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A Puzzle: How to Design a Website for One Person.

Posted by Alcom1 in Alcom1's Blog, 20 October 2014 · 133 views

The Assignment: For one of my classes, IGME 110: Intro to Interactive Games and Media, I am to design a website. The first step is due Tuesday at 2:00 PM EST, and reads as such:Start designing the structure for your project website• Who’s your target audience? What information would be useful to them?• What kind of experience do you want to design?• What...


My top 5 favorite Shiny Pokemon designs.

Posted by Zephyria in RRU Gaming, 19 October 2014 · 88 views

So, as some of you are aware, I'm a pretty big fan of Pokemon, having started all the way back in Crystal, and playing almost every Gen mere days after they release. And what's one of the rarest things ever, to a Pokemon fan? Shiny Pokemon, also known as Alternate Colored Pokemon. These monsters have a 1/4096 (1/8192 prior to Generation VI, X and Y) chanc...


MOC Mario

Posted by Yajmo in Yo it's Yajmo, 19 October 2014 · 105 views

So forever ago I began an MOC. Then I gave-up on it. Then I un-gave-up on it. (wat). After many cycles through these states, hopefully it will have been worth the [s]weight wait.

Here it is




Posted by jamesster in Blog, 17 October 2014 · 200 views

These are memories from the past several years that stand out to me. They aren't in any particular order.

I went to a house. The residents must have known my parents, though I don't remember how. With me was a LEGO monorail and a box of minifigures. Two kids were present, and quite excited, so I brought my loot inside. I was delightfully outclassed. Insi...


My thoughts on Homepride Fred

Posted by Ben24x7 in Comics of a thing, 13 October 2014 · 177 views

Seeing Ayliffe going about with all this Homepride Fred buisness gave me an idea for a comic. I had to cut corners though, because I don't use a tablet pen to draw with, I use my finger and after all that my finger is quite sore.

Anyways, here is my comic;


There you...


Mr Phoenix: 'FRED'

Posted by Ayliffe in Blog of Ayliffe, 10 October 2014 · 131 views
Mr Phoenix, Comic, strip and 3 more...



Homepride Fred is always there, watching, waiting, preparing....

If you have no idea what I'm talking about, this may help. :P


The Lego Movie; Has it lost it's magic?

Posted by Ben24x7 in The Fred blogs, 30 September 2014 · 193 views

This Blog post is about two of my recent thoughts on TLM. Do note that if you haven't seen TLM (which, I would be surprised if you didn't) then be careful, because THE FOLLOWING CONTAINS SPOILERS FOR TLM .

So, with that noted, here are my thoughts:

I think TLM has began to become a bore. People have seen it around once or twice (maybe even three times...


LEGO on the Shelf

Posted by Pereki in tazakks i mean perekis blog, 29 September 2014 · 172 views

Hey folks! Putting your LEGO sets on shelves is totally fun, right? And I'm quite happy with how things turned out when I set up the sets I brought to my college dorm, so I wanted to share some pictures. Sorry for phone photos, but I can't really justify buying a proper camera when all I would ever use it for is pictures of small plastic people.



Moving Along.

Posted by McJobless in Blog-Tastika, 21 September 2014 · 128 views

From this point forward, I will be moving a lot of my better-quality blog entries to my very own personal blogger which I have full control over . I made this decision based on a couple factors, such as the need for more exposure, but all to prevent any flooding on this site in the event I have any outlandish opinions.

I will still notify you guys when t...


"Endure" and "Organ Trio"

Posted by Drill Master in JAL's Music Corner, 21 September 2014 · 118 views

Hey everyone, I'm back with 2 new music tracks for you to listen to.

First up is "Endure".


And next is "Organ Trio" which, if you haven't guessed, is a track using only 3 types of organs.


I hope you guys enjoy...


Rock Raiders 2 Main Theme

Posted by Shadowblaze in c24 (aka me)'s music, 21 September 2014 · 137 views
music, c24, Rock Raiders 2 and 1 more...

A couple days ago asked me to make the main theme for Rock Raiders 2, so I decided to upload it so that everyone can hear it, as a preview. Feedback and suggestions for improvement are very much appreciated.

So yeah, I might be making the music for this game. It depends on what Stewart decides. :)



Minecraft Racers Stuff

Posted by KevinVG207 in KevinVG207's Blog stuff extravaganza, 20 September 2014 · 72 views

So, I've not been working on MCR lately, mainly because I want(ed) to:
-Finish Mirror's edge
-Make stuff with RPG Maker VX Ace (Which I bought recently and I like livestreaming it already)

So, MCR is gonna have to wait a little bit.

I will actually livestream RPG Maker VX Ace in the coming few days, unless I'm busy.
(In case you were wondering: http://w...



Posted by le717 in Trian Gular Writings, 20 September 2014 · 144 views

For the last few days, some people have heard me talking about having #nosociallife, and how I absolutely hate it. Yet I've never really explained why this is so, nor completely why I have not done something about it. Unsurprisingly, it makes me rather upset and feel bad. I have found that many times the best way to feel better, even short-term, is to tal...


It's official finally!

Posted by eagleeyedan in Bioncle is official!, 20 September 2014 · 101 views

LEGO has been posting about an upcoming reveal, and it's finally here. A video of the Mask of Creation.



The ²nd blog: Microsoft bought Mojang and LEGOS

Posted by NotAWheatleyCore in The Blue Eyed Core's Blog, 16 September 2014 · 198 views

I'm doing that, but a separate thing popped up:

Oh god. I know... Minecraft Starter Pack! Only 1.99$/€/£!
Yes. This is horrible. Mark my words, Microsoft, do not ruin the game. DON'T, FOR THE SLIGHTEST MICROTRANSACTION I SEE, YOU'RE DEAD TO ME, AND I'M BUYING A MAC AND APPLE PRODUCTS FOR LIFE.

Anyway... Well, that's off my chest next up:


Gadget Talk: The New iPhones(!)

Posted by McStudz in Blog of Stan McStudz, 11 September 2014 · 154 views

WARNING: The following contains traces of, or has come into contact with the ingredients "Satire", "Informality", "Observation", and "Opinion". If you are allergic to any of these, please see your doctor before enjoying the following blog post. I will not be held responsible for any butthurting other than from a possible lack of the ingredient "ACTUAL F...


The Fall of the Slender Man

Posted by Fushigisaur in Blarg, 08 September 2014 · 142 views


I just posted this on another forum, and since i took the time to write it up I figured I might as well share it here as well.

Here goes.

When you were a child, what were you afraid of? The dark? The boogie man? Monsters under your bed? Of course you were, all children are. While your specific fear may have been differen...


Hello Again

Posted by JimbobJeffers in Well That Was Interesting, 03 September 2014 · 161 views

Hello again, ye ol' members of RRU!

It's been four months now, and I'll firstly apologise to those who have contacted me but didn't receive replies during that time, but I think I'm finally ready to come back. I've dealt with most of the issues I left RRU to resolve, which I'll write a little bit about below for those interested, and I've also been busy...


Six Californias. Tank you, McStudz.

Posted by Addictgamer in Addictgamer's official blog, 21 August 2014 · 265 views

Thanks to a comment McStudz made, I, the impulse addictgamer that I am, have opted to create a blog following my rant in a status update on the recent proposition to split my state into six states.


Some of you might claim 50 isn't enough.
Some of you may think splitting each of the Hawaiian island into their own states should be our...


Dragons and cats...

Posted by someswedish in The dragon and his fellow Rock Raiders, Etc., 10 August 2014 · 158 views
RRU, And, Cats

Here is a accurate* representation of the current state of RRU as of August 09 2014.


*And by accurate i mean 10%, but its still accurate because RRU

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