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    haha. I beat U all to making the first post after the server move. your moves, nerds.

  2. [7:06:49 PM] Terrev: if I were willing to put the time into it
    [7:06:58 PM] Terrev: I'd replace the maniac in all those comics with the legos are awesome guy
    [7:07:05 PM] Terrev: and replace all his dialogue with "WHOAAAAA"
    [7:07:16 PM] Pereki: pfffpfpft
    [7:07:35 PM] Terrev: I nearly made a comic once
    [7:07:42 PM] Terrev: using scraps from various other lego comis
    [7:08:13 PM] Pereki: nice
    [7:08:20 PM] Terrev: I was putting it together
    [7:08:24 PM] Terrev: and realized it was just kinda dumb
    [7:09:03 PM] Terrev: first page was gonna have outback guys trying to set up a base on venus and acting extremely australian
    [7:09:13 PM] Terrev: then getting attacked by aliens
    [7:09:21 PM] Terrev: the maniac would come in
    [7:09:21 PM] Terrev: n pieces 2 1996/10.jpg
    [7:09:28 PM] Terrev: with that rainbow edited to be red white and blue
    [7:09:32 PM] Terrev: and shoot down the "illegal aliens"
    [7:09:34 PM] Pereki: haha
    [7:09:43 PM] Terrev: he would then proclaim "god bless america" as the outback guys melted
    [7:10:14 PM] Pereki: and the maniac slowly fades away, as donald trump takes his place
    [7:10:28 PM] Terrev: we're gonna make legos great again
    [7:10:53 PM] Pereki: we're gonna build a wall, and were gonna make the mega bloks pay for it
    [7:11:28 PM] Terrev: I probably would have just posted it to or something
    [7:11:44 PM] Terrev: but got as far as putting the outback figures in against a background of venus when I stopped to ask myself what I was doing
    [7:11:56 PM] Terrev: which is, if I'm frank
    [7:11:59 PM] Terrev: an extremely rare occurance for me
    [7:12:04 PM] Pereki: lol

  3. I wrote this during a period where I think I was suffering serious writer's block and really needed to write something down no matter how dumb. I may or may not continue this later; I do have a rough idea of where it's going. If I do write more I'll definitely start crossposting to BZP comedies.


    --Bonkle: the Cronkle--


    Chapter 1:


    This is a story about two Matoran (when isn’t it?) who were meeting for totally unremarkable reasons only to be flung unexpectedly into a situation far more absurd that they could possibly imagine. 

    “I’m glad that the chaff-chucker’s guild and the husk-hucker’s society could come to an agreement. We’ll start handing off the goods tomorrow,” Said our first unwitting victim, let’s call him “Bob.”

    “Excellent! Shall we drink to it? I made this lovely wine for the occasion,” said the other one, who we will now refer to as “Rob.”

    “Funny looking wine, where did you get it exactly?” said Bob.

    “Oh, this? I made it from the Madu that were growing outside,” said Rob.

    “Wait a second, aren’t Madu fruit extremely combustible?” said Bob.

    “Oh nonsense,” said Rob, mere seconds before being brutally corrected. 

    As soon as Rob pulled the cork from the bottle, the entire roof of his house was blown clean off in the resulting explosion, and the two Matoran were launched so far that Ga-Koro’s astrologer would spend countless nights afterwards trying to figure out the identity of the two strange meteors she’d seen fly over Mt. Ihu.

    Of course, one would only need ask the chronicler to know that being flung immeasurable distances is a one-way ticket to adventure, but neither of our heroes knew that. In fact, they were even less aware of it than they were before due to the other effect of such a journey: plot-convenient amnesia.


    I don't know much about the first PC that I owned and played games on, it was a custom PC that my dad built and he doesn't recall anything about it. For certain, though, I know what graphics card the PC had. It had a Matrox Mystique, a card from 1997 with which I played its exclusive version of MechWarrior 2, among other games.


    I still have the driver installation disc, and dug up the beautiful video within demonstrating all the features of the card.

  5. i was in bed thinking what should i do for a 50th entry and then the answer was right in front of me. i faced my jack stone body pillow and decided to write about my favorite animes. these are undeniably the best ones ever

    5. i used to believe that barry the bee was a wuss compared to shrek but eventually i realized that this anime movie is just as important as real bees. isn't larry seinfeld's best work, though

    4. seinfeld, however is a great and highly acclaimed anime thatt lasted nine years and even though i was born after its final season i'm still a 90s kid who got to watch it

    3. everyone loves corey in the hosue! although the anime didn't last long like that witch raven there's no denying that this is one of the most important animes in history. if i was still in ameirnca i would deffinitely vote for cory as president.

    2, pall blart mall cop is god. nuff said

    1. wait nevermind jack stone is actually god. what is funny is that the worlds best anime is only 20 minutes long in total!1!!! this is unacceptable because it would have ended cancer, war, poverty and united the world under one danish order if it lasted longer. jack stone would have stayed forever but the evil anti-anime used bonkle as propoganda to force lego to make more bionicle comics/movies and less jack stone. we may never see our hero again, but we will never forget him. thank you based jack stone!

  6. Yo peeps!


    I'm still not dead! 've been very busy with my musical projects (Producing and performing), and also with some other programming/game sideprojects (To gain experience for RtPu).

    The reason for this post is that I've thought of a logo for RtPu. And with some help from Kmlkmljkl we made this logo. I hope you like it (Feedback is welcome too)!

    (Sorry for the watermark)


    Best of luck,








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    So for my last project in Alternative Interfaces class, I made an Arduino gamepad! It has a compass sensor that detects tilt, three buttons, a rumble motor, and a switch to disable the rumble motor. It currently only works with Processing Serial games, but I'm hoping to get it working as a generic USB gamepad.




  8. A new music! This time it's Dubstep. Still, I didn't make that kind of EDM that sounds all the same. This tune's got some interesting sounds, including an Erhu, a Hawaiian guitar and a voice used as an instrument. :P


    So, enjoy! :D




    I didn't post this right away because I couldn't get on RRU for some reason. But finally I got the problem fixed (thanks Xiron and Ayliffe!).

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    Hey guys I'm thinking about buying a new laptop for less then $1000.  I would like to buy a gaming laptop and the one that I was looking at was this one.  Do you think I should buy it or is there a better deal out there than this one. So I'm just looking for a simple gaming laptop thats not too pricy or over the top even though the one that I'm looking at might be. 

    Here are some requirement that I need

    1 Terabite



    under $1000

    So I need you guys to help me find a laptop thats not too pricy and if you found one plz post the link to it below.

  10. There are a decent number of spam blog posts here on RRU. 'The truth about how to be great content-marketing' is one of those articles. The truth is, the key to content creation is to steal other people's work.

    For some people, ideas are created from the heart or the deepest parts of the creator's mind. For others, ideas are the 20 floor extension to what was a well constructed house. Here are some other truths about creation creating all creators should create.

    You don't need an original idea in order to create something. Whenever I get a package of plain M&Ms, I make it my duty to ask 'what am I doing stealing someone else's work?'. To this end, I steal people's work.

    Yes, big companies tend to hire big teams to dig amongst the strings of the World Wide Web and unveil good ideas to stupidly "build upon". Taking two candies between my thumb and forefinger, I reach out, with my free hand, to grab the revolver on my coffee table. I am the "loser", and I must be rid of quickly. But then my stolen-but-repurposed ideas are loved by many people.

    Even small acts of thievery can have success too, even without teams of writers, researchers and editors. Even good companies like LEGO can of one can find that blatantly copying content is successful, but my local donut shop isn't, and hence wasn't worth bringing up in the first place. I have found that, in general, the brown and red M&Ms are tougher, and my body of flesh and blood is genetically inferior. I have hypothesised that, as a content thief, I have no place on this earth.

    The BBC reported "0% of the BBC's content was stolen from other sources in the past twelve months", and yet they are as 'successful' as ever.

    You don't have to go viral to get great ideas to steal, but it doesn't mean it is good to continue. As I type this up, stealing Jamesster's pointless story about crushing M&Ms, I can't help but stare at the sleek cold metallic surface of the tool that'll soon bring me to my demise. When I reach the end of the pack, I am left with one M&M, representing I am the only one who can end this practise of stealing original ideas. Since it would be ridiculous for me to continue, it makes my choice to leave the world as soon as possible plausible.

    But you shouldn't focus on the companies only available, or located, in the United Kingdom. Google has confessed six months ago that they stole the idea of some Google doodles from Bing, one of their competitors.

    The more often you steal good quality content, the more people will like you, but the more people will accuse you of taking other people's work and passing it off as your own, even if it's not the case. Either start small and stay small or go big and experience the consequences.

    As for me? You won't hear from me after this. As soon as I prism the button I'll be nothing more that a lifeless pile of bones, blood and flesh. As soon as I build up the courage to stop spell-checking, stop stealing the ideas of others, and to press...



    …'Submit Entry'

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    A custom park I made in THUG. It's my take on a Warehouse style level. I'm a little rusty with making parks as I haven't done it in years, but it's something. It also has a few custom goals.



  12. I found out today I have 4 months or ~$59 (whichever comes first) of website hosting credit that will expire. As I'll never use it in time, I'd like to offer up another RRU game server. It'd have to be something I can quickly set up and have someone test because I am on a tight schedule lately, as well as someone else moderate it, but I'll be glad to run it for everyone. The question is what game would you Rock Raiders like? Yet another MC server (who even has that?) or another game? If another, what game? I considered OpenRTC2, but I'll have to *ahem* aquire that game. Then again, I'll have to do that for any game, so suggest away. I wanted you people to pick the game instead of me blindly setting one up. Depending on resources, it might be possible to set up multiple servers, who knows.


    Personally, I'll take a LOCO or LRR server. ( /s )

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    inspired by this. i miss you Fishy, you will always swim into my heart.


    pls RT

  14. In 2009, after the Mata-Nui mystery had been solved and we stepped into a world riddled with hints toward the Great Beings, everyone got excited about them and kept asking Greg who they were, what kind of beings, etc. Greg always said he couldn't say. And, I mean, yeah, that's fair, it was obviously supposed to be a mystery that would be revealed as the plot progressed.


    But as 2009 gave way to 2010 and that to 2011, it became apparent that the Great Beings were actually just some dumb dudes whose specialness factor was 0. And Bionicle was over, so no point in hiding anything about them, right? "So what kind of things are they?" people asked again. But still, Greg held fast his secret. Surely it must be something remarkable, then, despite the mundanity of everything else that turned out to be the reality of these characters.


    And now, finally, a mere 2 weeks ago, Greg revealed the incredible truth. The reality of the the Great Beings. The terrible secret that he couldn't share, and that totally makes sense considering they are characters from 2001. Are you ready? I am. Here we go-




    what a special and important fact worth hiding until now. incredible. wow. I never would have guessed 'the great beings are normal dudes, but dumb' until now.


    thanks, greg

  15. Johnny Thunder. We all love him. The mustached, fedora-adorned hero of the Adventurers theme is perhaps the single most iconic character in the LEGO franchise. He has cameo'ed in countless media, including critically acclaimed titles such as LEGO Island 2: The Brickster’s Revenge and LEGO Universe. I’ve been looking through the internet and been disappointed to find that there isn’t a single good LEGO Universe story about Johnny Thunder. It’s just topic after topic of shameless self-inserts. This blatant injustice cannot be ignored any longer. The story seeks to answer some deep-rooted questions that have been lingering in our minds for years now. I’m sure we’re all wondering how Johnny Thunder became the leader of the Venture League. Or how did he discover Crux? And why did he substitute a black fedora for his iconic brown one? Here is a preview of my forthcoming story, entitled, "Johnny Thunder and the Quest for the MacGuffin, A LEGO Universe Fanfic STARRING JOHNNY THUNDER.

    Chapter One: Chamber of Relics

    Johnny Thunder glanced up from his map, smirking his iconic mustached smirk, as if to arouse the ovation of some unseen audience. It was the outset of another glorious adventure. The Australian adventure hero wondered to himself: what fantastic perils would he face this time? Would he be engaged in a showdown with his greedy arch-nemesis? Perhaps caught in an escalating race against said arch-nemesis to claim a mystical artifact that could be used to bring about the end of all life as he knew it? Would he have opportunities to commit gross violations of the archeological method? Or maybe enjoy a pleasant intermission with his myriad female admirers?

    The Thunder adjusted his wide-brim fedora before turning from his invisible audience and toward the corridor of near-certain death. The insatiable bad-butt casually strutted down the pathway until he inevitably stepped on that one conspicuously protruding brick which incidentally triggers one of the many sufficiently lethal traps along the requisite death course to the Obligatory Chamber of Relics, comprising buzz-saws, swinging blades, no less than a two dozen trap doors, a couple lava pits, rubber spikes, and those useless little flick-operated projectiles.

    Johnny wonders three things: why he didn’t look where he was going, how these booby traps could possibly be working flawlessly despite being undisturbed for millennia, and how he ended up in his present predicament in the first place. The first question could be attributed to his enormous, hyper-inflated ego; the second could likely be attributed to an unseen wizard warding off the effects of natural decay and entropy, but the third required some gratuitous expository flashbacks…

    Some years ago, or more precisely, thirteen zillion, it happened that Johnny was looking into taking a luxury cruise with his friend Pippin Reed. His uncle Kilroy recommended his brother’s consulting firm, Cyber’s Temporal Trip Advisors, a time-travel consulting firm of dubious integrity which spanned several grossly wealthy star systems across a number of the more affluent time periods.

    Time cruises and temporal manipulation at large are, of course, illegal in virtually all advanced galactic confederacies because such ventures have a tendency to result in the general mucklification of the globular spatio-temporal medium, not to mention their being a gross perversion of conventional physics and the mind-bending tenses involved being the chagrin of grammarians everywhere. One popular argument for the abolition of time cruises observes that time cruisers have a seemingly irresistible urge to attempt to assassinate a multitude of the most ruthless dictators and megalomaniacal despots throughout history. Godwin’s Constant of Temporal Manipulation states that any attempt, directly or otherwise, to travel back in time to assassinate any of the aforementioned despots will invariably fail. Further, those who are the subject of the assassination attempt will almost invariably manage to obtain the temporal manipulation device that enabled the assassination attempt, thereby instigating a series of events which invariably result in the megalomaniacal despot in question achieving global domination.

    There is no law, however, barring travel to the distant future by means of time dilation, and the temporal travel agents took considerable liberties in marketing that fact. When Johnny and Pippin had set an appointment, the trans-temporal travel agents were more than eager to expound their selection of luxury cruises, offering a variety of “economically priced” packages that would accommodate their budget. The travel agents were having difficulties convincing clients to book time cruises to the Fifty-Fourth zillennium and, in order to make the cruises seem more appealing, offered special discounts on all cruises to that chronological destination.

    The consultants also conveniently neglected to mention that the economy time cruise to the Fifty-Fourth zillennium held a one-way contingency and consequently did not cover the return trip back to the so-called Twentieth century in the Forty-First zillennium. Incidentally, the Fifty-Fourth zillenium was also the point in time at which the premature obliteration of the entire spatio-temporal medium was to occur. Suffice to say, Cyber’s Trans-temporal Trip Advisors didn’t offer Johnny or Pippin a refund.

    As this retrospective narration played in the back of our hero’s plastic, yellow, fedora-adorned head, he carefully navigated through the sufficiently lethal death course. One of the friendly swinging blades found itself wishing to make intimate physical contact with him but Johnny Thunder knew he didn’t have time for its companionship and rejected its advances, continuing toward the Obligatory Chamber of Relics.

    The focal point of the chamber was a brilliant, transparent-green, triangular crystal fixed on a cylindrical pedestal. Light reflected off the crystal from the sunlight channeled through a small opening directly above.

    “Crickey!” said Johnny, before promptly examining his wristwatch.

    As he expertly extracted the crystal, he was pleasantly surprised that a massive boulder wasn’t chasing him and that the chamber didn’t seem to be collapsing. Exhaling with a surprised humph, he placed the crystal in his satchel and wandered back through the sufficiently lethal death course.

    He was also pleasantly surprised and slightly disappointed that no one seemed to want to repossess his most recent acquisition, as was very often the case. At approximately this point in most of his previous adventures, some contemptible rival would swoop in and demand the adventurer’s recently-obtained treasure, frequently in exchange for a hostage damsel-in-distress who was somehow totally incapacitated whenever the villain was gripping her arm. Following this transaction, the rival would gloat evilly before collapsing the entrance and leaving the adventurers to spend the remaining portion of eternity in the ancient labyrinth, although they inevitably escape and thwart the villain’s schemes, proving things would have been much easier and more likely to result in success had he forgone the whole melodramatic routine and simply had them shot in the first place.

    Addendum: I’m holding subsequent chapters hostage until the ransom of 10 LIKES has been appeased, because I’m insecure about myself and demand the validation of my fellow users.

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    I noticed that LEGO parrots look like dragon heads....So I made dragons.



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    Hey there Rock Raiders!! I've been gone for a while but I'm back again haha (I didn't do a very good job of stickin around as I would have liked to when I came back last time woopsie).

    So what's new? I'm really diggin the new layout of the site, it looks great!

    I'll try to be more active on here (I mean it this time!!), Everything's been so hectic and busy.



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    It was the same old trick as last year.


    And they fell for it again.



    Seriously. Zoom kills Jay Garrick and dumps his body on the floor of his lair, only to take off his mask and reveal that he's...Jay Garrick? Granted, we now know it was Hunter Zolomon, but this is pretty crazy stuff that only happens on a TV show with alternate universes and time travel.



  19. In the "So that's how that works" vein, I discovered Blender Paths. And thus I made a trial project.

    Only problem was that Blender's animation engine...well, it's not the simplest thing to get to put out a .avi. So...I ended up rendering all the images, then porting them into Monkey Jam, then fiddling with the sounds, since Monkey Jam was only allowing me a single track, then waiting for the thing to upload...


    But, yeah...




  20. Recently, I have been working with an Arduino Ethernet (well, not an official Arduino. It's an Andymark clone that's just as good) that I found buried in my robotics teams many boxes of electrical components. We had never used it before and it wasn't surprising considering we don't have any means of programming it (unlike the Uno, this device requires an FTDI cable or ISP programmer). Currently I am working to find an alternate method to loading sketches onto the board.


    That aside, I felt that the Arduino ought to be out in some sort of case while I work on it. I attempted to 3D print a case for it that was provided by the manufacturer but the results were sub-par (a case means the whole thing not just a bottom plate). Not currently willing to take the time to CAD a new case, I continued to search for a cheep and quick solution. Then I remembered that there were things called LEGOs! After digging through my part box to find any useful spare parts. Eventually I came up with this prototype.



    Top View:



    Front View (Ethernet on the left, Power on the right):



    Rear View (MicroSD on left, FTDI on right):


    In its current form, the case works pretty good. However, there are some issues with the design. In order to have some form of access to the MicroSD without opening the case, the board had to be pushed as far back as possible. By doing so though, it becomes harder to access the Ethernet and power ports and some of the analog and digital pins become no longer accessible when the case is open. The hole for the FTDI cable is quite tight as well and may not fit the cables plastic housing. Lastly, the top cover does not feature any holes to give access to the pins on the board. Seeing the issues that this board had, I have designed the following case in LDD.


    The new design resolves the issues with access to the pins as well as access to the Ethernet and power ports. The FTDI hole has also been widened to resolve any spacing issues. The estimated cost for the parts needed to build this case from Pick A Brick is $10.85 USD.


    The LDD file for the case is also downloadable at below.


    Back to work I go!