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My Lego Dioramas


Alpha Team Diorama - "Time to Build Stuff"

Posted by JimbobJeffers , 02 June 2013 · 487 views

Meh, very few people will get the reference in the title. Ah well, I find it funny.

Over the last two days the construction of my Alpha Team diorama has been under way. As with my Drome Racers Diorama , my Dad helped me to build this, so a big thanks to him. It's great to learn this way, soon I'll be confident enough to make these things on my own.



LEGO Alpha Team Diorama - The Layout

Posted by JimbobJeffers , 27 May 2013 · 741 views

As I await the arrival of parts for my Rock Raiders diorama, I decided to plan out the Alpha Team diorama I also aim to produce. This diorama will feature all the LEGO sets from the original product line (six sets in total, 6771-6776), and may or may not have extra LEGO features as the terrain will be made from scratch.

Unfortunately the space I have for...


Constructing the Drome Racers Diorama (Warning: Pic-Heavy)

Posted by JimbobJeffers , 18 March 2013 · 472 views

This weekend my dad and I worked together to build the board for my planned Lego Drome Racers diorama - please see my previous blog entry  for more information on it. Having received the cars already, and due to the restrictions of my shelf space, it was decided that the board would be a 42cm square. In this blog post, I will go through the steps I took t...


The Plans

Posted by JimbobJeffers , 04 March 2013 · 443 views


I've never made a blog before, so I don't know if there's a general 'right' way of doing it, but anyway... This blog will be where I post ideas of Lego Dioramas I wish to make, and finished pictures of them once they're complete. I'll probably post finished pictures in the forum too.

Basically I like to create displays, and Lego is obviou...

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