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    Minifigures are poor defenceless creatures that only live to build. It's the one thing they know. They live in a world where the only places they can build are flat planes, which are few and far between. The horrible world they live in is filled with savage giants, completely disregarding the poor minifigures. They even move and destroy their creations that they've worked so hard on.




    But the only places that can provide them with building space are within the giants' fortresses. However, there are some giants that pay attention and empathise with the minifigure race. They provide a safe place to build and the bricks needed as well. The minifigures work with what they're given. Some nice giants are younger and less intelligent, and have a harder time catering to their minifigures.




    Others are wiser and help them greatly. But the other giants despise the outcasts. They attempt to take away and damage the minifigures' safe space. This makes space even more limited. But the nice giants grouped together and formed communities. The minifigures dubbed these "Afols". And the war for minifigure freedom continues.




    Conflict due to limited area arises in the safe spaces as well. Minifigures fight desperately, sometimes violently, for room to build, and even try to convince their giants to help them as well.




    But the giants guide the minifigures to make peace. This is the story of the minifigure. And it continues with you.

  2. So I am currently in the process of updating my computer, and after the recent drama I figured a computer blorg would be fun. Several friends (Alcom, @noghiri, and an IRL friend) have helped me compile a computer parts list to make a long lasting and powerful computer (that can handle VR), with enough storage to last me for forever (or at least 'till I use up 3TBs) here's my final part list, if anyone wants to check it out.


    Linkage:  http://pcpartpicker.com/list/BFCx6X


    I will be posting pics of the build here in this blorg once I receive them all as I am ordering all the parts today, and hopefully they will come within a week give or take.


    Edit: went with 16GB of RAM and a 1070 Gforce graphics card

  3. hey pasaenos, it's me, mailman fmlander, and boy do I have a story for you guys.


    So, I'm pretty sure you guys were aware of my silent dissapearance, right? If you didn't notice, I just told you, so sit down and be quiet. You see, eventually I could not take this forum of pure s***post that I decided to finally take my leave.


    And then I went to a place called ROBLOX. You've heard of that game, probably. If you haven't, then it's a game.


    and it's not very good.


    Nevertheless I left, and I became a fan of something I never cared about: Mario.


    And then I joined a game community and then I was kicked out of it by a furry brony weaboo, although I no doubt deserved that. And then I got banned from my computer by my parents, and here I am, back at the same old place I decided was toxic.


    Why am I here? Because I thought that perhaps my perspective was clouded and blinded, and maybe if I came back, I'd see it another way.


    Whether I'm going to leave again or not depends on if you guys have stopped being so toxic to new members and act like assholes to practically everyone.


    I'm also hoping Ben, Someswedish, Le, and LindWhisperer are still here. That'd make my day better.


    so uh, yeah, I'm back, that's something. I don't really care too much about LEGOs anymore, this place kind of ruined them for me, but I might develop my interest again.


    I was also never good at making long blogs, so don't ask about the length.

  4. McJobless
    Latest Entry

    I'm going to just dump notes here whenever I feel like; they could be relevant of they could be completely garbage.


    Also, I have been offered the chance to bring the Vertical Slice to a public exhibition in 5 months time, but I'll need to really step on it and start producing content.


    • Vertical Slice = Murder Investigation: It'd be easier to do an investigation about a character you find in pieces on the street, rather than having to deal with the complexity of making a bus explode into lots of pieces. Since they're LEGO, we can pretend that the person can be put back together again to be friendly with the kiddies.
    • "Slots": In the Simulation Mode, each different slot of the chain that you put events in is not in just some random chaotic order; each investigation has a set order, and the variation comes from what changed in each slot. As an example, pretending that each number denotes a slot, this is how it might look in a murder investigation:
      1. Entrance - How the deceased entered the scene.
      2. Suspect - What the suspect was doing before the murder.
      3. Weapon - How the suspect acquired/primed the murder weapon.
      4. Distraction - What caused the deceased to not notice the murder?
      5. Murder - How was the deceased actually killed?
      6. Escape - How did the murderer leave the scene?
      7. Call - Who alerted police to what happened?
    • Potential Chain-of-Events #1: The deceased was killed by a careless banana-salesman who got into a fight with a monkey, tried to pull the banana off it but ended up launching the banana into the deceased so hard that he fell apart.
    • Potential Chain-of-Events #2: The deceased was squashed when two men who were guiding a crane carrying a piano got into an argument and misdirected the crane.
    • Animation: While we could try to pay someone to rig and animate the models, it's probably going to be best (given the 5 month timeframe) to simply cut down the animation content and keep it simple. Rely on rotating the body parts rather than deforming for things that absolutely MUST be animated, and try to use programmatic-animation where possible to reduce animation work. This demo can be graphically blocky so long as the gameplay is present and polished.


    Those PCoE's are probably s***, but I'm tired and I'm not getting any big sparks coming to me. Feel free to bounce more ideas my way.


    EDIT - 05/08/16

    -> Face of the character gets rubbed off, falls to pieces

    -> A character resembling Ogel should be present in every sequence, but despite how outwardly evil they appear, they should only be guilty in one minor crime scenario. This can help push a message about prejudice and assumptions, and help players understand why they need to find all the facts before drawing a judgement.

    -> Forget FP for now; use Alpha Team-style cameras. This will make selection easier (for each camera, hold a list/array of the selectable items to cycle through) and gives a bit more cinematic control back to the designer. Should also reduce almost all physics-related work down to pre-designed cutscene stuff.

    -> Work on one specific chain, and get those mechanics perfect. Forget randomisation for now. Once Chain A works, then work on being able to add more events and build in more content.


    EDIT - 23/08/16

    -> Floating Worlds: Each level is just a tiny chunk that floats in space, which has a camera that allows you to completely rotate the entire level around



  5. CrashDSB
    Latest Entry

    Just wanted to leave a post here just in case the topic gets lost in the daily replies of other topics, August 13th an RRU UHC event is happening. I'll need people signed up by a certain date. All the details are in the forum post I updated. Thank you! #RandomPost

  6. 2544244-o_1an0e6j219b811db1r1v46616m07-f

    I'm sure many of you have heard of it already, but if you haven't, head over to LEGO Ideas to check out EnigmaticBuild's Maelstrom Spider model! He's done an awesome job capturing the shape of the spider's body, and it's just the right size for a successful set release(taking into account the majority of previous successful submissions).

  7. This is 100% how I'm feeling about Traveller's Tales right now.



  8. Hello everyone!


    This is my first blog entry. To start this off, I found these concept arts for Knights Kingdom 2. I found these concept arts interesting, but, I thought if, anyone was interested to see these! 


    Here's a link to the artist: http://www.mikerayhawk.com/knights_kingdom.htm 





    Let me know if you want more of my blog posts in comments below!


    Edit: A showcase for transforming the castle to Vladeks. Cool, huh!

  9. epicabsol's blog

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    About April this year, I dreamed up a game in my head. It would be a successor to Drome Racers where players could build their cars, SPORE-style, and then race them through the post-apocalyptic ruins of the Drome Staduim. Then, in my free time in school and at home, I actually started an attempt at building it from scratch. No Unity, no Unreal, and no XNA, because really, the project was mostly about learning as much as possible.


    Now that summer's here, I have a job and not really much time for programming, as sad as it is to say. (meta: that last bit after the comma is some pretty intense syntax trickery with the English language...   ???) Anyway, right now I have the UI system and model rendering working. I'm currently working on the car editor.


    If you'd like to see the little bit I have so far, know:

    - Xbox controller required for now

    - The Race and Career buttons do nothing

    - Part painting is not yet implemented. I'm not sure if I should even bother with it

    - The Direct3D9 Effect Compiler and XInput libraries must be installed. (commonly referred to as "installing" DirectX 9 even though most of DirectX 9 is built in to Windows Vista and up automatically)




    unzip the zipfile


    and run DUWindows.exe . The most interesting stuff is at Cars -> Create


    You'll notice that I have included DUPartEditor for making parts. It's not user friendly at all.


    Anyway, it's not much but I though you might be interested to see what I am up to.


    Edit: Uploaded the file to RRU

  10. Aaron's hell

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  11. Spacepals' Blog!

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    Hey there Rock Raiders! I'm back at it again,

    Anything new or exciting happen?


    Life's been kind of hectic after moving and finishing the school semester and finals, but I think things have finally settled.

    Most exciting thing that's happened recently is that I now work at a Lego store! Yahoo! 

    It's not an official Lego store (baww), but it's a franchise which sells both new and used Lego pieces and sets and minifigures! Super exciting, I start in a week!


    I'm slowly getting back to work on my projects and art which have both been put on the back-burner :P I plan on actually making things soon aha (I swear)

    Here's some doodles that I could find in the meantime?? Theyre really old



    Hope everything's been going okay! Sorry for being so absent, it's so hard for me to be active online but I will try my best :P 

  12. So i just realized something. I was studying a powerminers rock monster and thought, "Huh, that arm connection looks familiar... Wait a minute!" I then found the nearest minifigure to me and ripped it's arms out. v21l78R.jpg

  13. Ever have that feeling when tomorrows the day you get a huge Lego set with so many unique pieces, you get so hyped and start posting s*** in the chat. You abuse the caps lock feature and you know the last pieces to the greatest lego invention of the century are in it.  Well…      I'm feeling it :P

  14. I wrote this during a period where I think I was suffering serious writer's block and really needed to write something down no matter how dumb. I may or may not continue this later; I do have a rough idea of where it's going. If I do write more I'll definitely start crossposting to BZP comedies.


    --Bonkle: the Cronkle--


    Chapter 1:


    This is a story about two Matoran (when isn’t it?) who were meeting for totally unremarkable reasons only to be flung unexpectedly into a situation far more absurd that they could possibly imagine. 

    “I’m glad that the chaff-chucker’s guild and the husk-hucker’s society could come to an agreement. We’ll start handing off the goods tomorrow,” Said our first unwitting victim, let’s call him “Bob.”

    “Excellent! Shall we drink to it? I made this lovely wine for the occasion,” said the other one, who we will now refer to as “Rob.”

    “Funny looking wine, where did you get it exactly?” said Bob.

    “Oh, this? I made it from the Madu that were growing outside,” said Rob.

    “Wait a second, aren’t Madu fruit extremely combustible?” said Bob.

    “Oh nonsense,” said Rob, mere seconds before being brutally corrected. 

    As soon as Rob pulled the cork from the bottle, the entire roof of his house was blown clean off in the resulting explosion, and the two Matoran were launched so far that Ga-Koro’s astrologer would spend countless nights afterwards trying to figure out the identity of the two strange meteors she’d seen fly over Mt. Ihu.

    Of course, one would only need ask the chronicler to know that being flung immeasurable distances is a one-way ticket to adventure, but neither of our heroes knew that. In fact, they were even less aware of it than they were before due to the other effect of such a journey: plot-convenient amnesia.

  15. Blog60

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    A custom park I made in THUG. It's my take on a Warehouse style level. I'm a little rusty with making parks as I haven't done it in years, but it's something. It also has a few custom goals.



  16. I found out today I have 4 months or ~$59 (whichever comes first) of website hosting credit that will expire. As I'll never use it in time, I'd like to offer up another RRU game server. It'd have to be something I can quickly set up and have someone test because I am on a tight schedule lately, as well as someone else moderate it, but I'll be glad to run it for everyone. The question is what game would you Rock Raiders like? Yet another MC server (who even has that?) or another game? If another, what game? I considered OpenRTC2, but I'll have to *ahem* aquire that game. Then again, I'll have to do that for any game, so suggest away. I wanted you people to pick the game instead of me blindly setting one up. Depending on resources, it might be possible to set up multiple servers, who knows.


    Personally, I'll take a LOCO or LRR server. ( /s )

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  17. Blog of STARROCKS923

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    It was the same old trick as last year.


    And they fell for it again.



    Seriously. Zoom kills Jay Garrick and dumps his body on the floor of his lair, only to take off his mask and reveal that he's...Jay Garrick? Granted, we now know it was Hunter Zolomon, but this is pretty crazy stuff that only happens on a TV show with alternate universes and time travel.



  18. In the "So that's how that works" vein, I discovered Blender Paths. And thus I made a trial project.

    Only problem was that Blender's animation engine...well, it's not the simplest thing to get to put out a .avi. So...I ended up rendering all the images, then porting them into Monkey Jam, then fiddling with the sounds, since Monkey Jam was only allowing me a single track, then waiting for the thing to upload...


    But, yeah...




  19. Recently, I have been working with an Arduino Ethernet (well, not an official Arduino. It's an Andymark clone that's just as good) that I found buried in my robotics teams many boxes of electrical components. We had never used it before and it wasn't surprising considering we don't have any means of programming it (unlike the Uno, this device requires an FTDI cable or ISP programmer). Currently I am working to find an alternate method to loading sketches onto the board.


    That aside, I felt that the Arduino ought to be out in some sort of case while I work on it. I attempted to 3D print a case for it that was provided by the manufacturer but the results were sub-par (a case means the whole thing not just a bottom plate). Not currently willing to take the time to CAD a new case, I continued to search for a cheep and quick solution. Then I remembered that there were things called LEGOs! After digging through my part box to find any useful spare parts. Eventually I came up with this prototype.



    Top View:



    Front View (Ethernet on the left, Power on the right):



    Rear View (MicroSD on left, FTDI on right):


    In its current form, the case works pretty good. However, there are some issues with the design. In order to have some form of access to the MicroSD without opening the case, the board had to be pushed as far back as possible. By doing so though, it becomes harder to access the Ethernet and power ports and some of the analog and digital pins become no longer accessible when the case is open. The hole for the FTDI cable is quite tight as well and may not fit the cables plastic housing. Lastly, the top cover does not feature any holes to give access to the pins on the board. Seeing the issues that this board had, I have designed the following case in LDD.


    The new design resolves the issues with access to the pins as well as access to the Ethernet and power ports. The FTDI hole has also been widened to resolve any spacing issues. The estimated cost for the parts needed to build this case from Pick A Brick is $10.85 USD.


    The LDD file for the case is also downloadable at below.



    Back to work I go!

  20. Game Development

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    Hello, a few people on RRU know I've been working on a game recently, a mobile game in fact. I call it, MIND BENDER! This is a 2D Infinite Platformer with a bit of a twist. This game is not made to work exactly how you want it to everytime, the key phrase I like to use is, "The Controls Are Not Your Friend." The controls will at random not function exactly how you expect them to or how you want them to. This game is designed to see how far you can with random twists being thrown at you. This is made to be difficult and not to be defeated as a whole. I need some testers willing to test performance and tweaks I add to the game as it comes. Remember though, things that appear as bugs may not be, maybe they are there for a reason. :) Anyways! If you would like to help test please leave a comment below, and I'll contact you. The game currently is an Android only game. This could change later! I'm currently hoping to save for a Google Play License to officially post it on Google Play later on, and hopefully to iOS at some point. If you have ANY questions, feel free to ask! :D Screenshots below:





  21. epic bloge

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    Found a cool video I wanted to share with you guys. :)


  22. I've been thinking about upgrading my cpu but the question is what cpus are compatible?

    my cpu is a intel core 2 duo cpu 1.80 ghz i'm looking to upgrade to a 2.5----3.0 ghz cpu

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