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Torn 'Tween Two Tanks

Posted by JimbobJeffers , 22 July 2013 · 241 views

Since leaving the 'Dark Ages', my love of LEGO's Star Wars sets has pretty much deceased. However, there are one or two that still appeal to me, in particular the IFT-X. Perhaps this is because I used to be a huge fan of the Battlefront II game, which featured such a tank. Regardless of the reason, I would like to add this set to my collection. But it became apparent to me that the tank isn't quite the same as the tank featured in the game. It appears that LEGO's was based off this design, which is unlike the game's design in certain areas. I'm not a guru when it comes to Star Wars canon, so I don't know which is meant to be more accurate, but I wanted to create the in-game version for myself.

So I had a go at building it on LEGO Digital Designer, following the set's instructions but making small modifications where I thought were necessary. One big problem that made itself apparent however, was whether to use LEGO's original choice of white colours for the armour panels, or grey colours instead. In the game it appears to be greyish, but I wasn't sure which way to go, and thus I built the model in both colours and have embedded the results below.

Posted Image
Posted Image

Some of the changes I made were:
  • Extending the wings
  • Changing all bright red bricks to dark red
  • Redesigning the turret - note that the 3x4 wing could be replaced with this piece
  • Changing the missile colours to match the blue missiles in the game
What I'd like to know is which colour looks best - grey or white? I'd really appreciate any input people can give, not just to this question on the colour but also to the modifications I made.

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