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Debunking Fun's Apology

Posted by McJobless , 29 November 2012 · 346 views

Whats up you tube Um i

I just wanna say this is a remake of my awful video RRU

This is a friendy good bye and apoligie.

First im so sory for my poor english

if i had a voice record i would use that.

Now then lets go with the apolgie. First :)

First of all to Cyrm and all mods Im so so sory for what i did i promise it will never EVER happen again. To all members im So sory for what i said i relizad it was wrong and cold i promois it will NEVER EVER happen again. Now then for the reason i left in a frienday way.

Okay first of all most of you people were no offens of course were rude and mean to me it hutred me so bad i could not have taken the critsime very well at that time. It was like you all hated me and you wanted me to die or me never extiserd etc so that there hurted a LOT. Next reason complaning about my gramma well then i guess we have first of all No offense but you always said impvore ur spelling and gramma well okay I do suck at bot especiall gramma but you know its okay no body is perfect were all human we all make mistakes but hey now that I paseed English 1 barley im a wee better now i know that comma splice erros and now to use captazalizen peroids spaces for long setcences so yea I promis i will do my best at gramma if I EVER do come back. Last Reason LOl no last reasson cant think of 1 :P.

Now then i agrre that my behavoier and imaturrity was aboulsate crap at that time but now that im in 10th grade a litee old and more mature i will be better for example Garbage like How old do you think Blah Blah is no more to me believe me:). I will do my best to follw the rules I'm Realy okay with there being no weather from or spam from its fine so yea now sometimes i did post garbage and was mean and cold not going to happen anymore I do care about the mods i want nada to happen to them now The community is good but it can improve some if we all work at it we can make awesome again. So yea i will now think before i post something if i do Ever come back that is if i cant think good i will ask 1 of my toon town friends to help me so yea. Well i hope this was a much nicer way to put things. I was just so upset about all the things i got over heated and made a rampet rant so it was wrong. Now If i do ever come back it will be a few days after my Chirstmas break has started. but its not 100% of me coming backs its a eh 50/50 at the moment. cya you :)

Hi YouTube! So, I just want to say that this is a remake of the awful video I made for RRU. This is a friendly good-bye and apology. Just quickly, I'm sorry for my poor english. If i had a voice recorder, I would have used that.

Before we start, to Cyrem and all moderators, I'm sorry for what I did. I promise it will never happen again. Also, to all members, I'm sorry for what I said. I have realised it was wrong, and I promise it will never happen again. With that all said, I want to discuss the reason i left in an unfriendly way.

Firstly, most of you were, no offense, rude and mean to me. It hurt my feelings badly. There was no way that I could have taken the criticism well at that time. To me, it felt at though you all hated me, and I even felt as badly as though you wanted me to die or for me to have never existed and so on. That is why it hurt my feelings quite harshly.

Secondly, you all had a habit of complaining about my grammar. You always said improve you spelling and grammar. To tell you the truth of the matter, I do suck at both, especially grammar, but as you should know, it's okay. Nobody is perfect. We're all human, and we all make mistakes. That said, I passed English 1 (barely, however). I'm a little bit better. So, I promise I will do my best at grammar if I ever do come back.

Now, I do agree that my behaviour and immaturity was terrible at that time, but now that I'm in 10th grade at school, I am a little older, and I am more mature than I previously was. I promise I will be better. For example, I will no longer post garbage topics such as "How old do you think Blah Blah is." I will do my best to follow the rules. I'm okay with no longer posting weather related information, or posting useless spam. I agree that sometimes I did post garbage, and I myself was mean, but with that said, it is not going to happen anymore. I do respect the moderators. I do not want anything to happen to them now. The community is good, but it can improve if we all work together to make awesome again. If I do ever come back, I will ensure that I think before I post. However, if i am having difficulties with thinking, I will ask one of my "Toon-Town" friends to help me.

Well, I hope this was a much nicer way to put things. I was just so upset about all the things that had happened, and I became very angry, and made an aggressive rant, which was wrong of me. If I do come back, it will be a few days after my Chirstmas break has started. Thank you.

There's some English for you.

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Thanks Extreme, much easier to process.

@Fun, If you reads this:

Nobody is perfect. We're all human, and we all make mistakes.

You are right, but you must learn from those mistakes. I hope you have done this.

Thanks for the apology.
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Agreed. Thanks for being calm and logical about this. Means a lot to many of us.

Hope to see you soon.
Too bad fun hasn't seen it.
Welcome back, fun! :D

Welcome back, fun! :D


Hope to see you soon.

I don't.
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