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We have weapons! [MOC]

Posted by Fushigisaur , 29 April 2013 · 382 views

So remember that "Quadrupedal Mech" I posted a while ago?

I said that I wanted to make a spider-tank but since I forgot to give it weapons I made it a 'recon unit' instead?


Posted Image

I deleted the cockpit, leaving the legs intact, and built up from there.

The cockpit is now ugly as s*** since I had to make it smaller to fit the guns in there... I can do better, I know, but I was lazy.
I'll fix the cockpit eventually. Hopefully.


I need to make a thread for these things. Maybe I'll do that soon. I have all the smaller models to upload, but I keep putting that off...

So yeah, just wanted to show that off.


EDIT: I have continued work on this model, and made some major improvements.
Here is the most recent version, as of 05/02:

Posted Image

See comment below.

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Apr 30 2013 12:55 AM

That's a very nice model, I think you've coloured it really well!

I would seriously like to see a POV-Ray render of this, I'm sure it'd look beautiful.

Apr 30 2013 01:13 AM

That's a very nice model, I think you've coloured it really well!
I would seriously like to see a POV-Ray render of this, I'm sure it'd look beautiful.

I sent the original build to Alcom, I was thinking of asking him to do one maybe.

Speaking of which, here's a link to the original upon which this build was based;

I was thinking I might make this sort of modular, with different versions for different functions all built upon the same base.
I kinda sorta started to implement that with the legs, each leg is basically the same at it's core but with different... things built on to them.
I probably should have altered the legs in this way now that I think on it. Put some weapons on the leg base or something.

It's looking like I've still got a ways to go with this model.
The Ace Railgun
Apr 30 2013 09:45 AM
"We have blasters!" "One of them does nothing!" "How about a hundred?" Yeah you need a few more blasters...
Apr 30 2013 10:59 PM
Well I just COMPLETELY redid the cockpit on this thing. Check it out.


Now to get to work on the legs...

EDIT: Note that the cockpit is almost certainly too small to fit a minifig in it. WIP
May 01 2013 02:35 AM

Nice recreation of the cockpit :) As you said, it just needs to be modified to fit a figure properly, but also I think the missile nose is a little awkward. Perhaps it's the 1x4 tile which is raised above the rest.

Now, THAT is a Quad-Mech!


If someone could make this IRL, and have a stop-motion video of some ninja-like minifig (NOT NINJAGO) battling it...


That would be beautiful.

May 02 2013 11:15 PM
I have continued updating this model. I put the most recent version in the main post.

I completely redid the cockpit YET AGAIN as the old one did not fit minifigs... but the new one doe, and it looks slightly cooler too.

The legs have been modified with ADDED WEAPONS.

I realize these 'weapons' look like missiles, which wasn't my original intention, I was actually going for a sort of chain-gun look, but whatever. They look more like missiles.

Whatever they are, there are now 34 of them.

Also I repainted it beige... the red-and-yellow color scheme was starting to hurt my eyes from staring at it too long, I needed something neutral, something discreet.

I kept the old red-and-yellow one if you all like it better.

Yeah, Imma think I'll start a thread for these some time. Might serve me best, especially if I plan to make more.

On a similar note, you should check out the one Alcom made. It's nice.

very nice,i hope to see more!

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