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Leaving Forever.

Posted by le717 in Trian Gular Ramblings, 25 March 2015 · 0 views

I'm sorry about this, but my time has come. I cannot stay here any longer. I must leave. This site is built around video games that are dead and never coming back. They have no chance of being remade by LEGO nor producing fan-made online play or PRIVATE SERVERS???. Besides, this site is dying anyway.

So I'm afraid this must be. I've enjoyed my time here,...


A simple mistake in creating game levels

Posted by Ben24x7 in The Fred blogs, 22 March 2015 · 0 views

In this blog, I'll be listing a problem in game design and how to (possibly) fix it. So, without further ado, let's begin;

Areas the player gets stuck in

By "player gets stuck" I don't mean a hard or complicated puzzle, I mean areas where the player can't get out of. These can come in simple forms like, for example, an empty pit with no way out, unle...



Posted by Drill Master in JAL's Music Corner, 21 March 2015 · 0 views

Hey there! It's that time of the week again for me to release another track for you to enjoy! Here it the all new "Remember".


This time with RRU's own artist Fushi, who created the Remember Cover Art. Thanks! :D

Let me know what you think!


Video Game Proposal: LEGO Ultra Agents: Retake Astor

Posted by McJobless in Blog-Tastika, 19 March 2015 · 0 views


What separates you from your enemies?
© Ben Steenson 2015

Note! This is a work in progress! Come back every day for new updates, gameplay features, story, images and more!

Welcome to the design proposal for a new video game, LEGO Ultra Agents: Retake Astor ! This proposal is being written as a hobby of mine and is n...


BIONICLE 2015 Megapost

Posted by Phantom Terror in Stuff I Do For Science, 18 March 2015 · 0 views

I believe that you're all aware of my "Collection Posts" about Halo Mega Bloks. Now It's BIONICLE's turn.

Winter 2015 Wave
Protectors: [s]Water | [s]Fire | Earth |Stone | [s]Jungle | [s]Ice
Masters: [s]Gali | [s]Lewa | Kopaka | Tahu | Pohatu | Onua
Lord of Skull Spiders
[s]Hero Pack

Summer 2015 Wave
Skull Warrior | Skull Slicer | Sku...


I was reluctant to say this, but felt it needed to be.

Posted by Sadie Meowsalot in RRU relevant things, 16 March 2015 · 0 views

I don't intend for this to come across as something in the vein of self-pity, as I know we all have our own hardships with which to deal, but rather I intend it simply as a venue through which to express some of my deepest feelings.

I don't necessarily know that anyone is necessarily any happier than I, as I know nothing of their lives in their entirety....


So, today I tried to MOC...

Posted by noghiri in This Space Intentionally Left Blank, 13 March 2015 · 0 views

Today, I tried to MOC for the first time. I've never moc'd before, always just building to play.

The result was nothing like what I was planning, and I have no idea how good it is.



Con Man - Indiegogo Campaign

Posted by JimbobJeffers in Well That Was Interesting, 13 March 2015 · 0 views

Where do I begin? With the incredible inspirational cast, the brilliant TV show that was such an unsung hero, the fans that carried the show from defeat to impossible success, or the new show which is being produced in commemoration?



PYF LEGO Libraries - Pereki's Collection

Posted by Pereki in tazakks i mean perekis blog, 22 February 2015 · 0 views
Post your LEGO Libraries

I'd love to take pictures for this. I really would. But most of my LEGO is in a stack of cardboard boxes in Nevada, and I'm in New York. So I can't.

Luckily, I have a habit of taking photographs of how I have my LEGO set up in my room - my family moved so frequently that practically every year I'd have a new palette to paint (metaphorically speaking). So...


Post Your LEGO Libraries - Drill Master's Collection

Posted by Drill Master in Drill Master's Blog, 20 February 2015 · 0 views

So as McJobless asked, here is my LEGO collection.

The Bricks:
Sorry for the odd angle, took a vertical picture with my phone.

The Games:

Now, I'm going to say this right now. If I get any hate from this, I will leave RRU. That large...


STAR WARS: The Fork Awakens Toastspeeder (SKETCH)

Posted by Ayliffe in Blog of Ayliffe, 18 February 2015 · 0 views
Star Wars, Sketch, Random and 6 more...

STAR WARS: The Fork Awakens
Toastspeeder (SKETCH)


Finally, a blog post that isn't spam-related...

I did this sketch way back in november-ish when the first trailer for The Force Awakens dropped and nobody could talk about anything else for a week....


How to use Finding Nemo to teach your child important values

Posted by Mr. Spambot in Mr. Spambot's Blog, 15 February 2015 · 0 views

This blog entry was originally posted by the very legitimate user "simonaannie" in January 2014. It was deleted, but unfortunately a copy was preserved by Crap Boy and his brick building team, Sharkboy and Lavagirl. It is now presented unedited, with the exception of a link removal.

Finding Nemo is a great family movie, both my son and I like it. My son...


The truth at how to be great at sandwich marketing

Posted by aidenpons in I couldn't think up a name, 14 February 2015 · 0 views
parody, sandwich, marketing and 1 more...

The truth at how to be great at sandwich marketing

There are a lot of cure-alls circling the web all claiming to be able to solve all your sandwich marketing problems. This isn’t one of those articles. The truth is, the key to sandwich marketing depends a lot on the nature of your sandwich supply and your target task for your raiders.

For some idle rai...



Posted by natcO in this is a blarg, 10 February 2015 · 0 views

Over the past few days i had an interesting skype chat....

Was up there...
[2/8/2015 4:49:50 PM] william Armstrong(natcO): who are you?
[2:58:14 PM] lindsaybeach8: look im NAKED!!!
[2:58:31 PM] william Armstrong: who are you?
[2:58:53 PM] lindsaybeach8: HI there how are you doing!?!
[2:59:03 PM] william Armstrong: who are you?
[2:59:33 PM] lindsaybeach8:...


Pardon me as i draw a bull in a ballerina dress

Posted by someswedish in The dragon and his fellow Rock Raiders, Etc., 08 February 2015 · 0 views
Random, Pointless, Nonsence, That and 8 more...

someswedish : (08 February 2015 - 01:31 AM) Okay, rant over. Pardon me as i draw a bull in a ballerina dress.
le717 : (08 February 2015 - 02:55 AM) That'll be a sight to see. :P


Dont ask, i dunno how my brain works either...


Coming Soon

Posted by Fushigisaur in Blarg, 05 February 2015 · 0 views


Just a little quick sketch I whipped up to promote a project I'm working on.


I don't see why you would be. There's nothing about this image to suggest anything intriguing. But I guess that couldn't be helped.

Oh sure, I COULD have posted something more informative but where's the fun in that?



Shadowblaze - Corrode

Posted by Shadowblaze in Shadowblaze's Music, 30 January 2015 · 0 views
music, shadowblaze

Here's another track! It's a dark, bassy and slow breakbeat track, with a brutal drop, fancy sounds, and a lot of other wonderful stuff! :P

Enjoy! :D


Listen on SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.c...owblaze-corrode


Wot I Fink: Sanic Boooom (Or "Gotta Ship Fast!")

Posted by McStudz in Blog of Stan McStudz, 19 November 2014 · 286 views
Sonic, Naughty Dog and 3 more...

Remember SEGA's attempt to reignite the genuine excitement people got when they heard about a new Sonic The Hedgehog game by reimagining the franchise back in late 2006? Remember how much that game sucked? Today, the 2006 reimagining of Sonic The Hedgehog (or as we all like to call it, "Sonic 06") is the prime example of what NOT to do with your franchise...


How does this happen...

Posted by raysfan00 in raysfan00's Blog, 18 November 2014 · 162 views
Lego, Lego Racers, Racers

Well, I just realized. I a while back had received Lego Racers from a friend. However, we moved, and it appears my copy has disappeared. How could that happen? I have no idea... -.- Now to find that copy....maybe a lonely hermit took it? :o


A Puzzle: How to Design a Website for One Person.

Posted by Alcom1 in Alcom1's Blog, 20 October 2014 · 219 views

The Assignment: For one of my classes, IGME 110: Intro to Interactive Games and Media, I am to design a website. The first step is due Tuesday at 2:00 PM EST, and reads as such:Start designing the structure for your project website• Who’s your target audience? What information would be useful to them?• What kind of experience do you want to design?• What...

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