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Wot I Fink: Sanic Boooom (Or "Gotta Ship Fast!")

Posted by McStudz , 19 November 2014 · 286 views
Sonic, Naughty Dog and 3 more...
Remember SEGA's attempt to reignite the genuine excitement people got when they heard about a new Sonic The Hedgehog game by reimagining the franchise back in late 2006? Remember how much that game sucked? Today, the 2006 reimagining of Sonic The Hedgehog (or as we all like to call it, "Sonic 06") is the prime example of what NOT to do with your franchise...


The Human Condition

Posted by McStudz , 02 November 2014 · 161 views

Life is so odd.

So many questions to which there are few answers. You live, you die, you be dictated by others, whether they ever existed or not, alive or not. You make choices, you become attached to people, you love, you learn. You create, you copy, you perform. You argue, you defy, you abandon. What is it all for? What is the goal of it all? People po...


Gadget Talk: The New iPhones(!)

Posted by McStudz , 11 September 2014 · 193 views

WARNING: The following contains traces of, or has come into contact with the ingredients "Satire", "Informality", "Observation", and "Opinion". If you are allergic to any of these, please see your doctor before enjoying the following blog post. I will not be held responsible for any butthurting other than from a possible lack of the ingredient "ACTUAL F...


The Old Girl's Getting On Now...

Posted by McStudz , 01 June 2014 · 147 views
Dinosaurs, Laptops, IBM, !?!? and 1 more...
So, you guys know about my old IBM ThinkPad DINOSAUR of a laptop, right? The one I have listed in my (pathetically comical) specs? The same one I've had so many problems with (thanks to my own stupidity)? The one I've probably put at least five OSes on? Well, SOMEONE at work must have dropped it when they moved my backpack (with lappy inside), because now...



Posted by McStudz , 13 February 2014 · 295 views

So, my school concert is in, uh, two weeks? Sure, why not. Let’s say two weeks.

I’m singing a song in front of dozens (scores?) of people, and it’s my last year and last chance to do so. I want to end with a bang. I need a really good, acoustic, and mainly one-man song to perform.

I was thinking of either “Let It Be” by The Beatles, or “Bridge Over Trou...


*What* Did Disney Do!?!?

Posted by McStudz , 11 January 2014 · 588 views
star wars, Disney, canon and 1 more...

Disney (Current owners of all the rights to Star Wars) have decided to take an axe (nay, CHAINSAW) to most of Star Wars' extended universe (or EU). What exactly does this mean? Well, first we have to go a long time ago, to a galaxy far, far away......


Would Somebody Care to Explain...?

Posted by McStudz , 15 July 2013 · 250 views
Russia, dafuq, WHAT, THE, ACTUAL and 3 more...

Just read a bit of that. Hell, just read the HEADLINE. That'll give you enough information for my little rant tonight (Or today, depending on when you read this).

tl;dr: Russia decided to buy electric typewriters to "Avoid information leaks". Now, I've given myself a...


RageRant: Android Consoles... Android Consoles *EVERYWHERE*!

Posted by McStudz , 08 June 2013 · 434 views
Gaming, Android, Dime A Dozen and 5 more...
OK, remember when I said I was looking forward to that "NVIDIA Shield" handheld that runs on the Android mobile OS?

And go further back now; remember when the Ouya was announced, an Android-powered HOME CONSOLE? And soon after, the long-awaited Steam Box was finally (kind of) revealed to be an actual thing? And the we had rumors of it being run on Androi...


Snow Day...?

Posted by McStudz , 19 December 2012 · 229 views

>Wakes up this morning to go to school>Hears telephone ringing downstairs. Still not awake so ignores>Eats breakfast and heads to school>Some already-melting snow on ground. Not enough for snow day>No cars herded around the school as usual...>No cars to speak of in school parking lot>Snow day?>Grunt and walk home>Get re...


Will and Final Testament

Posted by McStudz , 27 August 2012 · 351 views
Dead, Inactive, Solved
[WARNING: The following Blog Entry may or may not be McStudz's last one. His fate is yet to be determined, but one can make an educated guess at what may happen...]

[P.S. Oh, and there will be strong (albeit censored) language.]

ACT I: $300 DEEP

Out of all the things I ever f***ed up, what transpired in my life this week...

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