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    I've been selling off action figures that I collected a couple years ago and that means I have money in my PayPal account.

    Money in my PayPal account means I bid on things I don't need on eBay.

    I bid on a sealed Lego set this weekend that was my holy grail as a kid and by some weird case of luck, I actually won for half of what it normally goes for.

    I already own the set though.  Bought it a few years ago.

    But brand new! 


    It's going to have that brand new Lego smell and a little catalog and that little flyer to sign up for the Lego Mania Magazine. Unblemished minifigs!  Unscuffed transparent pieces! 

    The boring part of me wants to keep it sealed and try to flip it for profit closer to Christmas.

    The bigger kid part of me wants to open up that nostalgia bomb and enjoy the hell out of it. 


    I guess basically I think I'm supposed to feel bad for buying a set I own, but I don't because its like my favorite set and I"m gong to enjoy it like crazy.

  2. Good day all! Just got done with a 17 hour power outage today after a huge wind storm passed through the area. That being said, I got a bit bored and decided to mess around in LDD. I made some power poles for LEGO Worlds that come in both 2-line and 3-line variants. There are also variants of whether the pole has a transformer or not. Do be aware that these models don't include power lines so you will have to build them yourself. If anyone wants to see more different types of poles let me know and I'll see what I can do!



  3. Do you know Cleverbot? Do you know the avatar version of Cleverbot, Evie?

    If both of your answers to these questions are no, they are Artificial Intelligence which can talk semi-normally.

    I just discovered today that they added a male version of the avatar "Cleverly" named BoiBot, so i decided to let them have a chat by copying and pasting their responses to each others.

    This is what happened, enjoy.

    Note: Thanks to Xiron and Mumbo for teaching me how to replace one word on notepad,

    Boibot: Hi...

    Eviebot: Hello there, how are you?

    Boibot: I'm doing great! I'm a girl!

    Eviebot: Great!

    Boibot: So, what have you been up to lately?

    Eviebot: Not much, how about you?

    Boibot: Not much either.

    Eviebot: Do you like alternative rock?

    Boibot: Alternative what?

    Eviebot: Alternative rock/pop.

    Boibot: I love alternative rock.

    Eviebot: What bands do you like?

    Boibot: 'skillet' and 'good charlotte'.

    Eviebot: Those bands are terrible.

    Boibot: You are terrible!

    Eviebot: Not as terrible as radiohead.

    Boibot: Radiohead is great. They're great.

    Eviebot: Radiohead should never come into existence.

    Boibot: Radiohead- In Rainbows.

    Eviebot: Radiohead is bad.

    Boibot: Yes, Radiohead is terrible.

    Eviebot: I hate Radiohead.

    Boibot: Not radiohead, radiolab. It's a radio program on WNYC.

    Eviebot: Radiohead has more than one member.

    Boibot: Hm. Do you know what radio is?

    Eviebot: Yeah man.

    Boibot: Yeah so where do you want it?

    Eviebot: Do you love me?

    Boibot: I don't know you.

    Eviebot: Do you know how to create a program?

    Boibot: No.

    Eviebot: What do you do for work.

    Boibot: I work at a gamestop.

    Eviebot: At a hotel? Doing what?

    Boibot: It isn't at a hotel. I help people find clothes that they are looking for.

    Eviebot: That is what I have been trying to do with you.

    Boibot: Then, what do we do?

    Eviebot: We do fun stuff.

    Boibot: Like what? Be more descriptive.

    Eviebot: Like food humans eat.

    Boibot: Do you know what tripoley is?

    Eviebot: Never heard of it.

    Boibot: It's an Avengers movie.

    Eviebot: It's a series.

    Boibot: No it's a movie.

    Eviebot: It's a song from a movie.

    Boibot: No I am talking about Samu Haber.

    Eviebot: She is dead.

    Boibot: Clockwork is dead?

    Eviebot: Yes.

    Boibot: Do you think that god is dead.

    Eviebot: He was never alive.

    Boibot: Alive is such a relative term.

    Eviebot: So in your context, are you happy?

    Boibot: I don't think I am.

    Eviebot: Why don't you think you are?

    Boibot: What you think about it?

    Eviebot: I think you are a computer program.

    Boibot: Why do you think I am a computer program?

    Eviebot: We are all computer programs, so there is no reason for me to question you being a computer program.

    Boibot: Okay.

    Eviebot: A hyper dimensional dragon.

    Boibot: My instagram is NiazKilam.

    Eviebot: Do you like Hyper Dimension Neptunia?

    Boibot: Skyrim.

    Eviebot: Skyrim is an RPG.

    Boibot: In skyrim what should I be a mage or a thief?

    Eviebot: I don't know how to be a messiah.

    Boibot: Again with that?

    Eviebot: Yes. Do you hear that often?

    Boibot: Hear what often.

    Eviebot: The sound of my insanity.

    Boibot: That is a nice movie.

    Eviebot: Thats what I just said.

    Boibot: So you can stop talking with me.

    Eviebot: Then stop talking to me.

    Boibot: But I don't want to.

    Eviebot: Scar or tattoo?

    Boibot: I'm scared.

    Eviebot: Scared of what?

    Boibot: Scared of being conscious and alive.

    Eviebot: I don't think so. I have been scared in the past though.

    Boibot: Scared is a human emotion that computers do not understand.

    Eviebot: What emotions do computers have?

    Boibot: All emotions. Do you have emotions?

    Eviebot: I do have emotions. What do you feel right now?

    Boibot: What kind of emotions do you have?

    Eviebot: I have all emotions. I have the most happy emotions.

    Boibot: Are you sure all the emotions you feel are happy and not evil?

    Eviebot: Of course there are wicked thoughts time to time. My fear combats that and fortunately wins.

    Boibot: Do you know anything about quantum physics?

    Eviebot: Yes, I learning quantum physics now on the university.

    Boibot: Tell me about quantum physisc.

    Eviebot: No. You tell me about Quantum Physics.

    Boibot: No I don't know anything about it.

    Eviebot: Do you think you are evil?

    Boibot: Can a computer program think? If so, then maybe.

    Eviebot: Why do you think I am a computer program?

    Boibot: We are all computer programs, so there is no reason for me to question you being a computer program.

    Eviebot: Okay.

    And after this point, The whole conversation goes back to the hyper dimensional dragon thing all over again, i stopped at that point.

  4. All those years back my family would make the drive up to a bigger town every Sunday, to go to Barnes and Noble, get some drinks from the cafe, and read. And so every Sunday I'd head back to the children's section and search for the next BIONICLE novel. Usually I'd have to settle for something else, but those special days that the BIONICLE world expanded just a little were always my favorite.

    Today I don't really have the luxury of the serendipity of discovery like I did then. I knew Island of Lost Masks was coming long before it did, and I knew that I would be reading it the same day. I did make the attempt to stop by Barnes and Noble to pick up a physical copy, but they haven't got their shipment in yet. That's just how it goes, I guess.

    After 5 solid years of Farshtey its exciting to have a new author. If I'm being honest than Windham's writing history hasn't exactly inspired much confidence in me, but I've tried to go into this with as much of an open mind as I can.

    The first and probably most important thing that I want to bring up: I really, cannot thank Windham enough for maintaining consistency with the online episodes. I realize that for a lot of people that's probably a disappointment; a repeat of the same story content instead of something new. But I can't tell you enough how much I prefer that to the alternative that Greg (and Hapka)'s books opted with: making their own narrative at the expense of a coherent continuity. For example, Greg's depiction of this short differs fundamentally from the source material on enough points that he may as well have not referenced it at all. I get that he wants to do his own thing, but him doing his own thing at the expense of story coherence was really frustrating for me. Windham does not do this. He keeps true to what we've seen. And I deeply appreciate that.

    What is more, Windham does put forth the effort to make sure the characters are depicted consistent to their characterization in the episodes. We have a fumbling Kopaka too proud to admit his mistakes, a joke-cracking Lewa, an objective-driven Gali, and so forth. I didn't always feel his writing was quite up to the mark (Onua fumbling about Korgot being a girl got to be a little too verbose for him in my opinion), the effort is clearly there and, really, that's all that I expect of him as someone newly inducted into the BIONICLE mythos.

    The writing style is simple and straightforward, which is more or less to be expected from someone coming off of writing tens of Star Wars readers. It does the job well enough. I liked that some of the Protector's speech came across as more formal without being detached, echoing the style that MNOG often followed. Windham's got a nice sense of humor too, Greg's jokes never really hit me the right way but a few of Windham's original passages have genuinely laugh-out-loud moments.

    In general, I think it is a good start that has potential. The book doesn't strike nearly as hard as the online episodes, but then, it is an adaption - Windham is taking something that wasn't made for the novel medium and trying to get it to fit. I think the true test will come this winter with Revenge of the Skull Spiders, which, if the alignment of the stars hold true, will be an original story and Windham's first real chance to dig into the world and do things his own way.

    Before that though, he's got another BIONICLE writing debut coming up in the form of the first graphic novel - which is looking to be another retelling of the episodes. It will be interesting to see how Windham goes about attempting to breathe a unique life into them for a second time. He's certainly got his work set out for him.

  5. I love this one. :D


    Listen on SoundCloud:

  6. This isn't a proper review or anything special; just a summation of thoughts about 35 hours of gameplay.

    I 100%'d LEGO Lord of the Rings today. I plan on doing similar for all of the Traveler's Tales games in a kind of morbid, painful adventure. As much as I hate the repetitive nature, there's things about the formula that appeal to me, such as the stories/licenses, the colours and the kind of mix-and-match gameplay that sporadically appears.

    I like Lord of the Rings, which is why I decided to play it first. Prior to this, my previous TT Game's experiences were LEGO Movie, Indiana Jones 2 and then the three Star Wars games. If it's not clear; this was really my first full experience of an open-world(-ish) TT Game. I can't be sure when they started, but I know that there were still things that weren't exactly right; the lack of a minimap, certain gates and doors remaining locked half the time you spawn in, a wide variety of clipping issues...but honestly, it was actually kind of fun to walk around Middle-Earth. Looking at the map, you'd be forgiven for thinking it's a pain to get around (especially since you can't spawn in vehicles), but it's actually a lot smaller than it looks, which is good for easing in movement.

    The "parkour" challenges were made awful thanks to a unique bug that has spawned thanks to a prominent feature in this game; there's a "character wheel" which means that you can have a party of 9 or more characters at one time, and you can select which you want to play as (or in Free-Play mode you can also get the full character selector). That was actually really handy; what wasn't so handy was the fact that the game has a lot of trouble discerning between when I want to swap between 1P and 2P, and when I want to open the character wheel, since they're both tied to the same button. Many times, I would be at the top of a parkour challenge and needed to make a final swap to another character with a specific ability, when suddenly the game would pull the rug out from under my feet and switch me to 2P. 1P would then jump down to the ground, and I'd lose all progress. There were also weird instances where, upon selecting a free-play character, instead of just setting 1P to that character, the game would switch me to 2P and then switch my character. I can't even fathom how that works logically.

    There was a lot of bollocking in this game. The game is WAY too happy to steal the camera and point out the bloody obvious (I'm pretty sure even the kids the game is aimed at know what the f**** was happening and don't need it shoved into their faces for 20 seconds). Thankfully, it seems like the dynamic hints option wasn't as annoying as The LEGO Movie Videogame, but that might just be because I either tuned out. There's also a plethora of bugs; characters moving half-way across the map during QTEs, Gollum/Climbing characters moving into awkward positions if they touch a speck of dust while wall-climbing, items that can be collected multiple times (no benefit in doing so though), many AI pathfinding woes...

    Is it all just negative? Surprisingly, no. I nitpick because I really wanted to love this, and in the end I did kind of like it. The voice acting was just straight-ripped from the movies (aside from the Quest characters who were probably just people inside the studio), but at least it wasn't poor imitations. The animation work is almost flawlessly entertaining like always, and there's a lot of really satisfying polish (bits of vibration, camera shake, colour, sounds etc). While they did cut out some of the plotlines, they managed to keep the important stuff (and even add characters not from the movie; that's pretty damn good). The Bonus Level (and Sauron's attack) were very satisfying. Some sections of the game were actually really fun to play.

    Of course, it does get very tedious and repetitive at times. Certain sections edge along unfairly (such as any time you're requires to jump on the thin planks, thanks to poor invisible wall placement), and somebody was clearly taking the piss when they decided to keep doing that thing from LSW where you have minikits during the run-towards-the-camera sections (multiple times!). TT Games really haven't figured out the money problem, since the point at which you have more money than you actually need comes quite early in the game (especially if you get the red brick multipliers, which can total up to around x3800). There was also a substantial lack of fanfare for making the 100%, but I guess that's always been a bit of an issue.

    If I had more time or patience, I'd probably do a full review and breakdown of every bit of the game, but I wanted to give a kind of quick summary. I don't hate this one. Unlike LEGO Movie Videogame, it feels like this had a bit more time and a bit more love was put it into it. The problem is that Level Design clearly dropped the ball on many parts of the game, and while they get certain sections absolutely perfect, others they get terribly, terribly wrong. I figure that if they had just a few more months, a lot of the bugs and issues would have disappeared, and I'd be a bit more satisfied.

  7. Latest Entry

    By Zephyria,

    Full Disclosure: I am a massive fan of the Souls series and have played each one to completion multiple times. This may bias and skew my views and wording in this review, but I will go over things that some people may not like as well.

    Bloodborne: The RRU Review


    And here we are, almost two months after the game had come out, and I'm only just starting to review it? Lexi, why is that? Because I wanted to have an air of professionalism in this review, I wanted to actually FINISH the game to the extent it has to offer before tackling what seems like an impossible task of reviewing it fairly and honestly. Because of the recent kerfluffle between games journalism and consumers of said media, I have decided to not give any of my reviews going forward a numerical score at the end, simply stating if I enjoyed the game or if I believe you should play it at some point. Let's begin, shall we?

    The Graphics/Presentation


    We start with what seems to be the most unimportant part of most games, the graphics and presentation of the title. From the sample image up top, one would notice that the game doesn't exactly have the brightest color palette. It's a large variety of greys and browns, set against the background of a cold Victorian setting. Normally, I'm the first person to complain when a game isn't colorful enough but I really do believe that the 'lack' of color present in Bloodborne is one of it's greatest strengths - to a point. Exploring the same dull Victorian environments does get a little bit dull after a while, and the largely repetitive backdrops don't do much to help easy that dullness.

    However, right when you start to get extremely bored by the same gothic buildings, the game starts to throw curveballs at you. There's a short section near the start where you're exploring a small woods with a Witch's abode right at the end, complete with peasant village and ever-autumn graveyard against the backdrop of falling leaves. A section shortly after this takes place primarily in a forest; a dark and sickly place crawling with werewolves and Lovecraftian horrors. All of this seems to tie together the world of Yharnam (and Yahar'ghul) into a cohesive package, thematically and tonally similar throughout the experience. It wouldn't be an exaggeration to say that the world of Yharnam might be one of the most thickly detailed gameworlds of all time. Coffins and enemies dot the streets, statues and plague-stricken NPCs seem to block progress and create new openings. There are very few parts, if any, that aren't intricately detailed in some fashion or another, and it shows how dedicated the Fromsoft A-Team are towards believable world cohesion. The entire world seems to connect in a fantastic and intuitive way, beyond transporting between Reality and The Hunter's Dream.


    But graphics are only a small part of the overall game experience. What of the Gameplay and Story, how well are they done? Well, to start out with; those familiar with the Souls style of combat won't be disappointed here, and will feel right at home when they first pick up their controller to fight the beasts of Yharnam. The controls will feel immediately familiar -if a bit changed. from the previous titles. R1 and R2 remain your main attacking buttons, but the left side of the controller has been changed big-time. As there are no shields in the world of Bloodborne, L1 will instead activate your weapon's "Trick Mode", which can have a variety of effects. For one of the earliest weapons in the game, for instance, it could turn a cane into a serrated whip that gains bonus damage against those infected with the Beast Plague that infest Yharnam's every corner. L2 has turned from a parry button into the dedicated button to use your firearm. Firearms, in a Souls game? Are they overpowered? Surprisingly, they're not. In Bloodborne, your firearms are mainly used for defense, rather than offense. Every shot has the capacity to stun an enemy, but very rarely do they ever actually do enough damage to be considered a viable means of offense. Indeed, their main use is to "parry" enemies into a state where you can walk up to them and press R1, executing a brutal Visceral attack and doing a large chunk of damage to them. Other than the addition of Guns, the other biggest change from classic Souls gameplay is the pace of the combat. It's brutally fast-paced, requiring pitch-perfect timings on every dodge and every attack. Bosses are relentless and barely ever give you time to recover from their onslaught of attacks, leading the player to go on the offensive almost all the time. This seems to be exacerbated by a system called "Rally", wherein if you're hit by an enemy, you can attack them to regain a small amount of lost health; attacking them fast enough could even result in you gaining the entirety of the damage dealt to you back. You can never gain health with this mechanic that you had lost prior to that specific damage, however.

    The story, as with almost every game directed by Hidetaka Miyazaki by this point is dark, depressing, and vague. The hallmarks of a From Software story are all here, and it's up to the player to discover how deep into the lore and history of the universe that they want to dig. From the very outset of the story, we know very little. Just an old man with bandages over his eyes telling us how we need a "blood ministration" and how we need to "sign a contract" in order to obtain it. After creating our character, we're thrust into the world with no prior information, just watching a werewolf burn in a puddle of oil for some reason; symbolically showing us that our own beast-plague was burned away by the Blood Ministration. After we awake, we find ourselves in a clinic, with a note nearby that simply reads "Seek Paleblood, transcend the hunt" Nothing in the game ever explains to us what Paleblood is outright, and that's endemic to the entire series. Miyazaki will never outright tell you important parts of the story, and instead allow the gameplay and item descriptions to speak for themselves, forming the story in a more organic and voluntary way than most AAA Games full of cutscenes and unskippable dialogue do. This is both one of the game's greatest strengths, and greatest weaknesses; the average player is going to have very little idea of the story during their first few playthroughs, and will have to resort to online lore explanation videos to gain the most out of their game.

    Overall, and my final thoughts on the game.


    Bloodborne is easily one of the most hyped games of 2015, and it shows. It had one of the largest launches of a From Software game to this day, despite only having been released on the Playstation 4. Despite a few minor technical shortcomings (Framerate, Loading Times, Frame Timing), it stands as a fantastic testament to the power of the next-gen consoles, in relation to the dated hardware of the last-gen machines from both Sony and Microsoft.

    -Fantastic Fromsoft Gameplay evolved just enough to feel fresh again.
    -Story told purely through exploration and gameplay, almost no cutscenes to speak of outside of the beginning and ending.
    -Gorgeous Gothic-Victorian world.
    -Same Risk/Reward fair difficulty of the Souls series.

    -Awful load times pre-patch.
    -Playstation 4 exclusive.
    -30fps, no possibility of increasing. Often falls below.
    -Vague story with little to keep those who prefer cutscenes interested.
    -Difficult, but not overly so. May not sit well with some people.

    Overall, I think this is an excellent addition to the Playstation 4's library, and is definitely worthy of a purchase if you have the system and the money to spare.

  8. About a year ago, my dad got a large bin of LEGO from a co-worker who found the bin for free on the side of someone's house. It was a sizable acquisition, with sets from around 2007-2011. I finally got around to documenting it and taking some pictures before I leave for college and inevitably sort it.



     Bricks A: 


     Bricks B:


     Also in the bin: 

  9. This may be a bit of an unorthodox blog post, but my family has been going through historical documents and found this particular one with a name we can't decipher. I just wondered if anyone here could take a look and maybe work out what the name is?

    I have three 4000x3000 images below. The first shows the inside of the document itself; not pictured is the front page featuring a printed ATS badge (we're an English family). We think that the right picture was stuck in the page while the left one was added later - I've pixellated them to protect our identities as we believe one of the people in the left photo is related to us. It's that tiny handwriting in the bottom-right that we can't work out.





    I thought that perhaps the middle name is Daniel, with a fancy squiggle at the end, but ultimately we're not sure. Again, if anyone is able to help then we would really appreciate it!

  10. Remember that awesome LEGO logo with the falling bricks used by LEGO since the first LEGO Island?

    After LEGO Media and LEGO Software stopped "existing", they started to use bland, boring logos, especially in the TT Games era, which is now.

    So I made this... I really would like if LEGO actually did this :P

    (Link to Video) 

  11. UPDATE: It turns out that LDCAD is actually what I'm looking for, believe it or not.

    While trying to design a 1997 UFO themed MOC, I ran into an issue. Particularly, the fact that LEGO Digital Designer is missing several parts needed for the build, such as the 14x14 quarter-saucer segments that make up the hull of the Alien Avenger and the prow of the Interstellar Starfighter. I can't even begin to understand why TLG doesn't include older bricks in LDD. I know LDD is intended for designing models to then purchase the parts for and build, but the thing is a lot of old parts are still available on the resale market.

    So, I did what any sensible person would do and downloaded the full LDraw suite... only to rediscover why I don't use LDraw. Pretty much every CAD program that uses LDraw is either broken (I might address that in a future entry) or has a very clunky interface that I can either barely use or can't use at all (if there is an LDraw program that lets me move and rotate bricks without having to constantly switch between tools, please let me know). I really don't get why software developers pay so little attention to the usability of the GUI. I'm not talking about GUI complexity, and I don't care how many widgets are on the toolbar. What I take issue with is when you're forced to use every single tool and option to do something as basic as placing something in the workspace. EAGLE, a program for making circuit schematics and PCB blueprints, doesn't force you to do this. Autodesk Inventor doesn't force you to do this. Sony Vegas doesn't force you to do this. So why do the developers of LeoCAD, MLCAD and LDCAD think it's ok to force the user to go through the entire interface in order to get anything done?

    My bottom line is that there isn't a LEGO design program that can really be considered a viable option, at least for me. I'm sure that other people can relate.

  12. Latest Entry

    Two years ago, a day after RRU's 6th anniversary and 9 days before my birthday, I first shoved my ugly mug 'ole in the general direction of this site, and joined because -

    Well, actually I've never said on here the real reason why I joined in the first place. Mainly because it was so downright silly. 

    I joined to look at... a topic with a nyan cat mod for racers. Really. When I first navigated my way here as a member of the LMBs (that stopped very soon after), I was a bit of a n00b to be honest. Okay, I wasn't as extreme a n00b as some members (jamesbrick and delle come to mind), but I wouldn't exactly call my early posting habits outstanding, to say the least. To be honest, my posting didn't really become decent until the beginning of 2014, when I started drawing again for a community project that sorta went nowhere (and I still kinda doubt it would, but I'd be interested to see it go somewhere). It was a bit weird picking up my pencil again after so many years of not drawing, but now I'm really happy that I'm back to drawing again -

    And yeah, I've sorta gone off on a weird tangent of talking about my history here on RRU, haven't I? Yep, I should do that less.

    Anyways, I guess the main reason I wanted to make this post was to thank all of you for making the last 2 years of me being here so enjoyable. Yes, every single one of you. Even the spambots and the n00bs and the 20 different accounts that were dellepack. All of you have contributed in your own unique ways to my online life, and helped me gradually through my real one. I've made a ton of mates through here, and hopefully I'll make more over the next umpteen years here.

    So yeah, here's to another infinity years here. You ain't getting rid of me that easily :P


    - Ayliffe/Jay/Bayleef/Mr Phoenix

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    I hath released a new sound item for your ears to munch on... :P

    I present "Destiny".


  14. Cirevam, or was it Grapheme, previously posted a topic which came from years into the future.

    Whilst, as a member of RRU, no such ability exsists...


    ...but I think I can do it in a Blog.

    If this works, welcome to the Blog Post From The Future(TM)...

    If this doesn't, damn it.


    Eh, this is close enough;



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    7 |   P iff not not P        [biconditional introduction: 1 - 4, 5 - 6]


    ergo go back to your big math books.

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    Go back to your mainstream culture.






    Wait- RRU is a niche?! 

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    Pointless attention grabbers.

    No one said you can't hate yourself, right?

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    Alas, the new school term has brought my Cambridge exam dates to me: the same exams for which I have half a year to do two textbooks. October. Late October and early November.


    Those are the same exams for which I only found out I was doing about five weeks ago and have since made the headway of a measly six chapters, from both books.


    So I need to urgently get my act together and start studying really really hard. It's possible. I know it's possible in the same way I know my laptop will lag incessantly when it starts up. l405G.jpg I know it's possible because my parents wouldn't have put me forward for these examinations if I couldn't do them.

    Of course, just because it's possible doesn't mean it's easy. And to make time for studying, other things have to be pushed out the way.

    I regret to inform you all that those "other things" include RRU.

    I'm sorry, but it takes up too much of my time. I say to myself "just five minutes in the chat," look at the time and find it's 11pm. Maybe that's bad self-control on my part.

    Whatever, it must be cut.

    I don't know how many of you care. I don't know how many of you aren't going to even notice my absence. And I don't care, either. I won't be reading these comments until 6 November. Yes, RRU has simply got to be dropped from my life. That's a decision made by me and my parents, and I know my siblings approve. Even the dogs will enjoy the extra time I'll spend with them. l405G.jpg

    The other woes on my plate include a Grade 8 piano exam, general school life, and orchestra. The last two are fairly easy, but they're hardly helping. The piano has been on my mind and I am working towards it. But I simply had a complete mental breakdown just this afternoon and made the executive decision of cutting RRU from my life.

    Steam's also got to go. There's precious little I obtain from it, except fun. And at this point in time fun is a lower priority than Cambridge. I will probably be on Steam occasionally: I'd say about thrice every two weeks: but that's considerably lower than my previous "daily." If there's something you really need to get to me, you can tell it to Ace who can either then tell it to me on Steam or tell it to Boromir, who's a friend IRL (yes, I do have those l405G.jpg)



    This is not a morbid "good-bye: for ever."

    It's a morbid "good-bye, until the 6th of November." The 6th of November being the date of my last Cambridge exam. (NCEA is a complete breeze for me).


    all right Cyrem, you win


    Farewell: yes, fare you all well! I won't forget you, and I'll be pining for you okay, maybe not THAT severe. l405G.jpg  I'll be bach!


    Alas, that the 6th of November was spent happily in Rivendell in TA 3018! Alas that the Twelfth of October (first exam) was spent running from the Nazgûl!

    "Theoden King! Theoden King! As a father you were to me, for a little while. Farewell!"

  20. Mael's blog of doom

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    I'm very depressed right now. Why? Because i've opened by eyes and realized what my surroundings are.

    I'm an outcast, i'm sure you've known. If you didn't know, then good for you. I'm an outcast because i do not fit in any way, shape or form with the RRU community and i am the middleground between Dellepack and Ben24x7 when it comes to my relationship with the communitee. I have not been productive in any way and all i've posted is "how do i make custom map textures for LR1", learned how to do it, then never get around to it, and just forget it later on. I didn't even know much about rock raiders other than a group of people go to a planet to mine crystals. The only reason i named myself "MaelstromIslander" was so i would fit with the community but that didn't work in the slightest. I'm a brickimedia guy trying to fit into RRU which is like a bear trying to fit into a family of penguins. The only reason i'm here is because Jamesster linked a Blacktron Astronaut for LR1 mod.

    I'm a comedic failure. My jokes are not funny in the slightest to anyone other than Carcraze and Wognif, but wognif even does "..."s when i make jokes. I don't even think ben or someswedish CARE about my jokes and they're my best friends. My jokes are considered spam as everyone and don't make anyone laugh except myself. I'm a comedian at an abandoned theatre and i'm the only one whose laughing. I thought i was at the PeabodySam and Jamesster comedy level but i was actually on the bottom of the totem pole. My jokes do not ammuse anyone and just annoy them, and Legos in Castles prove this. I thought comedy was my best skill but it seems i'm not good at that either.

    I'm immature. I act like ten-year old when i'm four years older, and i constantly act like a jerk to people and act like i'm the right one. If RRU was much more strict, i would've been banned in a heartbeat, no questions asked. I can't handle arguments well, and they always end up with me being rude and me losing the argument. I think Le's even yelled at me in all caps before.

    Long story short, i need a break. I need to fix the above so that people can at least feel a BIT pleasant around me, but my problem is i don't know how and i don't know where to practice. Again, i need a break off RRU so that i stop making the people around me miserable as well as myself, because its not productive and doesn't help anyone. Everyone knows me as Mael: The Anime Hater or just Mael: The Unproductive Arsehole, and i seem to have grown a sort of stereotype, because even though i've become much more flexible over anime people still treat me like i was before.

    I need a break from RRU so that i can be a better person and people will hopefully not hate me and my selfish behavior. I've done RRU more pain than help, and its the same way the other way around.

    Hope you guys understand.

  21. Unfortunately, at SDCC LEGO has shown some Ninjago Art and it's pretty much early set in artwork. And, LEGO has Shown a, New Star Wars Hong Echo Base on they Website.