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Getting back into the Pokemon TCG competitive scene

Posted by Phoenyx , in Trading Cards, Random stuff, News 09 December 2012 · 662 views

Alright. I'm sure the title is self explanatory, so I'll skip the basics and get into the details (like the deck I'm going to run).

4x Mewtwo EX
4x Sableye
4x Terrakion
2x Darkrai EX

4x Cheren
4x Professor Juniper
2x Skyla
2x N
4x Pokemon Communication
4x Ultra Ball
4x Plus Power
1x Computer Search

4x Fighting
5x Darkness (basic)
4x Darkness (special)
4x Double Colorless
4x Prism

Use Sableye to recycle search item cards. Bring out Mewtwo EX ASAP. Use Terrakion as a revenge killer and Darkrai EX to assist with retreating. KO opponent's Pokemon. Draw prizes, preferably two at a time due to the EX rule. Win before opponent can even get set up. Dominate tournaments. Go to tropical location. Become world champion.

Possible changes:
Against a Keldio EX & Blastoise heavy field:
-1 Mewtwo EX
-1 Terrakion
-4 Darkness Energy (basic)
+2 Zekrom
+4 Lightning Energy
Zekrom will really help in keeping Keldio EX in check. Mewtwo EX is also really good in this matchup, but may have trouble getting a 1HKO.

Against other Mewtwo EXs:
-2 Terrakion
-2 Fighting Energy
+2 Darkrai EX
+2 Darkness Energy (basic)
Focus more on using Darkrai EX, as it resists Psychic types. However, if you can get the initiative in a situation, by all means use Mewtwo EX to get a KO on the opponent's Mewtwo EX. Make sure to watch out for Mewtwo EX in any matchup, as a lot of decks run it as a tech.

Against Eels, anything with Darkrai EX:
-4 Darkness Energy (basic)
-2 Pokemon Communication
+2 Fighting Energy
+4 Pokemon Catcher
Pokemon Catcher is crucial in a matchup like this, as you need to focus on killing your opponent's support. Since both Elektrik and Darkrai EX are weak to fighting, Terrakion and Mewtwo EX will swap roles.

Against Serperior:
You don't have to change anything, but be careful with Terrakion as it is weak to grass. If you do use it for a revenge-kill, you'll be trading prizes next turn.

Against Zoroark:
-2 Darkness Energy (basic)
+2 Fighting Energy.
Again, you'll want to use Terrakion more in this matchup. If Darkrai EX is common in Zoroark decks, treat them like Darkrai EX decks.

Against Ho-Oh EX:
Do nothing. Mewtwo EX hard-counters Ho-Oh EX.

EDIT: Deck list edited. Turns out Computer Search is an Ace Spec and is limited to only one per deck.

Dude... Is that deck even LEGAL??

I mean, I think there are restrictions for official tournament play with 4 MEWTWO EXES.

But I dunno.

Dude... Is that deck even LEGAL??

I mean, I think there are restrictions for official tournament play with 4 MEWTWO EXES.

But I dunno.

Unlike Yu-Gi-Oh, Pokemon runs a rotation rather than a banlist. Cards from before BLW (Black and White Base set) are banned. Mewtwo EX is from BWN (Black and White Next Destinies). The only time any cards were outright banned was back in Neo Discovery and Neo Revolution, with Sneasle and Slowking respectively, and those were exceptionally broken.

Still, I wouldn't doubt it if this and several other decks cause Mewtwo EX to be banned, although there have been worse game-breakers out there.

EDIT: You must have been thinking about Pokemon-star cards. Those are one per deck, but they're not in the current rotation. The closest thing we have now are shiny alternate versions of regular cards. EXs have a different balance mechanic - when a player KOs their opponent's Pokemon EX, that player draws two prizes instead of one.

EDIT 2: Turns out you did catch one thing. Computer Search is limited to one per deck. List edited.
I just assumed. I stopped paying attention to tournament play a LOOONG time ago, and just collected the cards to say I had 'em.

I had 300 cards at one point, with most of my rares coming from booster packs (this was back in G3, mind you). If it weren't for the complications nowadays, I'd still have those cards and then some...

Then again, I could always start collecting again.
I'm guessing you probably had some old EXs in your collection. The new ones are similar but have a few differences. Although we haven't yet had a non-legendary EX to begin with, I'd assume that the new EXs are considered basic Pokemon even if the non-EX version is evolved (just like Pokemon SP in the Platinum sets). They're also more powerful, to compensate for how the game has escalated to higher levels. Back when EX Power Keepers was out, the standard HP for an EX was 140 HP on a Stage 2. Now it's 170 HP on a basic. Damage has also been scaled up - on average, I can get Mewtwo EX to do about 100 damage a turn with X Ball, plus additional damage if my opponent is using energy-intensive Pokemon like Rayquaza EX or Ho-Oh EX.

The basic rules have changed a little, too. The new cards have terminology like reveal (show whatever card it tells you to your opponent) and heal (remove damage counters as specified), and there are new card rules as well like Ace Spec (you can only have one Ace Spec card in your deck) and the now named EX Rule (when your Pokemon EX is knocked out, your opponent takes two prize cards instead of one).

Overall, the game has become faster paced and more modular, with unusual cards (like Ace Spec and Pokemon EX) having related rules printed on then rather than requiring you to reference the rule book all the time.
Dec 13 2012 04:39 PM
Small world, so am I!
I'm building a deck around Smeargle (best pokemon).
Though that one is strictly for fun.

Small world, so am I!
I'm building a deck around Smeargle (best pokemon).
Though that one is strictly for fun.

Which Smeargle? There's been several different prints of that card ever since Neo Genesis.

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