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  1. Preface:

    I should probably mention that while this is my first time owning a game, it's not my first time playing. I have a little background with the video games, but only from some events and a friend's game, neither of which really count. I have played a little of Emerald and Sapphire, although I was quite familiar with the Pokemon and details about them from Kanto through Hoenn due to my having played the TCG.

    ...I also once played a ROM of Fire Red, when I was a lot younger.

    My first Pokemon game (and console game) was Pokemon Y. I do not have a complete Pokedex, although got about half in there.

    The Pokemon:

    I must admit, I love the new Pokemon. They're not all perfect, but a lot of the issues with crappy design that I saw in previous generations is gone, and Pokemon in general are much more creative and abstract than what they mostly were in Gen 1 - animals, some with elemental powers. That's not to say that Gen 1 designs are bad - I love the original 151 Pokemon, and there are only a few in there that I don't like. That said, I did not love the Pokemon in Gen IV (I quit the card game a few months after the release of it in the TCG) - especially Arceus, Palkia, and Dialga. Elemental creatures controlling the world? Fine, I can live with that. The gods of Time, Space, and everything? As Pokemon that you can capture? Sorry, I really don't buy that. If they can control those, it's probably safer NOT to capture them.

    My favorite new Pokemon Yveltal, because it's bizarre and awesome at the same time. Xerneas and Zygarde are also pretty cool, too. Of the non-legendaries, I'm caught between Tyrantrum, because it's a T-Rex, and Talonflame, because it was the first really cool three-stage standard bird I've seen. Dragalgee is also super-awesome, as are all three final evolutions of the starters - I was almost disturbed by Quilladin's appearance (cute little Chespin turned into a...monster), but I absolutely LOVE Chesnaught, and the other ones are great too. I would venture to say that there are no truly awful designs (aesthetically) this gen, because while Binacle and Pumpkaboo are pretty bad, they don't come close to the awful that is the seemingly human (and downright UGLY) Jynx and Mr. Mime or the stupidity that is Vanilluxe.

    Main Playthrough/Story:

    I played through with EXP Share turned on, and I was surprised by how little grinding I had to do. I could train an entire party without the game becoming tediously grind-heavy. The only battles I lost were those against Sky Trainers, do to the fact that my only Flying Pokemon was Fletchling/Fletchinder/Talonflame (and Butterfree, for a short period of time). The story, featuring multiple trainers and their joint journey through Kalos, was pretty decent, although Team Flare was a bit ridiculous - I can see how Team Magma and Aqua might think that half destroying the world could somehow benefit humans or Pokemon, but how stupid do you have to be to think that using a Pokemon that absorbs all life benefit you? Also, the grunts looked ridiculous. That hair...uuuuugh. Just awful. You call that fashionable?

    I must admit that the ability to use a Master Ball on what is essentially the most important being in the entire story is a bit offsetting - that's what I did, and I kind of regret it, because catching Zygarde freaking SUCKED. That aside, it's a bit anticlimactic, even if you fight Lysandre after. Oh, and Team Flare, a group of criminals who tried to KILL EVERYONE, were basically forgiven - you can see them, wearing their Team Flare getup, here and there after you beat them. Foregiveness is great and all, but people like that should be locked away for a very long time.

    I took a break from story after the 6th gym to do some breeding (for Pokedex), and then I went back. The rest of the story wasn't particularly challenging, save the Elite Four and Champion - while they were not overly difficult, they were a decent challenge of the sort I rarely encountered in the game.

    One thing that was really annoying was catching Articuno. Getting it is ridiculously tedious. It most definitely is not fun. Oh, and you can only get one Legendary Bird per playthrough, meaning you have to through it three times. Two, I can almost understand, as having players play two slightly different games is a big reason for them to trade...but I don't think I want to go through two more full games just to get all three Birds, especially considering that the only other benefit is Legendary Pokemon for trading (I think).


    The Looker saga was fun, although it seems odd to me that preschoolers would have stronger Pokemon than any Gym Leader. Also, Xerosic did not act remotely evil. Oh, and Malva was part of Team Flare, yet she wasn't hiding in the base to protect herself from Yveltal.

    The Battle Maison and the other Battle place showed me that I definitely do not have the strategy down, as most of what I do in Pokemon is spam the most powerful attacks. I have a ways to go.

    Player Search System:

    The player search system is new to the franchise, and it makes the game a lot more fun. It makes evolving certain Pokemon way easier for people like me. I haven't done any battles yet, but O-Powers seem nice. I've only used them once, though.

    Some Nitpicks:

    - Beauties are carrying grocery bags, which is dumb and has sexist undertones

    - If I want to start a new game to get the other Legendary Birds, there is no way to hold on to any of the Mega Stones, nor is there a means by which I can preserve my TMs for a future game - if I want to do another playthrough for some trade fodder and completion, then why can't I keep my Mega Stones? I get that Pokemon Bank's not being able to store items prevents items that are incompatible with a game from transferring to another, but the Mega Stones were a bit tedious to get, and the TMs even more so.

    - I don't see why HM moves can't be overwritten

    - Luvdisc is the new Magikarp

    Awesome Things:

    - No Safari Zone, because there is nothing more annoying than finding a rare Pokemon and hoping that it won't run away each time you attempt to catch it (with only a slim chance of success).

    - 3D: older game's 2D style just wasn't nearly as interesting as this. Some of the scenery was really great, too - the sundial, and the falls in the Cyllage Gym, and so on - really great stuff.

    - Multiracial (not just white, like older Pokemon games were)

    - Mega Stone

    The game has lasted me quite a bit of time, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I am almost definitely going to get Alpha Sapphire, although I'm not sure if I'll do another playthrough of X & Y for a while. The RPG elements of the game are great, and the side tasks are pretty decent, even if Pokemon Amie is kind of odd...

    I also really like that you can actually train Pokemon outside of battle now with Super Training. If I ever try to do competitive playing, that will come in handy.

  2. ProNoob's ramblings

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    Okay, here's the deal: I don't make music often. I love to make music, but I mostly just can't find the time to dedicate myself to it. Nonetheless, Shadowblaze and Drill Master inspired me to make some new music last week, while I had a few hours of spare time. Cloudy alleyway is the result of those hours. I'm not completely satisfied with the result yet, but I've gotten quite far on the arrangement, which is kind of a big deal as it's not my strongest point.

    So, that's it for my first music post on here. I hope you will enjoy it!

    Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/pronoob13/cloudy-alleyway


  3. I figured I'd post this here since I know a lot of you guys here are fascinated by game design and what does or does not work. This is going to be a long-winded and largely boring rant about something very minor that still left me with a bad taste in my mouth.

    This past weekend, I finished the main story of "A Link Between Worlds" for 3DS. Unfortunately, my gaming repertoire is not nearly as extensive as most of my peers; for most of my life, my only means of gaming were a Gameboy Color, a Windows 95, and a Windows XP. As such, the only other Zelda title I have played is the 3DS rerelease of "Ocarina of Time".

    That being said, I've read that one article about Zelda that everyone here has also read. And while I haven't played many Zelda titles, I can see the points that the author is making. Specifically, I'm going to home in on one particular point that the article makes: hand-holding. Starting with Navi in "Ocarina of Time", the games have progressively gotten worse and worse about having some means of constantly telling you what to do and how to do it. This is in contrast to the original game "The Legend of Zelda", which gave you an open world and, aside from a few cryptic clues, just sat back and let you explore and figure everything out for yourself.

    As mentioned in ProJared's review of "A Link Between Worlds", this game largely does away with having some fairy companion constantly nagging you. It is a call back to form, giving you the opportunity to explore Hyrule and Lorule on your own and learning about the many monsters inhabiting the world. In fact, the whole game is supposed to be returning to Zelda's roots with "A Link to the Past", which is largely contested with "Ocarina of Time" for being the best game in the franchise.

    But wait... according to that article, "A Link to the Past" marks the beginning of the series' decline. Why? It introduced the hand-holding trend. While "Ocarina of Time" may be more infamous thanks to Navi's high-pitched voice, that's only one form of hand-holding that the games have introduced since the original NES title. The other was introduced in "A Link to the Past", and while it's more subtle than "HEY! LISTEN!", the writer of the article argues that it takes away from that sense of total open-world exploration present in the original game.

    See a large crack on the wall? Put a bomb there and it will open up a secret passageway.

    Now, here I confess that I must disagree with the article's notion that Zelda was better when you had to throw bombs at every single wall on every single screen because you didn't know which one might contain a secret entrance. Nonetheless, I do see what the writer is getting at: with a large crack marking every location where a bomb must be placed, the game world feels less natural and more artificially constructed.

    This trend of hand-holding started with "A Link to the Past" and, essentially being a love letter to said game, "A Link Between Worlds" continues it. Pretty much any time the game wants you to put a bomb somewhere, there will be a big crack in the wall to let you know.

    That being said, "A Link Between Worlds" does go out of its way at times to make it not so simple. It plays around with the top-down perspective, with the entrances to numerous secret rooms being hidden simply thanks to the camera angle. By merging with the walls in the game, you can also shift around the camera and thus reveal that which is otherwise hidden by the top-down view.

    In one instance, there's an abandoned house in Lorule. If you go inside via the front door, you'll notice a treasure chest containing a Piece of Heart against the far wall of the house, but a large amount of furniture and clutter blocking your way. There's nothing here that can imply how you can reach the treasure chest. Go back outside, and the house looks normal from the top-down perspective, and you still don't know how you would reach that treasure chest. However, if you walk around the house and then merge with the back wall of the house, only then does the camera reveal that there is, in fact, a large crack on the wall. Now you know to put a bomb there, opening up a secret entrance that will let you reach the chest.

    This, I thought, was a novel twist on old Zelda conventions. Yes, the game does provide that hand-holding crack in the wall to let you know what to do, but it doesn't tell you that there's a crack on the wall unless you take it upon yourself to check it out. This is something that wouldn't have been possible to do in "A Link to the Past", but here "A Link Between Worlds" is taking full advantage of the shift to 3D to add extra puzzle elements to the Zelda franchise.

    That is an example of something that, I felt, the game did very well. Unfortunately, that's not why I'm writing this long-winded blog post today. I'm writing about something the game did not do well. Something that left a bad taste in my mouth as a gamer.

    In one section of Hyrule Field, there is a cave entrance with a Piece of Heart sitting right in front of it. However, it is blocked off by a series of pillars that cannot be moved or destroyed by any of your items, and the rock wall around the cave entrance is too rocky to bypass with wall-merging. Therefore, it only takes a small logical leap to realize that what you see is not a cave entrance, but a cave exit, and in order to get that Piece of Heart, you need to find the actual entrance.

    Not too far away, you'll find two pillars exactly like the ones blocking the cave. Put a bomb against the wall between the two pillars, and that will open up the secret cave entrance that you seek.

    The problem? There is nothing to indicate that this is what you're supposed to do.

    Remember that whole crack-in-the-wall hand-holding that "A Link To The Past" introduced? Well, despite following that convention to the tee in the entirety of the rest of the game, "A Link Between Worlds" averts it for this one instance. The wall between the two pillars is perfectly smooth and you can even merge with it without a problem, unlike any other cracked wall in the game.

    But those pillars, surely they should have been a hint, right? Well, they might have been... if it weren't for the fact that there were a dozen other pillars just like them located throughout that section of Hyrule. In fact, you can even find similar pillars in Lorule. Had those two pillars been the only other use of those pillars blocking the Piece of Heart, that would have been a hint. But instead, the player sees these two pillars and says, "There's a dozen other pillars just like these and there was nothing special about those, so why would these two be any different?" Besides, I can tell you that I was more focused on the actual pillars than the wall between them.

    Had "A Link Between Worlds" been like "The Legend of Zelda", these sorts of secrets would have been the norm. The player would expect to find hidden secrets with only very vague and cryptic clues, and this would not have bothered me nearly as much.

    Heck, even look at "Pokemon: Platinum Version". There are items scattered across the world in plain sight, but there are also "hidden" items that don't show up on the overworld map and are invisible until you pick them up. However, the game lets you know that there would be "hidden" items and gives you the ability to use a radar on the touch screen that will pick up the locations of hidden items relative to your position. After a while of using the radar, you can even get a sense of where to expect to find such hidden items, such as a fairly innocuous-looking rock blocked off by a pair of smashable rocks. The game eases you into the hidden item mechanic.

    This is not what "A Link Between Worlds" does. This would be as if all items in "Pokemon: Platinum Version" were visible on the map except for one single item that was required to, I don't know, find a specific Pokemon needed for completing the Pokedex. And the game doesn't give you that radar or ever mention that some items are invisible.

    This isn't the only flaw in "A Link Between Worlds". I could not figure out how to play Octoball Derby without looking up a guide on the internet because the in-game instructions for the minigame are even worse than those for the Fishing minigame "LEGO Island 2". There's also one secret cave in Lorule with a frustratingly tedious running puzzle that rewards you with merely rupees. In comparison, something like an unmarked wall that can be blown up seems rather minor, right?

    But this one is what left me with the worst taste in my mouth. Having bought and upgraded all of Ravio's weapons, two pieces of Master Ore, 19 Hearts, 97 Maimais, and Blue Mail, I'd say that I'm fairly close to having completed the game. Just a few more items I need to find, right? Should be easy to find, right? But wait! Suddenly, this gameplay convention which has been enforced for the rest of the game is tossed out the window without warning. Now, I am forced to question myself. Is this the only unmarked wall? Are there other unmarked walls in the game that I've been missing because the game makes you so used to seeing cracked walls that you don't think to look for unmarked walls at all? Do I have to search high and low for walls to bomb on what may just prove to be a wild goose chase because this was the only wall the whole time? This is not a good feeling to have this late in the game.

    "A Link Between Worlds" does not take after "The Legend of Zelda" but rather "A Link to the Past". It holds your hand throughout the game like "A Link to the Past", and then suddenly expects you to realize that it let go and is leaving you to fend for yourself like "The Legend of Zelda".

    The reason I brought up the example with the treasure chest in the abandoned house is because that's how you can do necessary hand-holding in games correctly. It holds your hand up to a certain point to teach you a certain convention (i.e. the crack in the wall), but then you have to think outside the box in order to recognize that convention in a different situation (i.e. changing the camera angle). The example with the hidden cave is an example of how not to do it.

    If you want to go all-out like "The Legend of Zelda", feel free to do so. If you want to hold the player's hand the whole time like in "A Link to the Past", feel free to do so. Here's my tip to potential videogame designers: don't just suddenly switch from one to another without warning, especially not so late in the game.

    That's all the time we have for today. I'm sure that, by now, you've caught up on any lost sleep by trying to read this rant.

  4. It's been months since I last posted here, but it's also been months since I last uploaded a new piece of music. So here we go!


    Blade Symphony by JDBArtist

    created in 1 hour without my keyboard as it is currently in repair (so please accept my apology for the constant high-level velocity, I felt it was right for the tone and vibe of the track)

    I admit it sounds almost like an anime soundtrack. I had this tune in my head for a day and I am fairly happy with the final result.


  5. Long ago when Explore became Duplo again and furry minifigures didn't exist I was drawing LEGO Racers tracks and made some sort of a board game out of them. I simply drew the outlines of the track design and divided the track in sections. Then with a pair of dice and pawns you'd play the game in turns by moving your pawn as many steps as the number you rolled with the dice. Ofcourse this simple concept wasn't very interesting, but I continued drawing more maps nonetheless, as I really enjoyed that, the same way I enjoyed playing them by myself by controlling multiple pawns. That was back in 2004/2005, and the map with drawings really starts to fall apart now.

    About five years later, I reviewed my work from the past and thought by myself how I can improve the boardgame and make it more fun/have players engage more in the game. So I came up with a new concept. First off, I drew a few (three) improved maps as the ones I had drawn earlier were often pretty clumsy looking. Below is an image of the general design I applied to these maps.


    Instead of sections, I used dots. All pawns start at the start-/finishline. From there on you roll the dice to see how many spaces you may move. The black dots are normal spaces, nothing special. If you end your turn on an S-space, then you may take the shortcut route in your next turn. If you pass the 'brick'-space, you receive a power-up (more info on this later), which you can keep as long as you desire. You cannot however receive another power-up when you already have one. Power-ups must be used at the beginning of a turn!

    Now the way I intended to make this boardgame more engaging than it was (or actually wasn't), every player would get a real LEGO (race)car composed of a standard chassis with 11 bricks each. See the image below for two exemplary car designs. Ofcourse any design is okay, providing it only consists of 11 independently detachable bricks (chassis not included).


    Now the way these cars work in the game is as follows. Whenever a power-up is used against a player he/she may lose bricks depending on the type of power-up. When a player is hit and can't take off any more bricks, that player will lose his/her car. From then on, every time he/she rolls the dice to advance, the number will be halved (round off when you end up with a decimal). Once the 'walking' player passes the purple area, he/she can rebuild the car. Players with a broken car that would still like to rebuild it may also use the rebuilding area.

    Since this boardgame is based on LEGO Racers 2, the power-up system is the same. So whenever you pass the 'brick'-space, you have to roll the dice again to see which type of power-up you will receive. If you roll X (or Y), you receive Z:

    • 2 or 8: Invisibility
    • 3 or 9: Missile
    • 4 or 10: Tornado
    • 5 or 11: Drill
    • 6: Frisbee
    • 7: Thunderbubble
    • 12: Indestructible Brick

    The power-ups function as follows. The letter is the abbreviation of the power-up, the number tells how many bricks one loses if hit by the power-up:

    • Invisibility (I 0): Lasts two turns. Every opponent the player passes when activated will lose his/her power-up and will be collected by the said player. If the player passes multiple opponents, he/she will only be able to collect the power-up from the first opponent he/she passed. The opponents will however still lose their power-up if in possession.
    • Missile (M 3): Player chooses the opponent to hit with the missile. When hit, the opponent loses 3 bricks. Missile will last for 20 spaces only.
    • Frisbee (F 5): The opponent hit by the frisbee will lose 5 bricks. Lasts for 15 spaces and only impacts at the first opponent it comes across.
    • Drill (D 4): The drill lasts for 10 spaces and hits every opponent in its way, with each opponent losing 4 bricks.
    • Tornado (T 0): Is left behind at the space the player is on at the beginning of his turn. The tornado will last for two turns. Any opponent crossing the tornade will lose his/her turn in the next round. The said opponent may however complete his/her turn.
    • Thunderbubble (Tb varying): When activated, all opponents within a radius of 7 spaces around the player will lose bricks. Opponents in a radius of one space will lose 6 bricks, two spaces 5 bricks, etc... Opponents in a radius of 6 or 7 spaces will both lose 1 brick.
    • Indestructible Brick (Ib 7): Every opponent on the board loses 7 bricks.

    Lastly, here's an image of a started game between two generic players on the Express Delivery track.


    I have never actually asked anyone what they think of this concept, but I dug it up from my archives and wonder if there is anyone that likes to give his/her opinion on this? Would it be something to post an image of the aforementioned clumsier drawings?

  6. Comedy

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    I would like to start by starting with a classic joke. You know, I was told this whale joke, It was killer. :lol:

  7. Random Mod Ideas and disscussions

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    If you have read what this is about than continue, if not, then the first comment should be an idea for a game or movie if wanted.

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    Latest Entry

    I think I'll start off on this blog. Anyway, if you don't know me, I am RPGamesAnimeVirgo98! (That's a long name, I know. xD) But you all can call me Virgo if you'd like. :)

    Okay, I love Pokémon. Isn't that obvious? I'll tell you some random facts about me so you can get an idea of what kind of Trainer I am!

    1.) I've been playing for 12 years, I'm pretty sure I'm a pro by now... :P

    2.) My first Pokémon game was Pokémon Sapphire for the Game Boy Advance.

    3.) First Pokémon: Treecko :D

    4.) Favorite Type: I love the Psychic type but I'm very fond of Grass and Water types as well.

    5.) Favorite Pokémon: I have three: Gardevoir, Espeon, and Eevee! ^_^

    6.) Favorite Legendary: Lugia (for games) Mewtwo and Mew (for movies and stuff.)

    7.) Recommended Strategy: Use the base three types (Fire, Water, and Grass) then add your favorite other kinds of types to the team to make a perfect 6 combo of awesomeness!

    8.) My Personal Battle Theme: Suicune's Battle Theme, Remastered.

    That's enough for now!


  8. Today is my birthday.

    I hate birthdays, as the title implies. This birthday, so far, has been no different from the past, and I have yet to have my opinion changed.

    I have a record of absolutely bad birthdays. Anywhere from being embarrassed, to lonely, to being completely forgotten, I've been through it all. For others, birthdays might be a celebration, and just fun in general, to have loved ones gather around you, and for some people, it's all about the presents.

    All birthdays ever have been for me is a day dedicated to showing me how generic and uncaring people feel toward me, and how utterly alone I can be. I know I must sound like a grinch, but my birthdays are notoriously crappy and lonely. Even my parents forgot one or two of them until the last moment and just threw something together. I know I'm supposed to be grateful for what I receive, but when I receive ignorance and pain, it's not the greatest. On a day where people are supposed to show love and gratefulness for me being brought into the world, they ignore me and cast me away and kind of just shove me in the corner. Sometimes it's even worse, from bullying to people saying things that make you regret having a birthday.

    Like I said to someone of whom I will not speak their name, birthdays are supposed to be a day that you celebrate being born and your life up to this point, and your life ahead of you; if you're regretting ever being born...I think you're doing something wrong.

    My birthday wish today was to actually have a good birthday for once; I don't think that's happening, sadly.

    Don't get me wrong, I love telling other people happy birthday and celebrating their birthdays, I even try to do the best I possibly can because I don't want them to have to hate their birthdays as much as I hate mine.

    Sorry, just thought I'd rant.


  9. I am going to work on a map for TF2 that is based on Nexus Tower.

    If anyone has any screenshots/videos of Nexus Tower I can use for reference, please leave a link to them.



  10. beep -f 550 -l 250 -n -f 320 -l 250 -n -f 210 -l 250 -n -f 320 -l 250

    beep -f 210 -l 250 -n -f 320 -l 250 -n -f 210 -l 750 -n -f 10 -l 250

    beep -f 210 -l 250 -n -f 320 -l 250 -n -f 210 -l 750 -n -f 10 -l 250

    beep -f 320 -l 250 -n -f 550 -l 250 -n -f 320 -l 750 -n -f 10 -l 250

    beep -f 550 -l 250 -n -f 320 -l 250 -n -f 210 -l 250 -n -f 320 -l 250

    beep -f 210 -l 250 -n -f 320 -l 250 -n -f 210 -l 750 -n -f 10 -l 250

    beep -f 550 -l 500 -n -f 440 -l 500 -n -f 10 -l 100

    beep -f 320 -l 500 -n -f 210 -l 1000

    If you have Linux, put that into a script. All it does is play a rendion of London Bridge is Falling down. You will need to make sure pcspkr and beep are working first.

  11. Catbug
    Latest Entry

    Holy crepe, one day has passed since le last entry *gasp*

    Prepare for a giant moodswing from my last post.

    Also, I do apologize if my posts become frequent. It's just something I do xD

    You know, the kindness of strangers will never fail to amaze me. Even before I came here, where so many of you have comforted me, given me advice and the likes, I'd noticed that people I didn't even know were being so nice to me. Now perhaps some were just using me to get more friends, to throw pity parties or something like that (mostly on Facebook is where I've found this to happen) but others... Others genuinely care. It didn't happen as much on Facebook, but it still did. I met the most amazing people, and made friends literally left and right. Sadly most of them I no longer talk to, due to my inactivity of that site, but that's not really the point.

    It was brought to my attention what my Christmas lacked, and why it felt so... miserable. Hope. A staple of the human set of emotions. Now we all have certain emotions that are used most often, others that are hardly used and some that we have never felt. Hope is what keeps us going. It's the optimists bread and butter. And that's what I had ignored.

    I also had forgotten the giving spirit of the season. The one thing that makes this season so special. I had become so self absorbing in what was wrong, that I failed to see what was right. I had lost connection with someone who I have been talking to for months, someone who I seriously can't live without, and that made everything turn grey and awful. My grandfathers illness made it worse. Terrible grades and the end of term swinging in just finalized my depressing state and wiped any hope from my mind. I refused to give presents to those I didn't /have/ to give to. My friends got nothing from me, because I was so selfish. When I did, they were rushed and not well thought out, to be honest. I just didn't care.

    Now I look back on last week, and I feel so guilty. But also, I found my new years resolution. Even if my life gets hard, and I feel like I can't go on, cling to hope. Give freely of myself to others, make them smile, and help them no matter what's going on. Be a friend, a family member, and someone they can rely on.

    I wanted to take some time to thank you guys, even if I really don't know you, and vice versa. You took time out of your life to offer comfort to me, when you didn't have to. And thank you to that one person who has always been here for me, even when I was being downright awful. You know who you are.

    So yes, have my random, out of the blue post. Hooray ^w^

    But one thing I plead with you all to never forget, is this. Have hope, and don't you ever, ever give up.

    Cheers, RRU, and have a Happy New Year.


  12. Anime Reviews

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  13. Want to help spread the game's name throughout the forums? Well this is your chance! I have made some nice promo banners. They do fit with the signature rules (each is 800x228).

    Just copy and paste the code into your signature:

    Kiril banner:


    Vahi banner:



  14. March 11, 2013,

    Revised May 29, 2013

    #10 Post-creation, in-app editing of PiP file

    @JimbobJeffers made this suggestion for PatchIt!: perhaps it would be possible to edit the PiP file after creating it, but from within PatchIt! instead of an external editor. I thought about this idea, and it would be a great addition to PatchIt!, but it would have to come later on in the V1.1.x series. In this Dev-log, I will very roughly explain why this addition will work. (I said very roughly because this Dev-log is very scattered, and may be harder to follow than my other Dev-logs.)


    PatchIt! Dev-log #9 has been intentionally skipped. The contents of the Dev-log dealt with the creation of a GUI, and the library that was to be used for such. However, the conclusion it reached is no longer valid, as other ways a GUI could be implemented have come up, and are being researched. Therefore, PatchIt! Dev-log #9 will not be posted.

    Since I will already have a full GUI written up and an multi-line editor for Patch Creation (allowing everything to be done in one step), I can reuse that code and auto-populate it with the info from the PiP file. But I’m getting ahead of myself. When PatchIt! is loaded, the user will have the standard options, but there will be a new option: Edit a PatchIt! Patch. When it is clicked, the user will select a PiP file, all the info will be gathered, and the multi-line editor will come up. But first, the validity line is read, ensuring it is a Patch, and a Modern Patch at that (if the Legacy Installation module is still present), and a file check for the Patch archive will be conducted to ensure it exists. Only if everything checks out will the editor come up. It will look like the Patch Creation screen, except the Game field will be grayed out, and cannot be changed. Of course, there will also be the obligatory Save and Cancel buttons. If the user clicks Cancel, all changes are lost, and the PiP is left alone. If they click Save, the changes are saved (duh). Since the inplace setting in the fileinput module is hard to use and doesn’t always work, the changes will be saved in the following manner. When a Patch is selected for editing and everything checks out, a copy will be made with .bak appended to the file extension. When the change are saved, the non .bak file is rewritten with the new info, and the Patch archive is renamed (if needed). If Cancel is clicked, the .bak is deleted, the PatchIt! main menu is loaded, and the Patch is not touched any more.

    Clearly, this Dev-log pulls a lot of code from my other Dev-logs and changes, so that is why I said it would have to come later in the V1.1.x series. :)


    I originally wrote this Dev-log on March 11, but I revised it in May 29 with updates from issues and changes that surfaced since the initial writing, such as the Game field and Patch archive, as well as improving the actions and fields of the PiP Editor.

  15. img_3050.jpgimg_3051.jpg

    TECHNIC and two boats


    Some interesting parts.

    I bought this for 125. I prefer completed sets, and I was disappointed at the fact that just about every major set whose components I could identify (the Message Intercept Base and Black Knights Fortress)...there was even a Classic Castle fig with misapplied stickers, was missing a significant number of parts. There were parts from a medium-size Classic Space set, too. The Futuron Set might be complete. The 1995 Shuttle set definitely isn't. I haven't checked. The three dinosaurs are all incomplete - the T-Rex is missing a head and tail, the Kronosaur is missing a lower jaw, and the Styracosaur is missing two horns. General Grievous' car is missing at least one wheel and probably some TECHNIC stuff (and Obi's mount has no head), I haven't checked the Super Battle Droid for completeness, the Space Police I set is definitely incomplete, the Drome Racers set is missing a ramp and some TECHNIC stuff, etc...

    Basically, this would have been a fantastic purchase if there were complete sets. It has some nice parts but I need complete sets.

  16. Bio's Blog

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    Latest Entry

    So this is my first ever blog entry, and right now I feel like talking about something quite personal to me.

    This is not a plea for attention, I just need to get this off my chest, and posting it in public helps, and I guess I just feel comfortable posting it here on RRU, of all places.

    I have Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, or OCD. Not just the casual 'need to keep things tidy and in order' stuff that people think is OCD. Real, medically diagnosed, life consuming, mentally crippling OCD. And it's only got worse recently.

    As you may know, OCD is based upon obsessions, or fears of something (usually something impossible) happening, and compulsions; actions done in order to relieve the anxiety, which works for a short time until it comes back again, which for me is mere seconds later. I was diagnosed around a year and a half ago. The bulk of my OCD (though there are other parts of it I'd rather not talk about, partly because there are simply too many) is my fear of losing or regressing in personal achievements, mostly my musical ability. This is triggered by anything from hearing music I haven't heard much for maybe a year or two, to so much as seeing a date written anywhere that's at least 4 months ago, on this very forum for example. Things like this instill me with sheer terror that I can't describe other than it makes me sweat, panic, and instantly performing a compulsion, that can be anything from listening to or playing music that is relevant to my life now, to saying the current date over and over and over again until it feels right. Anything that reinforces the fact that it is that date that it is, and that I haven't lost any personal traits or achievements.

    But the problem is, this form of relief from the terror only lasts mere seconds for me, before something sets it off again. And that's the problem; literally anything can. If anything's dusty, or has reference to my life before the last month or so, it will terrify me. I am constantly anxious, I can't look in certain directions without enormous terror filling my brain.

    Of course, I try to fight it, using a method called Exposure Response Prevention (ERP), but it's possibly the hardest thing I have ever attempted in my life to do. I combine this with anti-depressant medication, a method of treatment used by most patients of severe OCD, but in the long term, I seem to be making little progress.

    Like I said, there are many other aspects too, like the fear that if I don't do certain things I'll fail exams, or even my girlfriend or family members will die, but the one that consumes my life the most is the irrational fear of losing my achievements and personal traits. And that's the worst thing about it. I know it's irrational, but I can't help but be scared to the point of literally doing anything, in public or private, to make it go away. But ultimately, it never does. The battle inside my head goes on permanently.

    I dedicate hours a day practicing ERP, sometimes to no avail, sometimes making major breakthroughs. Either way, I'm not giving up, but there are certainly times where I feel like it.

    If you did read all of this, thank you. I can't express how grateful I am that you care about what goes on in my head against my will, and like I said, I'm not looking for attention, I just need an outlet, preferably a public one.

  17. Mattehw
    Latest Entry

    Well after a long unproductive summer I finally have a new release. This has most of the buildings in it I may add one or two more. Thanks to le717 for pointing me to the XNA pack when the program wouldn't compile. I think I will have about 2 more updates before working on the AI for the game but I am not sure. I won't put an estimated release time on the next update dew to the amount of time it took me to get this one done all I will say is I hope I can get it done by the end of school this year.

    Download Link: http://rrubucket.s3.amazonaws.com/Beta0.3_8348.zip

  18. This is a blog.

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    I would like all you Skyrim fans/modders on RRU (if there are any) to read this.

    A little over two months ago, I joined a project called Beyond Skyrim. The goal of this project is to enable the player to travel "beyond Skyrim". And we need all the help we can get. So, if you have any skills in level design, modeling, texturing, writing, scripting, composing music, concept art, voice acting, or even being an "ideas guy", we'd be glad if you would be interested in helping us.

    Now, I'm going to explain a bit further what this is all about.

    Beyond Skyrim has been in development since before the release of Skyrim. I'm not sure exactly when it started. But anyway, the project's goal is to add new, fully explorable provinces to TES V: Skyrim.

    At the moment, the project consists of 8 teams (listed below).

    • Cyrodiil: Seat of Sundered Kings - Located in the heart of Tamriel (the province TES IV: Oblivion takes place in). Home of the Imperials.
    • Elsweyr - Located in southern Tamriel. Home of the Khajiit.
    • Hammerfell - Located in western Tamriel (one of the provinces TES II: Daggerfall takes place in). Home of the Redguard.
    • High Rock: The Direnni West - Located in north-western Tamriel (one of the provinces TES II: Daggerfall takes place in). Home of the Breton.
    • Orsinium - Located in the mountains between Hammerfell, High Rock and Skyrim. Home of the Orcs.
    • Return to Morrowind - Located in eastern Tamriel (the province TES III: Morrowind takes place in). Home of the Dunmer.
    • Roscrea - A small island north-east of Tamriel.
    • Valenwood - Located in south-western Tamriel. Home of the Bosmer.

    All of these provinces will be built on top of our custom heightmap, made by the awesome Morcroft Darkes. You probably don't know who is, but that doesn't matter. He's still awesome.

    The original plan was to have a completely borderless world. No loading screens, no invisible walls, etc. So you could walk from High Rock all the way to Elsweyr without any loading screens. This soon turned out to be impossible, due to a bug in the game's Havok engine. So we had to split it into 3 separate worldspaces: Iliac Bay (High Rock and Hammerfell), Heartland (Cyrodiil, Elsweyr and Valenwood) and Morrowind.

    Picture of the heightmap:


    Each province will also have:

    • A main quest
    • A bunch of side quests
    • Fully voiced NPCs (hopefully...)
    • Unique music
    • Custom models and textures
    • Hundreds of dungeons and interiors

    So, yeah. Basically, we're creating an entirely new game for each province. Sounds crazy, I know... But we're a lot of people working on this.

    If you're interested in joining, or just want to check it out, you can do that here: http://www.darkcreations.org/

    And don't worry, we're serious and focus more on quality rather than how fast we can release stuff.

    moar links:




    moar screenshots:

    NOTE: These are all WIP screenshots.

    gallery_944_126_171251.pngBruma (Cyrodiil)

    gallery_1007_170_201948.jpgMenevia (High Rock)

    8521508284_7329286c83_h.jpgAlik'r Desert (Hammerfell)

    gallery_1159_37_65440.jpgCrane Shore (Roscrea)

    ke0a.pngSome place in Valenwood

    gallery_825_103_419410.jpgWest Reach (Hammerfell)


    9573316367_ba1c57fc41_o.jpgCyrodiil farm house tileset

    med_gallery_324_24_216954.jpgEvermore (High Rock)

  19. So I managed to find LRR and install it to my laptop and got started. I've gotten halfway through the levels and want to know which ones may have seams that are next to a corner dirt or loose rock.

    I already know how to do the glich because I did this on "Laval Laughter" and had alot of ore and massive number of spiders crawling all over until my people stepped on them all.

    I know there may be one level that I can do this for the energy crystals near the end of the game. Are there any more?

  20. fun's Blog

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    Hello all, you may or may not remember me, but I have been thinking for a long time now about coming back to this site I remember when I did stupid things like spam topics,dumb child content, really bad grammar and spelling,and of course weather reports. But that will be no more, I promise for real I learned from my mistakes. So my goal is to have a new fresh start here by starting over, If some one would be so kind to give me advice on how I could improve even more I would be gladly appreciated. Any ways I want to start fresh with a new overhaul since I had no clue what I was really doing in the first place when I started with overhaul making and modding.Now that I am much better at modding and making levels I should be able to do a lot better now,but I still don't know how to do animations or modelling that is to advance for me.

    So now I must apologize,for all the hell I putted you through I'm very sorry.

    Last I'm also going to spend most of my time now talking about rock raiders ,modding it,and getting help with the modding as that is what this site is mainly about, why talk about your favorite TV show or brony stuff etc.

    Ps If a mod would delete or at least lock my old spam topics I would be gladly appreciated.

    Hope to see you around I promise thing well be much different,and if they aren't just ban me.

    I have to admit that I was very scared just to write this.

  21. Rolling round in tangerines

    Latest Entry


    Throughout my childhood I spent a lot of time drawing and writing comics and making terrible animations, including a fair bit of LEGO stuff. Over the last 6 or 7 or 8 ish years that's kind of...stopped. But it's something I plan to get back into properly in the near future. So I dug out my crappy old tablet and produced the masterpiece you see above, a work I call "Crudely Drawn Happy Afro LEGO Man".

    My tablet isn't a fancy wacom thing, it doesn't have its own screen, so I'll have to get used to drawing without looking at the pen again, but that shouldn't take too long, right? D: Although, last time I used this tablet, iPads were not even a twinkle in Steve's eye so I suppose it might be worth trying to draw with that, at least then I can see what I'm doing :P

    I'll open the bidding for this particular piece now :)

  22. Arthuriel's Blog

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    Update (2015-07-31): I checked the blog entry again and it turns out, that some links work and some don't (which proves, that some stuff stays around forever while other things aren't even available after like two years). I will mark the links (with a big X or something else), that don't work anymore and try to find replacements, although I doubt in some cases, that those exist (like the lego universe links, but luckily I saved the files in those cases). Another question: Should I make an actual forum topic out of this? Maybe more people will check out this information via that way (which reminds me, that RRU needs a good detailed wiki again, which also includes stuff out of forum threads, but that would be quite an amount of work to do). In other news: So far I haven't encountered any new MOCs.

    Update (also 2015-07-31): The links should either work now or not (in those cases I put a note next to the link or under the entry).

    I created this list, because I wanted to know, how many MOCs of the LMS Explorer (or ships, which are based on the LMS Explorer) can be found on the internet without beeing somewhere registered. Maybe some of you are also interested in this. Therefore I made this available via a blog post. In almost every case I've found a picture to proof the existence of a MOC. In each category the models are sorted after the year of their release.


    Overview (2013-Oct-10): this list contains 29 entries

    note: Sometimes many links in a search machine will lead to a MOC. In this case I only added a few links as an example.

    another note: This blog entry is still under construction a.k.a. sometimes I may change things (e.g. the amount of information etc.) to improve them.


    Lego MOCs (digital and real ones)

    1. LMS Explorer V1 by Lop Huckawuckie

    year of construction: 2006

    link: http://www.brickshelf.com/cgi-bin/gallery.cgi?i=2000580

    also linked from: http://www.rockraidersunited.org/topic/422-lms-explorer-v4/ to: [link broken] http://www.majhost.com/gallery/JB/OldLMSExplorer/img_6941.jpg

    Does it have a RRU thread? Kind of, because it's part of the follwing thread: http://www.rockraidersunited.org/topic/422-lms-explorer-v4/


    2. LMS Explorer V2 by Lop Huckawuckie

    year of construction: 2006

    link: http://www.brickshelf.com/cgi-bin/gallery.cgi?f=203545

    another link (from 2007): http://www.mocpages.com/moc.php/27618

    Does it have a RRU thread? Kind of, because it's part of the follwing thread: http://www.rockraidersunited.org/topic/422-lms-explorer-v4/


    3. LMS Explorer V3 by Lop Huckawuckie

    year of construction: 2007

    link: http://www.brickshelf.com/cgi-bin/gallery.cgi?f=257868

    another link: http://www.mocpages.com/moc.php/33455

    Does it have a RRU thread? Kind of, because it's part of the follwing thread: http://www.rockraidersunited.org/topic/422-lms-explorer-v4/


    4. LMS Explorer V4 by Lop Huckawuckie

    year of construction: 2009

    link: http://www.brickshelf.com/cgi-bin/gallery.cgi?f=407601

    another link: http://www.mocpages.com/moc.php/162362

    Does it have a RRU thread? Yes, it has: http://www.rockraidersunited.org/topic/422-lms-explorer-v4/


    5. LMS Explorer by Intelligence Officer 5699

    year of construction: 2009

    link: http://www.mocpages.com/moc.php/99745

    Does it have a RRU thread? Nope.


    6. L.M.S. Explorer by Christian Schlichting

    year of construction: 2009

    link: [user deleted that particular MOC] http://www.mocpages.com/moc.php/128317

    Does it have a RRU thread? Nope.


    7. LMS Mini Model by TheLairOfRockwhales

    year of construction: 2009 (updated in 2012)

    link: http://www.brickshelf.com/cgi-bin/gallery.cgi?f=514544

    Does it have a RRU thread? Yes, it has: http://www.rockraidersunited.org/topic/2439-lms-mini-model/

    It's also available via download: http://www.brickshelf.com/gallery/TheLairOfRockwhales/MOCs-LDD/Spaceships/Mini-LMS/new-lmsmini.lxf


    8. L.M.S. Explorer (Lego Military Ship) by higro-master

    ("Well hear it is! The new L.M.S. Explorer!" according to the creator)

    year of construction: 2009

    link: http://universe.lego.com/en-us/community/creationlab/displaycreation.aspx?id=1cb43a31-40c6-4f83-b0ca-b7f9bdea691d&tag=lazey

    Does it have a RRU thread? Nope.

    But it has a download: http://universe.lego.com/en-us/community/creationlab/GetMedia.aspx?id=40611d56-55cd-4334-86b4-7f0ffffd401e

    note: links don't work anymore, but I probably saved the file.


    9. LMS Explorer by Legotrain587

    year of construction: 2009

    link: http://universe.lego.com/en-gb/community/creationlab/displaycreation.aspx?id=e7b36be9-00cb-4b70-8148-ce394f69a211&tag=phasers

    Does it have a RRU thread? Nope.

    But it has a download: http://universe.lego.com/en-gb/community/creationlab/GetMedia.aspx?id=e8424435-fccc-4add-9c42-50a63fd52cde

    note: link don't work anymore, but I probably saved the file.


    10. 1:1 scale LMS Explorer model by Arthuriel

    year of construction: 2010-2011

    link: http://www.rockraidersunited.org/topic/3082-11-scale-lms-explorer/

    Does it have a RRU thread? Yes, the link from above is a RRU thread.

    Is there a download? I uploaded a file in the file upload system of RRU (I don't know the name of that system though).


    11. 1:8 scale LMS Explorer model by Arthuriel

    year of construction: 2012

    link: http://www.rockraidersunited.org/topic/3377-18-scale-lms-explorer/

    Does it have a RRU thread? Yes, the link from above is a RRU thread.

    Is there a download? Search on mocpages for that MOC and you can find the entry with the download.


    12. L.M.S. Explorer by Brickule

    year of construction: 2012

    link: http://farm8.staticflickr.com/7187/6839480662_be6b14ce4e_b.jpg

    another link: http:[email protected][email protected][email protected][email protected][email protected][email protected]-9GRyBj-chQyws-5uM9BV-dG9e4g-cA5NmY-8DqX5b-cBsFSj-c5mE5j

    Does it have a RRU thread? Nope.


    13. 1:16 scale LMS Explorer model by Arthuriel

    year of construction: 2013

    link: http://www.rockraidersunited.org/topic/4652-116-scale-lms-explorer/

    Does it have a RRU thread? Yes, the link from above is a RRU thread.

    It's also available via download: http://www.mocpages.com/user_images/81664/1370791071m.lxf


    14. 1:32 scale LMS Explorer model by Arthuriel

    note: In the same thread are also even smaller versions, which are more meant as a joke (like the ultra mini models in the 1:16 thread)

    year of contruction: 2013

    link: http://www.rockraidersunited.org/topic/5081-132-scale-lms-explorer/#entry93641

    Does it have a RRU thread? Yes, the link from above is a RRU thread.


    Non-Lego MOCs

    1. LMS Explorer by deaththerapy

    (probably based on the unfinished LMS Explorer from LMSExplorer01 on roblox (my guess))

    year of construction: 2009 (?)

    link: https://www.google.de/search?q=lms+explorer+model+roblox&btnG=Suche&um=1&client=firefox-a&rls=org.mozilla%3Ade%3Aofficial&gbv=1&hl=de&tbm=isch (first entry)

    another link: http://t4ak.roblox.com/30aec6a6cb4bb3442edb0a33da5a1484

    Does it have a RRU thread? Nope.

    At least it's probably downloadable, if you log into Roblox.


    2. LMS United by Supersonic in the game Spore

    year of construction: 2009

    link: http://www.rockraidersunited.org/topic/19-spore-rock-raiders/?hl=spore (post no. 10 and 26 still contain pictures. The other pictures from him are broken)

    another link (you have to be logged in to watch the pictures in the gallery): http://www.rockraidersunited.org/gallery/album/30-sporelms-ships/

    Does it have a RRU thread? Not directly, because Supersonic posted his pictures in the Spore Rock Raiders thread from the user "the extractor"


    3. LMS Explorer Pixelart by InADarkMirror

    year of creation: 2009

    link: http://www.rockraidersunited.org/topic/295-lms-inspired-pixelart/?hl=pixelart

    note: the pictures aren't there anymore, therefore I provided you with two other links to the gallery of the User Cirevam, which contains two pictures of the pixelart:

    link 1: http://www.rockraidersunited.org/gallery/image/3162-gelodenlmsscaleside/

    link 2: http://www.rockraidersunited.org/gallery/image/3163-gelodenlmsscalerear/

    Does it have a RRU thread? Yes, the first link from above is a RRU thread.


    4. LDS Geloden by Cirevam

    year of construction: 2011

    link: http://cirevam.deviantart.com/art/LDS-Geloden-215403862

    another link: http://www.rockraidersunited.org/wiki/index.php?title=LDS_Geloden

    Does it have a RRU thread? Kind of, although it's part of the Time Raiders story: http://www.rockraidersunited.org/topic/932-time-raiders/page-7?hl=geloden#entry52084


    5. LMS Explorer by lordcrekit

    year of construction: 2012

    link: http://forums.blockaderunnergame.com/index.php?topic=1560.0

    Does it have a RRU thread? Nope.


    6. LMS Explorer by Smiling Galactic

    Ship is part of Galaxy Six (scenario created by the same user)

    year of construction: 2013

    link: http://de.roblox.com/Galaxy-Six-place?id=124400692

    Does it have a RRU thread? Nope.



    Unfinished/ WIP MOCs

    1. LMS Explorer bridge by PeabodySam

    year of construction: 2008

    link: [link is broken] http://www.majhost.com/gallery/SJPlego/Software/LDD/wip-stone-scavengers-mnt-adventurer-command-room.jpg

    Does it have a RRU thread? Nope, but he mentioned it in one comment under this blog entry.


    2. LMS Explorer by LMSExplorer01

    year of construction: 2009

    link: https://www.google.de/search?q=lms+explorer+model+roblox&btnG=Suche&um=1&client=firefox-a&rls=org.mozilla%3Ade%3Aofficial&gbv=1&hl=de&tbm=isch (third entry)

    Does it have a RRU thread? Nope.

    At least it's probably downloadable, if you log into Roblox.

    edit: hmm, that looks like the entry from SmilingGalatic. Maybe I made a mistake *insert bad violin player from the Monty Python sketch "Mr. Neutron" ;)*

    3. 1:1 scale LMS Explorer by The Mad Scientist

    year of construction: 2010

    link: http://www.rockraidersunited.org/topic/2069-11-scale-lego-model-of-the-lms-explorer/

    Does it have a RRU thread? Yes, the link from above is a RRU thread.


    4. LMS Explorer by LMS Engineer

    year of construction: 2010

    link: http://www.rockraidersunited.org/topic/899-lms-bridge-floor-plan/ (note: images are broken)

    another link: http://www.rockraidersunited.org/topic/899-lms-bridge-floor-plan/ (under „about me“)

    Does it have a RRU thread? Yes, the first link from above is a RRU thread.


    5. LMS Explorer by Lair (of Rockwhales)

    year of construction: 2011

    link: http://www.rockraidersunited.org/gallery/image/2782-lms-bridge-base-beggining/

    another link: http://www.rockraidersunited.org/gallery/image/2788-lms-bridge-uptade2/

    Does it have a RRU thread? Not really, maybe he mentioned it sometimes in a post.


    6. LMS Explorer by PeabodySam

    Different elements of the LMS Explorer built in LDD

    year of construction: 2012

    link: [link is broken] http://www.majhost.com/gallery/SJPlego/Software/LDDExtended/lms-bridge-wip.png via:


    another link: [link is broken] http://www.majhost.com/gallery/SJPlego/Software/LDDExtended/lms-other-wip.png

    Does it have a RRU thread? Kind of, because it's part of the RRU thread, if you click on the second link.


    7. LMS United by Lair (of Rockwhales)

    year of construction: 2012-2013 (bridge finished and the project is probably ongoing)

    link: http://www.rockraidersunited.org/topic/3997-lms-united-wip/

    another link: http://www.brickshelf.com/cgi-bin/gallery.cgi?f=514520

    Does it have a RRU thread? Yes, the link from above is a RRU thread.

    There are also some downloads: For example the lastest version: http://www.brickshelf.com/gallery/TheLairOfRockwhales/MOCs-LDD/Spaceships/LMS-United/WIP/2013-05-21.lxf



    Finished/ unfinished MOCs without pic proofs (maybe this category is a bit dubious, because basicly everybody could claim to have a finished/unfinished LMS Explorer)

    1. LMS Explorer by kris220b

    year of construction: unclear (long gone now according to kris220b, which could mean anything since the first version of LDD till maybe 2008 or 2009)

    In one comment under a youtube video (link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MKX-ZHYb09I ) this user claimed to have build the LMS Explorer in LDD on an old laptop, but sadly the save is long gone now.


    2. LMS Explorer scaled to human size in Minecraft by Arthuriel

    year of construction: 2012

    Basicly I started to build the LMS Explorer on the server from CTXXTC, but one day the server wasn't available anymore and therefore the ship is left unfinished.



    Note: There are probably more MOCs etc. from the LMS Explorer out there, that I don't know of, because the users keep them privately and don't make them public. One counter argument to this could be, that in most cases a user would make a LMS Explorer model public, because... ...well... it's TEH LMS EXPLORER and if you question it, Chief will hit ya in da face ;). Okay, jokes beside. It's just my theory and therefore it's unknown, how many MOCs are out there, but this list is a small attempt to archivate them :)

    I hope, that there will be more versions of the LMS Explorer in the future, which will look even more awesome.

  23. Annual Blog Post

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    And it's not even a real blog post! I need to know how to run Rock Raiders in windowed mode, but all the threads are cut! (Thank you, McStudz) I suppose I could have messaged somebody, but I wouldn't have known who to ask. And what's the fun in that?

    (I might start making actual semi-regular posts sometime though, I don't know)

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    This project/blog will be closed for the next few years, and it might be awhile until it goes online again, it it ever will.


    :) :) :): :) :) :) :)



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