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  1. UPDATE: It turns out that LDCAD is actually what I'm looking for, believe it or not.

    While trying to design a 1997 UFO themed MOC, I ran into an issue. Particularly, the fact that LEGO Digital Designer is missing several parts needed for the build, such as the 14x14 quarter-saucer segments that make up the hull of the Alien Avenger and the prow of the Interstellar Starfighter. I can't even begin to understand why TLG doesn't include older bricks in LDD. I know LDD is intended for designing models to then purchase the parts for and build, but the thing is a lot of old parts are still available on the resale market.

    So, I did what any sensible person would do and downloaded the full LDraw suite... only to rediscover why I don't use LDraw. Pretty much every CAD program that uses LDraw is either broken (I might address that in a future entry) or has a very clunky interface that I can either barely use or can't use at all (if there is an LDraw program that lets me move and rotate bricks without having to constantly switch between tools, please let me know). I really don't get why software developers pay so little attention to the usability of the GUI. I'm not talking about GUI complexity, and I don't care how many widgets are on the toolbar. What I take issue with is when you're forced to use every single tool and option to do something as basic as placing something in the workspace. EAGLE, a program for making circuit schematics and PCB blueprints, doesn't force you to do this. Autodesk Inventor doesn't force you to do this. Sony Vegas doesn't force you to do this. So why do the developers of LeoCAD, MLCAD and LDCAD think it's ok to force the user to go through the entire interface in order to get anything done?

    My bottom line is that there isn't a LEGO design program that can really be considered a viable option, at least for me. I'm sure that other people can relate.

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    Two years ago, a day after RRU's 6th anniversary and 9 days before my birthday, I first shoved my ugly mug 'ole in the general direction of this site, and joined because -

    Well, actually I've never said on here the real reason why I joined in the first place. Mainly because it was so downright silly. 

    I joined to look at... a topic with a nyan cat mod for racers. Really. When I first navigated my way here as a member of the LMBs (that stopped very soon after), I was a bit of a n00b to be honest. Okay, I wasn't as extreme a n00b as some members (jamesbrick and delle come to mind), but I wouldn't exactly call my early posting habits outstanding, to say the least. To be honest, my posting didn't really become decent until the beginning of 2014, when I started drawing again for a community project that sorta went nowhere (and I still kinda doubt it would, but I'd be interested to see it go somewhere). It was a bit weird picking up my pencil again after so many years of not drawing, but now I'm really happy that I'm back to drawing again -

    And yeah, I've sorta gone off on a weird tangent of talking about my history here on RRU, haven't I? Yep, I should do that less.

    Anyways, I guess the main reason I wanted to make this post was to thank all of you for making the last 2 years of me being here so enjoyable. Yes, every single one of you. Even the spambots and the n00bs and the 20 different accounts that were dellepack. All of you have contributed in your own unique ways to my online life, and helped me gradually through my real one. I've made a ton of mates through here, and hopefully I'll make more over the next umpteen years here.

    So yeah, here's to another infinity years here. You ain't getting rid of me that easily :P


    - Ayliffe/Jay/Bayleef/Mr Phoenix

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    I hath released a new sound item for your ears to munch on... :P

    I present "Destiny".


  4. Here's a fancy loop for you! It's got orchestral and electronic elements, but it contains a couple unusual instruments and an interesting rhythm. Hope you'll like it! :D

    Listen on SoundCloud:

  5. Cirevam, or was it Grapheme, previously posted a topic which came from years into the future.

    Whilst, as a member of RRU, no such ability exsists...


    ...but I think I can do it in a Blog.

    If this works, welcome to the Blog Post From The Future(TM)...

    If this doesn't, damn it.


    Eh, this is close enough;



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    Go back to spamming your blogs. I say as I contribute to it

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    0 |__                        [assumption, want P iff not not P]
    1 |   |__ P                  [assumption, want not not P]
    2 |   |   |__ not P          [assumption, for reductio]
    3 |   |   |   contradiction  [contradiction introduction: 1, 2]
    4 |   |   not not P          [negation introduction: 2]
    5 |   |__ not not P          [assumption, want P]
    6 |   |   P                  [negation elimination: 5]
    7 |   P iff not not P        [biconditional introduction: 1 - 4, 5 - 6]


    ergo go back to your big math books.

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    Go back to your mainstream culture.






    Wait- RRU is a niche?! 

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  9. I hate everything

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    Pointless attention grabbers.

    No one said you can't hate yourself, right?

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    Alas, the new school term has brought my Cambridge exam dates to me: the same exams for which I have half a year to do two textbooks. October. Late October and early November.


    Those are the same exams for which I only found out I was doing about five weeks ago and have since made the headway of a measly six chapters, from both books.


    So I need to urgently get my act together and start studying really really hard. It's possible. I know it's possible in the same way I know my laptop will lag incessantly when it starts up. l405G.jpg I know it's possible because my parents wouldn't have put me forward for these examinations if I couldn't do them.

    Of course, just because it's possible doesn't mean it's easy. And to make time for studying, other things have to be pushed out the way.

    I regret to inform you all that those "other things" include RRU.

    I'm sorry, but it takes up too much of my time. I say to myself "just five minutes in the chat," look at the time and find it's 11pm. Maybe that's bad self-control on my part.

    Whatever, it must be cut.

    I don't know how many of you care. I don't know how many of you aren't going to even notice my absence. And I don't care, either. I won't be reading these comments until 6 November. Yes, RRU has simply got to be dropped from my life. That's a decision made by me and my parents, and I know my siblings approve. Even the dogs will enjoy the extra time I'll spend with them. l405G.jpg

    The other woes on my plate include a Grade 8 piano exam, general school life, and orchestra. The last two are fairly easy, but they're hardly helping. The piano has been on my mind and I am working towards it. But I simply had a complete mental breakdown just this afternoon and made the executive decision of cutting RRU from my life.

    Steam's also got to go. There's precious little I obtain from it, except fun. And at this point in time fun is a lower priority than Cambridge. I will probably be on Steam occasionally: I'd say about thrice every two weeks: but that's considerably lower than my previous "daily." If there's something you really need to get to me, you can tell it to Ace who can either then tell it to me on Steam or tell it to Boromir, who's a friend IRL (yes, I do have those l405G.jpg)



    This is not a morbid "good-bye: for ever."

    It's a morbid "good-bye, until the 6th of November." The 6th of November being the date of my last Cambridge exam. (NCEA is a complete breeze for me).


    all right Cyrem, you win


    Farewell: yes, fare you all well! I won't forget you, and I'll be pining for you okay, maybe not THAT severe. l405G.jpg  I'll be bach!


    Alas, that the 6th of November was spent happily in Rivendell in TA 3018! Alas that the Twelfth of October (first exam) was spent running from the Nazgûl!

    "Theoden King! Theoden King! As a father you were to me, for a little while. Farewell!"

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    I'm very depressed right now. Why? Because i've opened by eyes and realized what my surroundings are.

    I'm an outcast, i'm sure you've known. If you didn't know, then good for you. I'm an outcast because i do not fit in any way, shape or form with the RRU community and i am the middleground between Dellepack and Ben24x7 when it comes to my relationship with the communitee. I have not been productive in any way and all i've posted is "how do i make custom map textures for LR1", learned how to do it, then never get around to it, and just forget it later on. I didn't even know much about rock raiders other than a group of people go to a planet to mine crystals. The only reason i named myself "MaelstromIslander" was so i would fit with the community but that didn't work in the slightest. I'm a brickimedia guy trying to fit into RRU which is like a bear trying to fit into a family of penguins. The only reason i'm here is because Jamesster linked a Blacktron Astronaut for LR1 mod.

    I'm a comedic failure. My jokes are not funny in the slightest to anyone other than Carcraze and Wognif, but wognif even does "..."s when i make jokes. I don't even think ben or someswedish CARE about my jokes and they're my best friends. My jokes are considered spam as everyone and don't make anyone laugh except myself. I'm a comedian at an abandoned theatre and i'm the only one whose laughing. I thought i was at the PeabodySam and Jamesster comedy level but i was actually on the bottom of the totem pole. My jokes do not ammuse anyone and just annoy them, and Legos in Castles prove this. I thought comedy was my best skill but it seems i'm not good at that either.

    I'm immature. I act like ten-year old when i'm four years older, and i constantly act like a jerk to people and act like i'm the right one. If RRU was much more strict, i would've been banned in a heartbeat, no questions asked. I can't handle arguments well, and they always end up with me being rude and me losing the argument. I think Le's even yelled at me in all caps before.

    Long story short, i need a break. I need to fix the above so that people can at least feel a BIT pleasant around me, but my problem is i don't know how and i don't know where to practice. Again, i need a break off RRU so that i stop making the people around me miserable as well as myself, because its not productive and doesn't help anyone. Everyone knows me as Mael: The Anime Hater or just Mael: The Unproductive Arsehole, and i seem to have grown a sort of stereotype, because even though i've become much more flexible over anime people still treat me like i was before.

    I need a break from RRU so that i can be a better person and people will hopefully not hate me and my selfish behavior. I've done RRU more pain than help, and its the same way the other way around.

    Hope you guys understand.

  12. Unfortunately, at SDCC LEGO has shown some Ninjago Art and it's pretty much early set in artwork. And, LEGO has Shown a, New Star Wars Hong Echo Base on they Website. 


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    I love Sci-Fi because I love the future.
    While much of Sci-Fi is often outside what is possible given our current understanding of physics, it explores the problems and advantages of technology, much of which is already nearly within our grasp -- or even exists today.
    For example, let us take the classic novel Neuromancer.  It details the story of a washed-out hacker no longer able to connect to the internet, who suddenly has this block removed -- provided he works for a shadowy employer.
    In it, there is clothing that bends light around a person (Japanese scientists made one four or five years ago), augmented reality (Similar to Hololens, but better -- we'll have this in 10 years or so), direct input from EEG into computers (We already have this on a fairly basic level), video feed sent directly to the brain (We have this, too!).  The full spread of technology doesn't exist yet, true, but much of it does, at least partially.  Exploring where it could be in a few years can be quite fascinating.
    It also explores human nature.  In John Ringo's Legacy of the Aldenata series, he explores how humanity responds to threats as a group, trust, panic, and how people handle pressure.  Sure, it's couched in the story of billions of quadrupedal alligators intent on eating the universe, but to assume this makes up the entirety of the flesh of the book is to far underestimate the writing and thought put into it.

    While other genres can examine the latter, they cannot examine the former without becoming science fiction.  Science fiction can also examine the interaction between human nature and psychology, and the new technologies that are just beginning to exist now or are right around the corner.


    Scifi is cool.

  14. People of Rock Raiders United, I bring terrible news.
    On Thursday, 2015-19-06, after some recent contributions by LEGO Message Board users, the LMB topic LDD Final Boss is Too Hard was brutally murdered by an albino alligator. This is a devastating loss for myself, its contributors, and all those it entertained.

    LDD Final Boss was an incredible creation. It was a sample of pure uninhibited imaginative human thought. It was an example of the incredible things that teamwork can accomplish. It was a bold and successful experiment in online social interaction. Despite it not involving a single brick, I rank LDD Final Boss among my greatest LEGO Creations.

    I would like to thank those and all my friends who contributed to this incredible endeavor.

    Rest in LEGO Pieces, LDD Final Boss.

  15. If ever asked, I'll deny myself as a feminist or a liberal or any of that bulls***. There's only one label that I feel fits me best; "Egalitarian". I've spent months trying to understand the word and its connotations, but I've come to the realisation that I knew what it meant all along, because it's exactly how I live my life. Allow me to explain;

    I grew up in a sort-of-Religious family in Australia. As in, we'd sometimes go to Church, I went to Church camps (mostly just for the camp bit), I went to Catholic schools and all that jazz. I'm not here to discuss my beliefs on the Church or their beliefs, but rather to discuss the one thing that stuck with me through the ages; "Love thy neighbour as you love thy self." Think about how f****ing powerful that message is. Hell, it's the entire basis for Australian life. My life in Australia has been beautiful because there were no limits and no wrong-doing. I could call anybody anything, and they'd laugh with me, shoot a joke insult back, and we'd laugh even harder. I never cared if somebody was female, black or handicapped, and it never mattered. What did matter was the standards you held, and the things you were wiling to sacrifice in order to achieve. Hell, for most people I didn't even (and still don't) bother remembering their names, since I remembered them through their key characteristics, and they would always do the same. That's the life I want my children to have. That's the life I want everybody I know to have.

    I grew up in a family of funeral directors. We're surrounded by death constantly, and the thing that keeps us sane is the humour. Death doesn't mean anything to me because life is one big jolly when you think about it. And as I grew up, humour became more than a coping mechanism; it was a way that my friends and I expressed our views. It didn't matter how stupid, stereotypical or insulting it sounded; every joke was there to let us know that it was okay to be open about the horrible realities that life presents us. Jew jokes, blond jokes, retard jokes, nerd jokes. That old phrase "We call our mates 'cunts' and cunts our 'mates'" rang true in my circles. Depression wasn't fixed by being gentle; it was fixed by getting people to live a life better than what they had been. I still remember all the conversations I had that helped rehabilitate people, and without humour, I doubt those people would be in the incredible state of living they're in now.

    In about 10 rewrites of this blog entry, I wanted to cover how my views relate to common social media trending issues, but I've decided not to. The thing is that I do my best not be offended by anything except the most inane stuff that I can write off as comedy (such as getting angry at the s***ty chairs in my local RSL). I refuse to be sensitive or fragile, because in the end that (in my view) makes me a weaker individual towards my end goals of creating high quality works or to become a mentor-like teacher. If I allow myself to get offended every time somebody pronounces somebody's name wrong, makes a joke or overall acts in an "uncivil" way, I don't know how I'd cope with the life I lead.

    I certainly don't have any German in me, but I believe I have a lot of German qualities in the harshness of my critiques and my adherence to standards (most of the time, when I'm not being a lazy dickhead). That's where we need to be. If we don't keep pushing each other, how will any of us learn to do the great things ahead of us? Thankfully, most of my German critique is embedded in the form of humour, which sometimes makes it easier to swallow.

    Anyway, this blog has been all over the place and it's mostly because I got really tired half way through, went to get a coffee, came back confused and wanted to wrap this up. The point I guess I'm trying to make is that what may come off as me being an arsehole really is me being an arsehole...because that's how I express deeper, honest opinions. I'm not going to hold back because somebody will get their feelings hurt in the process; the truth and the freedom to speak is the most important thing we hold as humans, as that is what enabled us to get to where we are today. I will embrace my right to speak, and my right to treat everybody exactly the same; all as the glorious cunts who keep this world spinning.

  16. Ello, i did a pic of something i said many times i would draw more of n stuff, and never got around to it.




    Just wanted to put this guy up in case anybody remembers this guy. (Ayliffe might remember, i hope...)

    If ya don't, here's the story. Oh and enjoy!

    A long time ago, i talked to Ayliffe about a theme park he visited named Chessington World Of Adventures and a Chinese themed ride called Dragon Falls.

    On the beginning of the ride, an announcer said "the wise dragon says, keep hands and feet inside the ride at all time", we made some jokes about it and i drew an  pic on my 3DS what this Wise dragon would look like.


    I was pretty proud of the dragon i named The Wise Safety Dragon and wanted to do more pics n stuff of him, but i was lazy and forgot all about doing that.

    I feel very bad about that...


    So now i decided to stop being lazy and give him some attention he deserves.

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  20. Latest Entry

    By Zephyria,

    Full Disclosure: I am a massive fan of the Souls series and have played each one to completion multiple times. This may bias and skew my views and wording in this review, but I will go over things that some people may not like as well.

    Bloodborne: The RRU Review


    And here we are, almost two months after the game had come out, and I'm only just starting to review it? Lexi, why is that? Because I wanted to have an air of professionalism in this review, I wanted to actually FINISH the game to the extent it has to offer before tackling what seems like an impossible task of reviewing it fairly and honestly. Because of the recent kerfluffle between games journalism and consumers of said media, I have decided to not give any of my reviews going forward a numerical score at the end, simply stating if I enjoyed the game or if I believe you should play it at some point. Let's begin, shall we?

    The Graphics/Presentation


    We start with what seems to be the most unimportant part of most games, the graphics and presentation of the title. From the sample image up top, one would notice that the game doesn't exactly have the brightest color palette. It's a large variety of greys and browns, set against the background of a cold Victorian setting. Normally, I'm the first person to complain when a game isn't colorful enough but I really do believe that the 'lack' of color present in Bloodborne is one of it's greatest strengths - to a point. Exploring the same dull Victorian environments does get a little bit dull after a while, and the largely repetitive backdrops don't do much to help easy that dullness.

    However, right when you start to get extremely bored by the same gothic buildings, the game starts to throw curveballs at you. There's a short section near the start where you're exploring a small woods with a Witch's abode right at the end, complete with peasant village and ever-autumn graveyard against the backdrop of falling leaves. A section shortly after this takes place primarily in a forest; a dark and sickly place crawling with werewolves and Lovecraftian horrors. All of this seems to tie together the world of Yharnam (and Yahar'ghul) into a cohesive package, thematically and tonally similar throughout the experience. It wouldn't be an exaggeration to say that the world of Yharnam might be one of the most thickly detailed gameworlds of all time. Coffins and enemies dot the streets, statues and plague-stricken NPCs seem to block progress and create new openings. There are very few parts, if any, that aren't intricately detailed in some fashion or another, and it shows how dedicated the Fromsoft A-Team are towards believable world cohesion. The entire world seems to connect in a fantastic and intuitive way, beyond transporting between Reality and The Hunter's Dream.


    But graphics are only a small part of the overall game experience. What of the Gameplay and Story, how well are they done? Well, to start out with; those familiar with the Souls style of combat won't be disappointed here, and will feel right at home when they first pick up their controller to fight the beasts of Yharnam. The controls will feel immediately familiar -if a bit changed. from the previous titles. R1 and R2 remain your main attacking buttons, but the left side of the controller has been changed big-time. As there are no shields in the world of Bloodborne, L1 will instead activate your weapon's "Trick Mode", which can have a variety of effects. For one of the earliest weapons in the game, for instance, it could turn a cane into a serrated whip that gains bonus damage against those infected with the Beast Plague that infest Yharnam's every corner. L2 has turned from a parry button into the dedicated button to use your firearm. Firearms, in a Souls game? Are they overpowered? Surprisingly, they're not. In Bloodborne, your firearms are mainly used for defense, rather than offense. Every shot has the capacity to stun an enemy, but very rarely do they ever actually do enough damage to be considered a viable means of offense. Indeed, their main use is to "parry" enemies into a state where you can walk up to them and press R1, executing a brutal Visceral attack and doing a large chunk of damage to them. Other than the addition of Guns, the other biggest change from classic Souls gameplay is the pace of the combat. It's brutally fast-paced, requiring pitch-perfect timings on every dodge and every attack. Bosses are relentless and barely ever give you time to recover from their onslaught of attacks, leading the player to go on the offensive almost all the time. This seems to be exacerbated by a system called "Rally", wherein if you're hit by an enemy, you can attack them to regain a small amount of lost health; attacking them fast enough could even result in you gaining the entirety of the damage dealt to you back. You can never gain health with this mechanic that you had lost prior to that specific damage, however.

    The story, as with almost every game directed by Hidetaka Miyazaki by this point is dark, depressing, and vague. The hallmarks of a From Software story are all here, and it's up to the player to discover how deep into the lore and history of the universe that they want to dig. From the very outset of the story, we know very little. Just an old man with bandages over his eyes telling us how we need a "blood ministration" and how we need to "sign a contract" in order to obtain it. After creating our character, we're thrust into the world with no prior information, just watching a werewolf burn in a puddle of oil for some reason; symbolically showing us that our own beast-plague was burned away by the Blood Ministration. After we awake, we find ourselves in a clinic, with a note nearby that simply reads "Seek Paleblood, transcend the hunt" Nothing in the game ever explains to us what Paleblood is outright, and that's endemic to the entire series. Miyazaki will never outright tell you important parts of the story, and instead allow the gameplay and item descriptions to speak for themselves, forming the story in a more organic and voluntary way than most AAA Games full of cutscenes and unskippable dialogue do. This is both one of the game's greatest strengths, and greatest weaknesses; the average player is going to have very little idea of the story during their first few playthroughs, and will have to resort to online lore explanation videos to gain the most out of their game.

    Overall, and my final thoughts on the game.


    Bloodborne is easily one of the most hyped games of 2015, and it shows. It had one of the largest launches of a From Software game to this day, despite only having been released on the Playstation 4. Despite a few minor technical shortcomings (Framerate, Loading Times, Frame Timing), it stands as a fantastic testament to the power of the next-gen consoles, in relation to the dated hardware of the last-gen machines from both Sony and Microsoft.

    -Fantastic Fromsoft Gameplay evolved just enough to feel fresh again.
    -Story told purely through exploration and gameplay, almost no cutscenes to speak of outside of the beginning and ending.
    -Gorgeous Gothic-Victorian world.
    -Same Risk/Reward fair difficulty of the Souls series.

    -Awful load times pre-patch.
    -Playstation 4 exclusive.
    -30fps, no possibility of increasing. Often falls below.
    -Vague story with little to keep those who prefer cutscenes interested.
    -Difficult, but not overly so. May not sit well with some people.

    Overall, I think this is an excellent addition to the Playstation 4's library, and is definitely worthy of a purchase if you have the system and the money to spare.