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    Recently, my grandmother's waffles were swiped from the very plate they sat upon. I have reason to believe it was sir, Cirevam involved in the illegal acquirement of said waffles. My reason for this suspicion is the fact that Cirevam claims nulls bare a similar taste to that of drained brickonium. He must consume nulls quite regularly for him to be able to identify their taste in other food sources. The fact that he knows what drained brickonium tastes like also suggests he may have been supplied a substitute, subject to a null addiction. The null substitute must not be too enjoyable, thus inclining him to steal granma's waffles.

    As of yet, I remain unaware of who's culpable for this waffle theft, though I shall continue in my pursuit of the true culprit.

    More on this as new information becomes readily available..

    Granma says hello, and that she loves you <3

  2. i'm leaving yob guys suck so much go f*** youselfs you mother f***kers. nobody reads my fan fic i don't know why i even wrote it btw cryam is dumb.

  3. Thanks to a comment McStudz made, I, the impulse addictgamer that I am, have opted to create a blog following my rant in a status update on the recent proposition to split my state into six states.


    Some of you might claim 50 isn't enough.

    Some of you may think splitting each of the Hawaiian island into their own states should be our next course of action.

    And some of you outright believe Scotland is the home of my kitty, Mr Prinzer Fluffypants the third.

    Believe what you want, but I don't even have a Mr Prinzer Fluffypants the third.

    Now then, Quignas (I thought that's how the first word was spelled? Daaang. I was so off :/ Sorry about that!) Quisoves Pugnat took my wild ranting, sat down, and actually thought about it (or maybe he stood? I wouldn't know). He proposed that possibly, just possible, one of the six new state governments would be fiscally adept, -- If only. This is America, after all. I once remarked on some fellow's exuberant spending habits, and he nonchalantly replied "Welcome to America, baby!" -- although such an occurrence would be unlikely, in his opinion.

    Anyway, me being the glass cannon that I am, I set off on another rant about turkeys and pajamas what these states could do theoretically and practically. For one, never ask people to come up with 6 new flags. That stuff's scary, man. Consider 6 financially responsible governments versus one government that just throws money out its window (does anybody actually do that? I'd camp out near that Window. Not under it, though. Because if they're throwing out money, they're likely throwing out other things too). Yes, a reboot for the one government, giving 6 new governments a chance to take responsibility for what they're doing with all these new officials and whatnot has a chance of resulting in a fiscally adept government.

    However, there would be many redundancies introduced. And money would be lost for all of these redundancies. Like choosing new six state birds, and hunting down 6 new state minerals. Geeze, you know how hard it is to choose a state mineral? Should we go for the light blue chalcedony, the dark blue, or carnelian agate? And what about pets? You can't brag about your pampered San Francisco poodle anymore, since you like one bridge too far to even be in the same state! Guess you'll have to give up the idea of using your poodle as the state flag, too. the education system in particular. The more pieces the state would be broken into, the more money'd be wasted. All of those additional bureaucracies, legislatures, 6 concurrent debates on where to build the stadium for the Sacramento Kings instead of just 1, officials, and systems. All superfluous and a huge waste of money and time. So, it's unlikely that even if the resulting 6 governments are more fiscally adept than the 1, they may very well not end up outweighing the permanent whirlpools of money waste the redundancies represent.

    But(t) if we're talking practically, that's not the only thing to consider. There's a big difference between interstate and intrastate such as the complication women are from Venus and men are from Mars represents. More overhead is never a good thing. You learn this when you use computers and don't have frequent flyer. Interstate adds complications that would end up costing even more time and money the government, businesses, and even people because who gives a cat's buttocks about businesses? We're people, not TV stores, for crying out loud! Somebody change the baby's diaper, it's stinky and noisy in here. And don't forget hidden losses. They're like the invisible ink writing on contracts that lets the company play spoy.

    And finally, the tank in question:


  4. Acmex
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    So, with summer going on for two out of, what is it, 5 weeks, I finally embark on my vacation.

    At oh-four-hundred CST June 26th, 2010, we leave on a fifteen-hundred mile trek to the top of the United States to visit my grandparents and cousins.

    We'll be there for three weeks, and for most of that period I won't have internet access, so, no, I have not died.

    I should be back in about three weeks, maybe with a few minutes on RRU when I can snag WiFi from the city of Geneva.

    I think I get a few more days after we return, so I won't be sucked into school INSTANTLY

    Have fun, guys. I know I will.

  5. Joe9412
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    Joe9412 : (06:45 PM) terrible rash, explosive farts, growing tentacle arms, haveing a strange craving for slime, becoming a BEEB, having a desire to infect people with an alien embryo, etc.

    Joe9412 : (06:43 PM) this computer is not sold any where and may cause some of the sypotems mentioned above

    Joe9412 : (06:43 PM) My computer runs faster then any other person in my neighborhood, you want to know my secret? Well i got here a plasma PC 3000 made with a special plasma core

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    Ive been banned for 10 months now and I've finaly returned to RockRaidersUnited,

    I was one of the first members of Old, Old RRU. If I recall correctly. I do know that I was the 33rd member ever to join RRU and boy after 10 months of banishment alot has changed; And I have alot of questions.

    But the main question I want to ask is what Generation Forum Is this? RRU History (from my memory) goes like this:

    Neoseeker, 0 generation

    Old Old Old RRU, 1st generation

    Old Old RRU, (When I joined) 2nd generation

    Old RRU, 3rd generation

    New RRU, (When RRU became .org) 4th generation


    Current Forum

    I want to know if this is New, New RRU ( 5th gen ) or New New New RRU (6th gen) Anyone wish to me which generation of forum this is?

  7. Well, ORR isn't really "Rock Raiders" anymore. Rather, it's a mod on a game built off of a world simulation. Let me explain.

    Components of my project:

    World Simulation - In conjunction with: Engine.

    - A game wraps the two together into a game. Alone, the World Simulation is just a library, and the engine just an engine. This game is called: GNOMAL. Which stands for I don't know what yet. This game is standalone.

    - - ORR: A mod, or rather, a campaign/scenario/starting conditions for GNOMAL. That's right. You're in a world simulation, there's a randomly generated world resembling Planet U, and there are your Rock Raiders stuck in orbit. You're either a normal crew member, a castaway/rogue/runaway, an officer, or Chief himself.

    Understand? Four components to this project of mine. ORR being the highest level, and the last level. Only possible to complete after the first three are completed.

    So. Should I even call this project "Open Rock Raiders" anymore? It's a spiritual successor, featuring much different gameplay, and only taking the basic idea behind Rock Raiders for the mod "ORR". I'm not even working on "ORR" right now, but an "engine" and a "World Simulation", after which I will work on "GNOMAL".

    After that, maybe I should just call the mod "Drill Masters" ( *cough cough* ;) )?

    Until then, know that ORR-C has changed dramatically over the past few years as I've opened myself up more and more to what I truly want.

    Anyway, to recap, I want to know if I should still call this project "Open Rock Raiders", because it's not really about that anymore. At least not for now. And after that, I ask the question, "What place does this project have on RRU?" It's neither about LEGO, and it's not strictly about Rock Raiders.

  8. Now that the scripter has been released and some initial bug fixes have been done. I've been working on version 1.1. This version features some great enhancements so far that I'm sure you will enjoy. First up, a screenshot of the latest build:

    Hello, Numbers.

    If you are going to look cool writing NERPS scripts you've got to have line numbers. So here they are! Now you know how big your scripts are and maybe it'll help you navigate the script better.

    Trees are Growing

    It was suggested that a better way to organize the list of RR script functions would be to use a tree list. You'll notice that the other two tabs are gone, these will be worked into the function list. It is organized by grouping related functions to a particular subject. For example, Tool Store will have all the Tool Store related functions (including tutorial) grouped together like you see in the screenshot above.


    A new little tool has been added to convert hexadecimal or decimal to Hex, Dec, Oct and Bin. This might prove to be handy at some point.

  9. It's been months since I last posted here, but it's also been months since I last uploaded a new piece of music. So here we go!

    Blade Symphony by JDBArtist

    created in 1 hour without my keyboard as it is currently in repair (so please accept my apology for the constant high-level velocity, I felt it was right for the tone and vibe of the track)

    I admit it sounds almost like an anime soundtrack. I had this tune in my head for a day and I am fairly happy with the final result.


  10. Fengo's Paintball Blog

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  11. Rock Raider fan no.1
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    After a while Zeke fixed the NAVI COMPUTER and all was well... UNTILL NOW

    "Ahh Visser* attack" screamed Docs

    "£%€¥* %¥^&*" said Xai 327*

    "EVASIVE ACTION" called out Dave

    Good thing that the UMS Explorer v 2.0 had shields that could be recharged and as an extra feture Turbo Lasers

    *I've got You now


    *That Vissers Squadron leader

  12. Ah...Rock Raiders United. The first forums I've been an active member on. It's been a while.

    College is going well. I finished my last semester with all 4.0s. I got a Commodore 128 for Christmas, and a few smaller things. I'm now an active member on the Minecraft forums, mainly active in the mods section, acting as a beta tester and helping people with errors.

    One truly amazing mod I've been really into lately, is ComputerCraft. It's a LUA programmable computer that can connect with redstone, and to another mod called redpower. Computercraft has its own IRC channel (#computercraft) on, and that's where I'll be if you want to chat with me in person.

    Kind of an awkward time at night (0:45), but I just wanted to say "Hi, I'm still alive, and I'm doing quite fine in life".

    If anyone even cares about me any more, you can email me at my new email:


  13. TheDoctor
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    My wife and I won the Euro Millions Lottery of £41 Million British Pounds and we have decided to donate £1.5 million British Pounds to 10 individuals worldwide as our own charity project. To verify,please see our interview by visiting the web page below:

    http://www.dailymail...o-jackpot.html (this is just a British tabloid)

    Your email address was among the emails which were submitted to us by the Google, Inc as a web user; if you have received our email please, kindly send us the below details so that we can issue you a valid bank cheque for £1,500,000.00 pounds in your name or direct our bank to effect the transfer of the funds to your operational bank account in your country.

    Full Name:

    Mobile No:



    Send your response to ([lolemail])

    Best Regards,

    Gareth & Catherine Bull

    The comments section of the article is also amusing.

  14. InADarkMirror's Blog

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    Mobile Orbital Mining Facility


    The Mobile Orbital Mining Facility class was commissioned to allow long-range long-duration mining operations on far-away planets, and is primarily used by the Rock Raiders United company. It is nearly self-sufficient, only requiring resupply runs every eight years, having the capacity to hold up to three thousand personnel.


    Crew: 1,000

    Minimum Crew: 25

    Maximum Capacity: 3,000

    Length: 1,600 metres

    Height: 292 metres

    Beam: 244 metres

    Mass: 588,000 kilotonnes

    Hull Thickness: Ranges from 2 metres to 5 metres


    Sublight Drives: 4 main plasma thrusters, 112 secondary plasma thrusters

    FTL Drive: Class 5 warp drive (100,000x lightspeed)

    Reactor: 4 antimatter reaction plants, 1 matter-to-energy conversion plant

    Hull and Shields

    Hull: Reinforced ceramic-metal composite plating, heavily reinforced superstructure

    Shield: Type 7 dynamic flux shield generator


    The bridge is located in a raised platform roughly three quarters the length of the ship back from the bow, and almost directly ahead of the engines. It makes up about a quarter of the ship's overall height, being 74 metres tall. The tower contains the primary controls for the ship, including those for navigation, engineering, communication and life support. It also houses an observation deck at the top, equipped with both a viewing window and wide-screen display monitors.

    Below the bridge are several decks housing the living quarters, recreation zones, medical bay, supply lockers, and engineering deck. The lowermost deck is the location of the ship's teleportation rig, allowing rapid transport of supplies, personnel, and other equipment to and from a nearby planet's surface.

    The forward lower three quarters of the ship are collosal storage bays for the carrying of raw ores, as well as basic refinery systems and fabricators that allow the ship to replace lost equipment from it's stored materials if the need arises. It is loaded directly from the teleportation rig, and the entire process is automated with no need for human intervention or endangerment.

    The primary batteries and shield projectors are located to the fore and sides of the vessel, composed of large pylons and projectors. In the event of an emergency, they can be jettisoned to prevent a potential overload from damaging the ship itself. The very forwards-most portion of the ship also holds a collection of advanced sensor and communication gear, capable of scanning an entire system in minutes and tuned to detect ore composition and viable energy sources.

  15. Ride Videoes

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    1) Black Hawk Down [steel, 2009]

    Video link:

    Ride: Black Hawk Down

    Type: Steel Vekoma Suspended Looping Coaster

    Trains: 8 Cars of 2 Seats

    Music: Un'Altra Come Te by Bloom 06

    After I shot down my first YouTube account about a year ago, Black Hawk Down was the first ride video I made without the internet in mind. The ride is a unique Vekoma SLC coaster which weaves through the trees at the bottom of a large valley. This ride went without a name until the final stages of construction.

    2) Ready to Rumble -Wood, 2009]

    Video link:

    Ride: Ready to Rumble

    Type: Wood Twister

    Trains: 5 cars of 4 seats

    Music: Tears in Rain by Stan SB

    Ready to Rumble was my first wooden coaster in about six months. It was also my first 'standard' woodie to be featured in a video. The primary purpose of this ride was to test out BigBurger's wooden supports, as well as Mr. PKJ's tunnels.

    Visit this ride's project thread here:

    3) Flighthawk: Vengeance

    Video link:

    Ride: Flighthawk: Vengeance

    Type: Steel Togo Ultra-Twister

    Trains: 1 Car of 4 Seats

    Music: Fort Knox by Goldfish

    Flighthawk is at this writing my latest video. This ride is a Togo Ultra-Twister of unique design that has been built on a farm. The nearby restaurant has been fashioned out of of an abandoned barn. I decided to create an Ultra-Twister because in my opinion, these are really cool rides which are overlooked by most RollerCoaster Tycoon players, who trip over each other building B&Ms and Rocket Coasters.

    Visit this ride's project thread here:

  16. Game engine updates

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    yea i know its been awhile but i had a HDD failure so i lost everything. i have finnally gotten the basic codding done again. the engine is really buggy but i have gotten it to utilize resorces correctly and it supporting all resolution between 1280x1024 to 1920x1080. so far the audio is only in stereo but i plan on adding support up to 9.2 surround sound. im also considering porting it to ps3 and 360 through their home made game programs, but who knows on this one. i work for sony so i have access to test ps3. the test 360 im not sure how im going to do that. now i want to inform everyone that i may have to change the name and make the models not built out of legos aka realistic models because if i do sell this(you guys get free copies :happy: )i don't want to risk Lego suing over copyright infringement.

  17. Mmm...Borderlands 2. I was SO PUMPED for this game to come out. I preordered the Collectors edition and everything. I was expecting it to improve a little bit on what made the original Borderlands great, but not much else. Boy was I wrong.

    Starting out, it already looks good. The little intro teaser was extremely well done. The first game had more of a treasure hunter, space western vibe to it, and so it used the song "Ain't no rest for the wicked" The 2nd game, however, had a more of a..corrupt buisiness feel to it, so appropriately, the intro song is "Short Change Hero". Character select screen isn't as good as the original, though. In the 1st Borderlands, you would choose the characters on the bus itself, with Marcus saying various lines when you would cursor over a character. He would call Mordecai a "Truxican Wrestler moonlighting as a Dominatrix" for example. In the 2nd game, however, it's just a plain select screen. Which makes sense once the game proper begins, however.

    Now, gameplay wise, Borderlands 2 is amazing. the shooting feels so...rewarding. It takes everything that I loved about the original, gameplay-wise, and sharpens it up. Shooting doesn't feel as...slow as it did. Each manufacturer has a unique appearence and even more unique effectss. This makes it one of the best shooters I have played in recent years, if not THE best.

    The characters...Oh my god the characters. The character designer in Gearbox must have been overworked to death. These characters have some of THE Best personalities and humor I have ever seen in a game, ever. Handsome Jack takes the cake, however. His performance was amazing. Same with Tiny Tina.

    The thing I really wanted to get into, however, is what this game feels like. It feels like Gearbox's loveletter to the past games of yore. This is pure unadalterated FUN. No regenerating health, no 2 weapon limits, the gunplay can get EXTREMELY FAST PACED and amazing. It also combines the storytelling of the games of today.

    In all, I'd give it a 9.5/10.

  18. INB681
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    Aye guys. Who can help me with a facebook addiction? Maybe I just don't like studying anymore or the typical subjects (except the exact ones) are booooring but mah grades seem to be a bit lower than last year... Dutch, English, History and Biology all went from ~8-9 out of 10 to ~7/10... xD

    Oh, I know. It's the damn move. Ahh. But it might be handy for me to try and "fix" my English a little by actually using it. I guess I'm speaking way too much Surinamese.

    What better place than RRU, having a same range of age and same background? :D

  19. This is a blog.

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    I would like all you Skyrim fans/modders on RRU (if there are any) to read this.

    A little over two months ago, I joined a project called Beyond Skyrim. The goal of this project is to enable the player to travel "beyond Skyrim". And we need all the help we can get. So, if you have any skills in level design, modeling, texturing, writing, scripting, composing music, concept art, voice acting, or even being an "ideas guy", we'd be glad if you would be interested in helping us.

    Now, I'm going to explain a bit further what this is all about.

    Beyond Skyrim has been in development since before the release of Skyrim. I'm not sure exactly when it started. But anyway, the project's goal is to add new, fully explorable provinces to TES V: Skyrim.

    At the moment, the project consists of 8 teams (listed below).

    • Cyrodiil: Seat of Sundered Kings - Located in the heart of Tamriel (the province TES IV: Oblivion takes place in). Home of the Imperials.
    • Elsweyr - Located in southern Tamriel. Home of the Khajiit.
    • Hammerfell - Located in western Tamriel (one of the provinces TES II: Daggerfall takes place in). Home of the Redguard.
    • High Rock: The Direnni West - Located in north-western Tamriel (one of the provinces TES II: Daggerfall takes place in). Home of the Breton.
    • Orsinium - Located in the mountains between Hammerfell, High Rock and Skyrim. Home of the Orcs.
    • Return to Morrowind - Located in eastern Tamriel (the province TES III: Morrowind takes place in). Home of the Dunmer.
    • Roscrea - A small island north-east of Tamriel.
    • Valenwood - Located in south-western Tamriel. Home of the Bosmer.

    All of these provinces will be built on top of our custom heightmap, made by the awesome Morcroft Darkes. You probably don't know who is, but that doesn't matter. He's still awesome.

    The original plan was to have a completely borderless world. No loading screens, no invisible walls, etc. So you could walk from High Rock all the way to Elsweyr without any loading screens. This soon turned out to be impossible, due to a bug in the game's Havok engine. So we had to split it into 3 separate worldspaces: Iliac Bay (High Rock and Hammerfell), Heartland (Cyrodiil, Elsweyr and Valenwood) and Morrowind.

    Picture of the heightmap:


    Each province will also have:

    • A main quest
    • A bunch of side quests
    • Fully voiced NPCs (hopefully...)
    • Unique music
    • Custom models and textures
    • Hundreds of dungeons and interiors

    So, yeah. Basically, we're creating an entirely new game for each province. Sounds crazy, I know... But we're a lot of people working on this.

    If you're interested in joining, or just want to check it out, you can do that here:

    And don't worry, we're serious and focus more on quality rather than how fast we can release stuff.

    moar links:

    moar screenshots:

    NOTE: These are all WIP screenshots.

    gallery_944_126_171251.pngBruma (Cyrodiil)

    gallery_1007_170_201948.jpgMenevia (High Rock)

    8521508284_7329286c83_h.jpgAlik'r Desert (Hammerfell)

    gallery_1159_37_65440.jpgCrane Shore (Roscrea)

    ke0a.pngSome place in Valenwood

    gallery_825_103_419410.jpgWest Reach (Hammerfell)


    9573316367_ba1c57fc41_o.jpgCyrodiil farm house tileset

    med_gallery_324_24_216954.jpgEvermore (High Rock)

  20. roving-robots

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    even though I fell off the face of the Internet over here due to graduating from high school, going to college and finding a job (ps: need a python/assembly programmer?) I have actually been actively working on THIS, my github of roving-robots. I had decided that I would stop really talking much about it until the hardest parts for me were done or structured in a way that I could do it.

    so; lets crack down on what I got:

    the main block class:

    class block(object):
        #non interface stuff
        def __init__(self,img,lable=None,num=None):
            '''example init:::
            we draw img's onto fake smaller surface so that we can use IT for an absilute topleft'''
            ##TODO::: make "active" setting for textbox, and other settings???
            if type(img) == str:
                self.img = lib.common.load_img(img)
            self.lable = lable
            self.lable_pos = 7,11
   = pygame.Surface((80,80))
            if num is not None:
                if isinstance(num,input.Input):
                    self.tbox = num
                    self.tbox = input.Input(y=y,maxlength=3, color=(255,0,0), prompt=' ', restricted='0123456789')
                #used to let us know NOT to try and render this section
                self.tbox = None
            #nothing can link by default to a default block, use a subclass!
            self.link_down  = False
            self.link_up    = False
            self.link_left  = False
            self.link_right = False
        def draw(self,screen,rect):
            if self.lable:
            if self.tbox:
        def event_engine(self,events):
            for event in events:
                if event.type == MOUSEBUTTONDOWN:
                    print 'happy days!'
        ##link block decorators:::
        ##if "set", tey set themselves to other, and also set other.xblock to self(or none if unlinking)
        def dblock(self):
            return self._dblock
        def dblock(self,other):
            if other is None:
                #set the other block's corrisponing to None as well...
                #use name in self because other is None right now...
                self._dblock._ublock = None
                other._ublock = self
            self._dblock = other
        def ublock(self):
            return self._ublock
        def ublock(self,other):
            if other is None:
                #set the other block's corrisponing to None as well...
                self._ublock._dblock = None
                other._dblock = self
            self._ublock = other
        def lblock(self):
            return self._lblock
        def lblock(self,other):
            if other is None:
                #set the other block's corrisponing to None as well...
                self._lblock._rblock = None
                other._rblock = self
            self._lblock = other
        def rblock(self):
            return self._rblock
        def rblock(self,other):
            if other is None:
                #set the other block's corrisponing to None as well...
                self._rblock._lblock = None
                other._lblock = self
            self._rblock = other
        ##location properties
        def loc(self):
            return self.__loc
        def loc(self,value):
            self.__loc = value
        #action stuff
        def action(self,robot):
            '''robotic action to take (turn, go fwd, scan/make desision)'''
        def next(self,robot):
            '''what is the next block? (give (x,y) or instance?)'''
        def drag(self):
            '''cleans up object for a 'drop' '''
        def able_drop(self,pos,pmap):
            '''find any problems with the drop and return False if obstructed.
            else return True'''
        def drop(self,pos,pmap):
            '''finalize a drop. actually places block on grid'''
        def save(self):
            '''return a string which will allow recreation of this block (type,lable,num,pos,binding)'''
        def load(self,s):
            '''places block and recreates block based on "s" '''

    note: a HECK a lot o' stuff!

    but here, most of it is, quick and simple, or a place holder for future updates.

    lets look at the key functions of our block:

    • __init__
      here we just set things up. load the image into the object, set lable text, try to use text_box system(if given), and set up our fake render surface.

    • draw
      simply draw what is needed to fake surface, making it simpler to align everything, then draw to screen

    • event_engine
      simple place holder for when i start working on handling the whole text_box thing. might change.

    • Xblock(set and get)
      magical system that took me so long to figure out. simply put: tries to inject this block into corresponding other block, AND clear link if set to None. example: if block X is trying to link upwards with the block above it: Y; X calls Y.dblock = X (Y's Downblock equals X)

    • loc(ation)
      place holder for when the block need to be able to be saved to a file (pickle FTW!)

    • action
      place holder that a subclass over-rides to dictate what the robot does in this "code block" (call corresponding robot function/play animation?)

    • next
      returns the next block in the sequence of code. the point of it being a whole function is for when we have a conditional block, and needs to respond differently than others.

    • drop
      subclass place holder

    • able_drop
      subclass place holder

    • drag
      subclass place holder

    • save
      to be worked on when saving gets started. I know I am going to have to change a lot of how things load right now, but that is OK. I want it working first.

    • load
      ditto for load as for save.

    there, now I hope understanding some of this spaghetti wasn't so bad?

    well, this was just an update to show that I am no longer dead, and once again working.

    next time will be going over the sub classing system for creating new blocks!

  21. TGP1994's Blog

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    Ooops, I made two blogs :(

    Anyways, I thought I'd just post about the official public release of Windows 7, which occured yesterday.

    So far it looks like it's release is being received with a success. According to their blogging ticker on, people seem to be liking it.

    I know I do. For those who were living under a rock and didn't notice the beta or RC, you could have downloaded windows 7 [LEGALLY], and have had it well into 2010 ;)

  22. The Ultimate Blog: Rebirth

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    As you can see from the name, the the my new blog, and I'll tell you whats I've been up to.

    You see, for the past month(I think) RRU wouldn't work on the computers at my home, me and Sonic couldn't figure out why it wouldn't work, out dad didn't know why it wasn't working eather, the good news is, "The Rockwhale Forums" and "Fan Fics" were still working(probly because it was zetaboards), so me and Sonic were still able to ask Lair and Joe about RRU.

    On Roblox, I scraped my old incomplete castle themed game, and I started my new "Build, Live, Fight, Roleplay." game, and because I found the "Roblox - Roblox Wiki", I can actualy do scripting in the game, and this game I intend to try and finish.

    On, I added a few more Wierd Al songs to my Wierd Al Album, and faved some songs.

    I'm going to get my Fan Fic back up and running again, hopefully.

    It's Finals week in school right now, so theres only 2 days left of High School, then I'm not a Freshmen anymore.

    I'm so glad to be on RRU again, and just intime for Summer.

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    Hey everyone, its my first name change on the new fourm. I got sick and tired of joe *so dont call me joe* so i changed my name to something i like. Also i plan on makeing RRU comics on my computer. Pictures will be realised after christmas. If you are wondering how my mods are coming along, i havnt started them. I will start working on mods once i am able to after christmas. I am also going to keep the pie stuff for i LOVE pie. Well thats all the news i can think of so, bye.

  24. Return Of The Spartans

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    July 13

    Just so people know Extreme110 and myself have actually been working on both managing Final Dawn and this Machinima, but as for the progress of the machinima, well like Extreme110 put up in his day update section on his blog. The Machinima is currently on hold, it will be picked up the moment Halo Reach comes out. As for a specified date of release of the first episode of Return Of The Spartans, I can say that we will try and get it out on December 20th.

    But hey you will enjoy this machinima Saga that is being created. I can promise it you all that this Machinima has a fit storyline that will work out perfectly. You see we have been working on the scripts for this for 2 years. We have done redos of the entire script already once and now we finally have the storyline fixed, that it makes sense.

    Anyways on November 5th I will be taking auditions for people who want to voice characters. For more info on the characters available visit the 7 Extreme Powers Studio wiki on November 3rd.

    Sincerly Azuregos

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