months. I was a little depressed/guilt-ridden during those 4 months, and some of you may have noticed it in the way I expressed myself. So I'm sorry to all of you that I may have offended/upset as a result.

    Then of course, there's all the gimmicks in life that we tend to take for granted. Maybe some of you can find some I may miss here off the top of my head. ;P

    I'm thankful for:




    Air conditioning









    A house





    Video games






    ... (blarg, gotta get back to class, lunch is out)

  17. fgsfds

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    Alas! In all, a humble Australian, cast alternatively as both anonymous and amateur by the altruism of Fate. This affair, no mere amok of adventure, is an assemblage of the assery, now apparent, ever present. The only abundance is amplified; an antagonist, held adroitly, ample in the awkwardness of such shall one day attain replacement through adversity.

    Approval looks arched seeing some hold an ambivalent attitude towards the addresser, let me assure you that I am amongst the most amusingly amiable of allies, so let me simply add that it is my an honor to meet you and you may call me Ana.

  18. The Nether

    We have fully stabilized the Nether, I have expanded the water onto lava so we have more buildspace, our next job is to make a apartment complex on the Nether which will hold 12 people. After that we will be giving out colony kits to non op nether guests to start their own colonies for diamond.


    Not being involved much there but I can say the bridge to Gravel island is done. Deep mines have been created and we already have our first load of diamonds. More or less we're doing good here

  19. Seamonster's Blog

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    I want to know what you all think of the Full story of Planet U, for now. I have worked hard to come up with stories for this topic and many of you where probably confused at first. So tell me what you think and if you mind, please tell me if there is something that you want to know of it so far.

  20. Kitteh Discussion

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    Recently, my grandmother's waffles were swiped from the very plate they sat upon. I have reason to believe it was sir, Cirevam involved in the illegal acquirement of said waffles. My reason for this suspicion is the fact that Cirevam claims nulls bare a similar taste to that of drained brickonium. He must consume nulls quite regularly for him to be able to identify their taste in other food sources. The fact that he knows what drained brickonium tastes like also suggests he may have been supplied a substitute, subject to a null addiction. The null substitute must not be too enjoyable, thus inclining him to steal granma's waffles.

    As of yet, I remain unaware of who's culpable for this waffle theft, though I shall continue in my pursuit of the true culprit.

    More on this as new information becomes readily available..

    Granma says hello, and that she loves you <3

  21. i'm leaving yob guys suck so much go f*** youselfs you mother f***kers. nobody reads my fan fic i don't know why i even wrote it btw cryam is dumb.

  22. Whoa What

    Objective two doesn't even seem worth my time anymore. I therefore have no further reason to be here.

    In other words, I'm leaving this forum. The explanation is as follows:

    Over the years, RRU has been, to cite a common metaphor, going downhill. There were a number of things along the way that I had nothing but distaste for, but what happened on the third anniversary site release (Which I will refer to as RRU3 from now on) was the final straw. The only reason I've stuck around for this long was to tie up two loose ends, but as I have already mentioned, the other loose end is no longer worth my time to tie up.

    The following are greivances I have against the actions taken on RRU3:

    1) Despite what you ignorant fools who think they know everything will believe, this is in fact greivance number one, and the place I drew the first line: The VIP forum being changed to "Cool Kids". This is implied elitism. The VIP members deserved their title because they provided financial aid to the website and/or legitamately won an RRU official competition. Some people, like Matt and Baz, deserved it also because they were nothing but helpful to the site as a whole. But the fact that it was renamed to "Cool Kids" IN ADDITION to being set visible to the public- granted the public was unable to access it, but the fact that they could see it at all is my point- was nothing less than an error.

    2) Removal of status updates. Your excuses for doing this- and "excuses" is exactly what they were- were laughable and hilariously sarcastic. The only legitamate case you brought up was the part about people posting for attention and to rant about minecraft griefers. Removing the medium will not make this stop. Besides, everyone is sick of people who just want attention. That's life. You need to deal with it- but in a logical way. This action was nowhere close.

    3) Removal of Forum Games. Your excuses for doing this- and again, "excuses" is exactly what they were- were equally as laughable but rudely sarcastic. Your excuses for it's removal were that it was the most looked at, most posted in, and most irrelevant topic on the forum. For starters, that third excuse is an outright falsification. But seeing as the first thing you will say is "But that isn't what I/Cyrem said at all!", allow me to clarify: When the sarcasm is reversed, the excuse says something along the lines of 'was not helpful to modding LRR at all'. While this is true, it's the most terrible excuse for its removal of the three. By this logic, you should remove off-topic and LEGO Discussion in addition to the Project: Loco/Racers/Island subforums for the same reason. But that didn't happen. Why? Let's look at the other two excuses. How, pray tell, do you justify removing a subforum because it had the most posts/views? Because it subtracted posts from the other forums? That's the REAL reason you removed it, and that's of similarly poor quality to the three excuses you gave. Face it: Forum games was popular. You have essentially outlawed games on a site that was founded on games. You seem to be happy when your site gets hits, but you get picky because the posts go to a forum you didn't want them going to? Nice job, Mister Garrison*.

    4) Masking the rediculous changes with a day of TF2. I like TF2, but this was so obviously a distraction that I intentionally didn't participate in the event for that precise reason, even though I had every chance to play.

    5) Displaying every other member's IP address to the forum mods except your own. This violates logic that YOU YOURSELF HAVE PRESENTED, and it also doesn't make sense. I will address this in a tad more detail later.

    As I said before, though, these are only the greivances I have against RRU3. My distaste extends much further back.

    Most of this is actually the result of this site's impeccable knack to conveniently ignore anything important I have to say. It's as if the entire site has an unwritten code that whenever I open my mouth to say something important, the site responds with 'OMFG HE HAS SOMETHING IMPORTANT TO SAY! QUICK!!!!111 EVERYONE IGNORE HIM'.


    After Katatonic joined (inb4alreadyknowwherethisisgoing) and the flood of pony began, Cyrem was quick to make a topic outlawing any further posting of pony pictures. However, Katatonic had already begun to limit how much pony he provided, knowing that Cyrem was growing angry with the borderline spam. I truly believe that had no administrative action been taken, the issue would have corrected itself and there would have been minimal conflict. But no. Cyrem jumped the gun and made said announcement in such a manner that it came across as nothing short of pure discrimination. I was somehow the only one who flipped s*** about it, and even likened it to the holocaust using a quotation for the sole purpose of getting the point across. But what happened instead?


    I kept quiet, as nobody flipped their s*** except me. The rest of RRU allowed the s*** to stay unflipped and burn on one side.

    When Forum Games first came under fire with the "Posting there doesn't count towards your total" BS, a poll was opened asking the members what they thought needed to be done. If memory serves, the most voted option was "Require stricter moderation", which would also have kept the posts in the total. This would have solved the problem (which was a laughable "problem" to begin with), had it been done. But what happened?


    Forum Games lost its right to add to post count. Plenty of s*** was flipped, but by the wrong people. And any time I brought the stupitidy decision up after the fact, I was met with nothing less than harrassment (inb4 I get more just by bringing it up here). I kept quiet about it, growing tired of the retarded comments.

    When Zjean opened In The Depths, Tracker implied he was going to essentially steal the idea to further that retarded mess he calls a fanfiction. He constatly ignored demands to stop, and the situation was improperly handled by those with the power to do so, as all they did was tell him to stop. He, of course, didn't listen to anyone. In essense, neither did the mods. In other words,


    Right after Anonymouse stepped down as global moderator, I was suggested to take his place. I regretted turning it down almost immediately. Call me arrogant, call me whatever you like; I truly believe that if I had been where Cirevam is now, many ignorant situations and decisions could have been avoided. (If I want it done right, I have to to it myself.)

    But instead I am just getting constantly ignored. And if that is going to be the norm, THEN WHY THE f*** AM I HERE?

    The following things need to be done:

    1) Rename "Cool Kids" back to VIP

    2) Make Cool Kids invisible to the public, and/or allow members access to it when the forum members have "thanked" them a certain number of times.

    3) Reinstate status updates (This has sort of already been done, but it just ain't as good as it once was.)

    4) Reinstate Forum Games, but require stricter moderation. The only topics from RRU2 that deserve to stay are Unknown Horror, In The Depths, and the Pic wars games. If it's an official rule that stupid games like rate the blarg above you are not allowed, it would give me a valid legitimate reason to kill them. That clearly wasn't the case. Stricter Moderation rules would have fixed it then, they would have fixed it now.

    5) Either reveal your IP address, or hide Cirevam and addictgamer's adresses as well. In it's current state, it's at best a half-assed security measure that doesn't make much sense to begin with.

    I'm going to leave, and I will not come back unless these are done.

    But of course, I know full well it won't happen. What matters is that it was said.

    Bye. It was fun while it lasted, but I want no part of this anymore.

    *This is a reference to Southpark. I'd normally leave the reference here for someone to figure out, but history has shown that that probably will never happen. The reference refers to Mr. Garrison writing a book that became a bestseller. He was pleased at it's success at first, until he realized that it was selling as a homoerotic novel, something he didn't intend for it to be. What he did afterwards is also relevant to this, but that part is your homework for tonight.

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