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Mass Effect - Tribute

Posted by Masterchief , in Music 26 February 2013 · 243 views

Good evening my friends,

Today I would like to share my Tribute for Bioware's Mass Effect series with you!

Please have a listen and tell me what you think of it. The idea for this tune came to my mind whilst spending hours cracking planets in Mass Effect 2.

All the best,

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Very nice.


I thought it was going to be a sad tune, but it was a cheery one instead.

I'm not the biggest ME fan on the site, but it's an enjoyable RPG I can get into at times. I really love the sound work for the series, though. You captured it well, definitely. A brilliant track, thank you for this.

Feb 26 2013 08:40 PM

Thank you both for your feedback!


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