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#93675 New version of ROCK RAIDERS - update

Posted by StewartG on 20 August 2013 - 09:17 AM

I thought I would share some good news on the remake of Lego Rock Raiders, we were going to call it Block Raiders (due to Lego trademark on the RR name, however the good news is that the trademark has expired and also the extra time they have to renew it, and we have just registered the 'Rock Raiders' trademark ourselves. The name will live on.

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#77322 DDI looking for help for BLOCK RAIDERS (Rock Raiders inspired title)

Posted by StewartG on 27 August 2012 - 05:09 AM

We have been impressed and encouraged with the dedication of our Rock Raiders fans, and after years of requests we are looking at creating a new Rock Raiders. We are considering combining a mine craft style world, so you can build and dig in more ways, please tell us what you think?
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#105646 New version of ROCK RAIDERS - update

Posted by Polaris on 19 August 2014 - 01:04 PM

I've got some things to say. This little rant is meant to be read by both the developers of the new Rock Raiders game and the fans and forum posters alike.


So this is going to be a long post - I apologize in advance - but it is only because I feel very passionately about this issue. The final word count clocks in at 2,100+ words, but good words, I believe. I encourage you to read through what I have to offer because I think it is some of the most CONSTRUCTIVE advice you're going to receive.


Also included in this post are several illustrations I made trying to convey the concepts I have in my head. I'm sorry if they are confusing or difficult to read - I'm not the greatest artist, but I'm also not a tech guru, and I felt that a pencil and paper would better represent the thoughts and suggestions I had.


Okay, let's dive in!


First things first. There is great concern for the whole "Minecraft" thing being a large part of this game's inspiration. Though I too share this concern, I want to explain and possibly defend the developers stance on this. Minecraft is a game which is so deceptively simple to learn and universal in its approach that it has won the world over. What developer wouldn't want to make a game like this? Also, the obvious connection between mining in Minecraft and mining in Rock Raiders is valid and an understandable conclusion to make. In addition to this, there are many great features of minecraft that would serve a Rock Raiders game well - like a large sandbox to explore and mine in! I remember being a kid and playing the mission "Frozen Frenzy", (one of my personal favorites). I knew darn well where the Tunnel Transport was, (it was in the only spot of the map that when you scrolled over it, the screen dipped down because of the hidden waterfall!) but I would play the level just to collect resources and build my base as big as possible, just like a sandbox game.


And that's where the similarities end, and honestly, should end.


Someone once told me that Minecraft is the Pac Man of our generation. I wholeheartedly agree. 20 years from now, people will remember the cultural legacy that this game has created and any game that follows too closely in its footsteps will be forgotten in its wake, just like all those Pac Man clones of yesteryear.


I'll get back to the Minecraft thing in a bit, but for now I'll move on.


So from the looks of this discussion, it seems the developers have come to conclusion that there are two ways to approach the mining in this new Rock Raiders game - I'll lump them into two categories titled "Freeform" and "Grid". Here's a picture comparing them both:




In a previous post, there was concern for "Freeform" mining because it would be tricky to fit vehicles into tunnels you create and I 100% agree. "Freeform" is not the way to go.


Well that leaves us with "Grid" mining like Minecraft right?




"Blocks" are the devil. Remember that. It's important. If you make a game world out of blocks, you are making Minecraft. Simple as that. I could stop now honestly. Minecraft's influence over culture is so strong that simply making your game world consist of blocks that are breakable and buildable, you are creating a game that can and will be seen in the public eye as a Minecraft clone. Same with making an objective-less open world sandbox game with an emphasis on mining - you are making Minecraft. Simply put, do not make Minecraft.




But let's get real. There is money in Minecraft. And money is important! It should be! You, as a game designer, have every right to make money off of your product. Hopefully, a lot of money! But I have to explain something that is vitally important to this  new game's success - as it stands, there is literally NO market for this game in its current direction. Let me explain. You have two fundamental fan bases you are targeting: fans of the original Rock Raiders and fans of Minecraft. Original Rock Raider fans aren't actually that hard to please! They understand that legal limitations restrict certain things and mainly just want a game that plays much in the same way and recaptures the spirit of the first game. For the most part, they don't care that it's not Lego, or that you can't reuse music or textures or whatever. They just want something faithful to the original. Not really a tall order if you ask me.


Then you've got the other targeted fan base: Minecraft fans. This is where the real money is. It's important that you get these people to buy your game! But here's the truth:


Minecraft fans don't want this game. At all.


I'll try to explain why by using an example. I'm a big guitar guy. I have many electric guitars and one of my favorites that I own is my Gibson Les Paul. If you're not familiar with guitars, think of the first guitar shape that pops into your head. Then think of another - it's that one. Anyways, say there is a new guitar company coming out, and for the sake of this comparison, let's call them "Raider" guitars. So Raider guitars come up to me and tell me that they've made a guitar they think I'll like. So I take a look at it - and it looks just like the Gibson Les Paul I own and love! Not only that, but they've got new features like and 3rd pick up and a whammy bar - things I don't have on my guitar! For intents and purposes, this guitar could sound even better than the one I have right now!


But I hate it.


I can't explain it, but for some reason I hate it! Logically speaking, it meets every criteria I look for in a guitar so I should naturally like it, right? Well, there's a little part of my brain that shouts "it's nice and all, but they just copied my Gibson! They just emulated the Gibson and added fancy features. They didn't innovate on an original idea".


This is so important to understand. The Raider guitar didn't fail because it was a bad guitar, or because it was competing against an already well established guitar - it failed because it tried to take on a powerful BRAND. It's stupid, I know, but we are but animals and brand loyalty is a powerful, sometimes unbeatable force. I'm somewhat partial towards Gibson guitars, so I passed up the opportunity to play that Raider guitar. I gave up the chance to play a better guitar.


And now, more to the point. Minecraft is the Gibson of gaming. No matter how great your product is, if it specifically emulates Minecraft features to reach that audience, they will hate it. If you try to take on the brand of Minecraft, you will lose.


So how do we fix this?


We hide our influences.


Right off the hop, "blocks" are a dead giveaway, so we can't do that. Also, marketing your game as Lego + Minecraft isn't doing anyone a favor as you own the rights to neither, so what are we left with?


Rock Raiders.


Of course! The answer was there all along! So let's look at the original Rock Raiders and what it did right.


IMPORTANT: Now is the time to really tune in, because this is where things get CONSTRUCTIVE!


So here's the basic layout of an RTS game, like the original Rock Raiders:




It's awesome! Keep it.


So let's look at the basics that made the game great. The game was based on a single flat plane in which a grid system dictated where you could build, mine, and move. Mining was done in the form of breaking down rock "walls" that allowed passage to new areas previously unseen.




I have to stop for a second to point out that this is brilliant. This format of mining based solely on "walls" is so brilliant, creative, and easy to understand, it baffles me why you would look anywhere else for inspiration. Game designers should be copying your system of mining, not the other way around.


So this is my proposition for the direction you should take with this new game. It should be a grid based RTS mining game set on a flat plane that utilizes the "walls" mechanic from its predecessor, with the option to play the traditional "mission" styled gameplay, or a sandbox mode.


That should be the basics. Forget "blocks", (they're the devil, remember?) "walls" are where it's at, brother.


So now I'll give you some ideas expanding on this premise that may inspire you! First off, I understand the need for verticality. You want to mine deeper and deeper for new materials - I get that! I do too. But the flat plane is essential to make the "walls" format work, so here's my solution: Multiple planes. This diagram will show it better:




So let's say you start on Level 1, (LV1). There are some materials and resources for you to gather, limited monsters, and that's about it. You don't have access to the better materials you need to make better buildings and vehicles. So you need to dig deeper. The deeper and deeper you go, the more difficult the game becomes, with more monsters, landslides, and other hazards. In addition to this, this allows for interesting color schemes and level features as you progress to deeper layers, greatly expanding the creativity you can pool into your project. Now, either at predetermined spaces or at viable spaces based on what's underneath them on the lower level, you will have the ability to build "ramps", allowing you to travel into a deeper level, in this case LV2. These pictures will show it better:






Now you may be thinking, "how will I keep track of all these different levels during gameplay?". Well to be frank, that's your job as game developers, but here's one way I think would work great - basically, only one level will be "active" on your HUD at a time, the others will move to the top or bottom of the screen and become greyed and translucent, moving them effectively out of the way, while still keeping them "within reach", so to say, so each separate level doesn't feel like a whole new map. Then you simply could scroll the mouse wheel up and down to switch between levels quickly. In this instance you'd scroll up to move to LV1 and down to LV3. On the Wii, all it'd take is a quick upward or downward sweep of the hand. Simple. Effective. Awesome.


Beyond that, please continue with some of your great ideas - the vehicles, (and possibly buildings) based on parts is also brilliant! This would work flawlessly in the format I have suggested. Basically, make this game an expansion on the direction you originally took with the first Rock Raiders and you'll please everyone. The original fans will love it because it gives them what they already love. The Minecraft fans will like it because it is DIFFERENT enough not to offend them and offers things that Minecraft doesn't have. This makes it appealing to everybody - the true thing that made Minecraft so successful.




If you've managed to read this far... thank you. I am very passionate about this matter and it made it very easy for me to go on forever about this, so I apologize again for the lengthy read.


And if the developers of the original game actually are reading this, I only have one more thing to say to you.


Thank you.


I cannot express in words how much your original game meant to me in my childhood. It was basically my first step into the world of gaming. I spent countless hours playing and replaying missions, (never could beat that last one though! And I love the Rocky Horror Picture Show reference there!) and even had to get my dad to buy me the Lego sets from the game, which he later told me was very tough to do, as they had discontinued the Rock Raiders line before I had played the game. I tell you honestly that the Rock Raiders series is still my favorite Lego series that they have ever released, no matter how short lived it was - largely due to the awesome game that you produced. Me and my brother still say words like "Dirt!" and "Tool Store!" like the characters from that game time to time. And when it comes down to it, even if you screw up this next installment, I'll always have the original to play. I hope you don't, mind you, but if "blocks" are in any way a fundamental part of this games structure, you can consider it DOA.


Finally, I'd LOVE to hear feedback on my points made, as I feel all are constructive and supportive. We all want to see the best final product possible.


Thanks for reading.

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#93466 I am the real Infomaniac

Posted by wesinfomaniac on 14 August 2013 - 09:44 AM

Ha! a friend sent me a sample where the infomaniac was used...I am sincerely am honored..Why? because I wrote, designed and was the creative director of LEGO Island and designed the infomanic- many people and the staff said he looks like you...I didn't intend that but well....The product started in 1995 and realeased in 1997.the software abd development was pretty antiqye compared what was it was capable of doing then...but all and all- cool for seeing this...I gotta tell you- it was quite a maze to figure out how to register and I hope one can read this...Cheers all.


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#80904 Global Forum Rules

Posted by Grapheme on 09 December 2012 - 01:01 AM

Rock Raiders United is a discussion community. This allows many people of many backgrounds to come together to discuss all things LEGO. To keep this community in a healthy working order, forum rules do apply to protect both the website and its members. By registering an account you agree to follow the rules below.

These rules apply to all sections of Rock Raiders United including the Personal Message System, Gallery and Blogs unless specified elsewhere.

Rules: Posting 
Spam is considers as posts that do not add anything constructive to a topic/blog. Examples of such posts would be single word/emoticon posts, posts containing repetitive sentences.

DO NOT Double Post
Double posting is when you make more than one post directly after a previous post you wrote. Use the 'EDIT' button to add or make changes to your post, then wait for another member to reply before making another post. The only exception to this is if the previous post is a few days old and your new post is going to contain purposeful information and not just "Bumping....".

DO NOT Flame
Flaming refers to the insulting of other members because of an opinion, personal background or beliefs they have.

DO NOT Troll
Deliberately starting arguments or attempting to provoke a negative emotional response is not permitted and is damaging to your own reputation on the forum.

DO NOT Post or Upload Illegal Material
This refers to posting any form of pirated materials such as applications/games, including posting of links to such materials. Rock Raiders United DOES NOT support piracy.

DO NOT Post or Upload NSFW (Not Safe For Work) Material
This covers all forms of pornographic material or sexually suggestive material. Materials containing high levels of gore are also not permitted. If you feel the content is questionable, don't post it!

DO NOT Post Personally Identifiable Information
The internet is full of creeps and thieves, do not post any information about yourself that may be stolen or identify you personally. The moderation team will remove such details from posts if they are found.

DO NOT Discuss Religion or Politics
These subjects fuel flaming. If you would like to discuss either of these, do so on a different forum.

DO NOT Evade the Language Filter
This refers to deliberately changing the lettering or using other tricks in order to get around our swear word filter. Slang however is tolerated.
DO NOT Post from the Future
Futureposting is highly frowned upon as it can cause paradoxes, the advancement of technology before culture can catch up, and timestamp shenanigans. Always consult a licensed time lord before futureposting if you feel it is absolutely necessary.
Also read the topic on Posting Etiquette.

Rules: Accounts 
DO NOT Create Multiple Accounts
You are only allowed to use one account for yourself on this forum. If you would like your username changed, contact an Administrator. If you have been banned you are allowed to appeal to have a new account.

DO NOT Use Rude, Offensive or Spam Usernames
Account usernames that imply that your account is a dummy account to achieve access to something on the forum will get your account deleted. If your username is offensive, rude or designed to impersonate a member of this community or an official from another community your account may be renamed or deleted without warning.

DO NOT Use Disposable Email Addresses
If you can't trust us with your legitimate email address, don't register! Accounts with fake emails will be removed promptly without warning.

Rules: General 
Respect Members
All members should respect each other, including their opinions (See Flaming). If you are having problems with a particular member, you should seek to resolve it with them without causing disruption to the rest of the community.

Respect Moderators
The moderators not only spend time on the community as a normal member, they also having taken on extra responsibility to ensure members are following the rules. They 'keep the streets clean' as it were.
Community Environment Sabotage
If your actions (e.g post destruction, DDOS, spam etc) and attitude (e.g disrespect for moderators, members or the forum itself) and posts show or imply that you are trying to destroy the website or the community atmosphere causing the driving away of other members, you may be subject to a warning/restrictions or account ban.

Excessive Sized Signatures
Please be thoughtful of the many other viewers of RRU. Your signature should not be a distraction to the topic being read nor should it stretch pages needlessly. It is recommended you keep your signature under 250px (Pixels) high. Using spoilers should not be used for reducing the size. If your signature is deemed too big, it may be removed.


Fake Goodbye Posts

If you're going to leave RRU, do so without unnecessary attention-grabbing posts or insults to other users or RRU as a whole. A goodbye post is acceptable if done in good taste. We reserve the right to ban your account if you say you're going to leave forever as that will be interpreted as you forfeiting your account.


My Little Pony Fandom
This fandom has become a large part of the internet as of recent, however, again be thoughtful of the other viewers of RRU. Not all members like (and some dislike) the MLP fandom. All topics should remain clean of "Pony posts" except for the "Offtopic" category where they are permitted.

 These rules are subject to additions and alterations.
Last Updated: 3/31/2015
* Newly Added since last update
* Altered since last update

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#85704 Insane Raiders [Comic] [Last Update: 2015-02-02]

Posted by Arthuriel on 02 March 2013 - 08:06 AM

Note: Can take some time (in my case ~25s) to load every comic.



this is a thread, where I will try to continue a comic series every or every second week (note: replace week with month).

Usually they are based on my experiences with the Rock Raider PC game and the behavior of the Rock Raiders (including a good portion of insanity and exaggaration).


Number 1. Dynamite



Number 2. Lava and Pathfinding are evil



Number 3. Reinforment is for Losers



Number 4. The Pain of Pictures Show



Number 5. Badly needed Professions and Items



Number 6. Job Oppurtunities



Number 7. Secrets



Number 8. An unnormal Day



Number 9. Randompunk-Raiders



Number 10. Alternative Ending



Number 11. Mindless in Space



Number 12. Traffic



Number 13. Lazor-Madness



Number 14. Lazor-Madness II



Number 15. The Dark Side of the Vector



Number 16. Meet the Bandit.



Number 17. Dynamite Madness.



Number 18. The Ultimate Punishment.



Number 19. Ore Wars.



Number 20. Announcements.

Oh no, someone dared to interrupt Chief's announcements!


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#105148 LEGO Racers Online

Posted by Hoithebest on 09 August 2014 - 12:49 AM

It's been a dream for all of us for a very, very long time...


I'm proud to announce: LEGO Racers Online!


Me and my brother have been working on this very hard for the last couple of days and the result is amazing.

Please note that I'm not posting anything yet but a little teasing screenshot, but we are working REALLY hard to make something that we can all use and enjoy this game like when we we're kids!


02/08/2014: New video added. Scroll to the bottom of this post to watch it!

04/08/2014: New status update added.

20/08/2014: New status update and video added.

05/10/2014: New status update added.

12/10/2014: New status update added.

20/10/2014: New status update added.

27/10/2014: New status update added.

05/11/2014: New status update added.

16/11/2014: New status update added.




Current status:

Currently, the following functions are implemented and working properly:

  • Play online with two players real-time (1 VS 1) - INCLUDING POWER-UPS!
  • Patch the game automatically.

However, we do have all the required information to drive all the opponent from within the software (tested and working). We are working on an implementation of playing against eachother with up to five other players right now. We can't say when this is finished, but we don't expect a very long time.


Added 20/08/2014:

  • Power-Ups are now working properly. This means, whenever someone uses Power-Ups, this is getting fired on your client too!
  • Although it is now possible to patch the game automatically, this is not a perfect solution and we are working on something that makes it possible to play online "on demand".

Added 05/10/2014:

Although I have not been developing actively on game functions, I am now working on and completing a critical step to split the software accepting both TCP and UDP network traffic which is required for some functions, for example connecting to a game server.




The following things must be completed and working before release:

  • Full implementation of TCP and UDP traffic;
  • Starting a new Race;
  • A chat function, if people are interested in this function.



I am also planning to create an API of the game controller library that will be released as a public (and open source) API so other developers can build mods based on this API too. This API will be capable of doing the following things:

  • Automatically obtain the game process (the API will determine the game edition);
  • Read/write driver information (coordinates, vectors, Power-Ups);

  • Trigger Power-Ups on drivers.

This API will be discussed in a seperate thread in the (near) future and will be released open source.


Added 12/10/2014:

Last week I have not been developing very much and this will continue for a few more weeks due to school. The good news is that Grappigegovert has proven his immensive skills again and developed and gave me the code to disable the loading of AI paths so patching the game can be removed from the software now. Also, he created functions to start a Race from the software so the Server can tell the Clients to start a specific Race. All credits go to Grappigegovert for his massive research and developing.


Added 20/10/2014:

Due to school, I have not been developing actively on the online functionality again, but Grappigegovert and me made some nice improvement with the API. This API will be released in the open source (near) future and will give developers the opportunity to create mods very easy.


Added 27/10/2014:

Due to school, I have not been developing actively again. The good news is, the software is now fully compatible with TCP and UDP, more structured and the API has been put into a seperate project which will result in a release of the public API soon. This API will be discussed in another thread that I will make in the near future. Please note that the project is not dead and I am still developing, but unfortunately due to school I just do not have much time for this great project.


Added 05/11/2014:

Good news. Last week I was able to develop more actively on the software, which resulted in the possibility to start races from the Server, which brings us a step closer to the release! I will create a new video of the current progress in the near future. Also, the API is getting prepared for a release with the last bug fixes and comments above the functions. Stay tuned!


Added 16/11/2014:

I am currently facing problems with the starting of the game client and additional events regarding to the API. I am still not satisfied with the way the API currently works. These problems must be solved in order to continue with the online functionality. Don't think that this project doesn't gain any progress, it just takes a lot of time.


Please note the following things:

  • It's not guaranteed that this mod will be ever online for public since this project has still needs many, many development hours;
  • The Server and Client are both only in alpha stage at this moment. We are working really hard to create something that just works and anyone would understand;
  • It is very hard to find all the addresses and the correct pointers, so this takes a lot of time;
  • Currently our main goal is to make everything work on a basic game copy. This means that mods are NOT SUPPORTED (YET) and will likely crash the game when used!

On the bright side:

We currently do have something that works and we are working so hard to make it possible for everyone to enjoy this with us. It was our dream for many years and finally we took the step to actually create something, and not just for ourselves but for everyone who just loves LEGO Racers.


I will keep you guys regularly informed. Make sure you check this post at least once a week as the project is under heavy development. :)


Special thanks:

We would like to thank Grappigegovert for his great help which resulted in massive improvement of the software. Thanks to this guy, a lot of things are now working (like using Power-Ups).



The following videos show a demonstration of the system in action:


https://www.youtube....h?v=U1MHIPDOhwA (1 / 3)

https://www.youtube....h?v=p-K4xIA5-dA (2 / 3)

https://www.youtube....h?v=wzUIVFWM07E (3 / 3)

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#90005 Rock Raiders montage

Posted by zimonitrome on 26 May 2013 - 07:38 PM

I made somthing you might enjoy

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#85479 Cafeteria (0.9.3) - Launcher & Mod Loader for LRR

Posted by Grapheme on 25 February 2013 - 01:33 PM



Cafeteria is a Game Launcher and Mod Loader for LEGO Rock Raiders. It allows you to play game mods without manually installing them and it allows you to play LEGO Rock Raiders at higher resolutions than what was originally intended. It features the ability to run LRR at higher resolutions than 640x480 and it also features a music player for people who do not have their disc, which will play any music from a music folder when playing levels.
- First, download the latest version of Cafeteria at the bottom of this post.
- Extract Cafeteria and all its files into the installation directory of LEGO Rock Raiders. This is usually: C:\Program Files (x86)\LEGO Media\Games\Rock Raiders\
- Your installation is finished. Whenever you want to play, start Cafeteria and launch the game through it instead.

Most new computers already have these installed, however if you are missing one, you may get errors in the program.
- .NET Framework 4.5 (Download)
- Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 SP1 Redistributable Package (For Music to work) (Download)

Installing Mods
Mods come in files with the extension “.wadp”. You can find mods in topics on this forum. To install a mod, simply place the WADP file inside the directory “Mods”. You can confirm a mod has been installed and is valid by visiting the “Mod Manager” tab in Cafeteria.


Adding Levels

Cafeteria comes with a Custom Level Slot mod, this allows you to pick a level to be installed into that slot. Only levels made to work with it will actually work. For those levels, place the WADP files inside the Mods\CustomLevelSlot\ Folder.

Adding Music
When Cafeteria starts it will create a “Music” folder if one does not exist. You can play MP3 files into this folder and the will be played while you are in levels.

Known Issues

  • Clicking on your screen after pressing Launch (may, depends on timing) interfere with Cafeteria trying to skip the Mode Selection window. This could result in the resolution not being applied or Mode Selection not being skipped. It is best to not click on your screen until Rock Raiders has started.
  • NO-CD Errors will probably break Cafeteria’s attempt to skip Mode Selection. After the NO-CD error, if you get a Mode Selection window, make sure you click your resolution before pressing OK. Usually Cafeteria would do this for you, but the NO-CD error interferes with this process.
  • Some levels make the Message Panel & Oxygen bar move up a little, this mainly is caused in Tutorial levels. When there is a lot of text in the message, it moves the message panel upwards to fit all the text. This issue will be fixed in the future.
  • Message text appears where the Message Panel was. This will be resolved in future versions possibly as part of a resolution pack update.
  • Menu doesn’t stretch to the full screen width. Yes the menu areas have not been updated in the resolution packs, so far only in-game panels have been moved. This will be resolved in future resolution packs.
  • The mission briefing buttons are in random places on the screen and aren’t sitting with the main panel. This will be resolved in future resolution packs.


  • I unchecked “Fullscreen” and the game didn’t get past Mode Selection and the “OK” button is greyed out?
    Windowed mode requires the monitor be set to 16Bit colour depth. You cannot pass this until you’ve changed this in your computer’s screen resolution settings.
  • I chose a larger resolution, but the game started in 640x480?
    This could be because of a couple of things. Mainly however, it means the chosen resolution didn’t get clicked on the Mode Selection window when the game started. Quit the game, go to the Settings panel on Cafeteria and uncheck “Attempt to skip Mode Selection”. When you launch the game, make sure you click on the resolution on the Mode Selection window BEFORE clicking OK.
  • I chose my resolution and I get a WARNING about a missing resolution pack?
    This means Cafeteria could not find a resolution pack for your resolution in the Mods\Resolution\ folder. Check the topic for supported resolutions. If this folder is empty, please re-install Cafeteria, they are packaged with it.
  • How do I make my own Patches?
    Please see this topic: Patch Documentation for Cafeteria

Notes on D3DRM
During testing of the program it was found that different versions of the D3DRM dll cause different crashes and different stages of the game for seemingly no reason at all. If you start experiencing a crashes running Cafeteria with no mods, you should try different versions of the D3DRM dll. The version Cafeteria was tested with is packaged with Cafeteria and I recommend using it if this is the case for you.
Supported Resolutions
Cafeteria comes packaged with support for 30 resolutions. If your resolution is not in here, please inform me so I can add it.
4096x2160, 3840x2160, 2560x1600, 2560x1080, 2560x1440, 2048x1536, 2048x1080, 1920x1200, 1920x1080, 1776x1000, 1680x1050, 1600x1200, 1600x900, 1440x900, 1400x1050, 1366x768, 1360x1024, 1360x768, 1280x1024, 1280x960, 1280x800, 1280x768, 1280x720, 1280x600, 1152x864, 1152x648, 1024x768, 800x600, 720x576, 720x480.


0.9.3 [Important Update!!]
|- [FIX] Fixed command "AddFilesFromDirectory" not overwriting files that already exist in that directory.
|- [ADD] "Quick Start Level" setting added for development use which will start the selected level in the Custom Level Slot immediately.
|- [ADD] "Add Mod" button added to Mod Manager that will move a patch to the mod folder or replace it if it already exists.

Download Latest Version (0.9.3)

(Warning: If your Anti-Virus says it contains a virus, it is a false positive. It contains a memory editor and this makes bad anti-virus programs nervous).

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#112315 RRU Fund Raiser to keep RRU Open

Posted by Raiderforce on 07 February 2015 - 07:37 PM



You don't need to do that for at least for 3 months "http://s1.zetaboards...d/forum/349979/:satisfied:

Becuse I just donated 100 usd 


Thanking for a great forum about Lego Rock Raiders  :satisfied:

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#80629 LEGO Racers HD (mod project, WIP)

Posted by Kenney on 05 December 2012 - 03:28 AM

LEGO Racers HD will focus on replacing the low resolution textures of LEGO Racers with new higher resolution ones.

Posted Image

Posted Image

LEGO Racers HD design philosophy:
  • Keep the original LEGO Racers drawing style (no photo realistic textures)
  • LEGO-fy textures (add studs)
  • Most textures drawn in vector
Tools being used while creating LEGO Racers HD:
  • LEGO.jam File Extractor by JrMasterModelBuilder
  • LR Textures thread by Cyrem

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#113420 LEGO Stunt Rally development artwork

Posted by k-g on 17 March 2015 - 10:59 PM



As a thank-you to the community here for helping me get the game running again on a modern PC, I'll be posting some images from the development of the game.


I'll start at the very beginning: the pitch! The following images were created as we were pitching the game to LEGO Media. The original concept was pretty clear from the beginning: it was LOCO meets Micro Machines. We iterated on these images as you'll see below.



The original name and logo we whipped up for the pitch. The game kept the name for much of the development period.


mockup01 copy

Probably the very first mockup. Here we are just exploring the view angle, car size on screen, what kind of information to show on screen, that sort of thing.


mockup UI
Building UI

UI Mockups


Fan magn


Some vehicle ideas. The original pitch included quite a bit of customization to the car - the player would be able to tweak springs, rubber bands, tyres, etc. for optimum car performance.
MOTO family
MOTO opponents
punk 'n' truck

Character profiles - we all loved the punk guy from LOCO.



Early ideas demonstrating the in-car camera view.



First sketch for the workshop.




More to come!





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#96128 Really early LEGO Racers alpha/beta screenshots

Posted by jamesster on 01 November 2013 - 02:53 PM



Holy crud.
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#93828 A new addition to the moderating team

Posted by Cirevam on 25 August 2013 - 12:39 PM

Every once in a yellow brick moon we gather as a community to view the ascension of a worthy individual to the circle known as the Moderating Staff of RRU.  Few have braved the trials and succeeded, whether failure was delivered within the magma depths of Planet U, on the racetrack next to the legendary Rocket Racer, or at the hands of a nit-picky park evaluator.  One among you has come through the fires unscathed and we humble ourselves before his task.

It is with utmost pleasure that we welcome and introduce Jamesster as the newest moderator of Rock Raiders United.  Jamesster has been an extremely active member of the community – on top of his work on many other LEGO sites – and we look forward to him increasing his formal role on RRU.



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#102661 LEGO Island Information Center MOC WIP

Posted by Brigs on 17 May 2014 - 01:23 AM

Welcome! Velcommen, konichiwa, aloha! How ya doin? Yo! And in any language, welcome to LEGO Island the Information Center!


Ever since I discovered my own copy of LEGO Island (recounted here,) I wanted to build my own, tangible, Information Center. I started in LEGO Digital Designer with the "i" logo on the floor, continued with the Big blue Brick Book, and the big "i" in front of my desk. Brick by brick, tock by tick I began to construct the model in reality, from flowers to cups and red to blue to the elevator, to oh my yes, your score cube; Whoops, I forgot the radio!


There's still so much to do, things like racing and jet-skiing getting a few parts in the right colors, building up the walls, and obstructing that ugly framework.







Ingame Comparison



See you later, Brickulator!

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#93869 New version of ROCK RAIDERS - update

Posted by Cirevam on 26 August 2013 - 05:56 AM

At the time, the Press didn't think family friendly, simple to pick up and use games would be popular, and they slated our games for being too easy, and simple. The whole games market has since learnt that simple online games and phone games have captured the majority of the market, this type of game is exactly what the public wanted!


The problem is that this is exactly what the Rock Raiders United community doesn't want, or at the very least that is the general attitude that many people have around here. Rock Raiders is a very casual game already up until a few levels near the end and many of the mods that RRU has made try to make the game more challenging. The core demographic for the original game was children, so that is understandable. Now, we have grown up and the majority of us are 15 to 25 years old. We can take a challenge.



After saying all that, the New Rock Raiders is not a budget game, it is a BIG project, we can do many styles, and this is a Major quality title for us.


This makes me feel a little bit better about the situation. In my eyes, Rock Raiders was one of your best games and I have hope that you are willing to show us a game that's even better than the original Rock Raiders. Of course, when I say "you" I'm addressing all of DDI -- the programmers, the artists, the musicians, the engineers, and the leaders.



We are looking to impliment new formats in our engine, and add in new online multiplayer playability, Rock Raiders/ Block Raiders is planned as the launch title for this. We will obviously be on PC, but with online support, we support Wii and Wii-U - as we like the idea of using the Wii-remotes  for hacking, chopping away at the screeen (we also support wii-remotes on the PC) and the gamepad for crafting would be great, we want support for Android (OUYA) and iOS iPad and finally I would love to get a version on FACEBOOK.


I was talking to a few people about this and we're actually concerned about you developing this game on multiple formats at once. Having multiple formats means that you need multiple teams to work on each version, which splits your time and energy. If you're planning on PC, Wii, WiiU, Android, iOS, and Facebook... you're spreading your effort way too thin and the main product (PC) will suffer. And honestly, the game will end up being completely different for each format. The PC has mouse and keyboard controls which are superior to a controller (WiiU) or pointer (Wii), and far superior to a touchscreen (Android, iOS). The general attitude towards Facebook games for many people around here is negative, and I feel that you will receive either backlash or apathy towards a Facebook version of the game.

We do not want Farmville Raiders. We do not want to waggle a Wiimote at a screen in order to drill a wall. Please understand this. Your trending analysts may say that Facebook games are hot right now and the casual market is something you need to capture, but RRU in general is not in that market. I don't want to speak for everyone, but I think we are looking for a game that makes us think and plan ahead.

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#113958 LEGO Stunt Rally development artwork

Posted by k-g on 05 April 2015 - 02:37 PM

This is how we tested the first level (maybe the 2nd level as well, I don't fully remember). 
testing team
Several members on the team needed orange help.
easter egg
This model was actually in the game for a while - we wanted to keep it in as an easter egg, but of course there would be too many legal troubles if anyone ever found out, so we took it out.

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#94843 All bricks/chassis, all the time

Posted by jamesster on 25 September 2013 - 03:54 PM

A really simple but very useful mod that gives you access to every car chassis and piece in the builder at any given time (even ones you can't normally use):





In GAME DATA\OBJECTS\BRICKS, there's a file called UNIQUEBRICKS.TXT, which contains "All the bricks that can go in the game ever". Now, see UNIQUEBRICKSGENERIC.TXT? It lists "The generic bricks - available in all worlds". Simply overwrite it with a copy of UNIQUEBRICKS.TXT, and boom, every chassis and piece is accessible everywhere.

Edit - There seem to be quite a few newcomers who don't know you have to unpack the game's GTC before doing any modding, so here's a link for that: http://www.rockraide...pic/5165-ungtc/
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#108569 Small Transport Truck

Posted by JimbobJeffers on 13 November 2014 - 12:20 AM

It is finally completed!





More views:



YouTube video:




This mod took... A very long time. But I'm proud of it, and now that I've made all these parts future models should take much less time to produce. Several binary files were modified, but the main one was CRCM.GDB, which now has:

  • 12 textures

  • 1542 Vertices

  • 868 Indices

  • 150 Indices Meta entries

  • Over 17000 lines of code

All custom made! Again, I'd like to give a huge thanks to WillKirkby for making the Binary File Editor, and le717 for making GDBump, without which I would not have been able to produce this mod.




You can download the Small Transport Truck here:

Small Transport Truck


Installation instructions, along with a brief description of how to change the car to a different racer, are included in the contained Readme file. Note that the Binary File Editor doesn't save comments, so if you'd like to check out the commented code then click here.



Want to Use This Mod?

If you'd like to use this vehicle (or any of the parts within it) in your own mod, then feel free! This mod was made partly as an example after all. However, should you use it (or its parts) in your own mod, please give me credit for making it. Because it took a very long time to make. ;)

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#103735 LEGO Minifigures Online Open Beta + Review

Posted by jamesster on 18 June 2014 - 01:28 AM


And now that the NDA is gone, here's my thoughts on the game:

LEGO Minifigures Online is as deep as an ice cube tray, as complex as a paperweight. The gameplay consists of running along a linear road, and spamming clicks along the way, like Diablo mixed with LEGO Star Wars, minus the arcade-y silliness that made LEGO Star Wars enjoyable in the first place. The combat requires little actual strategy while playing alone, and practically none at all when in a group. In an attempt to make a game accessible to kids, Funcom has stripped the gameplay down so much that it is nothing more than an annoying roadblock between you and the pretty environments you want to see more of.

The game has lovely aesthetics, and really looks and feels like a LEGO world come to life, but while beautiful, the modular nature of its worlds has led to environments where memorable and unique locations are relatively few and far between. The "story" (Each world has its own story which you must complete in turn; at this point, the overarching story of the game is nothing but a text blurb on the website) is highly linear, and the themed worlds are longer than you might expect, so you'll be playing within the same theme for quite some time before being railroaded along to the next one. This isn't as much of a problem as you might initially think, as the worlds do usually contain quite a bit of variety, but the opening Pirate World doesn't introduce much variety until Volcano Island about half way through.

But if you can look past the mindless, repetitive gameplay and just enjoy the environments as they scroll by... You will likely get shot in the foot by microtransactions. The most severely detracting microtransaction system in the game is straight out of The War Z: Each minifigure you've collected has its own cooldown timer that kicks in after it's smashed, which gradually ramps up in severity as you die more. You'll either have to wait two, ten, twenty minutes before resuming play - or you can spend Diamonds, the game's microtransaction currency, to revive them instantly. There is also an optional membership subscription, which gives "benefits" such as being able to communicate with other players and respawning after only a minute of waiting (if you don't pay to revive instantly), and access to small mini-dungeons sprinkled throughout the worlds. And of course, there's always options to purchase more minifigures and health potions.

In the end, LMO is a game I found myself playing through only to see what pretty LEGO-themed environment was around the next corner. There's nothing to keep me around and interested in the game now that I've seen all there is to be seen, as there's nothing in the gameplay to master. While there are plans for competitive PvP minigames, which may provide some actually engaging gameplay and keep players around after completing what currently exists of the story quest and optional dungeons, as for what the game is today on the launch of open beta, I'm left with an overwhelming feeling of "meh".

Sources: LEGO Minifigures Online Website
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