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    do I need to have text here

  2. Ayliffe
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    1. Go to your old YouTube channel.

    2. Find your oldest brickfilm/letsplay/video on said channel.

    3. Cringe indefinitely.



  3. Blog of STARROCKS923

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    i ate an unreleased taco bell item today and thought of jhuyser who reminded me of this place


    im still not married yet


    does jamesster still post like this

  4. AaronBurner05
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    I made this because I was bored :zzz:


    Also an LI3 clip from my old channel


    My first "brickfilm"






  5. Hello all, it's been some time since my last post here. Been kinda busy over the past few months so I been mainly lurking. Anyways, I have a couple of important(ish) announcements.

    First off, I now have a new website. Well not really a new website but really a new domain for my old one. It can be found at The same usual stuff can be found there such as my posts from here, project pages, etc. I also now have a professional portfolio at Old links should still work for at least the next three to six months.


    Secondly, I have made a logo for ATP. If you thought that project is dead, it isn't. Work on it has just stopped temporarily, I hope to resume working on it soon. A project page for it on my website will be available soon. Also, I hope to share some screenshots of upcoming new content soon.



    Lastly, me and some other people are currently working to rip and analyze files from LEGO City Undercover for the Wii U. This project is expected to take quite some time (acquiring the files is expected to take the longest). More updates will be posted as made available.

  6. Pereki
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    I'm glad to see the authors' idea of female empowerment is "pretend you want to be independent and stand as your own character, but really just want to fulfill a male main character's obsessive crush all along! Also you get to be a damsel in distress for at least the third time and despite becoming one of the ninja you are never casually accepted to be part of the main team."


    It's really funny because they are actually literally talking about these issues in the episodes, and then they just completely ignore them in practice. I guess the writers thought that if they wrote about stuff without actually thinking about it, everything would be just dandy, lol.

  7. Lind's Blog

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    For a full year, the LDD->LDraw->Blender development stream has refused to work for me. But now...:



    Oh yeah.

  8. On more than on occasion I've mentioned that I have a pretty well organized LEGO Collection. Up until now, I've been too lazy to post it. I'm posting it.


    The center of my collection is a 2x6 set of drawers that hold what they best fit.






  9. JAL's Music Corner

    Drill Master
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  10. Lind Whisperer
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    Well, it's not exactly the most visually exciting of videos. But, thanks to the awesome work Stopsecret did in his Rocket Script, Crash's helpful answering of questions, and a little search-fu, I successfully imported the Galactic Peacekeeper into Unity - apparently it doesn't have too many polygons - and can spin it around using keyboard controls!


    (Apologies for video quality, I'm still mastering FRAPS...)


    If you imagine there's a dark starry sky racing past in this first one, it gets a lot more engaging.

    This one has a lot more spin - and reveals a lot more issues with missing overlapping* faces. (Don't worry, it can do more than turn in a barrel roll. I had FRAPS issues, and the only video I got of it from a different angle was awkward enough that I didn't upload it.)


    Well, it's definitely got issues that need fixing. But as far as it goes, it also works - in its own way - which is a heck of a lot more than what I had when I started a few days ago.

    Not sure what the best next step would be - try to get flying a bit better, model a good test map, etc...


    *Thanks go to le for pointing that out.

  11. Game Development

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    Hello, a few people on RRU know I've been working on a game recently, a mobile game in fact. I call it, MIND BENDER! This is a 2D Infinite Platformer with a bit of a twist. This game is not made to work exactly how you want it to everytime, the key phrase I like to use is, "The Controls Are Not Your Friend." The controls will at random not function exactly how you expect them to or how you want them to. This game is designed to see how far you can with random twists being thrown at you. This is made to be difficult and not to be defeated as a whole. I need some testers willing to test performance and tweaks I add to the game as it comes. Remember though, things that appear as bugs may not be, maybe they are there for a reason. :) Anyways! If you would like to help test please leave a comment below, and I'll contact you. The game currently is an Android only game. This could change later! I'm currently hoping to save for a Google Play License to officially post it on Google Play later on, and hopefully to iOS at some point. If you have ANY questions, feel free to ask! :D Screenshots below:





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    Hey everybody!


    I want to wish you all a happy new year! May this year be good for you!

    As of december 2015, it was my 7th year of being a user on RRU. Can't believe the time has gone by that fast!

    I remember coming here to find out how someone changed the ice biome pink on the image I saw on google :P

    Pff, this year I want to get a lot done for Return To Planet U. It won't get finished, but hopefully it will get to a state that is presentable.

    It would be about damn time too, this project has been in progress since 2009 haha.


    In some time, I will make the first official teaser for Return To Planet U as soon as I can make some gameplay videos and the anthem song is done.


    Have a nice day,

    Rockraider cadet Pascal.

  12. Dazz's Dazzling Blog

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    I'm feeling inspired to do something

    keep ur eyes open ppl.

  13. Spacepals' Blog!

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    Hello! I've been gone from RRU for so long!

    I'm back now though, and going to try to make more of an effort to be more active on these forums; life's been so wild and busy!

    How was everything been here on RRU? I have not been able to check in or browse much while i was away. Anything big happen or events of note? :-)


    I'm excited to be back though! I'd like to make an effort to get to know some of the members here! 

    Hope everyone is doing well,

    See you soon!

  14. 2015 is over, gone, disparu, ido, 지나간, ゴーン. With that, begins 2016, a brand new year, a clean slate, and with that, comes improvements we all wish to bring on our life for the new year. Every year we learn something new, and with that, we can profit and correct what we wish in the new year. However, it's not just a number, 2016, it's an entirely new year for us to do WHATEVER we want with! I want to share with you some New Year's Resolutions of mine, and then close it off, as well as find out some of your's! This is the perfect time to share it anyways, am I right? :P 


    Crash's New Year's Resolution List:

    • Be A Friendlier Person.
    • Be More Caring Towards Others.
    • Be Less Reliant On Others.
    • Exercise (lol).
    • Be More Reliable.
    • Listen More.
    • Work on my temper.

    One thing I always try to remember is though, that even though having New Year's Resolutions is fine and dandy, don't change yourself or your life to something it isn't. You are you and only you, other people's judgements shouldn't change you, they should enlighten you. André Gide said, 



    “It is better to be hated for what you are than to be loved for what you are not.”





    Just remember, in this new year, you should improve, not detract, your flaws and differences are what make you, YOU! Let's make 2016 the best year yet. :) So, my question to you is, what are your New Year Resolutions? HAPPY NEW YEAR!



  15. So after five minutes a while of thinking, I decided that I need to make a list of everything wrong with my behavior, and what I need to do to fix it.


    I'm sick of being treated the way I am, I'm tired of the arguments, and I'm tired of my overall mopey depression. I bring most of this on myself, and I said "most" because I will not blame everything on me, that just contributes to my depression. So if you guys go off to say "You did everything and its all your fault" you're just making this happen.


    As far as I know, my immaturity cannot be changed. Maturity is natural, and we all mature eventually. It cannot be forced, and we all know this. I'm sorry that this is the way it has to be, but you just have to welcome my immaturity until I can change and become a better, more formal person.


    I'm not going to run away this time. Last time I did that nothing changed and I disappointed many people. Running away will also result in me losing experience with RRU, and everything will just happen all over again. Instead, I'm just going to stay here, and I'll keep trying to fix myself until I succeed.


    I am done being mopey. My mopeyness is probably one of the worst parts about my personality, and I'm sick of it. It increases my depression, and it just makes me feel worse, and hate people more. Honestly I'm sure people like Le are done dealing with this, and are sick of patting me on the back trying to make me feel better, when I just turn around and act all mopey again.


    I'm going to try my best to not take what people say on here to heart. Most of my reasons for arguing, getting upset, or just flaming in general is because I take what people say on the internet as a true offense, and in response I hit back and the result is a massive flamewar. I'm done with that. If I find something really offensive, or I feel that people are overwhelming me, I just won't reply.


    I'm also not going to express my personal beliefs, position on politics, or anything else. This usually starts up flamewars, and as any sensible person on the internet knows, that's a bad thing. If someone acting blind and foolish discusses the above, I'll simply leave the chatroom.


    I'm also going to keep the "Global Forum Rules" tab open at all times, and I'll also check my message before I post it, and yes, I usually don't do the latter; it's a bad habit of mine.


    I'm sorry for all the trouble I stirred up in the past and my rude and flawed behavior. I'd say some things about how some people on RRU should change and start following the rules, but let's face it, RRU will never change, regardless if it's flawed or not, so I guess I'll just have to do the changing.


    P.S. I'm also probably going to avoid RRU most of the time but that's just a side thing.

  16. I had some serious internal struggle trying to find out my feelings about one of LEGO's most serious IPs. So I made this serious poll to get some serious answers about said serious topic. Maybe you guys can get me off the fence.

  17. Pranciblad
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    So I'm finally off the Hook in terms of school stuff, and a combination of having my last replay of Metroid Fusion fresh in my memory and realizing that I now have way too much free time on my hands has caused me to produce the single most useless thing I've ever written. Enjoy.

  18. epic bloge

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    Found a cool video I wanted to share with you guys. :)

  19. I've been thinking about upgrading my cpu but the question is what cpus are compatible?

    my cpu is a intel core 2 duo cpu 1.80 ghz i'm looking to upgrade to a 2.5----3.0 ghz cpu

  20. McStudz
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    So I've been under a rock for the last God-only-knows-how-long. I think it's been a year? I dunno. I've been lurking and stuff, pop in on the Skype group every now and then. I've been doing work stuff and school stuff. Maybe I grew up a bit? I dunno. I haven't been paying much attention to the RRU scene in at least a year. But here I am.

    To the many brave new souls that have arrived in the last year, a belated welcome to RRU. I'm Stan McStudz. Yes, I stole that name from a Brikman McStudz/McBlubber. Yes he's cool with it. I think.

    I used to be a regular on this site a loooong time ago. Back when Grapheme was known as Cyrem and was the only admin of RRU. Back when I pretty much idolized a then-active member known as LordZakida. Back when McJobless was known as Extreme110. Back when we had those Facebook-like status updates. But ANYWAY.

    I used to write a self-insert story about LEGO Island, and travelling across the LEGO Universe for some Engine of Construction to stop... Some imminent threat, I don't quite remember anymore (I think you can still find it in this blog if you dig deep enough). That didn't get as far as I'd liked, but it was my first claim to fame. I also attempted to pick up a project where I would voice over funny quotes from around this community (Started by the afore-mentioned LordZakida before he left), known as the Quotation Conglomeration. I was a one-time moderator, and made a complete fool of myself.

    I also had a brief rapport with the man behind LEGO Island, Wes Jenkins. Then, back when Xiron was known as Segatendo, we created an affiliate site for LEGO Island, known as The Infomaniac's Classroom. Xiron pretty much created and maintained that site, and I... Well, I came up with the concept. Mad props to Xiron for making that site possible. Later on, I gained a red name, as a "Community Assistant". I posted LEGO news and some tech news now and then, along with several other members (Pereki was much better at being on top of the LEGO news). Eventually I just ended up getting busy with life, school and work, and I disappeared off the grid.

    I found out Lair was back more or less and I was intrigued. I've also been playing Undertale and am enjoying the heck out of that. Temporarily changed my avatar as well to go along with the trend some are doing (in the five years on this site, I may have changed my avatar MAYBE four times). Basically, Alphys is amazing.

    So I'm back. I'll probably try to be a bit more active and a little less ignorant. We'll see what happens.


  21. Hey guys.

    It's been a long time since I was active here.

    I got a job now, so that's been taking up quite a lot of my time. Maybe too much...

    I miss being here, I really do. This will be the first time I've even put anything on the forum in forever.

    I'm sitting here, waiting for something to say, but I don't have much. I haven't been able to keep up with the forum. I don't know who is still here or not, or who the new members are. What the next biggest topic is. I've just sorta fallen off.

    I want to change that. Get back into the family I've once known. Yes I said family, because you guys are. You've made me be more comfortable over the internet, if that were ever truly possible. I know I've had some off times, but we all do, right?

    I'm gonna try to be more active again. Perhaps bring back some old things I've left behind. Or create some new things for everyone to enjoy.

    In other news, I think I may have finally beaten my composer's block, so you can expect me to start posting music here again.

    And, if you really must know, I push shopping carts at the local Walmart now. This job tends to build up stress at times, but I made a vow that I would not quit, and I've been told the managers have noticed my, determination

    Anyway, sappy blog post over. It's good to be back.

    See you all around the site.

    - Drill

  22. Alcom1's Laboratory

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    Undertale + Conway's Game of Life



    I still have no idea if Undertale's combat system uses some sort of collision geometry for collision-detection, or if it uses a per-pixel method. I think the game is perfect for a per-pixel method. From an efficiency standpoint, checking the 186 pixels behind that adorable little heart should be faster than comparing its position and size to a bajillion fireballs. From a development standpoint, there wouldn't have to be any fiddling with bounding boxes or radii. From a game-play standpoint, false positives are icky, and per-pixel collision has none of that nonsense.

    So Undertale and per-pixel collision are perfect for each other. I've never developed a per-pixel collision system before, I'm on an HTML Canvas binge, I love Undertale and have been fantasizing about making my own Undertale fights, so I decided to get experimenting over this week's vacation.

    I made a little scene with a resolution, bullet board, text, and assets to match Undertale's, implemented movement and per-pixel collision detection for the player, and a Conway's Game of Life segment to test the collision. I even made a little game out of it where the player must survive until the Conway's Segment stops evolving. I'm very happy with the results and am scheming to expand upon the idea to make a full Undertale fight segment, probably with a giant robot monster. Not so sure about the architecture of the whole thing. I'm very new to JavaScript and their are so many weird options in it for object-oriented programming and organization.