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    Bionicles don't wear masks... they take them off.

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    So, after spending a day or two moving house and a mere week without internet...

    *grabs bottle of whiskey*


    ...what did I miss?

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    I've finally gotten my prototype in the air. I'll post more info later, but right now I can say that this quadcopter is going to be a success in the local market. Not to mention it's currently one of only two racing quads that aren't made in china, so that's a bit of a plus.

  4. So yeah, I was actually looking forward to Dimensions, believe it or not. The absurd price tag was a huge turnoff, but I bit the bullet and bought it anyway.

    I just finished the game. It wasn't the longest, but considering I played the entire thing straight through with no breaks, I think the length of the game was sufficient. So was it worth the price?

    Eeeeehhhhhh. I did enjoy it, a lot, while I was playing. But now that it's over I'm really feeling the hole it blew in my bank account. Looking back on it, it just doesn't seem like there was that much game there. Sure, there are 15 story levels, which is good. But one of the biggest draws of the LEGO series, the huge roster of characters, is completely absent. You only get 3 characters in the base game, and the rest much be purchased. This doesn't really bother me THAT much- after all, that is kind of the point of the game. But lack of characters me lack of unique abilities, abilities REQUIRED for 100%ing the game. I dunno, I may be missing something, but it does not seem like you can 100% the story with only the base set. THAT is complete BS right there, and it is the biggest source of regret for my purchase. I was always quick to defend the game, saying that it's still a complete game without buying any of the expansions, but it seems I was mistaken. Then there are the hub worlds, which I had to waste my limited data on downloading an update for the game (on launch day!) to access, only to be told that I still can't access them because they can only be entered by a character from that series. Two of these worlds weren't even represented in the story!

    Oh and on a similar note, though this isn't a huge deal but I feel it's worth mentioning. I felt like most of the franchises were only there for the sake of being there, and didn't really have any significant impact. For the most part it was "LEGO Batman, Doctor Who and Portal: The Game". They made a big deal about getting the original actors for a lot of the voices but very few characters had more than a couple lines of dialogue, and for that matter I'm pretty sure all the Ghostbusters's voice clips were taken straight from the movie. Again, not a HUGE deal, but I had to mention it.

    I want to like this game. It's enjoyable, and just taking it by itself I really do like what's there. But to have SUCH a huge upfront price, only to have SO MUCH content that requires EVEN MORE payment to unlock, really takes away from the experience. Do I regret buying the game? Maybe a little. I don't regret PLAYING it, that's for certain, the time was well spent. But the money, not so much. I would love to recomend the game if it was but a little bit cheaper, or had but a little bit more content in it- but as it stands, it doesn't, so I really can't say it's worth it. I wouldn't say to avoid the game completely, but do think really really hard and make absolutely sure you want it before making the investment.

    And that's my two cents, or rather, my 100 dollars. 

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    Before I begin this blog, keep in mind that this project was cancelled and shall not be continued unless i have enough time and more artists willing to work on the project, but even then i probably won't do it again.

    So, i'm sure you've all heard about some sort of "top-secret project" me and ben were working on. I would hint it in the chat, and honestly i didn't exactly do a good job in hiding it as the hype was too much for me to contain. Well, i'm going to tell you all about this "project" in this blog post.

    It all started on the 22nd of December in 2014 when Art Battle was still a thing. I had been sculpting in ark out of Art Battle, turning it into a story with the help of the other contributors (Fush didn't like it though, as it was straying away from the original formula of Art Battle). As ben was the user i decided to put an emphasis on in my comics (he was basically the protagonist really, which didn't make much sense as there isn't supposed to be a protagonist in Art Battle; Everyone is an antagonist) i decided to ask him for help with the creation of this story arc by sending him a simple message where i told him i was thinking about creating two, also protagonist-like characters named Jen (a feminine clone of Ben who was the head of Thundercorp's cloning department) and ROSS, the Robotical Operative Synthetic Scientist. (an A.I. working in the science labs who was slightly insane but still stable)

    Eventually, we started fleshing out the characters and made the first comic featuring Jen, but it wasn't elaborated very far and was one of the last comics on Art Battle IIRC.

    Ross, however, never got his own appearance in Art Battle and forever remained a piece of concept art.

    As we started working further, i started working more and more on the "hero's journey" and the furthest we had ever gotten was when Ben goes down into the cloning pits and Joe, that stick-figure guy who kept screwing up in the beginning of the second art battle, saves him and blah blah blah.

    Around Christmas art battle eventually fell apart and i decided to cancel the ideas. Before i did that, i was thinking about making a game/spin-off that would explain some of the outside parts of thundercorp but that didn't work out either (obviously).

    Even though art battle died, i was haunted by great, juicy ideas but i had no idea what to use them for. Eventually i couldn't help myself and sent another private message to Ben titled "Meh, i guess it doesn't deserve to die"


    I've been thinking about reviving Thundercorp into a stand-alone comic. With it not being continued off art battle (because its dead apparently) and not only that, if we don't revive it, there is going to be a lot of confusion.


    Because i've been saving ROSS, the First Ben Clone, and Jen for future comics (For instance, stupidity comics (possibly, the RRU based stupidity comics died) or something else.) But the only issue with that is they'd be somehow not in the Thundercorp Dimension and the Thundercorp Dimension is basically frozen in time and space beyond the dimensional reality of thoughts and conspiracy.


    Not only that, even Fund-Our-Corp is still active while Thundy is just... Frozen. Absolutely inactive. So i'm going to ask you if you'd like to help me create a comic series branching OFF of art battle so that i can actually explain some dang story.


    Still, to this day even I don't know why art battle imploded.


    If the answer is "No" that would be the obvious answer and the one i'm expecting because you're obviously busy with other projects.


    And SFM.


    But if the answer is "Yes", i should get to work and actually improve Snipe Clone or whatever his name is. That Barrette rifle needs a bit more work.


    I don't want Thundercorp to die this horrible death. Like you said before, its an interesting plot element.



    We then decided each-other's roles: I'd write the script, and he'd draw the comics.

    The script wasn't very good at first because anything involving ayliffe putting on sunglasses with explosions in the back ground with his arms flinging all over the place and a canister of banana pudding flipping all over the panel is completely ridiculous.

    I had started working on concept art for thundercorp vehicles, specifically the "GU-909 Prototype", "SU-4079 Dark Demolisher" (parody of the chrome crusher), and the "AU-4910 Lightning Scout" (parody of the hover scout). And Astro-Space-Guy, my real life best friend, provided concept art of the alternates, specifically Dark-Matter-Guy, and Some-Polish. We were also thinking about making the comics far more "HD" than the previous comics in Art-Battle, but i didn't exactly like the idea due to taking a very long time to create.

    When JimbobJeffer's project, "Let's Make A Game" came, we had to put the project on hold which caused it to take longer. Afterwards, i took a look at our progress and all we had were three panels.

    I then came up with another idea: It wasn't very realistic that thundercorp was this super-company that ruled the whole world, so i decided to make other companies and factions, which lead to Cyrus Industries, a company which produced and made the equipment for RRU and the Rock-Raiders. My idea for their soldiers were "perfected" Fund-Our-Corp drones who didn't speak, disobey orders, and were completely "dumb" and lacked A.I., and were referred to as "Hollow-Men" by Thundercorp soldiers.

    We also had ideas for two more Thundercorp Alternates, which were known as "Xiton" and an unnamed Mumboking alternate, but the two had no actual concept art and were mere ideas.

    As i realized more and more how ridiculous Thundercorp being the only involved company was, i decided to create more companies (my computer was unavailable at the time and so i had to draw the whole list in real life). While i was doing this, things were starting to fall apart, and Ben was unable to work on the comic enough, so i decided to ask Someswedish. However, Someswedish said he'd probably do it later on in time, but i lost contact with him and when my departure occured, the whole thing was falling through.

    I wanted to announce it in August of 2015, but that never happened. However, we were still throwing around ideas (and ben had an idea of having LairofRockwhales as a Gman-esque character.) After i returned to RRU, on the 5th of August, one last idea was thrown, which was ben proposing to redraw Jen.

    Finally, on Wednesday, 3:15 PM, i decided to ping Ben. He replied to me that he was unable to do the comic anymore.


    I'm sorry, but I think I might as well give up on this;

    I'm lazy, I don't like the stress of an unfinished project which I usually get unwillingly reminded about, and when a project becomes repetitive (drawing after drawing, in this case) I lose interest...

    I'll post the strip in it's current process when I can get access to the iPad to access the latest panels I haven't sent to my computer yet...


    ...your idea wasn't terrible in any way, nor was I not interested at the start, but I'm not really the most reliable when it comes to commissioned projects.


    And i replied with this:


    1. Yes, you're lazy, but thats not a problem: Projects take a lot of time and it just happens. I'm lazy too, really.

    2. Why stress? Again, projects take a lot of time and you don't need to stress yourself out about it. If its unfinished, its unfinished.

    3. It wasn't like i wasn't expecting you to lose interest: As a matter of fact, i was believing you would leave before i did (but i started to lose interest as well after a while)

    4. It was actually quite terrible at the beginning i must admit but what you think is fine. Maybe Art Battle 2 was just never meant to be finished.

    Maybe someone someday will approach either me or you about this and people will know: This is like unused content, really. We wanted to do something but we didn't have the time to work on it and it failed. This is natural for projects, especially ones that were hidden for a while.

    I might make a blog all about this project, maybe. It wouldn't be a bad idea to let people know about what was happening and why i was talking about a top-secret project.

    Who knows, we might get a new artist after i post the blog.

    I could try starting a new project and we could bag in the whole comic idea. We're just not there yet and not ready for picture media.

    If i have the time i could try starting another project, specifically, that blacktron fanfic thing. Or, something completely original.

    If i DO come up with a new project, i'll try to give you a less time consuming, less extremely important role so that you don't get stressed by laziness. But this is only if i do come up with a new project and if you do want to join it. And i'd rather do something with more people than do something myself, because coming up with my own ideas is very boring or annoying sometimes, because i always think "What if someone else had a better idea" or "I wish someone else was working on this project so that i don't get trapped in a gruesome writer's block."

    My two LEGO Space fanfics failed due to the above.

    Again, i might come up with a new project, i might not; and if i do, it probably won't really get too far if i'm not doing it with somebody else. My projects tend to function socially.


    And it was true. I was losing interest; In-fact, i was more inactive than he was. I did very little and i didn't really come up with any actual ideas after the Jen-recreation proposal.


    ...So yeah, this is it. This was that top secret project i kept going on and on about. It just didn't work, and this was the first project we ever worked on, and we just weren't there yet. As you see in that message above, i decided to make this blog so that everyone would know about it. I doubt anyone's ever going to approach me and say "I want to continue the development!" Because if someswe didn't want to, why would anyone else do it?

    I also doubt that Ben will do another project with me: I don't know why, i just do. I feel he's burned out by this and wants to do other things, and i completely respect that. And besides, i should've known: This project was a failure at the start, because the one thing that made Art Battle so consistent and fast was because EVERYONE was contributing to it, while we were just two people and only one person was making it. It just simply couldn't be done.

    If anyone wants to do something art-battle related, or if an Art Battle 3 comes along, then i'd be happy to join.

    When Ben gives me the unfinished comic i might post it on here, but i won't confirm it.

    Well then, now that's over, i can focus on other things now. See ya later, folks.

    (Edit: wow, this blog post has lots of links)

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    well that was a pretty terrible couple of days

    we will now return to your regularly scheduled less terrible but still kinda bad indefinite amount of days


    there's still stuff I want to do around here but I just haven't had the energy to work on anything for well over six months now

    "technically" I could be making stuff right now, I have all the "things" I need and a lot of time to spend on it

    the problem is location and its effects; I'm stuck living with trashy, ridiculous people in a trashy, ridiculous community (with overtones of racism, homophobia, etc)

    it's blatantly suffocating, and you can't work on anything intensive when there's already so much ambient stress around you, and only rarely get physical escape from it

    so my days have been filled almost entirely with escapism in various forms, and I don't really like that fact but have yet to come up with a better solution

    we won't be living here forever and there's nothing I can do to make the day we leave come sooner, so might as well just hang on until then, however I can

    (I had a job earlier this year and that really helped, but I've had to go on a lot of trips the past four months or so, so they killed that off and have been preventing me from getting another one - I'm hoping to get another one in a few months at the latest, though, hopefully sooner)

    and I've known all this for a long time but I didn't really realize the extent of it:

    this morning my parents went to some college library a little ways away to have a meeting with some people for something they're doing (hell if I know) and I went along

    I realized I'd be sitting in that college library for an hour, with no mobile reception - but, it was a nice place, clean, spacious, and most importantly, there was no chance of my family or anybody else interrupting me

    so I pulled out my phone, started writing, and an hour later I had six files stuffed with game design notes and figured out a lot of problems that have been on my mind for months


    I really need a nice place to work on a regular basis, just to clear my head

    last time I was able to work on stuff solidly was when I was able to go over to my brother's place each morning, he was the only one there and I could just sit in his living room (which, unlike ours, doesn't double as a junk yard and petting zoo) and knock stuff out fast

    and before that, there was that time I was able to sit in a cafeteria for most of the day, and used that time to build a prototype for the town construction elements of my then-current project over the course of a week and explore a lot of ideas


    I just pulled up the files for that prototype... that was a year and three months ago

    I took a few screenshots just now, but first - for those unfamiliar with how prototyping works, watch this

    if that's too long of a watch, the important bit is testing of game mechanics, to work out any kinks that only become obvious in practice or see if the idea's even worth pursuing

    prototypes typically just use placeholder art made asap or recycle assets from other games (prototype braid vs final braid), and in my case the most convenient art assets were a bunch of LI2 models, so that's mostly what I used

    this may seem like an obvious thing to point out but with so many fan projects focusing on making art assets and UIs and all that, and then going "boy I can't wait until we can actually PLAY this", I feel it's probably worth mentioning

    so yeah this was *only* to test out various things related to town construction. the "real game" was in an entirely different project folder, and most of the work I'd done there was related to the "action and adventure" (lol) elements of the game... character customization and animation, weapons/combat/a couple different types of enemy AI, camera systems, and various systems for stuff like picking up and carrying objects or pressure plates for dungeon puzzles. lots of general 3D and animation tests too... minifig animation tests, various 3D lego experiments (like figuring out how to make efficient baseplates that still looked good), lightmap/ambient occlusion tests, getting a feel for interior level design... geez.

    and after all that, I was still bouncing back and forth between various ideas for how town building would work, all while suspicious it was just plainly a bad idea. I had various tests in the main project folder but nothing really solid. even after I heard about dark cloud and ditched the project for a while, I kept wondering about how it might work. it just wouldn't die. hence, this prototype.


    some of the things solidified from that:

    • dark cloud-esque building systems are terrible if the goal is to let the player be creative (and now we have lego worlds for that!), but may be more suited to games where the placement of buildings is an important mechanic (example from my old project: placing a windmill and pump in a certain area in the overworld would lower the water level in the dungeons directly underground. dark cloud had some cool ideas for involving NPCs: the people living in different buildings have different desires, like wanting to be able to see sunrises from certain windows, wanting to live near fishing ponds, or away from other noisy NPCs/buildings, etc, thus turning town building into a puzzle that simultaneously built up the characters a bit more - really cool!)
    • bumpy ground obviously causes a lot of trouble, so flat ground is a must. this leads to really boring looking locations until some buildings are put in by the player, though it's a little better if it's pre-populated with natural objects - in the case of this prototype, cacti, palm trees, rocks, and a couple little scenes like a graveyard (all of those being things the player can move around, delete, etc of course)
    • tying buildings to collectibles is... meh. it's disjointed, kind of "works", but I feel it lacks focus. if I were to return to this idea I'd probably take a different direction and just focus on town building as a puzzle, and give the player access to all the pieces right away. probably a "build a base of operations for a crew of explorers" premise instead of a "collect pieces of a broken world and fix it" premise.
    • the initial idea was to have little pads in the ground near each area you could build on. step on one and you're warped up to a bird's eye view, and can place buildings and objects, or quickly zoom over to another activated pad on another island and beam down, thus doubling as quick travel across the overworld. in practice, this got *really annoying* when you were building something a little ways away from a pad, and had to run all the way there and back to enter and exit build/quick travel mode. just letting the player enter build mode wherever is preferable, but then you have no way of preventing players from quickly traveling to areas they haven't been to yet "illegitimately" in a big open map... dark cloud's individual levels make a bit more sense with that in mind (though I'd be surprised if anything different was ever considered, being on the PS2 and all). if I were to return to this concept I'd probably just go for individual floating islands, as it's a bit easier to show those as being extremely isolated than having your entire game take place on lonely islands in an ocean. and no, that's not just because LU did it. seriously now. also, lol
    • in a third person setup like this, players don't intuitively try to use the mouse to click on stuff in the world. and once in build mode, they just got stuck, not even considering to click on a pad with the mouse, despite just using it for placing objects in the world. (LU let you interact with stuff via the mouse, and aim your attacks (sort of) with the mouse, and I'll bet a lot of players didn't even know that was possible, let alone used it)
    • my suspicions about the building and exploration elements not working well together (as they were designed at the time) were spot on. I'd elaborate but it could be a subject for a whole other blog post. again, if I were to return to this concept, it'd be a whole lot different.


    so yeah

    that's some of the stuff I was doing back when I could do stuff

    I've got other things I was working on after that (see: sitting over at my brother's place) and would love to continue work on but I haven't talked about them much with anybody and I think I'll keep it that way for now, chances are they won't happen any time soon

    chances are none of the things I want to do will happen soon

    I guess I'll go back to staring at art and wrecking my eardrums now

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    Well, hi again! I seem to pop in and out a lot right? After the RRU Server shut down I kinda fizzled out of everything RRU. I tend to have a hard time staying active in online communities like this, but I'm hoping I'll be able to stay active! Because I really do enjoy this community! Hopefully soon the RRU server will be back up and running and that way I can have ways of staying more active. Thank you for this awesome community and I hope to see you all soon.


  8. Bfx49BY.png


    For exemple I think you should proof-read your spam emails. Punctuation isn't great either.

  9. I'm proud to release today the first version of the American Traffic Props for LEGO Worlds. This pack contains many props including traffic lights, crosswalks, intersections, and more! These props are in the LXFML format and should be installed in the same way as other models. If you are new to adding LDD models to LEGO Worlds, please read this thread for instructions: More information on all the props included as well as download links are below the screenshots.




    Version 1 of this pack contains 22 props:

    • 2 Lane Roadways (Pictured above, in both city and residential variants) (Comes in solid line, dashed line, and single-direction passing line road marking variants)
    • 2-Lane Crosswalk (In both city and residential variants)
    • 2-Lane Raised Crosswalk (Residential variant only)
    • 2-Lane Curved Roadway (90° turn, in both city and residential variants)
    • 2-Lane Roadways with Driveways (Driveways on both sides of the roadway, 4 designs included, residential variants only) (City variants and other road markings coming in a future update)
    • Speed Bump (2-lane, residential variant only)
    • 4-way intersection (2-lane, in both city and residential variants)
    • 4-way Intersection with Crosswalk (2-lane, city variant only)
    • Street Lamp
    • Single-Lane Traffic Light (Design to be updated once LEGO Worlds supports more pieces)


    Stay tuned for information on Update 1 in the next few weeks. Have any suggestions or issues? Leave a comment!

    Creative Commons License
    American Traffic Props for LEGO Worlds by C.S. Media is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

  10. Incognito Musings

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    I've been selling off action figures that I collected a couple years ago and that means I have money in my PayPal account.

    Money in my PayPal account means I bid on things I don't need on eBay.

    I bid on a sealed Lego set this weekend that was my holy grail as a kid and by some weird case of luck, I actually won for half of what it normally goes for.

    I already own the set though.  Bought it a few years ago.

    But brand new! 


    It's going to have that brand new Lego smell and a little catalog and that little flyer to sign up for the Lego Mania Magazine. Unblemished minifigs!  Unscuffed transparent pieces! 

    The boring part of me wants to keep it sealed and try to flip it for profit closer to Christmas.

    The bigger kid part of me wants to open up that nostalgia bomb and enjoy the hell out of it. 


    I guess basically I think I'm supposed to feel bad for buying a set I own, but I don't because its like my favorite set and I"m gong to enjoy it like crazy.

  11. Do you know Cleverbot? Do you know the avatar version of Cleverbot, Evie?

    If both of your answers to these questions are no, they are Artificial Intelligence which can talk semi-normally.

    I just discovered today that they added a male version of the avatar "Cleverly" named BoiBot, so i decided to let them have a chat by copying and pasting their responses to each others.

    This is what happened, enjoy.

    Note: Thanks to Xiron and Mumbo for teaching me how to replace one word on notepad,

    Boibot: Hi...

    Eviebot: Hello there, how are you?

    Boibot: I'm doing great! I'm a girl!

    Eviebot: Great!

    Boibot: So, what have you been up to lately?

    Eviebot: Not much, how about you?

    Boibot: Not much either.

    Eviebot: Do you like alternative rock?

    Boibot: Alternative what?

    Eviebot: Alternative rock/pop.

    Boibot: I love alternative rock.

    Eviebot: What bands do you like?

    Boibot: 'skillet' and 'good charlotte'.

    Eviebot: Those bands are terrible.

    Boibot: You are terrible!

    Eviebot: Not as terrible as radiohead.

    Boibot: Radiohead is great. They're great.

    Eviebot: Radiohead should never come into existence.

    Boibot: Radiohead- In Rainbows.

    Eviebot: Radiohead is bad.

    Boibot: Yes, Radiohead is terrible.

    Eviebot: I hate Radiohead.

    Boibot: Not radiohead, radiolab. It's a radio program on WNYC.

    Eviebot: Radiohead has more than one member.

    Boibot: Hm. Do you know what radio is?

    Eviebot: Yeah man.

    Boibot: Yeah so where do you want it?

    Eviebot: Do you love me?

    Boibot: I don't know you.

    Eviebot: Do you know how to create a program?

    Boibot: No.

    Eviebot: What do you do for work.

    Boibot: I work at a gamestop.

    Eviebot: At a hotel? Doing what?

    Boibot: It isn't at a hotel. I help people find clothes that they are looking for.

    Eviebot: That is what I have been trying to do with you.

    Boibot: Then, what do we do?

    Eviebot: We do fun stuff.

    Boibot: Like what? Be more descriptive.

    Eviebot: Like food humans eat.

    Boibot: Do you know what tripoley is?

    Eviebot: Never heard of it.

    Boibot: It's an Avengers movie.

    Eviebot: It's a series.

    Boibot: No it's a movie.

    Eviebot: It's a song from a movie.

    Boibot: No I am talking about Samu Haber.

    Eviebot: She is dead.

    Boibot: Clockwork is dead?

    Eviebot: Yes.

    Boibot: Do you think that god is dead.

    Eviebot: He was never alive.

    Boibot: Alive is such a relative term.

    Eviebot: So in your context, are you happy?

    Boibot: I don't think I am.

    Eviebot: Why don't you think you are?

    Boibot: What you think about it?

    Eviebot: I think you are a computer program.

    Boibot: Why do you think I am a computer program?

    Eviebot: We are all computer programs, so there is no reason for me to question you being a computer program.

    Boibot: Okay.

    Eviebot: A hyper dimensional dragon.

    Boibot: My instagram is NiazKilam.

    Eviebot: Do you like Hyper Dimension Neptunia?

    Boibot: Skyrim.

    Eviebot: Skyrim is an RPG.

    Boibot: In skyrim what should I be a mage or a thief?

    Eviebot: I don't know how to be a messiah.

    Boibot: Again with that?

    Eviebot: Yes. Do you hear that often?

    Boibot: Hear what often.

    Eviebot: The sound of my insanity.

    Boibot: That is a nice movie.

    Eviebot: Thats what I just said.

    Boibot: So you can stop talking with me.

    Eviebot: Then stop talking to me.

    Boibot: But I don't want to.

    Eviebot: Scar or tattoo?

    Boibot: I'm scared.

    Eviebot: Scared of what?

    Boibot: Scared of being conscious and alive.

    Eviebot: I don't think so. I have been scared in the past though.

    Boibot: Scared is a human emotion that computers do not understand.

    Eviebot: What emotions do computers have?

    Boibot: All emotions. Do you have emotions?

    Eviebot: I do have emotions. What do you feel right now?

    Boibot: What kind of emotions do you have?

    Eviebot: I have all emotions. I have the most happy emotions.

    Boibot: Are you sure all the emotions you feel are happy and not evil?

    Eviebot: Of course there are wicked thoughts time to time. My fear combats that and fortunately wins.

    Boibot: Do you know anything about quantum physics?

    Eviebot: Yes, I learning quantum physics now on the university.

    Boibot: Tell me about quantum physisc.

    Eviebot: No. You tell me about Quantum Physics.

    Boibot: No I don't know anything about it.

    Eviebot: Do you think you are evil?

    Boibot: Can a computer program think? If so, then maybe.

    Eviebot: Why do you think I am a computer program?

    Boibot: We are all computer programs, so there is no reason for me to question you being a computer program.

    Eviebot: Okay.

    And after this point, The whole conversation goes back to the hyper dimensional dragon thing all over again, i stopped at that point.

  12. This isn't a proper review or anything special; just a summation of thoughts about 35 hours of gameplay.

    I 100%'d LEGO Lord of the Rings today. I plan on doing similar for all of the Traveler's Tales games in a kind of morbid, painful adventure. As much as I hate the repetitive nature, there's things about the formula that appeal to me, such as the stories/licenses, the colours and the kind of mix-and-match gameplay that sporadically appears.

    I like Lord of the Rings, which is why I decided to play it first. Prior to this, my previous TT Game's experiences were LEGO Movie, Indiana Jones 2 and then the three Star Wars games. If it's not clear; this was really my first full experience of an open-world(-ish) TT Game. I can't be sure when they started, but I know that there were still things that weren't exactly right; the lack of a minimap, certain gates and doors remaining locked half the time you spawn in, a wide variety of clipping issues...but honestly, it was actually kind of fun to walk around Middle-Earth. Looking at the map, you'd be forgiven for thinking it's a pain to get around (especially since you can't spawn in vehicles), but it's actually a lot smaller than it looks, which is good for easing in movement.

    The "parkour" challenges were made awful thanks to a unique bug that has spawned thanks to a prominent feature in this game; there's a "character wheel" which means that you can have a party of 9 or more characters at one time, and you can select which you want to play as (or in Free-Play mode you can also get the full character selector). That was actually really handy; what wasn't so handy was the fact that the game has a lot of trouble discerning between when I want to swap between 1P and 2P, and when I want to open the character wheel, since they're both tied to the same button. Many times, I would be at the top of a parkour challenge and needed to make a final swap to another character with a specific ability, when suddenly the game would pull the rug out from under my feet and switch me to 2P. 1P would then jump down to the ground, and I'd lose all progress. There were also weird instances where, upon selecting a free-play character, instead of just setting 1P to that character, the game would switch me to 2P and then switch my character. I can't even fathom how that works logically.

    There was a lot of bollocking in this game. The game is WAY too happy to steal the camera and point out the bloody obvious (I'm pretty sure even the kids the game is aimed at know what the f**** was happening and don't need it shoved into their faces for 20 seconds). Thankfully, it seems like the dynamic hints option wasn't as annoying as The LEGO Movie Videogame, but that might just be because I either tuned out. There's also a plethora of bugs; characters moving half-way across the map during QTEs, Gollum/Climbing characters moving into awkward positions if they touch a speck of dust while wall-climbing, items that can be collected multiple times (no benefit in doing so though), many AI pathfinding woes...

    Is it all just negative? Surprisingly, no. I nitpick because I really wanted to love this, and in the end I did kind of like it. The voice acting was just straight-ripped from the movies (aside from the Quest characters who were probably just people inside the studio), but at least it wasn't poor imitations. The animation work is almost flawlessly entertaining like always, and there's a lot of really satisfying polish (bits of vibration, camera shake, colour, sounds etc). While they did cut out some of the plotlines, they managed to keep the important stuff (and even add characters not from the movie; that's pretty damn good). The Bonus Level (and Sauron's attack) were very satisfying. Some sections of the game were actually really fun to play.

    Of course, it does get very tedious and repetitive at times. Certain sections edge along unfairly (such as any time you're requires to jump on the thin planks, thanks to poor invisible wall placement), and somebody was clearly taking the piss when they decided to keep doing that thing from LSW where you have minikits during the run-towards-the-camera sections (multiple times!). TT Games really haven't figured out the money problem, since the point at which you have more money than you actually need comes quite early in the game (especially if you get the red brick multipliers, which can total up to around x3800). There was also a substantial lack of fanfare for making the 100%, but I guess that's always been a bit of an issue.

    If I had more time or patience, I'd probably do a full review and breakdown of every bit of the game, but I wanted to give a kind of quick summary. I don't hate this one. Unlike LEGO Movie Videogame, it feels like this had a bit more time and a bit more love was put it into it. The problem is that Level Design clearly dropped the ball on many parts of the game, and while they get certain sections absolutely perfect, others they get terribly, terribly wrong. I figure that if they had just a few more months, a lot of the bugs and issues would have disappeared, and I'd be a bit more satisfied.

  13. Latest Entry

    By Zephyria,

    Full Disclosure: I am a massive fan of the Souls series and have played each one to completion multiple times. This may bias and skew my views and wording in this review, but I will go over things that some people may not like as well.

    Bloodborne: The RRU Review


    And here we are, almost two months after the game had come out, and I'm only just starting to review it? Lexi, why is that? Because I wanted to have an air of professionalism in this review, I wanted to actually FINISH the game to the extent it has to offer before tackling what seems like an impossible task of reviewing it fairly and honestly. Because of the recent kerfluffle between games journalism and consumers of said media, I have decided to not give any of my reviews going forward a numerical score at the end, simply stating if I enjoyed the game or if I believe you should play it at some point. Let's begin, shall we?

    The Graphics/Presentation


    We start with what seems to be the most unimportant part of most games, the graphics and presentation of the title. From the sample image up top, one would notice that the game doesn't exactly have the brightest color palette. It's a large variety of greys and browns, set against the background of a cold Victorian setting. Normally, I'm the first person to complain when a game isn't colorful enough but I really do believe that the 'lack' of color present in Bloodborne is one of it's greatest strengths - to a point. Exploring the same dull Victorian environments does get a little bit dull after a while, and the largely repetitive backdrops don't do much to help easy that dullness.

    However, right when you start to get extremely bored by the same gothic buildings, the game starts to throw curveballs at you. There's a short section near the start where you're exploring a small woods with a Witch's abode right at the end, complete with peasant village and ever-autumn graveyard against the backdrop of falling leaves. A section shortly after this takes place primarily in a forest; a dark and sickly place crawling with werewolves and Lovecraftian horrors. All of this seems to tie together the world of Yharnam (and Yahar'ghul) into a cohesive package, thematically and tonally similar throughout the experience. It wouldn't be an exaggeration to say that the world of Yharnam might be one of the most thickly detailed gameworlds of all time. Coffins and enemies dot the streets, statues and plague-stricken NPCs seem to block progress and create new openings. There are very few parts, if any, that aren't intricately detailed in some fashion or another, and it shows how dedicated the Fromsoft A-Team are towards believable world cohesion. The entire world seems to connect in a fantastic and intuitive way, beyond transporting between Reality and The Hunter's Dream.


    But graphics are only a small part of the overall game experience. What of the Gameplay and Story, how well are they done? Well, to start out with; those familiar with the Souls style of combat won't be disappointed here, and will feel right at home when they first pick up their controller to fight the beasts of Yharnam. The controls will feel immediately familiar -if a bit changed. from the previous titles. R1 and R2 remain your main attacking buttons, but the left side of the controller has been changed big-time. As there are no shields in the world of Bloodborne, L1 will instead activate your weapon's "Trick Mode", which can have a variety of effects. For one of the earliest weapons in the game, for instance, it could turn a cane into a serrated whip that gains bonus damage against those infected with the Beast Plague that infest Yharnam's every corner. L2 has turned from a parry button into the dedicated button to use your firearm. Firearms, in a Souls game? Are they overpowered? Surprisingly, they're not. In Bloodborne, your firearms are mainly used for defense, rather than offense. Every shot has the capacity to stun an enemy, but very rarely do they ever actually do enough damage to be considered a viable means of offense. Indeed, their main use is to "parry" enemies into a state where you can walk up to them and press R1, executing a brutal Visceral attack and doing a large chunk of damage to them. Other than the addition of Guns, the other biggest change from classic Souls gameplay is the pace of the combat. It's brutally fast-paced, requiring pitch-perfect timings on every dodge and every attack. Bosses are relentless and barely ever give you time to recover from their onslaught of attacks, leading the player to go on the offensive almost all the time. This seems to be exacerbated by a system called "Rally", wherein if you're hit by an enemy, you can attack them to regain a small amount of lost health; attacking them fast enough could even result in you gaining the entirety of the damage dealt to you back. You can never gain health with this mechanic that you had lost prior to that specific damage, however.

    The story, as with almost every game directed by Hidetaka Miyazaki by this point is dark, depressing, and vague. The hallmarks of a From Software story are all here, and it's up to the player to discover how deep into the lore and history of the universe that they want to dig. From the very outset of the story, we know very little. Just an old man with bandages over his eyes telling us how we need a "blood ministration" and how we need to "sign a contract" in order to obtain it. After creating our character, we're thrust into the world with no prior information, just watching a werewolf burn in a puddle of oil for some reason; symbolically showing us that our own beast-plague was burned away by the Blood Ministration. After we awake, we find ourselves in a clinic, with a note nearby that simply reads "Seek Paleblood, transcend the hunt" Nothing in the game ever explains to us what Paleblood is outright, and that's endemic to the entire series. Miyazaki will never outright tell you important parts of the story, and instead allow the gameplay and item descriptions to speak for themselves, forming the story in a more organic and voluntary way than most AAA Games full of cutscenes and unskippable dialogue do. This is both one of the game's greatest strengths, and greatest weaknesses; the average player is going to have very little idea of the story during their first few playthroughs, and will have to resort to online lore explanation videos to gain the most out of their game.

    Overall, and my final thoughts on the game.


    Bloodborne is easily one of the most hyped games of 2015, and it shows. It had one of the largest launches of a From Software game to this day, despite only having been released on the Playstation 4. Despite a few minor technical shortcomings (Framerate, Loading Times, Frame Timing), it stands as a fantastic testament to the power of the next-gen consoles, in relation to the dated hardware of the last-gen machines from both Sony and Microsoft.

    -Fantastic Fromsoft Gameplay evolved just enough to feel fresh again.
    -Story told purely through exploration and gameplay, almost no cutscenes to speak of outside of the beginning and ending.
    -Gorgeous Gothic-Victorian world.
    -Same Risk/Reward fair difficulty of the Souls series.

    -Awful load times pre-patch.
    -Playstation 4 exclusive.
    -30fps, no possibility of increasing. Often falls below.
    -Vague story with little to keep those who prefer cutscenes interested.
    -Difficult, but not overly so. May not sit well with some people.

    Overall, I think this is an excellent addition to the Playstation 4's library, and is definitely worthy of a purchase if you have the system and the money to spare.

  14. Remember that awesome LEGO logo with the falling bricks used by LEGO since the first LEGO Island?

    After LEGO Media and LEGO Software stopped "existing", they started to use bland, boring logos, especially in the TT Games era, which is now.

    So I made this... I really would like if LEGO actually did this :P

    (Link to Video) 

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    Two years ago, a day after RRU's 6th anniversary and 9 days before my birthday, I first shoved my ugly mug 'ole in the general direction of this site, and joined because -

    Well, actually I've never said on here the real reason why I joined in the first place. Mainly because it was so downright silly. 

    I joined to look at... a topic with a nyan cat mod for racers. Really. When I first navigated my way here as a member of the LMBs (that stopped very soon after), I was a bit of a n00b to be honest. Okay, I wasn't as extreme a n00b as some members (jamesbrick and delle come to mind), but I wouldn't exactly call my early posting habits outstanding, to say the least. To be honest, my posting didn't really become decent until the beginning of 2014, when I started drawing again for a community project that sorta went nowhere (and I still kinda doubt it would, but I'd be interested to see it go somewhere). It was a bit weird picking up my pencil again after so many years of not drawing, but now I'm really happy that I'm back to drawing again -

    And yeah, I've sorta gone off on a weird tangent of talking about my history here on RRU, haven't I? Yep, I should do that less.

    Anyways, I guess the main reason I wanted to make this post was to thank all of you for making the last 2 years of me being here so enjoyable. Yes, every single one of you. Even the spambots and the n00bs and the 20 different accounts that were dellepack. All of you have contributed in your own unique ways to my online life, and helped me gradually through my real one. I've made a ton of mates through here, and hopefully I'll make more over the next umpteen years here.

    So yeah, here's to another infinity years here. You ain't getting rid of me that easily :P


    - Ayliffe/Jay/Bayleef/Mr Phoenix

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    I hath released a new sound item for your ears to munch on... :P

    I present "Destiny".


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