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  1. So during my 3 week break from music, I found out about James Horner's passing. It isn't much, but here is a tribute to him.


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    It's been a long time. Way too long of a time. But any amount of time is too long, I suppose. In my case, anyway.

    I'll just get to the point. Around 21 months ago, I made a huge screw-up, and nothing's been the same since. It was a spur-of-the-moment decision that ended up hurting or upsetting far more people than I thought it would (0) and I wish I could prevent myself from ever having done that deed. I don't even fully remember why I left. I only have a very vague memory of what happened that day, and I think I might even be mixing things up from slightly earlier events. I guess the specifics don't matter ultimately. I had pulled that immature 'leaving 5ever' stunt several times before (wasn't "pulling a lair" a saying around here once?), but this time I was dead serious about it, for whatever reason. I think I just thought that everyone here was better off without me, or something? Again, I'm not sure, but I'd guess that's what happened considering that that attitude never really went away for me after that. It still doesn't excuse what happened. It doesn't excuse that I cut myself off entirely from a bunch of people who had good relationships with me and some who even considered me to be a friend. Pretending that I didn't exist. Avoiding anyone from any anything to do with this place for over a year. Being too afraid to face the consequences of what I did and what I was only making worse by avoiding.

    I guess I somehow thought that people wouldn't miss me. I have no idea how I thought that with how much I had been talking to everyone before then. Then again, I'm still not sure why people liked me before then. Wasn't I kinda awkward and annoying? All I contributed to the site was remembering nerdy things, and after we all started moving on from that... I don't know. I don't know why I thought it was better to hurt people than to face my fears. I don't know why I was so afraid of owning up to my actions. I don't know why I was and am afraid of people I have no reason to be afraid of. People actively tried to get back in contact me and I still ignored them, or more accurately hid from them. I don't know why some of you wanted me back... but I shouldn't have ever ignored you and stayed away. I shouldn't have ever turned myself into a hermit, I shouldn't have ever cut myself off from almost everyone I knew. I shouldn't have cut myself off in the first place, I should have steamed whatever was getting to me off for a couple days and come back. But I guess whatever had gotten to me, still has me in some ways.

    I don't know if I should even do this. I mean, obviously I should own up, but staying around after that? Who would want me after what I did? Even if that's just paranoia on my part, would anything ever be the same? Definitely not. Even if everyone I used to talk to was willing to talk again, none of the old relationships would ever be the same. And as a whole, maybe everyone here has moved on too far, or I have, or both. What would I even do here any more? I don't know why this place is such a pivotal place for me. I guess it's really the only place I ever felt like I fit in, even if it wasn't all that well in the first place. Is that why I was so afraid to come back? That it was easier to hide than to face reality? Is that it? Am I even making sense any more? What possessed me to break the silence after so long? What possessed me to build so many walls in the first place? I don't know. I just don't know.

    I guess what I'm trying to say is, I'm sorry. I'm sorry I devalued all our time and relationships, I'm sorry I hurt so many people, I'm sorry I disappeared for no reason and with no warning, and I'm sorry I stayed silent for far, far too long. It was awful of me, it was an awful thing to do and I wish I could stop myself from ever doing the things I did. I wish I could start all over.

    I suppose that if there's anything positive I can say, it's pretty cool to see this place still going strong. Even if no one cares about that old game any more, this place is still growing and going after almost seven years. Pretty amazing for such a small community.

    That's all I have, really. I hope everyone here has been doing good, and if not, I hope things get better for you soon, whoever you are, wherever you are. Sorry if I hurt you, and I'm sorry if I ever wronged you before then.

    Take care,


  3. As unfortunate as it is, I've gotten back into Michael Rosen, mainly YTPs of him as usual, and I found one named "Michael Rosen stops celebrating 25 years of seizures". Its just a stupid fiesta of random out-bursts of song, insignificant amounts of sentence mixing, and so forth.

    But the reason why I bring this up, is that I couldn't help noticing the bit at 1:21, where Michael shuts an "invisible door" only to crash while emitting a *BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR*;


    Sounds familiar?


    Admittedly, this was more than likely not deliberate, but I realised that Michael Rosen, apart from that moment in the YTP, he's a lot like the Infomaniac (he's got the age, hair, I guess attitude too, just missing a suit, hat and glasses).

    To drive my point home further, I made this picture for fun;



    Now excuse me a second, I might've misplaced my shotgun...





    P.S. Oh, and after posting this up I set my Mood Status to "*BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR*". This happened;




  4. People of Rock Raiders United, I bring terrible news.
    On Thursday, 2015-19-06, after some recent contributions by LEGO Message Board users, the LMB topic LDD Final Boss is Too Hard was brutally murdered by an albino alligator. This is a devastating loss for myself, its contributors, and all those it entertained.

    LDD Final Boss was an incredible creation. It was a sample of pure uninhibited imaginative human thought. It was an example of the incredible things that teamwork can accomplish. It was a bold and successful experiment in online social interaction. Despite it not involving a single brick, I rank LDD Final Boss among my greatest LEGO Creations.

    I would like to thank those and all my friends who contributed to this incredible endeavor.

    Rest in LEGO Pieces, LDD Final Boss.

  5. If ever asked, I'll deny myself as a feminist or a liberal or any of that bulls***. There's only one label that I feel fits me best; "Egalitarian". I've spent months trying to understand the word and its connotations, but I've come to the realisation that I knew what it meant all along, because it's exactly how I live my life. Allow me to explain;

    I grew up in a sort-of-Religious family in Australia. As in, we'd sometimes go to Church, I went to Church camps (mostly just for the camp bit), I went to Catholic schools and all that jazz. I'm not here to discuss my beliefs on the Church or their beliefs, but rather to discuss the one thing that stuck with me through the ages; "Love thy neighbour as you love thy self." Think about how f****ing powerful that message is. Hell, it's the entire basis for Australian life. My life in Australia has been beautiful because there were no limits and no wrong-doing. I could call anybody anything, and they'd laugh with me, shoot a joke insult back, and we'd laugh even harder. I never cared if somebody was female, black or handicapped, and it never mattered. What did matter was the standards you held, and the things you were wiling to sacrifice in order to achieve. Hell, for most people I didn't even (and still don't) bother remembering their names, since I remembered them through their key characteristics, and they would always do the same. That's the life I want my children to have. That's the life I want everybody I know to have.

    I grew up in a family of funeral directors. We're surrounded by death constantly, and the thing that keeps us sane is the humour. Death doesn't mean anything to me because life is one big jolly when you think about it. And as I grew up, humour became more than a coping mechanism; it was a way that my friends and I expressed our views. It didn't matter how stupid, stereotypical or insulting it sounded; every joke was there to let us know that it was okay to be open about the horrible realities that life presents us. Jew jokes, blond jokes, retard jokes, nerd jokes. That old phrase "We call our mates 'cunts' and cunts our 'mates'" rang true in my circles. Depression wasn't fixed by being gentle; it was fixed by getting people to live a life better than what they had been. I still remember all the conversations I had that helped rehabilitate people, and without humour, I doubt those people would be in the incredible state of living they're in now.

    In about 10 rewrites of this blog entry, I wanted to cover how my views relate to common social media trending issues, but I've decided not to. The thing is that I do my best not be offended by anything except the most inane stuff that I can write off as comedy (such as getting angry at the s***ty chairs in my local RSL). I refuse to be sensitive or fragile, because in the end that (in my view) makes me a weaker individual towards my end goals of creating high quality works or to become a mentor-like teacher. If I allow myself to get offended every time somebody pronounces somebody's name wrong, makes a joke or overall acts in an "uncivil" way, I don't know how I'd cope with the life I lead.

    I certainly don't have any German in me, but I believe I have a lot of German qualities in the harshness of my critiques and my adherence to standards (most of the time, when I'm not being a lazy dickhead). That's where we need to be. If we don't keep pushing each other, how will any of us learn to do the great things ahead of us? Thankfully, most of my German critique is embedded in the form of humour, which sometimes makes it easier to swallow.

    Anyway, this blog has been all over the place and it's mostly because I got really tired half way through, went to get a coffee, came back confused and wanted to wrap this up. The point I guess I'm trying to make is that what may come off as me being an arsehole really is me being an arsehole...because that's how I express deeper, honest opinions. I'm not going to hold back because somebody will get their feelings hurt in the process; the truth and the freedom to speak is the most important thing we hold as humans, as that is what enabled us to get to where we are today. I will embrace my right to speak, and my right to treat everybody exactly the same; all as the glorious cunts who keep this world spinning.

  6. Ello, i did a pic of something i said many times i would draw more of n stuff, and never got around to it.




    Just wanted to put this guy up in case anybody remembers this guy. (Ayliffe might remember, i hope...)

    If ya don't, here's the story. Oh and enjoy!

    A long time ago, i talked to Ayliffe about a theme park he visited named Chessington World Of Adventures and a Chinese themed ride called Dragon Falls.

    On the beginning of the ride, an announcer said "the wise dragon says, keep hands and feet inside the ride at all time", we made some jokes about it and i drew an  pic on my 3DS what this Wise dragon would look like.


    I was pretty proud of the dragon i named The Wise Safety Dragon and wanted to do more pics n stuff of him, but i was lazy and forgot all about doing that.

    I feel very bad about that...


    So now i decided to stop being lazy and give him some attention he deserves.

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    Well well well, 16 for me. I've divided it into two sections: one which I got from my friends and the other which I got from my family, as I effectively had two birthday parties: one on Queen's Birthday Weekend (a curious holiday because it's always a) suspiciously on a Monday and b) the Queen's birthday is somewhere in April or something), and one on the third of June: a.k.a today, for me in my shiny +12 timezone. l405G.jpg The party with the friends was what I'd call a party: cookies, cake, paintball, general sugar (though we did go for a long walk that it took one person two days to get over l405G.jpg). Whereas the 'party' with the family was basically me opening the larger presents (my friends are poor l405G.jpg) and a dinner (at home because I couldn't think of anything special I really liked l405G.jpg). That was partly due to school on Wednesday, too l405G.jpg

    Anyway, on with the list!


    600g of chocolate (various flavours)

    ~400g of lollies (ate and opened one packet before checking its mass l405G.jpg)

    One small Creator car set (31027)

    $65 in cash and one $50 Steam voucher (:D )

    A very nice drawing of a dragon I plan to frame.

    AOE II HD + The Forgotten, courtesy of Xiron (I can't thank you enough for that :D) (No, Xiron didn't come to my party, him living about 5,000 km away from me l405G.jpg)


    (From brother) A map of Middle-Earth, drawn out by him (another thing I plan to frame)

    (From sister) A book entitled "This Book Will Change Your Dog's Life" (a very silly book, just go google it and look at some of the images l405G.jpg)

    From parents*:

    Medieval II: Total War + Whatever the expansion's called

    Just the expansion of Rome: Total War (called Barbarian Invasion), unfortunately I didn't get the original game as well (silly me*)

    Hive Crawler (70708), a Galaxy Squad set

    Deep Sea Predators (4506), a old Lego Creator set (with lots of glow-in-the-dark, hooray!)

    Crater Creeper (70706), another Galaxy Squad set, and

    The Battle For Middle-Earth II (a LoTR RTS, we got a second disk because a) it was $1, b) our original disk was being very fussy and c) if we could get the original to work we could have multiplayers).

    *For a couple of years 90% of presents from my parents have been sourced by me off TradeMe (the NZ equivalent of e-Bay). This, while taking away the surprise of presents, has a lot more bonuses: I get what I want, rather than something I don't really like, and we get it cheaply, so more can be obtained with the same amount of money that my parents are prepared to spend.


    So yeah!

    Unfortunately, all these games I've wanted for a good wee while, are given to me when I've a string trio concert in seven days (I'm playing the piano), and I have half a year to do Cambridge AS Physics and Chemistry D: . Never mind, I will find time! l405G.jpg

    Yes, I'm well aware I'm being spoilt rotten (doesn't the definition of "spoilt" mean "unaware of it," though? Hmm.... l405G.jpg), but this is my birthday and I have a right to be spoiled on my birthday. l405G.jpg

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    By Zephyria,

    Full Disclosure: I am a massive fan of the Souls series and have played each one to completion multiple times. This may bias and skew my views and wording in this review, but I will go over things that some people may not like as well.

    Bloodborne: The RRU Review


    And here we are, almost two months after the game had come out, and I'm only just starting to review it? Lexi, why is that? Because I wanted to have an air of professionalism in this review, I wanted to actually FINISH the game to the extent it has to offer before tackling what seems like an impossible task of reviewing it fairly and honestly. Because of the recent kerfluffle between games journalism and consumers of said media, I have decided to not give any of my reviews going forward a numerical score at the end, simply stating if I enjoyed the game or if I believe you should play it at some point. Let's begin, shall we?

    The Graphics/Presentation


    We start with what seems to be the most unimportant part of most games, the graphics and presentation of the title. From the sample image up top, one would notice that the game doesn't exactly have the brightest color palette. It's a large variety of greys and browns, set against the background of a cold Victorian setting. Normally, I'm the first person to complain when a game isn't colorful enough but I really do believe that the 'lack' of color present in Bloodborne is one of it's greatest strengths - to a point. Exploring the same dull Victorian environments does get a little bit dull after a while, and the largely repetitive backdrops don't do much to help easy that dullness.

    However, right when you start to get extremely bored by the same gothic buildings, the game starts to throw curveballs at you. There's a short section near the start where you're exploring a small woods with a Witch's abode right at the end, complete with peasant village and ever-autumn graveyard against the backdrop of falling leaves. A section shortly after this takes place primarily in a forest; a dark and sickly place crawling with werewolves and Lovecraftian horrors. All of this seems to tie together the world of Yharnam (and Yahar'ghul) into a cohesive package, thematically and tonally similar throughout the experience. It wouldn't be an exaggeration to say that the world of Yharnam might be one of the most thickly detailed gameworlds of all time. Coffins and enemies dot the streets, statues and plague-stricken NPCs seem to block progress and create new openings. There are very few parts, if any, that aren't intricately detailed in some fashion or another, and it shows how dedicated the Fromsoft A-Team are towards believable world cohesion. The entire world seems to connect in a fantastic and intuitive way, beyond transporting between Reality and The Hunter's Dream.


    But graphics are only a small part of the overall game experience. What of the Gameplay and Story, how well are they done? Well, to start out with; those familiar with the Souls style of combat won't be disappointed here, and will feel right at home when they first pick up their controller to fight the beasts of Yharnam. The controls will feel immediately familiar -if a bit changed. from the previous titles. R1 and R2 remain your main attacking buttons, but the left side of the controller has been changed big-time. As there are no shields in the world of Bloodborne, L1 will instead activate your weapon's "Trick Mode", which can have a variety of effects. For one of the earliest weapons in the game, for instance, it could turn a cane into a serrated whip that gains bonus damage against those infected with the Beast Plague that infest Yharnam's every corner. L2 has turned from a parry button into the dedicated button to use your firearm. Firearms, in a Souls game? Are they overpowered? Surprisingly, they're not. In Bloodborne, your firearms are mainly used for defense, rather than offense. Every shot has the capacity to stun an enemy, but very rarely do they ever actually do enough damage to be considered a viable means of offense. Indeed, their main use is to "parry" enemies into a state where you can walk up to them and press R1, executing a brutal Visceral attack and doing a large chunk of damage to them. Other than the addition of Guns, the other biggest change from classic Souls gameplay is the pace of the combat. It's brutally fast-paced, requiring pitch-perfect timings on every dodge and every attack. Bosses are relentless and barely ever give you time to recover from their onslaught of attacks, leading the player to go on the offensive almost all the time. This seems to be exacerbated by a system called "Rally", wherein if you're hit by an enemy, you can attack them to regain a small amount of lost health; attacking them fast enough could even result in you gaining the entirety of the damage dealt to you back. You can never gain health with this mechanic that you had lost prior to that specific damage, however.

    The story, as with almost every game directed by Hidetaka Miyazaki by this point is dark, depressing, and vague. The hallmarks of a From Software story are all here, and it's up to the player to discover how deep into the lore and history of the universe that they want to dig. From the very outset of the story, we know very little. Just an old man with bandages over his eyes telling us how we need a "blood ministration" and how we need to "sign a contract" in order to obtain it. After creating our character, we're thrust into the world with no prior information, just watching a werewolf burn in a puddle of oil for some reason; symbolically showing us that our own beast-plague was burned away by the Blood Ministration. After we awake, we find ourselves in a clinic, with a note nearby that simply reads "Seek Paleblood, transcend the hunt" Nothing in the game ever explains to us what Paleblood is outright, and that's endemic to the entire series. Miyazaki will never outright tell you important parts of the story, and instead allow the gameplay and item descriptions to speak for themselves, forming the story in a more organic and voluntary way than most AAA Games full of cutscenes and unskippable dialogue do. This is both one of the game's greatest strengths, and greatest weaknesses; the average player is going to have very little idea of the story during their first few playthroughs, and will have to resort to online lore explanation videos to gain the most out of their game.

    Overall, and my final thoughts on the game.


    Bloodborne is easily one of the most hyped games of 2015, and it shows. It had one of the largest launches of a From Software game to this day, despite only having been released on the Playstation 4. Despite a few minor technical shortcomings (Framerate, Loading Times, Frame Timing), it stands as a fantastic testament to the power of the next-gen consoles, in relation to the dated hardware of the last-gen machines from both Sony and Microsoft.

    -Fantastic Fromsoft Gameplay evolved just enough to feel fresh again.
    -Story told purely through exploration and gameplay, almost no cutscenes to speak of outside of the beginning and ending.
    -Gorgeous Gothic-Victorian world.
    -Same Risk/Reward fair difficulty of the Souls series.

    -Awful load times pre-patch.
    -Playstation 4 exclusive.
    -30fps, no possibility of increasing. Often falls below.
    -Vague story with little to keep those who prefer cutscenes interested.
    -Difficult, but not overly so. May not sit well with some people.

    Overall, I think this is an excellent addition to the Playstation 4's library, and is definitely worthy of a purchase if you have the system and the money to spare.

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    Deep OTC Toast

    A Short Story
    by Bic

    OTC Toast was thinking about Kalie Starfox again. Kalie was a derpy crap with headless nonexistant noses and dickbutt legs.

    OTC walked over to the window and reflected on her spacey surroundings. She had always loved orange and transparent Space Istanbul with its spotty, strange space moon snail rocks. It was a place that encouraged her tendency to feel dumbfounded.

    Then she saw something in the distance, or rather someone. It was the a derpy figure of Kalie Starfox.

    OTC gulped. She glanced at her own reflection. She was a deep, edgy, lava piss drinker with pantsless nonexistant noses and shirtless legs. Her friends saw her as a ripe, rabblesnatching rat bound in solid rock. Once, she had even made a cup of tea for a round dirt.

    But not even a deep person who had once made a cup of tea for a round dirt, was prepared for what Kalie had in store today.

    The piss landslides teased like snooping slimy slug, making OTC perplexed. OTC grabbed a geometrical ore that had been strewn nearby; she massaged it with her fingers.

    As OTC stepped outside and Kalie came closer, she could see the kaleidoscopic smile on his face.

    Kalie glared with all the wrath of 9144 dense lonely llamalpaca. He said, in hushed tones, "I hate you and I want energy crystal meth."

    OTC looked back, even more perplexed and still fingering the geometrical ore. "Kalie, I left the oven on when I played catch with you and it caught fire to the house and killed your mother," she replied.

    They looked at each other with ponderous feelings, like two bored, broad bacon scaring at a very rockraidery the landslide burial of OTC's mother, which had c-rap music playing in the background and two indecisive uncles drilling to the beat.

    Suddenly, Kalie lunged forward and tried to punch OTC in the face. Quickly, OTC grabbed the geometrical ore and brought it down on Kalie's skull.

    Kalie's headless nonexistant noses trembled and his dickbutt legs wobbled. He looked flabbergasted, his emotions raw like a rabblesnatching, resonant rubble.

    Then he let out an agonising groan and collapsed onto the ground. Moments later Kalie Starfox was dead.

    OTC Toast went back inside and made herself a nice drink of lava piss.


  14. Hello,

    So, many of you now know me by the RRU MC Server, however, for those of you that I don't know or don't know me. HELLO THERE! This post is mainly just some of my thoughts throughout this whacky and crazy week I've had this week. Filled with tests, quizzes, and some unfortunate circumstances. It turned out to be quite a doozy! Some of you already know from my Twitter, but earlier this week, Wednesday, in fact...I got in a car accident. No one was seriously injured thank goodness, however, it could've been. We were hit by a pickup truck at a stoplight fully stopped at 50MPH. The truck was well above us so it could've gone over the car, crushing us. We could've hit the car in front of us, but we were able to avoid it. So many circumstances, and to think we could've been seriously injured, or died. But we were able to avoid's, humbling to know that you can live another day after such circumstances. Never do I want to forget what a gift it is to live and breath another day. I currently have Whiplash, I may or may not feel it or not, I honestly don't know. But this week has taught me many lessons, all of which I won't forget for a long long time.

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    Err, I mean back...dam you SPELLCHECK, well it didn't take nearly as long as I thought it would but life has settled down.

    Lots of things have changed too, I've got an official start date for transitioning, which'll be in about a month, final projects have started and I've got something like a script worked out for the Anime project that I'm going to start typing up this month, as well as the layout for the story boards which I'll start printing off this month as well. I watched an anime called Shirobako, which is an anime about making anime, that really helped with the process of making anime. And lastly I've created two more languages, which I shall post some time soon.

    So what've I missed on RRU, if anything?

    And oh my gods I just realized my Avi is still in christmas mode. Time to change it...

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    Ok, at first I was thinking of writing about how silly y'all are for still getting upset over ponies >in the year 2015, but then I come back after class and I find that things have devolved into something with random animals and... eyeballs. For some reason. I have no words. Except possibly SPIT CASEY, but that matters not.

  17. Hey guys, I just wanted to give you a heads up on a new comic series I'm starting. This will be taking over my regular weekend comic funnies because it would be too much work to do two comics a week.

    Now without further ado, I present you:


    Why: I'm going Minecraft because it is very popular worldwide, much more so then the classic LEGO games, so by doing this I should hopefully grab a bit of attention from the Minecraft audience and just generally outside RRU audience to help bring in a bit more attention to these old gems (the comics will be posted on my DeviantArt, as the prior funnies already have). Also, the reason I'm going with the Island 2 map instead of Xtreme Stunts is because I think that game is very unappreciated in comparison to the other two games in the series, so, perhaps I can get a bit more of a positive attitude towards this specific game as well while doing this.

    About: LEGO Island Craft will follow the adventures of Pepper Roni (in Minecraft style) along with, of couse, his blocky pizzas & skateboard. This comic series will start from the bare bottom of how Pepper got turned into a block person, ranging from things like all the action-adventurey scenes you would expect to find, like him saving the island from the terrorising Brickster for example... oh! And let me tell you something a little early, not only will The Brickster be causing havok, but from the Ender Dragon as well! Pepper's secret love story will also be in this series. Need I say more? You know where I'm going with all this, all the whole shizams that you would find in a good movie or book will be covered in here!

    There will be lots of character crossing over from other LEGO games (and perhaps outside these), expect to see characters like Rocket Racer and Emmet to show up in this series!

    I'm also adding a little viewer interaction twist. As we all know Pepper can change things like flowers, so whenever you see a changable object in a panel, you can ask it to be changed (first come & highest count priority), so whenever this location shows up again in a later comic the object will be changed!

    If in doubt: I know something like this is hard to take seriously, but really, I'm dead serious about this, just ask one of the people I frequently speak with. One of them will back me up. =)

  18. Does your wee little breteren want to become a Butterfly, but in semi-rare cases their imagination isn't big enough to handle such false lies? There is still hope, for using a Car or a Bike or something you can teach life values of destroying your kid's mindset on reality so their minds make up their dream world of being their own.

    So, get your kid, take him into a forest and leave him there. Let them walk around a bit, to make them feel one with nature and continue that thought about being a Butterfly. Now get into the Car and ram him. Then get onto the Bike and ram him. Then get into/onto the something to ram your song one last time.

    If theres small streams of sluggish red liquid, you've done it wrong. If there are LARGE streams of sluggish red liquid, then you've got a great job!

    Pick up your son and throw them into the sky, watch him feel the wind, watch him continuously bleed, watch him suddenly plunge to their doom. Make sure to repeat this until your he has been impaled upon a tree top (a tree branch will do, but it won't be as effective).

    And the final step; Leave him there. He'll enjoy living the life of a Butterfly for only... ...hrrrm... ...lets say...

    ...he has only 31 Hours left on this earth.


    *P.S. I swear I am not a spambot*

    *P.P.S. I really am not a spambot*

    *P.P.P.S. I REALLY am not a spambot*

  19. And you thought it equaled 14. ;P

    I started this story about my current collegiate affairs two posts ago, and now that a choice has been made, I feel it only necessary to finish it up to the current time.

    As a tl;dr recap, because of some crazy mess caused by both me and the school, I do not have full-time, 12 hour status until I graduate, and have to choose if I wanted to switch my major to IT Support degree and graduate with two degrees, or take more than 12 hours to finish. I also thought it had been decided for me to do this major switch.

    When Spring registration rolled around earlier this month, a new, third option came up: take less than full-time. Initially, we thought doing this meant I would not receive any financial aid, but we were mistaken, I would only get less. After hearing everything, considering all sides, and determining my classes, we decided on spitting my remaining classes between two semesters, putting graduation in Summer 2015 (August), with me walking in the school ceremony in May 2016.

    These all are the classes I have left to take, along with their credit hours:

    • American Literature (3)
    • PHP (4)
    • Information Systems (4)
    • Internship (3)*

    *Not really an internship; very misleading name.

    As indicated from this post's title, I am only taking three of these classes: American Lit. ( D:), PHP, and Info. Systems, leaving the Sink-or-Swimship for Summer. As much as I am not a writer, I am a bajillion times less special a reader. I have never enjoyed reading any form of literature. I have nothing against it, that is simply not my cup of tea. I have also spoken to another student who took this class from the same instructor, and he says it is very hard. Information Systems, as stated by both my advisor and the class instructor (not the same person this time), it is a very hard class with lots of group work, and I can be "fired" if the other members can prove I am not doing my part (that will not happen :P). So while the semester credit hours count is "only" 11 hours, if both of classes turn out to be near or just as bad as I have heard, this will be a repeat of the current 16 hour semester that is currently ending.

    I won't speak on the "You're on your own"ship now, I'll save that mess for later.

    On top of that, I joined the local SkillsUSA chapter, and will be competing at the state level in the computer programming competition this coming March, and I have to improve my programming skills for that. Expect to see some GUIs coming out during the next four months. :P

    I would add something here about missing my friends after graduation or by not graduating with them this Spring, but still #nosociallife, so... :P

    This is going to be a really long semester, as you may be able to imagine. But I know I'll get through it and the Han Soloship and make it to graduation, but it ain't going to be fun. No sirree, not fun at all. :P

  20. Well, as you know, I celebrated my 21st a few days ago, and I was reluctant to share what I got, for the sake of being lazy. So what did I get? Let's find out!

    I got:

    Audio Technica ATH-M20x Studio Grade Headphones

    A CAD u37 Professional Condenser Microphone

    Halo Legends OST

    Forest Piano 30th Anniversary Edition (Relaxing piano solos mixed with the calm sounds of the forest.)

    The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask 3D

    2 Minecraft Novels (Gonna be reading them when camping season arrives)

    $40 Which I spent to get Pokemon Alpha Sapphire and some TCG cards from the Primal Clash series.

    Nearly $200 in a clothes shopping spree (literally, I haven't gone clothes shopping in a long time, I needed it :P )

    A good restaurant dinner

    And what just came in today,

    The Legend of Zelda Series for Piano. A Legend of Zelda Songbook featuring over 30 piano solos from various games.

    So yeah, if you were wondering, then wonder no more.

  21. I believe that you're all aware of my "Collection Posts" about Halo Mega Bloks. Now It's BIONICLE's turn.

    Winter 2015 Wave

    Protectors: Water | Fire | Earth | Stone | Jungle | Ice

    Masters: Gali | Lewa | Kopaka | Tahu | Pohatu | Onua

    Lord of Skull Spiders

    Hero Pack

    Summer 2015 Wave

    Skull Warrior | Skull Slicer | Skull Basher | Skull Grinder Vs. Mask Maker | Skull Scorpio


    NYCC Comic Con Mask | Prototype(?) Marbled Mask of Fire

    I plan on completing the Winter wave before August, and starting on the 2nd wave soon after. Really loving the sets so far


    To Be Posted


    To Be Posted



    To Be Posted

  22. I don't intend for this to come across as something in the vein of self-pity, as I know we all have our own hardships with which to deal, but rather I intend it simply as a venue through which to express some of my deepest feelings.

    I don't necessarily know that anyone is necessarily any happier than I, as I know nothing of their lives in their entirety. But I do know that for a long time now I've felt significantly unhappy due to a multitude of things, one of which is something among the more paramount facets of my life and of myself, but which I don't feel comfortable elaborating on in-depth here. But it's something that poses a hindrance to my becoming more independent, and because of it I'm very much a recluse, and it's uncertain whether it's something I'll be able to surmount. Another thing is that, however much I aspire to be as understanding, compassionate, kind, and perceptive a person as I have the aptitude to be, I haven't always shown or employed such attributes with some people, and unfortunately to the detriment of my relations with them. And whilst some have been more forgiving, others outright hated me and showed no willingness to attempt to understand me. It's very disheartening though to see these people harbor such resentment towards me, because I care for them deeply, especially so because they're very emotionally damaged people, and it makes me feel almost as though I failed them as a friend, I failed to help them and to make them ultimately happier. It hurts me so because I don't want them to continue on in life in such emotionally tortured states of mind, I want nothing more than for them to be happy.

    But we're all very flawed, imperfect, but yet beautiful unique individuals. And I suppose what we did in our pasts is nothing more or less than could be expected of us, because we only ever can think, behave, and deduce as far as the immediate expanse of our knowledge-base, as far as what we immediately know in the present moment. I only wish this understanding were shared with the aforementioned people. Moreover, I try to don a personality with which my subconscious conflicts because of my current circumstances, and so often to no avail.

    But in light of all of this, even if I can't fully live a life of happiness, I try to make a concerted effort to live one of meaning through the resulting contributions of the development of my various archives, through providing emotional support to others wherever and whenever possible for me to do so, and generally trying to enrich the lives of others and their individual happiness. This is why I do the work that I do to research and archive every known retro LEGO comic, storybook, and animated cartoon as thoroughly as is possible, because I know that it's something important to at least some members of this community, and something that provides them happiness and enriches their lives. I do this because I care about you, and it would be a tremendous waste of my life to forever be self-absorbed in my own problems and be oblivious to the struggles of everyone else I share this beautiful world with.

    In conclusion, I hope you never forget how much I care for all of you and for this awesome community as a whole, just as I hope I never forget how much you in turn care for me. I hereby extend my deepest and sincerest thanks to those of you who have shown me forgiveness, tolerance, and most of all friendship, however difficult I might be sometimes. And I extend my deepest and sincerest apologies to any of you I've unnecessarily hurt in any way.

    With love,


  23. Today, I tried to MOC for the first time. I've never moc'd before, always just building to play.

    The result was nothing like what I was planning, and I have no idea how good it is.