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Video Game Proposal: LEGO Ultra Agents: Retake Astor

Posted by McJobless , in Requests, Rock Raiders United, Other, General Information, Regular Episodes 19 March 2015 · 0 views


What separates you from your enemies?
© Ben Steenson 2015

Note! This is a work in progress! Come back every day for new updates, gameplay features, story, images and more!

Welcome to the design proposal for a new video game, LEGO Ultra Agents: Retake Astor ! This proposal is being written as a hobby of mine and is n...


Post your LEGO Libraries - McJobless' Collection

Posted by McJobless , in Requests, Rock Raiders United, Other, General Information 20 February 2015 · 0 views

I was going through, organising my room for college, and I found a lot of LEGO stuff that wasn't in my LEGO bag, so I decided to collect it all and take some pictures.

Because of that, I think it's time we shared our LEGO collections for the fun of it, and so we all know who has what. Because I expect a lot of images and text, let's keep these to blog po...


McJobless' New Computer - Part 1: The Purchase

Posted by McJobless , in General Information 05 November 2014 · 212 views

I'm hoping there will be only 2 parts to this: This one, and then the install where everything works great. Let's not think too hard about the future, though.

Here's what I got:


Total price with handling and postage is about $2800. That's a lot better than what I was originally thinking.

I wanted Windows 8.1 Pro and an...


The "Gift" of Public Speaking

Posted by McJobless , in General Information 03 November 2014 · 129 views

I'm not here to break apart whether "gifts" really are, or if they're a state of mind. What I'm here to do is provide some kind of assistance to those who are put off by public speaking. Here's a quick list of top tips from an actual PR representative and hobbyist-lecturer.
Always go first for presentations and speeches. I know that sounds terrifying and...


Moving Along.

Posted by McJobless , in Rock Raiders United 21 September 2014 · 156 views

From this point forward, I will be moving a lot of my better-quality blog entries to my very own personal blogger which I have full control over . I made this decision based on a couple factors, such as the need for more exposure, but all to prevent any flooding on this site in the event I have any outlandish opinions.

I will still notify you guys when t...


Wot I Fink: What Can I Learn From Zoe Quinn & Depression Quest?

Posted by McJobless , in Wot I Fink 23 August 2014 · 306 views

Let's just get down to this in dot-point form. I'm barely in the mood for writing, but I want to get my thoughts out now.
Depression Quest showcases the entirely wrong way to make a game that is supposed to bring awareness to a significant health issue. Depression is very serious, and it's important people seek treatment options where possible. Normally,...


Birthday Presents

Posted by McJobless , in Other, General Information 13 July 2014 · 158 views

Let's cut to the chase. This year I got an awesome haul:
The Sea Cow (LEGO Set). It took me 9 hours to finish it.
The LEGO Movie (Everything is Awesome Edition + Special Edition). Two different people bought me different editions, which means I get all the neat content :D
LEGO Sort & Store
President Business LED Light (Similar to my Bad Cop one)
DK LE...


Electronic Arts: Moore like Embezzling Assets

Posted by McJobless , in Requests 04 July 2014 · 206 views


If I may, for a second;


I'm not even going to grace this with a description. Let's just get to ripping apart the quotes.

Yeah, so long as you have the equivalent of a $1000 US to buy that sh...


A Complete Mess.

Posted by McJobless , in Other, General Information 05 June 2014 · 150 views

Human life is obsessed with patterns
We strive to learn patterns so we never have to relearn them again
Games are about patterns
Good games teach how to solve patterns, not just give answers to patterns
Games therefore are teaching devices [can be described as art]
Games therefore should be about things important to humanity
We need to get over conflict,...


My Gaming History - Part 1 - The Prophetic PS1

Posted by McJobless , in Gaming History 03 May 2014 · 338 views

This is something I've wanted to do for a long while, but I horrible at concentration. I can't really vouch for the validity of the order I finished these games in or bought them in, but that's not really the point. The point is the lessons I've learned because of what I have learned. As such, it's very likely there's going to be a LOT of games I won't li...


Seaborgium's Mobile Dilemma.

Posted by McJobless , in Wot I Fink 01 May 2014 · 305 views

I'm not going to discuss the recent personal issues between members. Instead, I'm going to discuss a certain post.


It's written informally for audiences who don't spend hours a day reading through encyclopedias and aspire to become verbally overwrought. I prefer this style of writing as it makes the article more interest...


What Bugs Me Most About Mass Effect...

Posted by McJobless , in Other 26 April 2014 · 241 views

We have technology in the modern day called "Video Cameras". Most of our mobile and desktop technology now comes bundles with some form of "web camera", we have VR sensors like the Kinect and LeapMotion. Many vehicles, including trucks, buses and police cars have cameras installed to record incidents that might occur on the road. Many places in public we...


Fourth-ward March.

Posted by McJobless , in Rock Raiders United 27 March 2014 · 336 views

I totally didn't even plan that pun 4 years ago.

So. 27/03/2014. Heh. Never really thought I'd make it this far without dying by train, being sent to a loony bin or wasting away on alcohol. And while those things have all been pretty close to happening, here I still am.

The Austrexican Lives. The Pants Enforcers reigns supreme.

4 years ago, I found a l...


QW: Why Legend of Zelda is already one of my favourite games.

Posted by McJobless , in Quick-Writes 09 March 2014 · 263 views

This is a entry in my "Quick-Write" series. Basically, just some minor thoughts quickly thrown into a blog entry as a kind of progress update on how I'm doing.

Anyone familiar to Creative Theory on RRU or the Skype chats would know that Jamesster's been doing a lot of LoZ stuff recently. He found that brilliant essay, and recently he's been playing the...


Apparently I Need to Fire Myself

Posted by McJobless , 07 March 2014 · 215 views

Ohboy. It's Spam Message of the Day time. I removed the link at the end, since I sure as hell don't trust it.

MESSAGE TITLE: Why you should fire your boss

Hey there,

Ezekiel here again.

I want to PROVE to you why my Forex 3-day webinar on 9th, 10th & 11th April 2014 is going to be life-changing.

My goal? You quit your job, if you have one… and...


Can We Talk About How Terrible Java Is?

Posted by McJobless , 19 February 2014 · 281 views

It's a useless pile of s***.

The f****ing thing won't work correctly on my sister's machine, and barely runs correctly on mine. The main problem on my sister's machine is that it keeps deleting the core .exe files. Java.exe, javaw.exe and a few others are constantly deleted anytime you try to run a Java app after installation. Putting copies of these fil...


Life is an interesting beast.

Posted by McJobless , 09 February 2014 · 224 views

"And remember, the universe has a wonderful sense of humor. The trick is learning how to take a joke. "
~ Orvus, Ratchet & Clank: A Crack in Time

Life is one of those insane things that happens.

It's like, there for years, and then it's taken away. It's pretty crazy. And the older I get, the more I look on it and think about what life really, trul...


The End of an Era

Posted by McJobless , in Other, General Information 12 December 2013 · 336 views

It feels. Empty.

The closing of the old Quotes topic, is rather fitting, given another thing that happened today. Had the Quotes topic not closed, I probably wouldn't even have posted this update, due to the CoS that arrived to wreck havoc on the forums. But, in the weird way that the world works, it's best to talk about it.

For those that don't know, t...


Wot I Fink: Video Gaming

Posted by McJobless , in Wot I Fink 31 August 2013 · 506 views

Original post with comments that clarify some of what I've said: http://www.steamgift...rash/page/31337

I don't like the gaming industry as it is. Everything sucks. AAA is less about trying to take chances on making something incredible and more about pleasing the lowest common denominator, of which ma...


Wot I Fink: Stories in Gaming

Posted by McJobless , in Wot I Fink 02 July 2013 · 352 views

One of the biggest problems I come across in gaming is story. It's a tricky element to get right, and people are both going to want it or going to hate it. The biggest problem is that if you go for a story, you either have to keep it basic as a way to establish why the player is in the game in first place (I call this the "Call to Suspension" trick), or i...

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