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Posted by natcO , 08 December 2013 · 335 views

every time i buy soething on ebay,it has something wrong.
axle-I bought an axle minifigure,but his helmet was not brown,but blue with brown paint.it was really chipped to.

red space man-the picture described him with the golden moon symbol,a non-broken helmet,and a laser.
Guess what? his helmat was cracked,no laser,and the moon was faded.

RR-it was listed as sealed,but no seal there!

That is all i have for now,please comment your bad ebay experiences.

Dec 08 2013 06:05 PM

I actually stick to one buyer since I've purchased from him. He always offers a nice variety of sets in good condition (sometimes with box) with an extensive description. And, he's a fair seller. He even helped me out when I recieved the wrong minifigure. Oh, and he lives close by (but still abroad), cutting down hugely on shipment costs. My other eBay purchases went fine, nothing bad really.

I buy more often on Marktplaats than on eBay, simply because this is the 'Dutch version' of it, often cutting down on shipment costs this way. I did, however, have some problems with the purchases on this site though (missing parts, replaced parts) but sometimes I could replace those. Otherwise I contact the seller and (see if he cares about it and) work it out with him/her.

I've never bought anything on there before.


Typing/writting protip: A comma "," is always accompanied by a following space " ". I hope you learn this simple thing, it can be quite irratating for some people to read without that!

Go for Bricklink, not eBay

but you cant buy whole sets=( i asked for the chrome crusher for christmas, and i think you can take off the radar, put it on the laser, and put a second drill in it's place.is that true?

but you cant buy whole sets=(

Wat? You can buy full sets on Bricklink, along with instructions, custom pieces, catalogs, magazines...
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Dec 09 2013 03:54 AM

i think you can take off the radar, put it on the laser, and put a second drill in it's place.is that true?

I'm pretty sure it is, although you may need a couple of extra parts to attach the radar to the laser. And of course the set doesn't come with a second drill, you'd need to make that yourself :)

yeah,bricklink to the rescue!

Dec 09 2013 07:14 AM
I know I have encountered the same issue as you. I have purchased many things that claim to come with a seal but when they arrive, they never have a seal. Now how will I get my blubber?
The Ace Railgun
Dec 09 2013 10:15 AM

I never buy from ebay, If I want older sets I go to Brinklink, or I use Amazon if I can find it cheaper there.  

I've never had a bad experience buying items from eBay, but selling... that was a disaster when I was selling my DS.

As a kid I once had a Slifer the Sky Dragon (Yugioh card) purchased for me on Ebay as a birthday gift. It was fake.


Ebay isn't a great place to buy things, unless you're going for a midnight auction (when nobody is online).


Bricklink is the best online LEGO market there is at the moment.

I use Marktplaats for LEGO. (even though I live in Norway)

I basically keep a list of sets I want to buy, and every now and again I search them up. Once I find people selling them for a good price, I usually ask a few questions around the model (or request specific pictures) and if everything looks alright, I make a deal. 


This way I have gotten many nice sets for only small amounts of money. (Latest buy were the remaining rock raiders sets I did not have.) Never had problems thus far.

I suggested to my father a while back to get me one of those four-armed Garmadon figures for my birthday at a conspicuous price on eBay. Of course, it was a knock off, and my dad requested a refund. The seller was "shocked", claiming his Minifigures were pure LEGO bricks. The seller refunded the purchase, and let me keep this cruddy monument to knock-offs manufactured in Hong Kong. I later received a legit Garmadon, and the knock off seemed even more pathetic; when compared to the LEGO Garmadon, the Garmadon knock-off's colors was duller, and the plastic was disgusting.