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I heard some of this when i was waking up and then fleshed it out.

Posted by Tracker , 09 June 2013 · 311 views

I heard part of this during the transition between sleeping dream and reality, the rest I came up with immediately afterwards. The "heard" part is in curly brackets. See if you can figure out the story. Keep in mind the group I hang out with outside of RRU.

V1 (spoken)

{There's a reason I no longer (originally, "no longer" was "never liked," but looking over the rest of it suggests that going back may make the whole thing make sense) going out with you} There is a reason {we never got that far.} When we first met I thought we were a perfect match, but then I saw you -- change.

Chorus (sung)

{You're the reason} Your selfish ways your bad decisions your foul mouth your malicious intentions you're the reason we never truly went out.

V2 (spoken with two voices)

"Watch this" you said "I'll show you what we are all about" Then you killed a man, then you ate a cat, then munched a dog, then you swallowed a bat. That day my heart was broken, not for a lack of love towards me, but to my neighbor [Chorus]

Bridge (Am I using the right terms here? Anyways, the first bit (ends at the comma) is slightly sung to go with the chorus while the second part is sung fully)

I thought you could be saved. I thought becoming one of your own would bring you home. But I see now,
your eyes are glazed you only think with your head your heart is cold your soul is dead

V3 (spoken)

You make us look bad. I told you to stop but you didn't listen I asked you to confess but you just licked the blood off your hands [Chorus then Bridge]

V4 (spoken)

I can't take this anymore. I'm leaving you now. I'd curse you on behalf of the brother you killed, but I don't need to, God is already planning something. I can feel it. I should have never dated a werewolf.

forever alone^

The man's ex?  Yes, she will be alone.  The ex loved the man more than the man loved the ex.  The man, he'll find someone in due time, but it may take a while because he became a werewolf to try to be an example to his (former) girlfriend.  If it worked out though, they would have been a pair of good Catholic werewolves.  Let the strangeness begin!

What... what is this?

Nothing more than a werewolf related story I cooked up in a country folk song format.

The word "fleshed" sends shivers down my spine. I don't know why, it just sounds painful.