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Planet Miners - Giveaway

Posted by Masterchief , in Games Development 18 November 2012 · 337 views

Planet Miners Giveaway!

That's right, today I am giving away 6 game codes for Planet Miners Alpha 1!

Only the fastest will win!

You will need to activate the key on this site to connect the game to your account.

You can download the game within the DEV section or find the links on my forum.

Once you downloaded the game, and activated the key using the online form you will need the key again

to activate the game locally on your machine (one time activation only)


Have fun!

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I activated the key, after a while i realized i already activated one a long time ago....
Bit of help, please? I'm trying to sign in via OpenID, but I keep getting a Wordpress.com error message saying I don't own that ID. Is there anything special I need to do to sign-up? I would like to use my WP.com account instead of OpenID, but whatever.
Thank you good sir. The game looks great and I've always wanted to try it.
This is one of the games that is game-worthy and it's made in unity! :D
Nov 18 2012 04:02 AM
@ le717: Checked the issue and send you a pm! ;)

@ IceHusky²: Thank you! Hope to see you on the leaderboard soon! :D

@ Pascal: Thank you very much sir! Make sure to leave your feedback on the forum! ;)
Got it!

I'll be sure to check this out. Best of luck on completing development of this game.

EDIT: One problem: I'm trying to create an account on your forums, but I think the security check is broken. No matter what I type, even if it's right, it says that the code did not match. I truly hate these things...
Rock Raider fan no.1
Nov 18 2012 02:16 PM
Can I have one?

Or am I too late?
Nov 18 2012 08:06 PM
@McStudz: Thank you sir! I am trying hard to complete the project but it's indeed very time consuming. For the Captcha, you are right, seems to be an error on Recaptcha's side... I deactivated it for now!

@Rock Raider fan no.1: Sure! 4 of 6 keys are still not activated, give it a try!;)
cool i got mine :D
Nov 19 2012 02:42 AM
2 keys left!:D
OK, I'm STILL having problems with registration...

I SWEAR I'm not a bot! Is the new code Case sensitive or something???
Nov 19 2012 07:13 AM
Well I just checked the captcha and it's working... Nevermind I setup an account for you using the email address you provided upon key activation. Please change your password immediately! ;)

Still 2 keys left! :D
Got it! :D I had to sign up for a full account insteadof using WP.com, but whatever. Maybe later I can convert my account... *hint hint*
Nov 19 2012 07:35 PM
I will see what I can do! ;)

One key left!:D
Got the last one.
Nov 20 2012 05:17 AM
Yep. All keys activated. The giveaway is over! Check back for the next one! ;)
Rock Raider fan no.1
Nov 20 2012 09:36 PM
Missed. Ah well, couldn't be bothered signing in to the website anyway. I'll wait for the public release.
Shoot. What do I do if I lost my key after activation? Is there somewhere I can find it? Maybe somewhere on the website?
Nov 21 2012 07:18 PM
This would have been a question for the forums!;) Now in case you already lost your key I can send it to the email address you provided on activation.

I will soon setup a page on the website where you can enter the username you used for activation and the system will mail the key to the email address the account is connected to.
Nov 22 2012 01:17 AM
The new form to resend your game keys is online! You can find it here.


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