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  1. I've never really followed the whole "New Years Resolution" thing before, but in getting older and running out the body clock, I've realised it might be good to start making some changes.

    One thing I really want to achieve next year is one of my biggest failings from this year. I'm a software developer by day, and a gamer by night. Being drained through the day with professional-level coding has made me bitter and cynical towards my own projects, to the point I've stopped doing them. While I still write game design documents as a hobby, I've completely put off physically working on any of the projects I would have once committed to.

    My New Year's Resolution is to produce one large-scale mod. It's something I used to do, or at least make serious attempts at, and I totally have the capability to do so now.

    While just making a new project from scratch gives me a lot of freedom, doing it as a mod means I get to excite an existing audience and utilise any existing content/implementations (i.e. I don't have to make my own guns or gun code, which is important as I have no visual ability whatsoever, and core stuff like weapon physics are a real pain in the knackers to do). A big problem of making a game from scratch is that any serious investment will cost me (purchasing asset packs or artists to make the game not look s***, paying for my own time and materials, paying for promotional stuff etc) and I'll want to seek return, which means a lot of legal and certification woes to deal with. I just want to build something big but relatively light that people can enjoy.

    My trouble is selecting a game for the specific mod I want to create. In an ideal world, my ultimate mod project would be a kind of Destiny-styled Raid, set in a breaking-down theme park. That is to say, a networked game-mode where a group of players are teleported between several small scenarios, in which they must complete a puzzle with barely any hints, while a horde of enemies attempts to gun them down. The story and aesthetics will be based on the likes of Westworld and Jurassic Park, which I've become very obsessed with recently. Ideally, players can collect audio logs, and collecting enough will change the final boss fight (or add a second one).


    Of course, that kind of project would be intense to produce, especially with many mod kits, so the idea is modular and flexible. Maybe it will only be solo. Maybe combat will be reduced. Maybe there will be less variety of individual puzzle mechanics and instead more reuse in creative ways of the same puzzle mechanics. The core, player surviving a collapsing attraction park, will remain the same.

    I'm looking for suggestions of games that have the capability to do anything along these lines. I've thought about using Blockland, but I've heard some negative things regarding the capability of the bots and having many different behaviours going at once (ideally, many people can connect to the server, group up in "fireteams" and run different parts of the course at the same time, like how a theme park ride has people in different rooms). If people can prove Blockland is capable of this kind of stuff, sure, but otherwise I'd like to know anything else I could use as a base. Another variant I've thought about (and one more relevant to RRU) is to make an overhaul for LEGO Rock Raiders that switches it up to become a time trial to find certain missing people and objects in the various tunnels underneath the park that staff used to get between attractions to perform maintenance.


    Any suggestions will help. A part of this is I want to make something people will actually play, as opposed to just producing crap for myself.

  2. As the title says, things didn't go as planned.




    It may not look too bad, but I have to show you some trouble spots.




    Severe warping around one side of the print, resulting in a malformed motor mounting point.




    CURA actually thought I wanted to print the interior of the holes of the upper frame mounts, as opposed to the geometry of the frame mounts themselves. I don't know if this is CURA's fault or Sketchup's, though, but seeing as though I have had issues with Sketchup before and not CURA, I guess a few more precision F-Strikes directed at Trimble Navigation are needed. (EDIT: It turned out to be CURA, actually. It didn't like the overhanging parts.)


    Oh well, at least I can stick this in an arena for another bot to chew on as a durability test. Or just sick my antweight on it. (EDIT: Already did. Turns out there were more problems than just a bad print. The box portion of the frame held up but the weapon mount got torn apart pretty bad.)

  3. It's been months since I last posted here, but it's also been months since I last uploaded a new piece of music. So here we go!

    Blade Symphony by JDBArtist

    created in 1 hour without my keyboard as it is currently in repair (so please accept my apology for the constant high-level velocity, I felt it was right for the tone and vibe of the track)

    I admit it sounds almost like an anime soundtrack. I had this tune in my head for a day and I am fairly happy with the final result.


  4. McStudz
    Latest Entry

    So I've been under a rock for the last God-only-knows-how-long. I think it's been a year? I dunno. I've been lurking and stuff, pop in on the Skype group every now and then. I've been doing work stuff and school stuff. Maybe I grew up a bit? I dunno. I haven't been paying much attention to the RRU scene in at least a year. But here I am.

    To the many brave new souls that have arrived in the last year, a belated welcome to RRU. I'm Stan McStudz. Yes, I stole that name from a Brikman McStudz/McBlubber. Yes he's cool with it. I think.

    I used to be a regular on this site a loooong time ago. Back when Grapheme was known as Cyrem and was the only admin of RRU. Back when I pretty much idolized a then-active member known as LordZakida. Back when McJobless was known as Extreme110. Back when we had those Facebook-like status updates. But ANYWAY.

    I used to write a self-insert story about LEGO Island, and travelling across the LEGO Universe for some Engine of Construction to stop... Some imminent threat, I don't quite remember anymore (I think you can still find it in this blog if you dig deep enough). That didn't get as far as I'd liked, but it was my first claim to fame. I also attempted to pick up a project where I would voice over funny quotes from around this community (Started by the afore-mentioned LordZakida before he left), known as the Quotation Conglomeration. I was a one-time moderator, and made a complete fool of myself.

    I also had a brief rapport with the man behind LEGO Island, Wes Jenkins. Then, back when Xiron was known as Segatendo, we created an affiliate site for LEGO Island, known as The Infomaniac's Classroom. Xiron pretty much created and maintained that site, and I... Well, I came up with the concept. Mad props to Xiron for making that site possible. Later on, I gained a red name, as a "Community Assistant". I posted LEGO news and some tech news now and then, along with several other members (Pereki was much better at being on top of the LEGO news). Eventually I just ended up getting busy with life, school and work, and I disappeared off the grid.

    I found out Lair was back more or less and I was intrigued. I've also been playing Undertale and am enjoying the heck out of that. Temporarily changed my avatar as well to go along with the trend some are doing (in the five years on this site, I may have changed my avatar MAYBE four times). Basically, Alphys is amazing.

    So I'm back. I'll probably try to be a bit more active and a little less ignorant. We'll see what happens.


  5. Whoa What

    Objective two doesn't even seem worth my time anymore. I therefore have no further reason to be here.

    In other words, I'm leaving this forum. The explanation is as follows:

    Over the years, RRU has been, to cite a common metaphor, going downhill. There were a number of things along the way that I had nothing but distaste for, but what happened on the third anniversary site release (Which I will refer to as RRU3 from now on) was the final straw. The only reason I've stuck around for this long was to tie up two loose ends, but as I have already mentioned, the other loose end is no longer worth my time to tie up.

    The following are greivances I have against the actions taken on RRU3:

    1) Despite what you ignorant fools who think they know everything will believe, this is in fact greivance number one, and the place I drew the first line: The VIP forum being changed to "Cool Kids". This is implied elitism. The VIP members deserved their title because they provided financial aid to the website and/or legitamately won an RRU official competition. Some people, like Matt and Baz, deserved it also because they were nothing but helpful to the site as a whole. But the fact that it was renamed to "Cool Kids" IN ADDITION to being set visible to the public- granted the public was unable to access it, but the fact that they could see it at all is my point- was nothing less than an error.

    2) Removal of status updates. Your excuses for doing this- and "excuses" is exactly what they were- were laughable and hilariously sarcastic. The only legitamate case you brought up was the part about people posting for attention and to rant about minecraft griefers. Removing the medium will not make this stop. Besides, everyone is sick of people who just want attention. That's life. You need to deal with it- but in a logical way. This action was nowhere close.

    3) Removal of Forum Games. Your excuses for doing this- and again, "excuses" is exactly what they were- were equally as laughable but rudely sarcastic. Your excuses for it's removal were that it was the most looked at, most posted in, and most irrelevant topic on the forum. For starters, that third excuse is an outright falsification. But seeing as the first thing you will say is "But that isn't what I/Cyrem said at all!", allow me to clarify: When the sarcasm is reversed, the excuse says something along the lines of 'was not helpful to modding LRR at all'. While this is true, it's the most terrible excuse for its removal of the three. By this logic, you should remove off-topic and LEGO Discussion in addition to the Project: Loco/Racers/Island subforums for the same reason. But that didn't happen. Why? Let's look at the other two excuses. How, pray tell, do you justify removing a subforum because it had the most posts/views? Because it subtracted posts from the other forums? That's the REAL reason you removed it, and that's of similarly poor quality to the three excuses you gave. Face it: Forum games was popular. You have essentially outlawed games on a site that was founded on games. You seem to be happy when your site gets hits, but you get picky because the posts go to a forum you didn't want them going to? Nice job, Mister Garrison*.

    4) Masking the rediculous changes with a day of TF2. I like TF2, but this was so obviously a distraction that I intentionally didn't participate in the event for that precise reason, even though I had every chance to play.

    5) Displaying every other member's IP address to the forum mods except your own. This violates logic that YOU YOURSELF HAVE PRESENTED, and it also doesn't make sense. I will address this in a tad more detail later.

    As I said before, though, these are only the greivances I have against RRU3. My distaste extends much further back.

    Most of this is actually the result of this site's impeccable knack to conveniently ignore anything important I have to say. It's as if the entire site has an unwritten code that whenever I open my mouth to say something important, the site responds with 'OMFG HE HAS SOMETHING IMPORTANT TO SAY! QUICK!!!!111 EVERYONE IGNORE HIM'.


    After Katatonic joined (inb4alreadyknowwherethisisgoing) and the flood of pony began, Cyrem was quick to make a topic outlawing any further posting of pony pictures. However, Katatonic had already begun to limit how much pony he provided, knowing that Cyrem was growing angry with the borderline spam. I truly believe that had no administrative action been taken, the issue would have corrected itself and there would have been minimal conflict. But no. Cyrem jumped the gun and made said announcement in such a manner that it came across as nothing short of pure discrimination. I was somehow the only one who flipped s*** about it, and even likened it to the holocaust using a quotation for the sole purpose of getting the point across. But what happened instead?


    I kept quiet, as nobody flipped their s*** except me. The rest of RRU allowed the s*** to stay unflipped and burn on one side.

    When Forum Games first came under fire with the "Posting there doesn't count towards your total" BS, a poll was opened asking the members what they thought needed to be done. If memory serves, the most voted option was "Require stricter moderation", which would also have kept the posts in the total. This would have solved the problem (which was a laughable "problem" to begin with), had it been done. But what happened?


    Forum Games lost its right to add to post count. Plenty of s*** was flipped, but by the wrong people. And any time I brought the stupitidy decision up after the fact, I was met with nothing less than harrassment (inb4 I get more just by bringing it up here). I kept quiet about it, growing tired of the retarded comments.

    When Zjean opened In The Depths, Tracker implied he was going to essentially steal the idea to further that retarded mess he calls a fanfiction. He constatly ignored demands to stop, and the situation was improperly handled by those with the power to do so, as all they did was tell him to stop. He, of course, didn't listen to anyone. In essense, neither did the mods. In other words,


    Right after Anonymouse stepped down as global moderator, I was suggested to take his place. I regretted turning it down almost immediately. Call me arrogant, call me whatever you like; I truly believe that if I had been where Cirevam is now, many ignorant situations and decisions could have been avoided. (If I want it done right, I have to to it myself.)

    But instead I am just getting constantly ignored. And if that is going to be the norm, THEN WHY THE f*** AM I HERE?

    The following things need to be done:

    1) Rename "Cool Kids" back to VIP

    2) Make Cool Kids invisible to the public, and/or allow members access to it when the forum members have "thanked" them a certain number of times.

    3) Reinstate status updates (This has sort of already been done, but it just ain't as good as it once was.)

    4) Reinstate Forum Games, but require stricter moderation. The only topics from RRU2 that deserve to stay are Unknown Horror, In The Depths, and the Pic wars games. If it's an official rule that stupid games like rate the blarg above you are not allowed, it would give me a valid legitimate reason to kill them. That clearly wasn't the case. Stricter Moderation rules would have fixed it then, they would have fixed it now.

    5) Either reveal your IP address, or hide Cirevam and addictgamer's adresses as well. In it's current state, it's at best a half-assed security measure that doesn't make much sense to begin with.

    I'm going to leave, and I will not come back unless these are done.

    But of course, I know full well it won't happen. What matters is that it was said.

    Bye. It was fun while it lasted, but I want no part of this anymore.

    *This is a reference to Southpark. I'd normally leave the reference here for someone to figure out, but history has shown that that probably will never happen. The reference refers to Mr. Garrison writing a book that became a bestseller. He was pleased at it's success at first, until he realized that it was selling as a homoerotic novel, something he didn't intend for it to be. What he did afterwards is also relevant to this, but that part is your homework for tonight.

  6. Ah...Rock Raiders United. The first forums I've been an active member on. It's been a while.

    College is going well. I finished my last semester with all 4.0s. I got a Commodore 128 for Christmas, and a few smaller things. I'm now an active member on the Minecraft forums, mainly active in the mods section, acting as a beta tester and helping people with errors.

    One truly amazing mod I've been really into lately, is ComputerCraft. It's a LUA programmable computer that can connect with redstone, and to another mod called redpower. Computercraft has its own IRC channel (#computercraft) on, and that's where I'll be if you want to chat with me in person.

    Kind of an awkward time at night (0:45), but I just wanted to say "Hi, I'm still alive, and I'm doing quite fine in life".

    If anyone even cares about me any more, you can email me at my new email:


  7. I found out today I have 4 months or ~$59 (whichever comes first) of website hosting credit that will expire. As I'll never use it in time, I'd like to offer up another RRU game server. It'd have to be something I can quickly set up and have someone test because I am on a tight schedule lately, as well as someone else moderate it, but I'll be glad to run it for everyone. The question is what game would you Rock Raiders like? Yet another MC server (who even has that?) or another game? If another, what game? I considered OpenRTC2, but I'll have to *ahem* aquire that game. Then again, I'll have to do that for any game, so suggest away. I wanted you people to pick the game instead of me blindly setting one up. Depending on resources, it might be possible to set up multiple servers, who knows.


    Personally, I'll take a LOCO or LRR server. ( /s )

  8. beep -f 550 -l 250 -n -f 320 -l 250 -n -f 210 -l 250 -n -f 320 -l 250

    beep -f 210 -l 250 -n -f 320 -l 250 -n -f 210 -l 750 -n -f 10 -l 250

    beep -f 210 -l 250 -n -f 320 -l 250 -n -f 210 -l 750 -n -f 10 -l 250

    beep -f 320 -l 250 -n -f 550 -l 250 -n -f 320 -l 750 -n -f 10 -l 250

    beep -f 550 -l 250 -n -f 320 -l 250 -n -f 210 -l 250 -n -f 320 -l 250

    beep -f 210 -l 250 -n -f 320 -l 250 -n -f 210 -l 750 -n -f 10 -l 250

    beep -f 550 -l 500 -n -f 440 -l 500 -n -f 10 -l 100

    beep -f 320 -l 500 -n -f 210 -l 1000

    If you have Linux, put that into a script. All it does is play a rendion of London Bridge is Falling down. You will need to make sure pcspkr and beep are working first.

  9. i'm leaving yob guys suck so much go f*** youselfs you mother f***kers. nobody reads my fan fic i don't know why i even wrote it btw cryam is dumb.

  10. well first off theres this and ...this...


    The following ppl are done with their lines.

    - Anonymouse

    - TheEPICtrainrider

    - LordZakida

    Congratulations to you.

    I'm doing my lines right now. If you haven't got your lines in, do so within the next week.

    That is all.

  11. Coming from a geek...

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    If you live in the USA, do us all a favor and sign this petition.

    We get to build a death star if you do, kay? Thanks.


  12. PWNZOR
    Latest Entry

    So today was my school's VEX Robotics qualifier.

    We didn't do so well.

    Our first two alliance partners flipped over and ripped their arm off inside one of the goals, respectively, so that sucked.

    We won 2 of the four remaining qualifying matches.

    We got 28th place out of 39.

    We barely got chosen for the finals alliances.

    Our alliance won the first out of 3 quarterfinal rounds (best 2/3 passes on to the semis), but we lost the next two.

    We lost the championship rounds.


    Our logbook was amazing. One of my teammates used his awesome physics and python skills and wrote a program that simulates our arm's strength depending on the gearing of the winch.

    Judges were impressed.

    We didn't get get the Judge's or the Design award.

    We got the Excellence award.

    Totally unexpected.

    We're going to California for the World Championship.

    (One of my school's other teams led the winning alliance; another got the Design award: both also qualify for World)

    If you're interested.

  13. A few weeks back, me and Ramius were discussing a bit our thoughts on open rock raiders. We didn't completely agree to addict's planned changes (for example: adding single tile thick walls), and started looking into it ourselves. Our vision is to recreate the old game, with its original gameplay structures, yet adding new features that improve the gameplay. I have made a small overview of our thoughts further down the post.

    We have decided to use python to program the game, mainly due to its flexibility while still having enough performance to run a game with the size of open rock raiders. Naturally, since we are going for a recreation of the game, the whole thing will be done in 3D using openGL. At the moment, the status of the project is that I have been reading into openGL and am going to port the code I wrote in ActionScript to python in combination with openGL, while Ramius is working on the menus, which is mainly 2D related.

    I could imagine that anyone who has contributed to the "editions" of open rock raiders currently available might be annoyed by this. It is yet another open rock raiders project; starting completely from scratch. While the projects currently around have focused on 2D, I believe that it is better to make a fresh start, and keep 3D in mind from the start. Naturally, this project is completely open-source, and due to the high portability of openGL, hopefully the other projects around can also profit from it. We also named the project (at least for now) "Open Rock Raiders Delta". This is to avoid any confusion with the other projects currently around.

    We had a few discussions today on various tweaks that we will be making to the original game. I have compiled them into a small overview:

    • "before a power path can be built in the original game, the rock raiders must bring 2 pieces of ore to the building tile, before they can convert it into a power path, no matter if there is already ore present on the tile. Should the rock raiders be able to make a power path out of a tile that has already ore on it, without having to transport 2 pieces of ore to it?"

      We think there is no reason not to let the rock raiders use the resources that are already on the building tile.

    • "health bars of rock raiders do not refill in the game. Once they loose life it iwll not return. Should eating a sandwhich heal a rock raider?"

      Yes, but only in very small amounts. We thought that adding a separate building that can heal rock raiders (perhaps a 1x1 tile that contains a first aid post) can do complete healing, yet this will require rock raiders to come back all the way to the base.

    • "Should tranporting vehicles be able to transport more than one type of good at the same time? In the original game, transporting vehicles can either carry ore or chrystals in one go"

      Yes. There is no reason why the small transport vehicle would not be able to carry more than one resource type in one go. However, the priority settings should be obeyed; if there are many different kinds of resources in the vicinity of the vehicle, it should collect the resource that has the highest rank in the priorities panel.

    • "What do we make of the bats and spiders? In the game, the only thing that they really do is being plainly annoying"

      Bats and spiders are, annoying as they are, a part of the rock raiders game. Bats could be made vulnerable to electric fences or will at least try to stay away from them.

    • "Should large vehicles be able to transport goods, or should we create an additional "large transport" vehicle? If so, should they be able to carry more than a small transport vehicle?"

      Yes. Large vehicles should be able to carry goods. However, small transport vehicles should be able to transport goods faster. The payoff of using the large vehicles to transport goods is that even though they are a lot slower, they can defend themselves against incoming enemies with their lasers, and have more health compared to the small vehicles. The small vehicles can then transport more resources in a shorter period of time.

    • "Should we add bridges/floating power paths?"

      Yes. But the bridges will only work for rock raiders and small vehicles, but do not work as power paths. This is to avoid that power is transferred to a remote location, where the player can continue to expand the base powered by the power station somewhere else. To ensure that bridges are not used to complete a mission too easily, bridges should only be limited to 2 or 3 tiles in length, and are very expensive to build, so that they form a serious cost consideration for the player.

    • "Should it be possible to drill walls that face water? In the original game no vehicle can do that."

      Yes, this would be something possible to implement in some vehicle, but it is not something that will be in our main focus.

    • "should the small digger be able to transport goods?"

      Yes, but it should only be limited to 1 item, and not be upgradable; the prupose of the small digger is to digg, not to transport.

    • "Should dynamite destroy anything around it? This would include rock raiders, buildings, power paths, but as well rock monsters, slugs, and other enemies"

      In the real world, anything gets damaged from dynamite, so why should it not ingame?

    • "In LRR, rock raiders carry their skills over to a new mission; rock raiders that you trained in mission A will have the same skill again in mission B. Should this also be the case in ORR, or should each rock raider have a randomised set of skills?"

      Rock raiders should carry over their skills from one mission to another. In the story of the game, rock raiders return to the space ship when they are done with a mission. It would be logical that when they start on another mission, they carry over their skills to that mission. It would also make the medical facility a lot more important, because you don't want to have your experienced rock raiders killed.

    • "In the original game files appeared a special command for a rock raider named "analyse this tile", for geologists. Could this be implemented in ORR, and if yes, what will it show?"

      Yes, this could be implemented into ORR. It could show all the minerals that are around the target tile selected by the player. This would make the profession of geologist a lot more useful ingame, as you can pinpoint the exact locations of certain minerals.

    • "When a source is taken down together with another wall, the additional goods it contains are not awarded"

      Drilling a seam generally takes a good amount of time. This effort is rewarded with additional resources. If the player chooses to drill the wall the quick way, like taking it down in combination with other walls, he does not invest that time and is therefore not awarded the additional resources.

    Of course, help is very much appreciated. If you want to contribute, let us know!

  14. Rock Raider fan no.1
    Latest Entry

    After a while Zeke fixed the NAVI COMPUTER and all was well... UNTILL NOW

    "Ahh Visser* attack" screamed Docs

    "£%€¥* %¥^&*" said Xai 327*

    "EVASIVE ACTION" called out Dave

    Good thing that the UMS Explorer v 2.0 had shields that could be recharged and as an extra feture Turbo Lasers

    *I've got You now


    *That Vissers Squadron leader

  15. Ride Videoes

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    1) Black Hawk Down [steel, 2009]

    Video link:

    Ride: Black Hawk Down

    Type: Steel Vekoma Suspended Looping Coaster

    Trains: 8 Cars of 2 Seats

    Music: Un'Altra Come Te by Bloom 06

    After I shot down my first YouTube account about a year ago, Black Hawk Down was the first ride video I made without the internet in mind. The ride is a unique Vekoma SLC coaster which weaves through the trees at the bottom of a large valley. This ride went without a name until the final stages of construction.

    2) Ready to Rumble -Wood, 2009]

    Video link:

    Ride: Ready to Rumble

    Type: Wood Twister

    Trains: 5 cars of 4 seats

    Music: Tears in Rain by Stan SB

    Ready to Rumble was my first wooden coaster in about six months. It was also my first 'standard' woodie to be featured in a video. The primary purpose of this ride was to test out BigBurger's wooden supports, as well as Mr. PKJ's tunnels.

    Visit this ride's project thread here:

    3) Flighthawk: Vengeance

    Video link:

    Ride: Flighthawk: Vengeance

    Type: Steel Togo Ultra-Twister

    Trains: 1 Car of 4 Seats

    Music: Fort Knox by Goldfish

    Flighthawk is at this writing my latest video. This ride is a Togo Ultra-Twister of unique design that has been built on a farm. The nearby restaurant has been fashioned out of of an abandoned barn. I decided to create an Ultra-Twister because in my opinion, these are really cool rides which are overlooked by most RollerCoaster Tycoon players, who trip over each other building B&Ms and Rocket Coasters.

    Visit this ride's project thread here:

  16. The Ultimate Blog: Rebirth

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    As you can see from the name, the the my new blog, and I'll tell you whats I've been up to.

    You see, for the past month(I think) RRU wouldn't work on the computers at my home, me and Sonic couldn't figure out why it wouldn't work, out dad didn't know why it wasn't working eather, the good news is, "The Rockwhale Forums" and "Fan Fics" were still working(probly because it was zetaboards), so me and Sonic were still able to ask Lair and Joe about RRU.

    On Roblox, I scraped my old incomplete castle themed game, and I started my new "Build, Live, Fight, Roleplay." game, and because I found the "Roblox - Roblox Wiki", I can actualy do scripting in the game, and this game I intend to try and finish.

    On, I added a few more Wierd Al songs to my Wierd Al Album, and faved some songs.

    I'm going to get my Fan Fic back up and running again, hopefully.

    It's Finals week in school right now, so theres only 2 days left of High School, then I'm not a Freshmen anymore.

    I'm so glad to be on RRU again, and just intime for Summer.

  17. Goob
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    I want to tell you all how much the neighborhood loves to see a yellow truck running around. But they realize they can't afford one, so they exercise communism on me.

    And to show their love:

    They key the hell out of it.

    They take the tires, the tailgate, the doors, the hood, the muffler, the catalyc converter, air conditioner, head lights, tail lights, the battery, and my XM radio.

    It looks like they took a 5 lb sledge hammer to the engine (minor damage, but the fan was destroyed) multiple times.

    Graffiti in the shape of a [Please Talk Properly] EVERYWHERE. (It isn't much yellow anymore. It's blue)

    I found about 2 lbs of pot in the bed (a gift??? (but I'm not a stoner...)), along with 6 road kill.

    And inside the gas tank, there was a half burnt newspaper. (THANK GOD I HAD A FULL TANK OF GAS).

    This was on school grounds, surveillanced by cameras.

    I am not happy.

  18. Modding Lego Alpha Team

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    So today I took a look at legomoe's .pac extractor and builder (link here: )

    I downloaded the tool and extracted the files. Then I began to browse through them and see how Alpha Team is set up. I'd say it is similar to RR...

    I've also begun writing a reference/guide to modding Alpha Team. Link here:


    Yep, that's my first mod!

    More to come!

    Edit: Second:


  19. The Nether

    We have fully stabilized the Nether, I have expanded the water onto lava so we have more buildspace, our next job is to make a apartment complex on the Nether which will hold 12 people. After that we will be giving out colony kits to non op nether guests to start their own colonies for diamond.


    Not being involved much there but I can say the bridge to Gravel island is done. Deep mines have been created and we already have our first load of diamonds. More or less we're doing good here

  20. Thanks to a comment McStudz made, I, the impulse addictgamer that I am, have opted to create a blog following my rant in a status update on the recent proposition to split my state into six states.


    Some of you might claim 50 isn't enough.

    Some of you may think splitting each of the Hawaiian island into their own states should be our next course of action.

    And some of you outright believe Scotland is the home of my kitty, Mr Prinzer Fluffypants the third.

    Believe what you want, but I don't even have a Mr Prinzer Fluffypants the third.

    Now then, Quignas (I thought that's how the first word was spelled? Daaang. I was so off :/ Sorry about that!) Quisoves Pugnat took my wild ranting, sat down, and actually thought about it (or maybe he stood? I wouldn't know). He proposed that possibly, just possible, one of the six new state governments would be fiscally adept, -- If only. This is America, after all. I once remarked on some fellow's exuberant spending habits, and he nonchalantly replied "Welcome to America, baby!" -- although such an occurrence would be unlikely, in his opinion.

    Anyway, me being the glass cannon that I am, I set off on another rant about turkeys and pajamas what these states could do theoretically and practically. For one, never ask people to come up with 6 new flags. That stuff's scary, man. Consider 6 financially responsible governments versus one government that just throws money out its window (does anybody actually do that? I'd camp out near that Window. Not under it, though. Because if they're throwing out money, they're likely throwing out other things too). Yes, a reboot for the one government, giving 6 new governments a chance to take responsibility for what they're doing with all these new officials and whatnot has a chance of resulting in a fiscally adept government.

    However, there would be many redundancies introduced. And money would be lost for all of these redundancies. Like choosing new six state birds, and hunting down 6 new state minerals. Geeze, you know how hard it is to choose a state mineral? Should we go for the light blue chalcedony, the dark blue, or carnelian agate? And what about pets? You can't brag about your pampered San Francisco poodle anymore, since you like one bridge too far to even be in the same state! Guess you'll have to give up the idea of using your poodle as the state flag, too. the education system in particular. The more pieces the state would be broken into, the more money'd be wasted. All of those additional bureaucracies, legislatures, 6 concurrent debates on where to build the stadium for the Sacramento Kings instead of just 1, officials, and systems. All superfluous and a huge waste of money and time. So, it's unlikely that even if the resulting 6 governments are more fiscally adept than the 1, they may very well not end up outweighing the permanent whirlpools of money waste the redundancies represent.

    But(t) if we're talking practically, that's not the only thing to consider. There's a big difference between interstate and intrastate such as the complication women are from Venus and men are from Mars represents. More overhead is never a good thing. You learn this when you use computers and don't have frequent flyer. Interstate adds complications that would end up costing even more time and money the government, businesses, and even people because who gives a cat's buttocks about businesses? We're people, not TV stores, for crying out loud! Somebody change the baby's diaper, it's stinky and noisy in here. And don't forget hidden losses. They're like the invisible ink writing on contracts that lets the company play spoy.

    And finally, the tank in question:


  21. Stick Figures

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    Henry Lee
    Latest Entry

    I know..... your gonna say this is very very very retarded but... I like Stick Figures!! Get use to it now or don't even think about coming here again.

  22. InADarkMirror's Blog

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    Mobile Orbital Mining Facility


    The Mobile Orbital Mining Facility class was commissioned to allow long-range long-duration mining operations on far-away planets, and is primarily used by the Rock Raiders United company. It is nearly self-sufficient, only requiring resupply runs every eight years, having the capacity to hold up to three thousand personnel.


    Crew: 1,000

    Minimum Crew: 25

    Maximum Capacity: 3,000

    Length: 1,600 metres

    Height: 292 metres

    Beam: 244 metres

    Mass: 588,000 kilotonnes

    Hull Thickness: Ranges from 2 metres to 5 metres


    Sublight Drives: 4 main plasma thrusters, 112 secondary plasma thrusters

    FTL Drive: Class 5 warp drive (100,000x lightspeed)

    Reactor: 4 antimatter reaction plants, 1 matter-to-energy conversion plant

    Hull and Shields

    Hull: Reinforced ceramic-metal composite plating, heavily reinforced superstructure

    Shield: Type 7 dynamic flux shield generator


    The bridge is located in a raised platform roughly three quarters the length of the ship back from the bow, and almost directly ahead of the engines. It makes up about a quarter of the ship's overall height, being 74 metres tall. The tower contains the primary controls for the ship, including those for navigation, engineering, communication and life support. It also houses an observation deck at the top, equipped with both a viewing window and wide-screen display monitors.

    Below the bridge are several decks housing the living quarters, recreation zones, medical bay, supply lockers, and engineering deck. The lowermost deck is the location of the ship's teleportation rig, allowing rapid transport of supplies, personnel, and other equipment to and from a nearby planet's surface.

    The forward lower three quarters of the ship are collosal storage bays for the carrying of raw ores, as well as basic refinery systems and fabricators that allow the ship to replace lost equipment from it's stored materials if the need arises. It is loaded directly from the teleportation rig, and the entire process is automated with no need for human intervention or endangerment.

    The primary batteries and shield projectors are located to the fore and sides of the vessel, composed of large pylons and projectors. In the event of an emergency, they can be jettisoned to prevent a potential overload from damaging the ship itself. The very forwards-most portion of the ship also holds a collection of advanced sensor and communication gear, capable of scanning an entire system in minutes and tuned to detect ore composition and viable energy sources.

  23. Infinite Speed

    For those of you who live outside the US and don't know, Thanks Giving is a holiday in America where we take a moment to look at all the things we are grateful for. Typically for Thanks Giving, a big feast is held with the main food item being cooked turkey; which means a lot of us will likely be offline this Thursday for Thanks Giving (as we'll all be too fat, lazy, and happy as a cat to get out of bed to get on the computer).

    Even if you live outside the US, and aren't going to hold a celebration of your own, I invite you to participate in this blog and share with us what you're thankful for, since I personally am thankful for all of my foreign friends here on RRU.

    So to start off, I'd like to say thank you to these specific people from RRU:







    Sadie Meowsalot

    The Doctor

    Lair of Rockwhales



    Believe it or not, all of you have helped me some way, some how, in accruing knowledge and inspiration these last couple of years, but of course I consider all of you my friends as well. :) (and if you're name wasn't mentioned, don't take it personally yeah? these are just the names that came off the top of my head ;P )

    This might seem trivial/standard to some of you, but something that's particularly important to me is my family who've been helping me through life this past 6 months. I've been working odd jobs here and there to make money, since I'm starting to pay my own bills. This time next year, hopefully I'll be completely on my own (or at least capable of living on my own), but I couldn't be where I am in my schooling without help from my parents and my brother particularly. So I'm very thankful for them.

    I'm also thankful for forgiveness, as I recently restored a near-lost friendship with a dear friend of mine (in real life). I was a selfish jerk, and ended up losing contact with her for 4 months. I was a little depressed/guilt-ridden during those 4 months, and some of you may have noticed it in the way I expressed myself. So I'm sorry to all of you that I may have offended/upset as a result.

    Then of course, there's all the gimmicks in life that we tend to take for granted. Maybe some of you can find some I may miss here off the top of my head. ;P

    I'm thankful for:




    Air conditioning









    A house





    Video games






    ... (blarg, gotta get back to class, lunch is out)

  24. roving-robots

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    even though I fell off the face of the Internet over here due to graduating from high school, going to college and finding a job (ps: need a python/assembly programmer?) I have actually been actively working on THIS, my github of roving-robots. I had decided that I would stop really talking much about it until the hardest parts for me were done or structured in a way that I could do it.

    so; lets crack down on what I got:

    the main block class:

    class block(object):
        #non interface stuff
        def __init__(self,img,lable=None,num=None):
            '''example init:::
            we draw img's onto fake smaller surface so that we can use IT for an absilute topleft'''
            ##TODO::: make "active" setting for textbox, and other settings???
            if type(img) == str:
                self.img = lib.common.load_img(img)
            self.lable = lable
            self.lable_pos = 7,11
   = pygame.Surface((80,80))
            if num is not None:
                if isinstance(num,input.Input):
                    self.tbox = num
                    self.tbox = input.Input(y=y,maxlength=3, color=(255,0,0), prompt=' ', restricted='0123456789')
                #used to let us know NOT to try and render this section
                self.tbox = None
            #nothing can link by default to a default block, use a subclass!
            self.link_down  = False
            self.link_up    = False
            self.link_left  = False
            self.link_right = False
        def draw(self,screen,rect):
            if self.lable:
            if self.tbox:
        def event_engine(self,events):
            for event in events:
                if event.type == MOUSEBUTTONDOWN:
                    print 'happy days!'
        ##link block decorators:::
        ##if "set", tey set themselves to other, and also set other.xblock to self(or none if unlinking)
        def dblock(self):
            return self._dblock
        def dblock(self,other):
            if other is None:
                #set the other block's corrisponing to None as well...
                #use name in self because other is None right now...
                self._dblock._ublock = None
                other._ublock = self
            self._dblock = other
        def ublock(self):
            return self._ublock
        def ublock(self,other):
            if other is None:
                #set the other block's corrisponing to None as well...
                self._ublock._dblock = None
                other._dblock = self
            self._ublock = other
        def lblock(self):
            return self._lblock
        def lblock(self,other):
            if other is None:
                #set the other block's corrisponing to None as well...
                self._lblock._rblock = None
                other._rblock = self
            self._lblock = other
        def rblock(self):
            return self._rblock
        def rblock(self,other):
            if other is None:
                #set the other block's corrisponing to None as well...
                self._rblock._lblock = None
                other._lblock = self
            self._rblock = other
        ##location properties
        def loc(self):
            return self.__loc
        def loc(self,value):
            self.__loc = value
        #action stuff
        def action(self,robot):
            '''robotic action to take (turn, go fwd, scan/make desision)'''
        def next(self,robot):
            '''what is the next block? (give (x,y) or instance?)'''
        def drag(self):
            '''cleans up object for a 'drop' '''
        def able_drop(self,pos,pmap):
            '''find any problems with the drop and return False if obstructed.
            else return True'''
        def drop(self,pos,pmap):
            '''finalize a drop. actually places block on grid'''
        def save(self):
            '''return a string which will allow recreation of this block (type,lable,num,pos,binding)'''
        def load(self,s):
            '''places block and recreates block based on "s" '''

    note: a HECK a lot o' stuff!

    but here, most of it is, quick and simple, or a place holder for future updates.

    lets look at the key functions of our block:

    • __init__
      here we just set things up. load the image into the object, set lable text, try to use text_box system(if given), and set up our fake render surface.

    • draw
      simply draw what is needed to fake surface, making it simpler to align everything, then draw to screen

    • event_engine
      simple place holder for when i start working on handling the whole text_box thing. might change.

    • Xblock(set and get)
      magical system that took me so long to figure out. simply put: tries to inject this block into corresponding other block, AND clear link if set to None. example: if block X is trying to link upwards with the block above it: Y; X calls Y.dblock = X (Y's Downblock equals X)

    • loc(ation)
      place holder for when the block need to be able to be saved to a file (pickle FTW!)

    • action
      place holder that a subclass over-rides to dictate what the robot does in this "code block" (call corresponding robot function/play animation?)

    • next
      returns the next block in the sequence of code. the point of it being a whole function is for when we have a conditional block, and needs to respond differently than others.

    • drop
      subclass place holder

    • able_drop
      subclass place holder

    • drag
      subclass place holder

    • save
      to be worked on when saving gets started. I know I am going to have to change a lot of how things load right now, but that is OK. I want it working first.

    • load
      ditto for load as for save.

    there, now I hope understanding some of this spaghetti wasn't so bad?

    well, this was just an update to show that I am no longer dead, and once again working.

    next time will be going over the sub classing system for creating new blocks!

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