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PatchIt! Dev-log


PatchIt! Dev-log #10

Posted by le717 , 11 October 2013 · 173 views

March 11, 2013,
Revised May 29, 2013
#10 Post-creation, in-app editing of PiP file  

@   made this suggestion for PatchIt!  : perhaps it would be possible to edit the PiP file after creating it, but from within PatchIt!   instead of an external editor. I thought about this idea, and it would be a great addition to PatchIt!  , but it would have to come la...


PatchIt! Dev-log #8

Posted by le717 , 24 April 2013 · 157 views

March 5-6, 2013
#8 PiP File Format Revision for Version 1.1.0 Stable Draft 2  
“Oh! I forgot to tell you one last thing!” Just as the Infomaniac forgot, I forgot to write something in Dev-log #5.

I did not do this in V1.0.x , because the command-line style UI does not lend itself well to this kind of thing, but a full GUI does: Mod Type.
In LEGO Rock Ra...


Requesting Feedback on a GUI

Posted by le717 , 15 March 2013 · 196 views

Wow, I'm a curious person lately...

If you are reading this, please leave your feedback. I really need to know what you think.

I have said all along that I want to add a full GUI into PatchIt, and I actually have to learn some GUI code to finish ICU. However, a GUI is complex, and would add a bunch of time and code to make it before a release, not ment...


PatchIt! Dev-log #7

Posted by le717 , 13 March 2013 · 124 views

March 5, 2013
#7 Backward compatibility for legacy PiP format in Version 1.1 Stable  I, nor anyone else, knows how much PatchIt!  will catch on, nor how many mods will be created with/updated for compatibility with PatchIt!  (although I hope the answer to both of these questions are “A lot!”), especially now that version 1.0.2 is out, and most of my focu...


PatchIt! Dev-log #6

Posted by le717 , 10 March 2013 · 151 views

March 5, 2013
#6 PatchIt! Settings file revision for Version 1.1 Stable  
Just a small note concerning the settings file. Usually when apps use a file for settings and not the registry, there is some line in the file (usually line 1) denoting the program it belongs to. As another one of my oversights when creating PatchIt! , I did not

include such a li...


PatchIt! Dev-log #5

Posted by le717 , 07 March 2013 · 178 views

This is this first entry in the PatchIt! Dev-log , in which I digitize my writings, notes, ideas, and future of PatchIt! for everyone to read, comment on, give feedback, and get an idea of where I am going in the development.
No, that is not a typo. This is Dev-log #5. While this is the first online entry, I have written others before this one, but I am n...

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