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Call me a neo technophobe but. . .

Posted by Tracker , 04 June 2013 · 380 views

I really do not like the way things are going with the most commonly used technologies. I mean seriously, they are causing me all sorts of head aches. The new handhelds are crap at getting really odd shots. Ones that require you to lean out of something dangerously (my brother knows what I am talking about) or bend over awkwardly are ones I am talking about. I don't really have that problem. I have a Samsung U900 Flipshot. It, as the name implies, it is a flip phone. Like many such handhelds, the screen works at many angles while the camera is active. I can even use it to inspect the top of a shelf. Most digital cameras do not have that. The U900 is also compatible with normal gloves, a feature that many newer handhelds sadly lack. The U900 also fits perfectly in my LEGO Spybot's bumper without weighing it down too much:


That would have been very difficult to get with anything other than a Samsung U900 without really screwing around with the bumper or device.
Another thing it has is true speeddial. Yes, the newer models have it, but it is clumsy to use if you need more than one contact and potentially slower because you have to unlock the device.

Operating systems are also taking a tumble in my books. As you already know, all of the post XP Windows systems SUCK for legacy software. They are also gigantic both on the disk and memory. 32.7 GB (35,158,609,920 bytes) for this node's Windows folder alone. The base memory usage including the support software? More than 1024 MiB (~1200 MIB). My laptop's drive is only 40GB and it has only one gebibyte of memory installed. Can't we just have a simple system that works? Maybe a DOS command line version of NT with some Windows GUI components for the programs that need them?

And don't get me started on Youtube and hypocritical ways (YOUtube?). I have no idea on what I am going to do with a channel made for PC users that uses a design that only really makes sense for mobile users.

And people wonder why I so headstrong in my technological ways. Just about every "upgrade" that is being put out there is for me a downgrade because I lose a lot of functionality and gain next to none.

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I'm not sure what you're going on about in the first half. Something about cameras? True speed dials? My Spotmatic II has a speed dial and it's twice as old as I am.

I stopped caring about Youtube layouts a long time ago. You either have to redesign your channel every year or... there is no "or." They change a lot of the functionality too. Some time ago, the algorithms for related videos changed. It now takes videos related to videos you've watched before and suggest them alongside completely unrelated videos, even if you only watched a single video of that type. I might watch a single Lego Racers video one day. For the next week I'll be seeing Lego Racers in the related videos for National Geographic videos. That's stupid. Plastic men and cars aren't related to wildlife.
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I'm referring to the lack of useful functionality in modern hardware and software. One I forgot to add is that my phone can function as a card reader.  I want to say so can the "smartphones," but their implementation of the feature is terrible.  It takes more than a minute to set up and, with the Motorola Droids at least, open as multiple drives so they become very cumbersome to work with.  The unit I have can be ready with just two button presses and disconnected with one.  The summary of the web log is this:  The old stuff works much better for me than the new stuff, so why do I have to use the new stuff?

How can a car be a technophobe?

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How can a car be a technophobe?

  800 years of running on a x64 system can do that.

How can a car be a technophobe?

  800 years of running on a x64 system can do that.

you're not a vehicle or a computer.

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